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  1. Dex works again after withdrawing for a couple days, but withdrawal not worth it..
  2. Dex Anxiety
  3. Dexedrine 30 mg + Zoloft 300 mg - Any comments?
  4. Whats your dosage?
  5. i got wrote a different prescription, i'm 90% sure what it is
  6. Can caffeine mask or interfere with Dexedrine?
  7. Taking dex BEFORE you get up in the morning?
  8. Regional pricing for Dex - am I paying too much?
  9. Is this supposed to be a pro-dexedrine forum?
  10. What is the Difference between "dextroamphetamine" and "dextroamphetamine CR?"
  11. Dexedrine from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals
  12. If you had a choice: Adderall or Dex?
  13. Frustrated - wrong dose or wrong med? Something else?
  14. Those of you who take Dexedrine Spansules, are you able to dose once a day?
  15. Tired On Dexedrine?!
  16. Thanks for the Info on Barr!
  17. Would welcome advice on correct Dex dosage
  18. Are There *ANY* Barr Success Stories??
  19. New to dexedrine
  20. Dextroamphetamine
  21. Please help about Dex
  22. dexedrine and OCD
  23. Recently got diagnosed ADHD-I and prescribed Dexedrine
  24. Back on Dex (Doubled Dose)
  25. Finding brand name Dexedrine
  26. Help Me Choose: Dexedrine Spansules/Vyvanse
  27. Dexedrine - Increase dosage or combine with caffeine?
  28. Brand Dexedrine
  29. calling all Dextroverts
  30. Difference between vyvanse and dex spansules?
  31. severe dexedrine mood swings. Day 1.
  32. Switching from Adderall to Dex because of side effects
  33. Staying awake on Dex.
  34. Dexedrine Spansule 5mg Discontinued
  35. Can too high dose make ADHD worse?
  36. Dextroamphetamine's Physical vs Psychological Effects?
  37. Need help talking to the doc about a second dose/booster..
  38. Dex side effects
  39. 5mg GSK Dexedrine Spansules recall? Looks like they contain 10mg d-AMP, not 5mg!
  40. Why does dexedrine only work for 1,5/2 hours?
  41. Mallinckrodt generics! NDC number so you can special order!
  42. Feeling WEIRD on dex, is this abnormal or will they go away??
  43. Dexedrine Spanule vs Instant realese only
  44. Staying awake!? Going to sleep!!
  45. Dexedrine not working
  46. Is Barr the only company making Dexedrine ??
  47. Dexedrine/dextroamphetamine price increases due to shortages
  48. My Doctor is a Moron - Please Help
  49. OK... Now I am confused !..Dexedrine/dextroamphetamine/Dextrostat
  50. Why your spansules don't work.
  51. Does anyone who takes Dexdrine also experience any hairloss and painful joints?
  52. New member dextrostat alternative?
  53. my experience with GSK dex and Barr dex
  54. dexedrine dose
  55. Office visit required every 30-90 days to get RX?
  56. Help getting a doctor to prescribe Dexedrine
  57. Dex causing depression/anxiety?
  58. 15 mg IR?
  59. New Member in dire help, should I switch from dex to attend?
  60. New to dex and need help with herbal suppliments
  61. Buying brand-name Dexedrine in Canada...
  62. Hesitancy to Prescribe Dexedrine
  63. Thinking of switching to Dexdrine...your experience?
  64. Dexedrine and other Amphetamines
  65. Is pharmacist right about this?
  66. Can I take this while on Dex?
  67. High Pulse on dex, can I workout safely.
  68. Is Barr labs Dexedrine/Dextroamphetamine Sulfate discontinued??
  69. Dex half-life
  70. 10mg Dex by barr Discontinued?
  71. I'm new and see C-II drugs are hard as hell to get
  72. Dexedrine Manufacturer: The Real Story
  73. Crushing GSK Dexedrine spansules
  74. Dexedrine relative to methylphenidate...
  75. Need some advice...
  76. Very cold/bad circulation?
  77. Hard to have a decent yawn?
  78. original Brand GSK tabs still made in the US BUT exported to Canada, UK, & Australia
  79. Barr generic Dex not working- how to continue treatment
  80. Does anyone feel like stimulants make symptoms worse?
  81. Dextroamphetamine Advice
  82. Tried the tablets..and spansules are way better!
  83. Sleepy on Dexedrine
  84. Sleep Issues!!! Help!
  85. dextroamphetamine formula's
  86. Orangle shields 5mg still available?
  87. Other brands of XR Dexedrine?
  88. switch from Adderall to Dexedrine?
