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  1. Adult ADHD dosage - What works for you?
  2. Going to ask to switch to dexedrine today
  3. New to forum, dextroamphetamine user
  4. Would this mean dexies aren't for me?
  5. Help provide insight on issues please.
  6. curious about dosing and times when I should take them
  7. HIgh pulse, high aldosterone, fluid retention
  8. Anyone find it more difficult to fake laugh...
  9. Finally Picking Up my 10mg Spanules..
  10. adderall not great, are docs scared of dexedrine?
  11. Dexedrine IR as inconsistent as Adderall?
  12. How do Dexedrine Spansules work
  13. Dex with zyban?
  14. Dexedrine beginning effects have ceased
  15. Dexedrine efficacy
  16. Switching from Vyvanse to dexedrine spansule
  17. Diary. Just started taking it
  18. Brand Name vs Generic 10 mg Spanules???
  19. Different Side Effects Dexedrine ER vs IR? Best Options Due to Shortage?
  20. New to Dexedrine - any advice?
  21. Adderall as a booster
  22. Pharmacy won't fill
  23. Question for people who are on IR.
  24. Talked to Teva Today
  25. ADHD-PI, difference between Ritalin and Dexedrine?
  26. What to do when the IR wears off?
  27. dexedrine and libido
  28. Side effects - how long will they last?
  29. No improvement in my ADD-I
  30. Question for the dexedrine users
  31. Tolerance?
  32. Dexamphetmine Instant Release duration
  33. Dex - not working if I eat
  34. In need of quick suggestions! Help!
  35. Question about Vyvanse in combo with Dex IR
  36. Laziness Prompts Me to Try ER
  37. First time trying Dexedrine
  38. Switch to dexedrine?
  39. Your experience on Dexiamphetamine?
  40. vyvanse-dex spansules conversion question
  41. )Oh Joy Oh Rapture !
  42. Dextrostat??
  43. Spring and Summer = Smaller Dose?
  44. Urgent advice needed: Sleeping in..
  45. Dex and energy drinks..
  46. Stimulant Break - Experience Update Thread
  47. What's going on???
  48. Dex IR vs spansules dosage conversion
  49. Edema, Puffiness from Dexedrine Barr?
  50. Dex, testosterone and hair loss
  51. Nervous to start Dexedrine... help!
  52. Long term use of Dexedrine question.
  53. When Dexamphetamine wears off, I get extreme mental fatigue
  54. How much to have some effect?
  55. Dexamphetamine 2nd dose timing
  56. Dexedrine Spansules - These beaded, Bullet Shaped Caps Win My Undying Loyalty!
  57. Barr/Teva since the New Batches (IR)
  58. how adderall is different?
  59. Dexedrine
  60. My low tolerance is driving me nuts!
  61. Long lasting rebound?
  62. Dexedrine ER Corepharma 15mg experience
  63. Different effects from Dex by ppl with Aspergers?
  64. How Much D-amp is released with Xr meds
  65. Severe Depression when Dexedrine IR wears off.
  66. MIKART Dexedrine; is it going to come out?
  67. The Dexedrine wears off really quickly. (for me)
  68. Found Some!
  69. Recommendation?
  70. Argument to have Dex instead of Ritalin
  71. Dexedrine sleepiness?
  72. Barr/Teva Dex .....NOt so nice
  73. Nodding off on dextroamphetamine 10mg ER twice daily
  74. Nodding off on dextroamphetamine 10mg ER twice daily
  75. Mallinckrodt dex IR
  76. 6 Day Stimulant Holiday - Return to Amedra Dexedrine Spansules
  77. Barr IR Dextroamphetamine Inconsistency?
  78. Oh the humanity! - Corepharma's Generic BETTER be the same!
  79. Effect of medication has changed - timing, dosage or choice of drug?
  80. Dexedrine 5mg I.R
  81. cooling sensation
  82. [Journal] Slowing Amphetamine Tolerance w/ Magnesium!
  83. I cant find dexedrine anywhere. what should i switch?
  84. Dexedrine - New Diagnosis, First Prescription
  85. Dexedrine....just dexedrine
  86. Is dexadrine much stronger than adderall?!
  87. Dexedrine: appetite? other effects?
  88. difference between too much and too little?
