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  1. Damned if i do and damned if i don't
  2. When do you NOT take your medication?
  3. Is depression or mood swings a side effect of Dexedrine?
  4. Scared and lonely
  5. Dextroamphetamine redosing questions
  6. I don't know why barr gets such a bad wrap.
  7. How long does dexamp ir last for you
  8. Should I give dex a try?
  9. Anyone experienced dexedrine withdrawal symptoms?
  10. Combining levodopa with dexedrine
  11. Protecting the brain and body while on dexedrine
  12. possibly to high a dose?
  13. What is this?
  14. Effexor and Dexedrine combo
  15. Stuffing my face
  16. I Appear to Be More Aggrevated When Medicated
  17. Do You Split (Cut) Your Tablets (If Applicable)?
  18. What is your dosage? (IR)
  19. Just started Dexedrine today
  20. Core> Barr
  21. Thinking of switching from Vyvanse to Dexedrine
  22. Dex, Sleep & Grumpiness - Advice Needed
  23. Is dexedrine IR available in Ottawa/Ontario?
  24. Depressed and irritable 2 weeks after starting dextroamphetamine
  25. Started Dex ER 15 MG, and...
  26. Is Dexedrine really "smoother"
  27. Out of meds for two weeks and counting...
  28. Starting Dex tomorrow-NERVOUS
  29. Dex timeline? Not sure if its working
  30. Increasing doseage vs increasing duration
  31. dexedrine and s/t memory. Does Dopamine inhibit Acetylcholine?
  32. ADHD symptoms worse with Dex on Day II!?
  33. Vyvanse to Dexedrine Conversion/Questions
  34. Getting stuck on something with dexamp
  35. Aussie members, bad dex batch?
  36. GP refusing to prescribe meds...
  37. Switching from concerta to dextroamphetamine today...anything I need to be aware of?
  38. Job Application Drug Testing and Dextroamphetamine
  39. dextroamphetamine lovers...
  40. BARR Dextroamphetamine Sulfate
  41. Dextroamphetamine is Exhausting Me, How to Combat?
  42. First day on just Dexedrine!
  43. Dextroamphetamine & supplements
  44. This much trouble?
  45. The Dexedrine Stigma - Where is it difficult to get a script?
  46. Dexedrine and testosterone.
  47. Actavis Dexedrine Not Working or Higher Dose?
  48. Dextroamphetamine sulphate ir tabs... New distributors, underdosing, inconsistances?
  49. Dextrostat! Pro's, Con's, An improvement Or a hinderance?
  50. Dexedrine side effects?
  51. Who is on dexamfetamine sulphate?
  52. Weird Mornings on Dex - Seroquel or Prozac to blame?
  53. Slippery elm interaction?
  54. I've Found a Dosing Schedule and Method That Works
  55. Question about milk
  56. Trying Dexedrine IR (Wilshire)
  57. Dlpa with Dexedrine?
  58. Considering trying Dex IR
  59. Mixing Adderall IR & Dexedrine XR
  60. Dexedrine 15mg SR - Barr
  61. mania and dexedrine
  62. Dextroamphetamine, Caffeine & Stress and Extreme Anexiety
  63. Dextroamphetamine Works, Here's My Story
  64. Different Types of Dex
  65. Dextroamphetamine Seems to Amplify My Feelings At Work
  66. Comedown irritability and depression
  67. Back to Dex, going to psych tomorrow, just a few questions
  68. Getting small cyst-like bumps on back from dex?
  69. Dexedrine and Breakfast. How to make it more effective?
  70. trying dex again--why is it so bad this time?
  71. Dexedrine after no sleep?
  72. Too skinny on dex! :( help!
  73. Barr ER Dex really that bad??
  74. 10 mg Mallinckrodt filled *YEAH!*
  75. Effects after second dose of Dex
  76. Dexedrine lowers my mood sometimes
  77. Thinking about switching to Dex
  78. Inconsistent Therapeutic Action from Barr IR; Scary
  79. Dexedrine and Sleep
  80. Got wrongly prescribed with Dexedrine!(for those who take it and also tried adderall)
  81. "Strenuous activity"?
