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  1. Dexedrine Chest Pain.
  2. Is the mood lift/antidepressant effect JUST an initial thing?
  3. Weight Loss/Appetite Side Effects on Dex?
  4. Half a day dosing?
  5. trazodone with dexedrine, bad?
  6. Why won't my doctor prescribe Dexedrine?
  7. Anyone take Adderall for a while and switch to Dex?
  8. Dexedrine vs Adderall
  9. Weird Feeling during "Crash"
  10. "Craked Out"
  11. Barr DEX IR /w Tetracycline(antibiotic)
  12. Latest you can take dexedrine in the day without it causing insomnia?
  13. What pharmacies carry Dexedrine?
  14. ProCentra - dextroamphetamine in liquid form
  15. Is this a normal degree of reaction to meds early on?
  16. 2007 Dex VS 2011 Dex; Psychological? Physical?
  17. Skin crawling
  18. Taking Dex (liquid) for a week, feeling of heaviness in chest/stomach
  19. Downward Spral on First Dose -Advice?
  20. Prescribe-able dosages of Dexedrine?
  21. Need outside views on use/dosage
  22. How do you optimize your Dexedrine dose?
  23. Dexedrine Side-effect
  24. strange skin itching/pinching/crawling on Dexedrine
  25. mind not calm on Dexedrine
  26. Euphoria?
  27. Fatigue after Dexedrine
  28. To maximize the effectiveness of Dexedrine, any lifestyle considerations to know?
  29. Dexedrine and blurry eyes?
  30. Dex and Severe Insomnia? Antacid question?
  31. Dexamfetamine, can you give me any info on this medication please!?
  32. dexedrine and organization/motivation
  33. First few days on Dexedrine and im TIRED
  34. Dexedrine not legal in Europe?
  35. On Dexedrine But Want to Switch Afternoon Med
  36. anyone have luck with geodon reducing dexedrine side effects?
  37. Adderall/Dexedrine US question
  38. new manufacturer name for dex spansule?
  39. How do you study for your finals?
  40. arms are numb.
  41. Does Dex make you euphoric?
  42. If Someone Could REALLY Help me Understand These?
  43. weight loss / appetite suppression -- adderall vs dexedrine
  44. Dexedrine/dextroamphetamine shortages 2010 through 2012
  45. Dexedrine(Brand) vs Dextrostat(BARR)
  46. KAISER coverage anyone?
  47. what am i trying to get out of these dexamphetamine tablets?
  48. Dextroamphetamine Vs. Adderall - Side effects/efficiency Q's
  49. Dex SR, not taken for 2 days, so hyper :(
  50. Dexedrine and acidifying agents (citric acid, Vitamin C, Etc.)
  51. so lost ! DEX HELP
  52. Ways to lessen the comedown?
  53. Dexedrine Spansules UK
  54. Adderall to Dex, dosage equivalence, cost, availability, etc
  55. GSK Dexedrine Spansules
  56. Teva Barr has left the amphetamine industry?
  57. generic dextroamphetamine
  58. Dexamphetamine help: opinions needed!
  59. Switching from Adderall to Dex, more dosage questions...
  60. anyone use 5mg ER or XR (5mg Spansule) ?
  61. generic Aderall to Dextroamphetamine - questions
  62. NEW USER - Dexedrine dosage and frequency
  63. Dexedrine & EMSAM/selegiline/deprenyl
  64. dex not effective - wellbutrin or ssri to blame?
