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  1. Could somebody explain this science paper re: mixing dexedrine with gingko
  2. New and Nervous
  3. stopped dex and can't wake up!
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  5. People taking high doses - doesn't seem right..
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  9. Barr Acquired by Teva
  10. Can stimulants cause cold sores?
  11. need some advice on dosage
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  14. Will dex solve my adderall problem
  15. clonidine or propranolol - dex side effects.
  16. Dexedrine makes me focus on all the wrong things.?
  17. Adderall to Dexedrine
  18. FDA reclassified as "Non-preferred"????
  19. 10 years on Ritalin, recently prescribed Dexedrine
  20. Citric Acid
  21. i BEG you.. to try to help me :( please.
  22. Ugh..went from 15mb spansule to 5mg - irritated!
  23. Tolerance/Dependency on Dexedrine
  24. Dexedrine or Vyvanse better?
  25. Ethex brand Dex recall
  26. Dexedrine Spansules Plus Adderall IR?
  27. Dexedrine ER Inconsistencies?
  28. Dexedrine ER Accumulation?
  29. Dexedrine Description?
  30. How many mg of dex will cause psychosis?
  31. Re-titrate?
  32. Dex CR compared to Adderall XR
  33. Tightness in Chest: Effect from Dexedrine?
  34. Dexamphetamine as a drug of abuse?
  35. Dexadrine journal (switch from adderal xr)
  36. Average (if there is such a thing) dose of dexamphetamine?
  37. Dexedrene in mexico
  38. Constant Throat Clearing On Dexedrine
  39. Adderall ---> Dexedrine
  40. BARR only?
  41. Dex and stomach issues
  42. Dex + Pristiq (SNRI) and Klonopin
  43. Dextroamphetamine&Urination?
  44. **Can't Find Dextroamphetamine by Mallinckrodt in Milwaukee, WI, Help***
  45. Dextroamphetamine Dosage?? Where did you guys start out?
  46. I think my doctor might be unfit to prescribe
  47. what is your highest dosage you've taken that made you feel no change
  48. Blah, this med doesnt feel good
  49. switching from adderall to dex
  50. **Dextroamphetamine- How long before optimal results?
  51. Difference between dexedrine medications?
  52. Acne
  53. how can i ask doc to switch me to dex?
  54. Ethex is now discontinued.....
  55. **Dextroamphetime benefits gone after first day
  56. Can compounding pharmacies make Schedule 2 meds?
  57. Move from Ritalin to Dexedrine - Anyone with sucess after Ritalin side effects?
  58. First morning on dexedrine
  59. Dexedrine and Blood Pressure
  60. Attn dex people>>>>
  61. brand name/generic confusion
  62. How can I switch to Dex?
  63. Paleness
  64. Dexedrine available
  65. Dexedrine Tolerance and Other Questions
  66. dexedrine is great
  67. Week-after side effects?
  68. How to dose Dex
  69. Just prescribed Dexedrine!
  70. dexedrine and joint pain
  71. wierd affect "like doing my math"??
  72. first time on ADD med
  73. Floaters, anyone?
  74. My jaw aches!
  75. dialetd pupils
  76. Selegiline + Dex
  77. 6th day on meds-comments appreciated
  78. Really Frustrated
  79. Dexedrine GSK
  80. Gettin' on the program
  81. First dose of "Dex" in the morning
  82. Dexedrine Spansules from Vyvanse
  83. dexedrine and melatonin?
  84. Dex and muscle strength
  85. Describe your experience on *Generic* Barr
  86. hyperfocus without the lucid laser-like mental clarity?
  87. Dexedrine, Appetite & Other Side Effects
  88. ADDerall confusion
  89. What can I expect/what does it feel like
  90. Dexedrine Spansule Questions
  91. Drug Free Days
  92. New guy on dex trial seeks answers plz.
  93. equivilant dosages??