  82. Dextro vs. Ritalin - Experience, motivation and side effects?
  83. Vyvanse to dex
  84. Can you take dexedrine and ritalin together?
  85. Very Scary Bipolar Side Effects
  86. Trying Barr XR 15mg spansules
  87. Help now before pdoc calls with next script please
  88. Mallinckrodt 10 mg Dextroamphetamine IR Tablets Impressions
  89. Dosage titration question
  90. HELP!! Side Effects...more time or lower dose?
  91. Dex puts my personality in prison
  92. How can I tell if my dose is too high?
  93. How can I tell if my dose is too low?
  94. Is dexedrine making it worse in the long run?
  95. Dex + amitriptyline + zopiclone - any thoughts?
  96. IR 10mg crash. IR 15mg NO crash. Weird?
  97. vyvanse vs dexedrine spansules
  98. Mallinckrodt Dextroamphetamine, Ask for It
  99. Looks Like Mallinckrodt is its Own Entity, Seperate from Covidien
  100. Dexedrine Spansules Dosage
  101. How much weight have you lost on dex?
  102. Off of dexedrine for nearly a year and weight has dramatically increased
  103. Best way of getting to sleep
  104. Wilshire Dextroamphetamine sucks..
  105. Started titration on Dex recently, some questions
  106. ADHD back with a VENGEANCE after quitting
  107. Dexamphetamine can lower productivity/mood?
  108. Dexedrine IR 4 hours before bed, does that sound crazy?
  109. Low doses of dexedrine make me feel bad - I need help
  110. Building up a tolerance to Dex?
  111. Dosing Question: How much should one space out dosing between days?
  112. Does anyone get "dizzy dreams?"
  113. Waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat
  114. Dexedrine: Extended Release No Better Than Instant Release
  115. High cortisol and Dex not working anymore
  116. New to Dextroamphetamine -- Dosage Questions
  117. Dex or Depressed??
  118. Dexamphetamine - energy mental not physical
  119. Anyone have experience with GlaxoSmith Kline Dexadrine?
  120. Just started, need advice
  121. What kind of insurance companies are you guys with?
  122. Question about taking Dexedrine with other medications
  123. If you're having problems sleeping while on Dex or other ADHD meds . . .
  124. Dextroamphetamine doesn't work well?
  125. Dexedrine and Baby Aspirin
  126. Need advice please
  127. Making the switch from Adderall to Dexedrine. Can anyone share experiences?
  128. WA State Pharmacy Info Sharing
  129. Dexedrine holiday
  130. Advice help and success storys.
  131. Instant release Dexedrine is my favorite ADHD drug
  132. What brands currently make Dexedrine in the US?
  133. Is 15mg per day of Dex considered a low, moderate, or high dose?
  134. Why does Dexedrine have such a bad rap compared to other ADHD meds?
  135. 5-HTP with dexedrine is it safe?
  136. Feeling tired after taking morning dose.
  137. Low dose?
  138. Do you use Dexedrine doses of varying size?
  139. What to expect first day on Dexadrine?
  140. Do you guys/girls take Dex everyday?
  141. Is this normal or should i be worried?
  142. Better for anxiety?
  143. Super hard crashes after dex IR wears off
  144. Feel like crap after 2 and a half hours after taking 30mgs
  145. Is there a shortage of 5 mg Mallinckrodt Dexedrine in the US?
  146. Decreased sensation on the face
  147. who make's this dex tab
  148. The Dexedrine stigma is really bad!
  149. Subtle effects from dec
  150. Newly prescribed dex for ADHD, looking for advice and experiences
  151. Dexedrine and losing weight
  152. Having huge problems with Wilshire Dextro 10mg IR
  153. I can't find Dexedrine Spansule ANYWHERE!!
  154. Calculating the effects duration of dextroamphetamine (based on its half-life)
  155. Signed Up for Health Screening at Work. Reason for Concern?
  156. Dexedrine inconsistency and unexpected potentiation
  157. I've started hearing voices
  158. Loving it!
  159. dexedrine lasting 2.5 hours.
  160. dexedrine lasting 2.5 hours.
  161. Almost there - just need to resolve the sleep!
  162. Dexedrine- An Effective Way to Dose it
  163. Dex not working?
  164. Finding Dextrostat/Dextramphetamine in Massachusetts
  165. Dexadrine ER vs Dexadrine Spansules
  166. Switching from Vyvanse to Dexedrine? Will it work?
  167. 4 Months on Dex; noticing these side effects
  168. from Adderall XR to Dexedrine IR
  169. Dex Tummy Ache
  170. Starting wellbutrin with 60mg daily dexamfetamine
  171. My observations of dexamfetamine
  172. DMAE supplement with Dexedrine
  173. Worse at work?
  174. sleep deprived.
