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  1. Does i take time to settle?
  2. just starting dexetrine
  3. How many hours does a dose last for you ?
  4. Is Dexedrine IR easier on the heart
  5. Dexedrine v. Adderall XR cost. Difference?
  6. like a yo-yo
  7. Adderall vs Dexedrine Dose
  8. New Doctor, New Problem.. PLEASE HELP!
  9. Drinking the spansules ?
  10. improved sleep on dexedrine
  11. Dexedrine Spansule interactions?
  12. Filling my Dex Script: RANT!!!
  13. Dexedrine Spansules CAN be opened up!
  14. Now trying Dexadrin, thoughts?
  15. Need Help with Dex and Celexa, migrane nausea
  16. Is it safe to take Baking Soda with Dexedrine?
  17. Dex and retarded psychiatrist
  18. Barr 5mg IR dex at last...
  19. Dexedrine struggles, dosage, rebound...
  20. Hello I need some suggestions again...
  21. How is dexedrine priced?
  22. I got some dexedrine spansules!!!
  23. dexamphetamine at bed time?
  24. Dexamphetamine + Nicotine patch = Danger?
  25. Stomach Pain side effect
  26. Dexedrine dosage questions
  27. Just prescribed Dexedrine IR tablets
  28. Flatlinez dex trial
  29. sinus infectin and dexadrine
  30. Pregnancy/Breastfeeding?
  31. PH level and Dex! Any experience???
  32. I wanna come back!!!
  33. Adderall to Dexamphetamine with a Physician Who Only Knows 'Name' Brands
  34. Anyone take dexedrine spansules just once a day?
  35. no hope?
  36. dosage question
  37. Dextroamphetamine - FDA-approved for adults?
  38. Brand Dexedrine 5mg IR from Glaxco Smith Kline in US?
  39. Dexedrine & Alcohol... Safe?
  40. Dexedrine and exercise?
  41. Phenylalanine and B-Complex!
  42. Asking for dexadrine, but...
  43. Adderall to Dexedrine dose conversion..can't figure it out (I have ADD)
  44. Spansules vs. IR...what are your thoughts
  45. Adderall to Dexedrine Expectations? Am I Setting Myself Up for a Letdown?
  46. Travelling to China in a few days
  47. Avoiding Dex crash?
  48. Amphetamine come-down
  49. Just prescribed
  50. Dexedrine Spansules Question
  51. Some days I feel weird
  52. Anyone else feel different?
  53. Which brand do you use?
  54. Barr 15mg capsules
  55. So I cannot figure out right dose
  56. Question for anyone with thorough Dex experience
  57. new to dexedrine
  58. 15mg Dexedrine Spansules Questions
  59. Feeling like a weirder version of myself on Adderall...Should I ask to switch to Dex?
  60. Dex to Focalin: Anyone switch either way?
  61. What to eat and what not to eat, if you can manage to eat
  62. Generic Dexedrine Spansules
  63. Adderall IR vs Dexedrine: which is better?
  64. questions about your experiences on dexedrine.
  65. Dex Spansules- Which generic is best?
  66. sleeping and drowziness issues.
  67. Dexedrine & weekend breaks.
  69. Dexedine/Destrostat Vs Ritalin
  70. Was on Adderall, now on Dex
  71. Stronger body odour?
  72. What's your poison?
  73. slight panic attack out of nowhere today- dexedrine related?
  74. Dealing with coming down...
  75. Telling my doctor
  76. dose dexedrine=dextrostat?????????
  77. min. daily dose... anyone on less than 10mg?
  78. DextroStat and/or Vyvanse ,
  79. First day on Dex from Adderall, have questions
  80. Memory loss?
  81. Need to add a dose...
  82. Appetite loss more than Adderall XR?
  83. High Blood Pressure?? --and other questions--
  84. VERY Basic Question
  85. New to forum, need meds advice.
  86. Ginko and Dex
  87. maximum dosage?
  88. What is happening to me???
  89. Doctor unavailable so another doctor prescribed?? not enough... help!
  90. IR vs. XR? Specific times vs. all day Tx
  91. Experience with both IR and Spansule formulations?
  92. On Dex Again
  93. Some more serious medication issues
  94. Hypoglycemia Issues Amplified by Dexedrine?
  95. Would you say 70mg too?
  96. help with info on dextrostat or gen. dexedrine
  97. Dex................what is the difference?
  98. Will Dexedrine Effect Me?
  99. Please read, innattentive vs hyper & Dex?
  100. Ethex 5mg IR tablets
  101. Need Help w/a TAPER plan to get off these meds
  102. Concerned about Dexedrine
  103. Take it when your sick?
  104. Dexedrine with Adderall IR?
  105. first time on Dexedrine
  106. Dex are Psychiatrists hesitant to prescribe......
  107. Omega Fatty "ACID" interaction with dex?
  108. Anyone take potassium gluconate with dex?
  109. Second time! Am I the only one????
  110. Moving to Mexico
  111. Withdrawal help
  112. MALLINCKRODT 5mg Discontinued?
  113. On Dex for three weeks...
  114. 10 mg Ethex
  115. First day on Dexedrine.
  116. Sublingual administration
  117. Pharmacist accidentally gave me DEX ER instead of IR?
  118. Combination of Med's + placebo effect ???
  119. Barr vs. Ethex
  120. Dexedrine...Drop in blood pressure?
  121. The age old question.... is there ANYTHING I can do to avoid a tolerance?
  122. Mallinkrodt Spansules 15MG Discontinued
  123. Overdose Side Effects
  124. Tired?!
  125. Starting Dex from Vyvanse.....
  126. Barr vs. Mall vs. Brand--Effectiveness & Price
  127. Dexedrine to Stattera.....need some advice!
  128. Dexedrine to Stattera.....need some advice!
  129. Is Instant release more effective??
  130. Does Dex stimulate?
  131. Dexedrine costs and side effects?
  132. Problems with Dexedrine and Cabergoline?
  133. How should I feel??? Dosage advice needed!
  134. Pharmacist says Mallin no longer available
  135. Anyone feel like I do? (social side effects) Dexedrine
  136. dexedrine woes
  137. Im new to forums and dont know where to begin? any advice greatly appreciated
  138. any scientific evidence about long term effects of Dexedrine?