  89. Having a really bad experince with dexedrine er today.
  90. Both dexedrine er 10mg and ir 5mg tablets didn't work for me.
  91. Dex stops me from seeing the big picture
  92. Would you pay $150 for Dexedrine IR?
  93. Dexedrine Spansule
  94. Confused about dex holidays
  95. Mallinckrodt makes Dextrostat again!
  96. does dexedrine make anyone else really really calm?
  97. Anyone takes Dexedrine ER?
  98. Dexedrine's residual effect.
  99. Strange side effects
  100. How to beat dex induced insomnia
  101. FOR NYC/New York area dexers
  102. FDA approval of new dex dosages
  103. Dex dead?
  104. Official Stance from Dex Manufacturer, TEVA
  105. How to diminish Dexedrine rapid palpitation and breathing side effects
  106. struggle trying to find dex spansules?
  107. Are only the 10mg tabs off the market?
  108. Any Aussies on this forum??? SR dex help needed!
  109. When & how often are c2's delivered to pharmacies? (US)
  110. Taking meds in evening when partying
  111. Why don't we petition shire to remanufacture dextrostat?
  112. can theraputic doses of dex damage the dopaminergenic system?
  113. Stomach issues with Dexedrine ER
  114. Dex ER is driving me to drink
  115. 2012 Dextroamphetamine Product Availability
  116. How long does Dex ER work for you? Do you prefer it? Etc...
  117. Numbness of fingers & toes?
  118. Dex IR question
  119. Haven't used Dex in over 2 years. Now I need help.
  120. Withdrawal help!!!?? i AM SLOWLY GOING CRAZY?
  121. Dexedrine Spansules question
  122. Dexedrine ir being discontinued?
  123. Has dexedrine really been taken off of the market?
  124. Corepharma Dextroamphetamine ER - How Does it Measure Up?
  125. Dexedrine ER Side Effects Question
  126. Corepharma is now making both Dexedrine brand and generic. They are identical
  127. Mental Clarity without Medication
  128. Release mechanism of Brand vs. Generic - Substantial difference? Or minimal at best?
  129. Quick Question About Dexies & Taking A Multivitamin With Vitamin C
  130. Tension headache
  131. Medicaid, Corepharma ER, and Coverage Hassle
  132. Moving overseas- Australia to UK
  133. Have you been medicated for more than 18 months/2 years?
  134. How to ask to be switched from adderall to dexedrine?
  135. What vitamins are safe to take while on dexies?
  136. Worked 1 time??
  137. Spacey Feeling Dex IR
  138. Newly diagnosed and having trouble with dexamphetamine
  139. How many Australians do we have here taking dexamphetamine sulfate?
  140. New member, recently diagnosed ADD on Dex
  141. Wow. 5mg instant release lasting 24 hrs
  142. Brand Spansules Release Mechanism
  143. Dexedrine; dosage, duration, comedown?
  144. Asking 'DR.' to up dose
  145. Headache & depression after Dex ER wears off
  146. dexedrine awful feeling
  147. ER dexamphetimine first timer need help!
  148. Not really sure if this belongs here, but I have a new prescription
  149. New limit on RX amount
  150. Stimulant Holiday - Results ACTUALLY posted
  151. what is the problem with barr products?
  152. NEVER Returning to Adderall
  153. Wilshire Pharmaceuticals Dextroamphetamine 5 mg. and 10 mg.
  154. Dexedrine stopped working, now what??
  155. Going crazy
  156. Temporarily Nuts from Dex Withdrawal - Help??
  157. Best way to sleep on dexies?
  158. amphetamines (need clarification)
  159. Dexedrine (and more) confusion
  160. Does dexedrine make everyone high at the start?
  161. New to Dextroamphetamine, Rebound and Questions
  162. Dex and skin rubbing
  163. Dxedrine to Study; test tomorrow
  164. From Sweden :) What should I do with my DexAmp dose? Need advice please!
  165. adderall to dexedrine?