  94. Spansules - How do they release?
  95. Wanting to try a new ADHD medication.
  96. Unsure now
  97. Dex for Inattentive ?
  98. does this Dexedrine dosage sound right?
  99. Dex generic price
  100. Dexedrine vs Adderall dose
  101. dex causing depression symptoms??
  102. Does Caffeine not mix well with Dexedrine!??
  103. Dexedrine & Eating
  104. Fruit causing indigestion?
  105. Could someone explain to me what Dexedrine (specifically "Dex IR") is?
  106. SNRI's & Physical sensations vs. BP/HR
  107. Dexedrine tolerance and increasing dosage
  108. new to dexedrine
  109. Microdosing
  110. GSK Dexedrine Spansules or Barr Dextroamphetamine IR Tablets?
  111. Flu & Dexedrine?
  112. Dexedrine is now shipping again in Canada
  113. Generic brand options Ethex ? - update for 2009
  114. Barr 10 mg Adderall IR or Barr 10 mg Dextroamphetamine IR
  115. strattera -> dextroamphetamine "might not even be ADD"
  116. What's the difference? XR? IR?
  117. Help!??!
  118. Euphoria
  119. adderall makes my hands shake - should dexedrine be different?
  120. On Adderall, Want to try Dexedrine
  121. From 10mg BARR IR to 5mg BARR IR
  122. amphetamine and headaches?
  123. At what point should you start breaks after initial adjustment & how often thereafter
  124. dexedrine side effects, nails, hair and skin
  125. Confused about my dosage
  126. Unpleasant effects during first dose especially day after not taking any.
  127. new unpleasant but not bad side effect - excessive urine amounts
  128. Adderall IR vs Dexedrine ER dosage
  129. from 7 a.m. to midnight?
  130. Dex rebound causing severe irritability... "speeded up"
  131. Dextroamphetamine information needed!
  132. Stomach pains after taking dex
  133. Buzzed?
  134. Taking dex after long periods of no sleep
  135. 20mg - little to no effect?
  136. Cycling from Dex to Focalin question
  137. Embarrassing question but does anyone else on dexedrine have the same problem?
  138. Dex and Headaches...Tylenol?
  139. Well im just weird i guess lol
  140. Withdrawl Question
  141. Big dexamphetamine weight loss
  142. Dexadrine and Turmeric
  143. Confused? - Dexamphetamine
  144. dexedrine spansules one or two a day?
  145. Dexamphetamine inadvertantly improving sleep?
  146. dexedrine nausea
  147. What is a high dose? is 50 mg a high dose? kidney damage?
  148. Is there less of a crash with IR then spansules?
  149. First time using dexedrine
  150. Problem With Adderall, Can Dexedrine Help?
  151. I have no appetite suppression-is it working?
  152. Mixed results with Dex.
  153. Anyone here on antipsychotics/mood stabilizers/antidepressants (with dex)?
  154. does dex ir make you tired?
  155. yellow #5 allergy with dexedrine?
  156. Price, get your fresh hot uninsured price...
  157. 2nd try w/Dex Spansules-Still Sleepy, nil +Concentration.
  158. Exeperiences with Doctors Increasing Dosage...
  159. Dextroamphetamine Problem
  160. I don't know if I'm getting an effect
  161. Why can't I take 80mg+ per day?
  162. Going on vacation...
  163. D-amphetamine vs Amphetamine?
  164. dermatalogical problems?
  165. What's the story with dex manufacturers?
  166. I contacted Shire, no more Dextrostat in US
  167. Dexedrine and Adrenaline as Compared to Adderall
  168. Ddextroamphetamine 10mg spanules shortage?
  169. I need someone intelligent
  170. Here's a question
  171. Can you still get name brand Dexedrine IR?
  172. I have returned to give a serious warning: SNRI/SSRI + AMP = DONT!
  173. Barr Pharmaceuticals
  174. OCD: Cleaning and Dexedrine - Advice Please!
  175. not barr generic, what is it?