  65. Changing Medications. I'm interested to hear about your side effects
  66. Taking Dexedrine Spansules as needed while also on daily Vyvanse?
  67. Exercising on dexedrine
  68. Did Costco mess up?
  69. Love Adderall booster but bad side-effects, Dex better? Which Kind? HELP?
  70. tiny dose of dextro...awful
  71. Questions for those prescribed Dexedrine/Dextrostat/Dexamphetamine
  72. Dex prescription troubles.
  73. Dex and Supplements
  74. New Dexedrine user looking for an opinion.
  75. Does dexedrine make you depressed?
  76. Stirring the pot, does dex kill adhd creativity.
  77. Switching back from dexedrine to ritalin.
  78. Taking medication for pain while on Dexedrine
  79. Will I still experience the come-off effect if I take my dosage like this?
  80. Adverse sexual affects.
  81. Taking a small dose at bed time
  82. Active/Passive Motivation Quandary
  83. Ditropan (Oxybutynin) with Dexedrine
  84. Switching from Ritalin to Dexedrine tomorrow need some help
  85. Food and Dexedrine
  86. Advice on finding the right dosage/schedule?
  87. So embarrassed...Can't stop smacking my lips...
  88. It's about Time ....( I mean the subject is Time ...)
  89. Sleeping after Dex has worn off?
  90. Is anyone taking dex spansules with adderall ir boosters?
  91. Can you still get Mallinckrodt Dexedrine SR?
  92. Mallinckrodt Dexedrine?
  93. Question about asking doctor to doubling the daily dose...
  94. How do you guys battle the sleepiness from the comedown
  95. Switching to Dexedrine from Adderall...Confused on dosing??
  96. DEX Bad Batch ?
  97. Dexedrine and face picking
  98. Recently added supplement interaction?
  99. Does Anyone Feel a Difference Between Adderall and Dexedrine?
  100. Poll: BARR or Switching?
  101. How Long Does Dex Last?
  102. Dextrostat-Generic or Brand Better?
  103. Weird effect on dex
  104. Just Took My First Dose
  105. Current status of Dex generics? Switching from Adderall...
  106. Your Dex Dosage and Schedule
  107. Anyone else Get Muscle Tightness?
  108. Been On Dexies Over A Month And Still Have Sleep Issues.
  109. Magnesium - really deficient or not? Good or bad?
  110. Dexedrine Spansules or IR or XR?
  111. Palps When Not Taking Enough Dex
  112. How to prevent heat intolerance during hot summer days?
  113. Vyvance Patient Desperate For IR Meds....
  114. Got Prescribed 15mg Dexamphetamine ER (Is It Helping)?
  115. Does Anyone Take More than 5MG IR/time?
  116. Switched from Adderall to Dex... need some input
  117. sensitive to meds
  118. Just switched from IR Adderall to Dexedrine IR
  119. 4th Time's a Charm: First Date w/ Dexedrine- Your Sloppy Seconds. What Will I Expect?
  120. Nausea and tummy ache from Dex.
  121. How Do You "Know" if Medication is Working?
  122. Took Dex at 11am, it kicked in 4 hours latter.
  123. Creating an Alkaline Enviorment (Raising Potency of medication?)
  124. How much does Dexedrine cost?
  125. What insurance covers Procentra (liquid IR dexedrine)?
  126. Dexedrine and alcohol.
  127. Full glass of water?
  128. Barr dex formula
  129. Dextro/ Constantly dry mouth, swollen gums..HELP
  130. Aluminum Oxide in Dexedrine Tablets (barr)
  131. Appetite Suppresion induced adhd worsening (while on meds)
  132. Info I found out re: Dex cost
  133. Adderall XR to Dexadrine Spansules - Doc Issue
  134. What are my options for Brand Name Dexedrine?I
  135. Dexedrine Manufacturers UK
  136. Compounded Dexamphetamine CR (for the Aussies :))
  137. Need clarification. So the only 5mg IR is Barr/Teva right? *cry*
  138. Poor focus?
  139. Just got prescribed Dexamphetatmine (dextroamphetamine) and..
  140. dexedrine not working....