  89. Wondering if my pills are brandname?
  90. Overstimulation, how does that feel?
  91. "Slow" zombielike body movements on Dex - experiences?
  92. Obtaining GSK Dex Online
  93. GSK Dexedrine
  94. New and have questions
  95. Dexedrine studies?
  96. New to meds..Is my Dexedrine working?
  97. current status of dexedrine -- generic only?
  98. Birth Control Pills+Dexedrine?
  99. Taking Dexedrine Spansules 3x/Day; Want To Try Vyvanse
  100. How Long have you taken Dexedrine/Dextrosta, and how has it effected your creativity?
  101. Dex THREE times daily?
  102. What should I try Next?
  103. New member, question on metabolism
  104. Dexedrine slow down metabolism?
  105. Dex+Painkillers=bad?
  106. I'm confused...Dexedrine spansules are tabs or capsules?
  107. Varying effectiveness of meds
  108. Drinking a lot of water, excreting the dexedrine?
  109. dosage of Dex spansules compared to Adderall XR?
  110. dex side effects: spansules vs. tablets
  111. Zoloft interaction?
  112. How to get on dexadrine again?
  113. New to dex, amazing at first... now feeling like i need more and more through the day
  114. Addiction VS Treatment...and Half life?
  115. New ADDer fighting insomnia...
  116. brand vs generic: placebo effect?
  117. Dex slowing down thyroid?
  118. 2 questions on Dexedrine IR.
  119. Walgreens messed up BIGTIME! Now what?
  120. Dextroamphetamine brands and dosage
  121. Dexedrine SR version question
  122. Strange Detroamphetamine Withdrawal Effects
  123. Bad headaches from Dexedrine
  124. Dealing with Dexamphetamine Side-Effects?
  125. Libido issues on Dex?
  126. ER Capsules vs IR Tabs
  127. New to ADD and Dex. Dosages?
  128. Any ways on reducing the side effects/come down of Dexedrine?
  129. not liking Adderall IR, what is cheapest way (in USA) to get dex or Adderall XR?
  130. Split dose
  131. I don't understand
  132. Opinion on med change?? Vyvanse *vs* Dexedrine
  133. Just prescribed dex and was wondering about IR vs SR/Barr vs GSK
  134. 'New' Teva brand Dex
  135. Allergy to Dexedrine...but not Adderall?
  136. Freshly diagnosed, prescribed low dose dex
  137. The best SSRI to combine with Dexedrine?
  138. Help!!!!Please!!
  139. Does ANYONE find the generic to work?
  140. Hives from dextroamphetamine?
  141. Where To Get Dexedrine(Generic) In Modesto CA? Or Online. .
  142. Prompting You for Advice (x-posted to the adderall forum)
  143. Switching from Adderall XR to Dexedrine Spansules
  144. Are these 2 meds from Barr the same thing?
  145. 2 prescriptions in 1 month?
  146. Does GSK still make Dexedrine Spansules?
  147. Finally back on Dexedrine, first time on ER spansules & I'm having difficulties.
  148. Doctor thought Dexedrine was same as Desoxyn?
  149. champix/chantix(stop smoking pills) with dexedrine
  150. Started today, have questions.
  151. Side effects?
  152. Insomnia.
  153. What Is The MG Comparison Between Dex Spansuls and Vyvanse?
  154. Feeling sleepy on dexamphetamine
  155. Loss of Appetite (Countermeasures?)
  156. Can you take dexamphetamine with beta blockers?
  157. How does Adderall affect your mood/depression, energy and sociability?
  158. How does Dexedrine affect your mood/depression, energy and sociability?
  159. 2009 FDA Recall on Dextroamphetamines
  160. Advice on switching from Adderall IR to Dextrostat (IR)
  161. Pharmacy screw-up, got ER instead of immediate rel. What to do?
  162. Another Insomnia thread (sorry)
  163. How long until dexedrine "kicks in"? IR, ER?
  164. Just got Dexedrine
  165. Motivation?
  166. Is it possible for Dexedrine EXTENDED release to last so little?
  167. Experiences with Procentra (liquid IR dextroamphetamine)
  168. day one with dextroamphetamine...