  166. Pharmacist Gave Me Dex CR Instead of IR
  167. First Drink on Dexdrine
  168. How Often do You See Your Doctor for Refills?
  169. Long-Term Users, How Hard is it to Stop Dex?
  170. Dose too low or too high?
  171. Dextroamphetamine IR, Dexedrine Spansules and ProCentra Medication Guides
  172. Syllabic stuttering a side effect of stimulants?
  173. Anyone take a total of 40 mg of Dex spansules a day? new to ER
  174. Suggestions on Taking Dex CR
  175. Need help!!
  176. Dexamphetamine just won't leave my system?
  177. Anyone know what this is or had this?
  178. [How] Should I up my dosage?
  179. Up to 60mg Dex - Still no therapeutic effects
  180. Can Dex CR Capsules Be Dosed Twice a Day?
  181. Switching from vyvanse to dexedrine?
  182. Dexadrine withdrawal?
  183. I Am About Redy to Give Up, This is Frustrating!
  184. Does anyone else notice "The Change?
  185. Why Do We Get Anxious as Dex Wears Off?
  186. Could dexedrine (stimulant medication) be causing my insomnia?
  187. Major/Obvious memory loss since switching to Dex
  188. Newbie to Dex
  189. Dexedrine shortage still going on? (california)
  190. 2nd week on dextroamphetamine
  191. Listening to good music while on dex makes me 'high'?
  192. dexamphetamine and reading
  193. What does your IR dosage schedule look like?
  194. Medicaid Now Covers Corepharma's Authorized Generic
  195. Doctor dropped me, how to proceed?
  196. Dextro and MassHealth, price increases in MA
  197. Considering taking a break due to sexual issues and related anxiety...
  198. Quality
  199. Memory damaged/impaired due to medications?
  200. What to do now?
  201. New to Dexedrine - terrible head pressure/headaches
  202. Increase in dose tiring me out?
  203. Dextroamphetamine (Barr) vs. brand name (GSK)
  204. Overfocused ADD and Stimulants? Help!
  205. Anyone recently gotten a generic ER filled at a Publix?
  206. My new dosage and to get it to work right for me
  207. Alcohol and Dexedrine?! Can I?
  208. 25mg not enough? Can I go up?
  209. IR Tablets Feel More Potent Than ER Capsules
  210. Consumer Options:Let's Come Together As A Community And Fight Generic Price Increases
  211. Failing at life?
  212. Picking up my first Dex Rx in an hour...
  213. what are the side effects to dexanphanamines
  214. so good to feel apart of the world and not trying to keep up with world
  215. shakes
  216. Just switched from Adderall IR
  217. side effects
  218. Dexedrine and Rapid weight loss?
  219. Dexedrine and extreme sex drive!
  220. switching from IR tablets to ER capsules, help?
  221. Corepharama
  222. Dexedrine and weed.
  223. Can't sleep! Pls help :(
  224. How Do You Know It's Working? It's By the Way I Feel and Perform
  225. Not being able to eat on Dex? weight loss
  226. Is this stimulant burnout?
  227. Do you feel warm/hot after taking Dex IR?
  228. Trouble getting up in the morning?
  229. Dose increased but afraid it'll stop working again..
  230. Dexedrine with Abilify vs Wellbutrin?
  231. Dexedrine and Tums, You May Get More Than You Expect
  232. Anyone feel robotic with this?
  233. could i get an answer please
  234. Mallinckrodt dexedrine still available?
  235. Feeling better after the drug wears off?
  236. Please Answer!!! Anyone! Can i take my dex later?
  237. New medication
  238. Why is Dextroamphetamine So Expensive?
  239. Dexies Help With Speech Problems?
  240. How long does Dex lasts for you?
  241. A gift for the patients who are prescribed 5&10 mg Dextro tabs!
  242. Brand Name Dexedrine Spansules Discontinued?
  243. Please help me with a plan??
  244. Sadness while ON dexedrine. Too high?
  245. Was asked to switch meds, Now Dex Spansules
  246. New on dexedrine, help please?
  247. I Suspect the Barr IR Tablets May Vary in Strength
  248. What medications were used in your ADHD therapy before dextroamphetamine?
  249. Dexedrine not right for me?
  250. Dexamphetamines no longer working