  141. 4th month on dexedrine and need some bigtime help
  142. Anyone on TCAs and Dex
  143. Ahhhhhh...much better then Adderall
  144. no luck with dex
  145. Had an Apt. with a new Psych today, wants to switch me to ER's
  146. Chronic illness and dex
  147. Dexedrine is ER Dextrostat is IR?
  148. Something to drink besides water...
  149. My first day on Dex
  150. How is Brand Dexedrine Spansules?
  151. Sub-threshold doses making add worse?
  152. Dexedrine... can only tolerate a few days.
  153. Long break. Back today. Felt great. Then my brain broke.
  154. Is Dex IR and XR similar in comparison to Adderall IR and XR?
  155. Stomach issues with dexedrine
  156. Avoiding Panic when taking Dextrostat
  157. Question about Half-Life
  158. Maximum Dosage for an Adult (21+)
  159. Dex Side Effects and DIY Solutions
  160. Anyone have any success getting off dex... or others.
  161. Ok, I've decided to ask about a Dexedrine/Adderall Combo
  162. Generic Dex Allergy?
  163. Just picked up 120 Dexedrine tabs.
  164. Dextroamphetamine - How long for initial side effects to subside?
  165. Is anyone on Dexedrine + Propranolol?
  166. Dexedrine IR Side Effects
  167. Any Affordable SA Options?
  168. Foods effect on Dexamphetamine?
  169. Can anyone tell me how much it would cost for 90 15mg Dexedrine Spansules (Brand)
  170. Dexedrine - A Satisfied Customer Attempts to Dispel Myths
  171. Is Dexedrine destined for obscurity?
  172. perfect combination of focus and motivation ...4/5+ hours after last dose
  173. Switch from Dexedrine/dextroamphetamine due to shortages. Good alternatives?
  174. What factors determine how much dexamphetamine I have to take?
  175. Dexedrine Spansule not working
  176. I Asked a Shire Rep About Dextrostat
  177. Mikart Pharmaceuticals generic dexedrine tablets available in 7 strengths
  178. Muscle aches, dizziness?
  179. Generic Dexedrine? Have you tried, do you like?
  180. Need some help. Did something stupid.
  181. Random Anxiety With My Third Dose
  182. Dex and twitches
  183. Trying Procentra tommrow lol
  184. Dex + hypnotherapy to counteract Tics
  185. They Really Are Doing it To Us
  186. Dextroamphetamine - Varying Side Effects?
  187. No mental effects
  188. Do you suffer crashes on dexamphetamine or other stimulants?
  189. Still Confused
  190. Dex necessary to be strictly consistent?
  191. Brand GSK Tablets
  192. What happens when non-ADD people take dex
  193. Dextroamphetamine Sulf (tabs) currently unavailable thru Medco.
  194. Might change to Dexedrine Thursday (from Adderal XR)
  195. Your dexamphetamine timeline
  196. Switching from Adderall IR to Dex IR ....after trying it due to shoratges
  197. Dexedrine and Focalin
  198. Really considering Dexedrine
  199. Sustained Attention Problems with Dexedrine
  200. Tell me it isnt so..
  201. Liquid DEX for acid reflux
  202. Unusual Weight Loss on Dexedrine?
  203. Filling a Dexamphetamine prescription in Germany
  204. Amedra Dexedrine? Where are you?!
  205. dex and anger
  206. First day today!
  207. Barr Generic Dexedrine feels Speedy,Dirty.Gives me derealization and depersonlization
  208. Can Dexamphetamine IR space you out more?
  209. How many doses per day?
  210. Moderator note regarding dexedrine shortage threads
  211. How pure is a "dextroamphetamine" tablet?
  212. Going off dex for pregnancy
  213. Dex - effects 7+ hours after dose?
  214. Dexedrine Dose
  215. Help! Dexedrine depression?
  216. Vyvanse to Dexedrine IR switch...
  217. Barr 2x5mg != 10mg? WTF?!
  218. Talked to the Folks at Mikart
  219. Been on dexies for 6 months now.
  220. Just a laugh about realizing the effects of meds...
  221. Dextroamphetamine IR length of effects
  222. Some help with purchasing dexedrine
  223. subing Adderall for dex IR. dosage question
  224. Does anyone know if the VA Rx's ADHD Meds?
  225. Dextroamphetamine & Bladder Issues
  226. VA doc switching me from Strattera to Dexadrine--What's your experience?
  227. Will Dexedrine cause false-positive drug test results?
  228. I need help finding Dexedrine 10mg tablets in the tri-state area!
  229. What do you like better... IR or ER Dexidrine?
  230. health issues with Dexedrine? edema, weight gain, high cortisol
  231. Dextroamphetamine Amphetamine ER
  232. Advice for tapering off of dexedrine
  233. Back in treatment after long hiatus, Dex IR is gone?!
  234. what causes the fog?
  235. Dexedrine Spansules
  236. BArliman's MEGA backdown.
  237. sleep issues/dexedrine and addrell
  238. How do I taper down my dexamphetamine?
  240. Correct Dosage? What to look for?
  241. I'm going to lose my SH*T [dexedrine]
  242. switching to Dex from Vyvanse
  243. Seizure? Result of stopping and starting med?
  244. How much does it cost for 30 pils of Dexedrine?
  245. from vyvanse to dex spansules??
  246. How to make Immediate Release tabs work like Time-Release caps
  247. Dexedrine ir making me sleepy/lethargic/blah
  248. Speed and the effectiveness of dexamphetamines
  249. dex spansules not working as expected??
  250. Switching from Adderall IR to Dexedrine IR..your Experiences