  176. Help finding brand name spansules
  177. Dexedrine Spansule Shortage : Canada
  178. Dexedrine with Strattera
  179. HPV Vaccine
  180. The effects of this thing...
  181. Dexedrine - Instant Release Vyvanse? Does DEX work better?
  182. Ritalin vs Dexedrine dosing
  183. Dexedrine Vs. Adderall
  184. Poll - Odds My Doctor Will Let Me Switch From Adderall To Dexedrine Without Problems
  185. Does stress affect the way Dex works?
  186. Dex, exercise and migraines
  187. I was just diagnosed with ADHD at 31 yrs old! Question about meds...
  188. Has anyone had gastric bypass surgery? Does it affect your medication dosage?
  189. Will increasing dosage help my memory?
  190. Any suggestions??? *confusion*
  191. Dex and Weight Gain
  192. Dexedrine causes high blood pressure - any concern?
  193. 15 mg spansules peak out later?
  194. Does it 'mask' the tiredness or actually make it go away?
  195. how long does your dex take to kick in?
  196. Dexedrine Taboo or something this is frustrating
  197. Dex, the immune system and the flu
  198. Help identify white capsule?
  199. how does Dex affect Creativity??
  200. Too hot outside to take Dex
  201. Switching medications and memory problems
  202. dex spansules and IR questions
  203. 1,3 and 5 according to Amen
  204. Addiction to Dexedrine?
  205. Dexedrine Backorder in US - what pharmacy carries this medicine?
  206. Dexedrine and dry eyes
  207. Need advice on dexedrine!
  208. Dexedrine - what pharmacy has it in Canada? Please help.
  209. Vyvanse to Dexedrine dosage comparison?
  210. NEW Dexedrine generic liquid called ProCentra
  211. Dexedrine Tolerance
  212. Dexedrine Tolerance
  213. Name brand Dexedrine Tabs coming back!!
  214. Dexedrine not working with sporadic use?
  215. Dexedrine Barr & GSK Spansules - your experiences?
  216. Just started taking dexedrine and have some concern
  217. Dexedrine - dosage issue, or something else?
  218. Chest muscle tightness - 7 hours after last dose
  219. Observation with Dexedrine name brand Spansule versus generic IR tablets
  220. Obtaining Dexedrine WITH Prescription.
  221. Crash from Barr Dexedrine IR tablets
  222. Good results on dex-amphetamine
  223. thinking of starting ir dex (HELP!)
  224. Online International Pharmacies
  225. Anyone else have these side effects?
  226. Took GSK Spansules today after 3 weeks on Generic IR tablets
  227. Lessened Effect
  228. Common GSK Dexedrine Spanule Dosage??
  229. Which medication is best for impulsiveness?
  230. October 2009 Barr Dex
  231. taking my dex makes me euphoric, and i'm super friendly to people, but...
  232. What is a good dose of dex ir for someone with high tolerance to all meds?
  233. Dexedrine and SSRIs?
  234. My DEX is making my ADHD & anxiety worst help bad side effects
  235. Started Dex and feel tired, hazy can't function. HELP!!!
  236. *NON*-Teva/Barr IR Dex? (For U.S. patients, only one choice -- liquid "ProCentra")
  237. Prescription mix up?
  238. Sweating/B.O. Tip
  239. Dex or Ritalin? I don't know......
  240. Dexedrine and focalin: dose conversion and effect
  241. Typical DEX experience?.
  242. Dexedrine—just shoot me
  243. Prior Authorizations on Medications.
  244. Cage Match: Dexadrine vs. me vs. performing vs. smiling
  245. Visiting a Psychiatrist after 7 years this week.
  246. My Dex - Ritalin/Concerta comparison - 3 months of experience
  247. Generic Dex tab by Mallinckrodt might still be available 2009
  248. is dexedrine and vyvanse same drug?
  249. Is this the closest med to Adderall?
  250. Sugar pills or misunderstanding?