  139. are the spansules that different from vyvanse?
  140. Should I suggest a larger dose?
  141. Number 1 day on Dex Spansules w/ boosters.
  142. Vyvanse, Dex combo- any help?
  143. The effects of SSRI's with Dexamphetamine?
  144. Are there any 15 mg it tabs?
  145. Dexedrine VS. Caffeine
  146. dextroamphetamine IR in Canada
  147. Dex/vyvanse conversions???
  148. Can't swallow pills..
  149. Same med, different capsule
  150. Dex and Metabolism
  151. Dex - Initial positives decreasing, inattention now worse??
  152. New to Dexedrine, help...
  153. another drug?
  154. Stopping meds for awhile???
  155. Ideas to increase dexedrine's effect
  156. HELP_ Dex effects and side effects
  157. Dex Spansule and IR question
  158. Red Face on Dexedrine?
  159. Those who've taken many ADHD medications..
  160. Barr 10 mg questions...
  161. Dex w/ benzodiazepines
  162. Im new, stressed and need advice (quitting dexedrine)
  163. Dex and Erections
  164. day 2 on dex
  165. Burning pores. 4th day
  166. Headache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  167. doc won't give me dexedrine
  168. Weepy, pukey, tired feeling
  169. Please help me figure this out!!
  170. I think I'm gonna like dexedrine!
  171. Dexedrine Spansule; commentary and question.
  172. Dosage for Dexadrine
  173. Meth Mouth
  174. Lots of questions about dex- types and dosing
  175. Ritalin to Dexedrine Inquiry for Physicians
  176. A dex experiment, exogenous application to cardiac muscle?
  177. Dexedrine Causes Glaucoma??
  178. What do you take with your Dex?
  179. Too much Dex? Dosing issues...
  180. Generic dexadrine spansules = orange tablet?
  181. Dexedrine is so amazingly smooth - Lovely!
  182. Taking both Dex and Adderall
  183. afternoon crash/come down
  184. Dexedrine
  185. Mallinckrodt Dex?
  186. Judging the correct dosage - elevated dopamine levels.
  187. New to Dexedrine - Opposite Reactions?
  188. Treating Dry Mouth
  189. Anyone have experience with Dex SR?
  190. Titrating up Dex
  191. Starting Dextrostat tomorrow morning-- what should I expect?
  192. dexedrine dose/effectiveness?
  193. Yikes-anyone have experience with Dextroamphetamine SR 10mg cap & D-Amphet 10mg tab?
  194. FDA notice: voluntary recall of Dextroamphetamine
  195. My first dose effects: chest tightness, calming, anxiety
  196. need feedback on dexedrine spansules 15 mg
  197. should i ask my doctor?
  198. New to Dex Spanules and love it!
  199. What to take with Dex??
  200. Spanules only last 3-4 hours?? Possible??
  201. dexedrine + adderall?
  202. Dex questions before I take the plunge
  203. Dex and citric acid
  204. mind chatter
  205. Have I been taking Dexedrine?
  206. Am I having a bad reaction to Dex? I think this really isn't good...
  207. Dexedrine and frequent bowel movements
  208. What's wrong with Dex these days.
  209. What is the difference between Dexedrine and Ritalin?
  210. Dexedrine XR vs. Vyvannse
  211. Diagnosed - Put on Dexadrine
  212. Why do people recommend Dexedrine?
  213. Does Zyprexa diminish the effects of Dexedrine?
  214. Withdrawal duration after 80mg dexedrine?
  215. Chasing Dex
  216. Talkative on Dex?
  217. Diet
  218. Generic Ethex
  219. Totally freaking out!!
  220. Taking Dex again
  221. Dextrostat compared to Barr and others??
  222. Discovered many things about Dex this week.
  223. Dextrostat discontinued....
  224. Foggy on Barr dex
  225. recommended brand of d-amp
  226. Does Glaxosmithkline still make dexedrine?
  227. Dexedrine Spansules compared to Vyvanse
  228. Doc prescribed Dextroamp Sul SR 5mg >>>>?
  229. Only 2 options now?
  230. Spansules or IR Tablets?
  231. Does anyone else feel like crap on Dex?
  232. Headaches from Dexedrine
  233. Ethex to Barr journalything for those who care
  234. dexamphetamine and ex speed user
  235. afraid to take it everyday
  236. Dex and the Holidays
  237. How much are most ppl on and how often and did you get tolerance?
  238. Immune to Dexedrine?
  239. Question about taking time off
  240. having trouble with these pills.
  241. Does anyone feel different after switching to extended release?
  242. Questions about DEX and Vyvanse
  243. Oh Dex; where've you been all my life?
  244. magnesium and tolerance
  245. Dexamphetamine effect on metabolism
  246. New source dexedrine perhaps?
  247. My pharmacy keeps giving me different brands of dex!
  248. My Recent Dex Induced ER Visit.
  249. Please help! I'm trying to find a pharmacy that carries Dex Spansules 5mg ASAP!!!!
  250. Intense hunger after Dex wears off