  169. Weird Dexedrine side effect :(
  170. Standard Dosages?
  171. Switching from Vyvanse to Dexedrine
  172. Concerns about energy levels when on dextroamp er....
  173. Adderall worked great, but too many side effects. How is Dexedrine?
  174. What sucks more IR or ER by Barr?
  175. Dexamphetamine----> dry mouth, loss of appetite
  176. Has anyone used caffeine in adjucntion with stimulants
  177. Help: Price of Dex quadrupled!!
  178. What's going on with the dex manufacturer in the UK?
  179. From Vyvanse to Dex Span. How to dose?
  180. Questions for people who take Dexedrine IR.
  181. mourning the death of my dex!
  182. Is my doctor incompetent?
  183. Dex Effectiveness? + blood clots
  184. More hyperactive after Dex?
  185. Dexe-depression?
  186. What dose of IR to take?......Switching from 50mg of ER.
  187. Problem with using Pristiq, Remeron and Dexedrine?
  188. Insomnia, loss of appetite, herpes, "heart in my throat", poker.
  189. Socialbility, being talkative, wanting to does dexedrine affect?
  190. Spansules or IR? Generic or Brand?
  191. I think adderall is too strong for me, should I try dexedrine?
  192. Dex vs. Adderall vs. Vyvanse?
  193. Why did Dex Quit Working So Soon?
  194. A few interesting (stimulating? :D) questions
  195. dexamp dosing
  196. New to board and need help please (Dex)
  197. Dexedrine SR and IR vs. Vyvanse
  198. Will I build a tolerance like this?
  199. I would like anyone that has been diagnosed with adhd to give their opinion
  200. Dex & Hair Growth?
  201. Random Bouts of Nausea?
  202. Dex = Vyvanse? If so, any differences?
  203. Insomnia.....what causes it?
  204. Anyone here NOT take Memantine?
  205. Dexedrine brain freeze?!
  206. Dextroamphetamine tablets or capsules?
  207. Re-asking to try Dexedrine
  208. Dex recent cost?
  209. Glaxo has sold Dex ER to CorePharma
  210. For inattentives (ADHD-PI) or SCT only: How does dexedrine effect you socially?
  211. Viagra with Dex
  212. Dexedrine 10mg ER Not Working?
  213. Taking Dexedrine 10MG 2 X Day
  214. Dex and appetite
  215. ~>pls,pls,answer walgreens or cvs dex?
  216. Dextroamphetamine XR 10mg
  217. Counteracting depression
  218. What the heck is going on?!
  219. help with dexedrine spanuals
  220. Need information on tolrence and Dexedrine Spansules
  221. Dexy and anxiety...?
  222. Name brand Dex Spansules less effective?
  223. Exercising as a sleep aid
  224. Dex IR or Dex ER
  225. What implies too high of a dose? Are these normal side effects?
  226. HELP-After taking dexedrine for 7 days
  227. Which of your symptoms improved on dexedrine?
  228. Taking medication when you have the cold or flu
  229. Dexedrine XR vs. Adderall XR
  230. Dexedrine:Side effect?
  231. My 9 Day ProCentra "Pepsi Challenge"
  232. Should I tell my doc I'm having trouble sleeping?
  233. d-amphetamine failed me in the morning again.
  234. Dividing Dexedrine Spansule
  235. Vyvanse or Dexedrine?
  236. What disorder is this?
  237. Just started Dexamphetamine, question about dosage?
  238. Asking for Dexedrine
  239. cant feel effects of dex...tiredness? expecting too much? need a higher dose?
  240. What dose of dexedrine works best for your ADHD-PI or SCT?
  241. 250% Price Jump for Dexedrine in BC (??)
  242. Dexedrine Withdrawals: Out of control appetite
  243. How to know if need a higher or lower dose?
  244. Dexedrine Side Effects/ Cramps
  245. Some times dex makes me anxious/jittery, but sometimes not..???
  246. best ir dextrostat
  247. Started Dexedrine IR for afternoon booster... not sure if Adderall IR would be better
  248. Weird Head Feelings
  249. Dexedrine IR stays in my system from 1pm until after 10pm??
  250. Cold Hands