  175. Wilshire and a new brand they make...
  176. Dexamphetamine - Help
  177. Dextroamphetamine causing perfectionism
  178. Open letter to Auden Mckenzie (dexamphetamine)
  179. Dex and irritibility
  180. newby to adult ADD - Tolerance/Dose quesiton
  181. Adult Dexamphetamine dosages Australia
  182. Methylphenidate (Concerta + ritalin) to Dex
  183. DEXEDRINE-Why are doctors and psychologists afraid to prescribe it?
  184. The last 3 years on dextroamphetamine have completely stressed me out looking for it.
  185. From Adderall XR to Dexedrine ER
  186. question about dexedrine xr
  187. Dexamphetamine - more help please
  188. 15mg Spanules vs. 5 mg euro whites vs. Adderall
  189. Dexamphetamine + Alcohol
  190. can dexedrine interfere with REM sleep?
  191. What exactly is the Dexedrine "Stigma"?
  192. I Think I am Coming Back to Dextroamphetamine
  193. Dextroamphetamine has a Widely Variable Bioavailability
  194. Should I ask for an increase in dose or would I be pushing it?
  195. Does anyone else find it odd that...
  196. Dex not working - tolerance issues?
  197. Jaw clenching - open mouth
  198. Vyvanse 30/30 Split... Crash!! Dexedrine the Answer?
  199. Dexedrine no longer working
  200. Chest feels weird when medicine wears off
  201. Dextroamphetamine+Methylphenidate combination
  202. WHY! WHY can I not find Dexedrine 5 or 10 mg TABS ANYWHERE in Lexington, KY! Help..!
  203. Anyone notice the Dexedrine stigma is way less among younger Pharmacists?
  204. Going back to dexedrine and my battle with it - and QUESTION/ADVICE/HELP
  205. Mallincrodt Dextroamphetamine is USP Pure
  206. Zenzedi - New Brand Name Dex
  207. Dexamphetamine Sulphate - Available Dosages
  208. From ER to IR
  209. Dex and Wellbutrin Hell + Medication concern
  210. Is there a solution to Dexedrine induced Rosacea
  211. New to Dex........
  212. Dexamphetimine Question
  213. Mood difference for dex ER vs. IR??
  214. So whats going on with D-amp formulations in the US?
  215. Do you prefer your XR or IR formulation?
  216. Sleep management. How do you do it?
  217. Who Currently makes quality Dex IR or ER? & Who carries it?
  218. Anyone in here tried dextrostat???
  219. New here-First day on ADHD meds! Advice please!
  220. will I get the same side effects with ER vs IR?
  221. need to get back on dexedrine
  222. For people who's currently looking for Mallinkrodt.
  223. how does dexamfetamine compare with methylphenidate IR?
  224. A Dexedrine users review on Alertec (Modafinil/Provigil)
  225. Dexedrine options that are not barr?
  226. Another 50% price increase?!
  227. Differences Between Generic Dextroamphetamine Tablets?
  228. Optimising the benefits-side effects ratio of meds
  229. Side effects ???
  230. Dexedrine causing a really bad gut.
  231. Dex Usage
  232. Switching from Vyvanse to Dex IR
  233. Dexedrine with other medications. help!
  234. Switching from Methylphenidate IR to Dexedrine IR
  235. DextroAmphetamine and Ginko Biloba seem to compliment eachother
  236. dextroamphetamine and antihistamines
  237. Your dextroamfetamin day
  238. Titrating Medication
  239. My thoughts on Barr,Wilshire,Mallinkrodt,adderall
  240. What pharmacy carries Dexedrine in Miami?
  241. Switched from Ritalin to Dexamphetamine, pretty much no effect?
  242. Dexedrine and aspirin?
  243. Just curious: dosage from vyvanse to generic dex
  244. Why does dexedrine make me rage and mood swings?
  245. Dex and Headaches
  246. Dexamphetamine and Irritated Stomach D:
  247. Will it last longer than Ritalin?
  248. Tolerance or the guanfacine
  249. Advice on Dexedrine
  250. How much methylphenidate did you take before starting with amphetamine?