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  1. If I prefer Vyvanse over adderall will I like Dexadrine?
  2. Which Pharmacy chains carry Zenzedi
  3. Zenzedi vs. Barr Generic
  4. Dexedrine working?
  5. Dexamphetamine speech problems & constant dry mouth
  6. Dex and caffeine addiction
  7. Just starting Dexamphetamine- Is this normal or should i stop?
  8. Dexedrine after serotonin syndrome
  9. Generic Dexedrine UGGGHHHHHHHH new need advice
  10. Anyone here tried Zenzedi?
  11. Feels like a sugar pill
  12. Dex is making me so tired
  13. Shortage? ( US )
  14. Dex in a Drug Test
  15. dosing issues
  16. Dexedrine just makes me depressed now.
  17. Difference Vyvanse and Dex?
  18. Dex and chain smoking
  19. (How) Do I ask my doc for a small dose increase?
  20. Dizziness and ringing in ears from dexamphetamine
  21. Aurobindo Dex?
  22. Just started Dextroamfetamine. This is my diary
  23. Does D-Amphetamine cause more cardiovascular side effects than DL-Amphetamin?
  24. Tired when not taking dex?
  25. Dexedrine price
  26. Feeling hot from stimulants
  27. Eating and supplements
  28. Dex IR focuses me. However, cannot get motivated
  29. Side Effects and Changing Dosage
  30. Comparisons on Brand?
  31. How do you feel
  32. Can't Find Dex in Michigan
  33. peripheral neuropathy
  34. Dex compared to Adderall
  35. Dexedrine - Adult ADHD - UK - NHS - Costs?
  36. Are there many out there in theUK that are prescribed Dex on the NHS?
  37. First Day on Generic 5mg Dexedrine Spansules
  38. Dex and prozac?
  39. How to ask for afternoon booster without seeming like a drug seeker
  40. dexedrine spansules dosaging
  41. Dexedrine in South Africa
  42. Has Dex ever made you feel somewhat panicky?
  43. Difference in generics? Help please.
  44. Tapering off of Dexedrine...Experience/Advice?
  45. Zenzedi (dextroamphetamine) 30mg in 1 tablet!
  46. Script delay. Out of medication
  47. IR Dexedrine Options, 2014
  48. Dexedrine IR vs Dexedrine Spansules
  49. Effervescent vitamin c
  50. Corepharma generic 5 and 10 mg tablets
  51. Getting prescribed a higher dose NEED ADVICE!
  52. Dexedrine Spansules Three Times Daily?
  53. Low male sex drive and dexedrine.
  54. Running my own makeshift experiment on Mallincrodt vs Barr
  55. Adderall for over a month... going to Procentra
  56. Dexidrine side effects
  57. Dosing issues - IR/XR, amount & scheduling?
  58. Goosebumps
  59. Higher doses of stimulants?
  60. What dose are you on?
  61. D-amp ER release rate????????
  62. Hello in uk and so fed-up with our nhs dexedrine and all....
  63. Muscle twitching
  64. Dexedrine focus troubles
  65. Anyone else feel really angry on dex?
  66. Getting really book smart
  67. Dex Mallinckrodt on backorder?
  68. Interaction with high doses of Vitamin D
  69. Is the "remaining dose" of Barr Dex ER intended to be bi-modal, but not really?
  70. trouble filling dexedrine( prescription/finding pharmacies with stock
  71. Dexamphetamine and Erection problem
  72. sent my doc here and she saw what I meant
  73. Dexamphetamine: what to expect?
  74. Dexedrine is actually prescribed for Parkinson's too!
  75. The Teva/Barr 5mg vs 10mg Dex IR issues in 2014?
  76. Does anyone get testicle pain from Dex IR ?
  77. Supplements
  78. Barr tablets 10mg hit or miss lately!?
  79. Is Dex safer than Adderall and Ritalin?
  80. Dexedrine IR Dose - Is it safe?
  81. 1 year Dex check in
  82. Is Dex cumulative over the day?
  83. What foods/supps are Ok in the gap in-between?
  84. Worst generic ever(IMO)..Corepharma
  85. Starting Dex IR soon, which brand would you recommend?
  86. Migranes/headaches?
  87. Concerta/Dexedrine Spansules dosing equivalents
  88. Could Clonazepam in the mornings lead to tachycardia with dexamphetamine?
  89. Dex/Phenibut Combo
  90. how to take pride in yourself while taking dexedrine.
  91. Dexedrine sides effects
  92. Dex. IR shortage again?
  93. Sudden hair loss on Dexamphetamine
  94. Natural ways to help insomnia while on dex?
  95. Can amphetamines and anxiety cause tachycardia, high blood pressure and heart murmur
  96. Which brand do you use?
  97. Dexamphetamine, how to deal with side effects?
  98. Combining nootropics with dexamphetamine for ADD?
  99. Mallinckrodt vs Barr Dex tablets
  100. Is my morning dose to high?
  101. Just wish dexedrine would continue to work.
  102. Dr's suggestion - take valium with dex - normal/ok?
  103. Getting the most out of Dexedrine
  104. Another dosage schedule question!
  105. Dexedrine doesn't always work
  106. Combining Adrafinil with dexamphetamine for ADD?
  107. Doctor worried about my weight loss on Dexedrine
  108. Dextroamphetamine and Prozac combo help
  109. Very odd Digestion of Dexedrine , feedback please
  110. dextroamphetamine sulfate giving me rushing thoughts?
  111. Quick question about dexedrine.
  112. Why does slow release dexamphetamine make me very sleepy/lethargic?
  113. Six year old on Dex
  114. Dexedrine vs vyanse/elvanse?
  115. started 4 weeks ago.. advice please
  116. Getting half Adderall/half Dextroamphetamine?
  117. Hating food on Dexedrine/Adderall
  118. Anyone in us on dex?
  119. Works better after eating proten bAr?
  120. Lets talk cash prices and what prescription cards your using; $100+ increase!!!
  121. Skin issues with Dexedrine?
  122. Magnesium Taurate + Dexedrine
  123. My stack
  124. Best benzo to combine with dex?
  125. What’s Your Favorite Generic version of Dexedrine (i.e. spansules)
  126. Happy Birthday ZENZENDI
  127. Cannot locate Mallinckrodt generic Dexedrine. Only effective brand for me.
  128. Dexedrine holiday
  129. Dexedrine Spansule?
  130. got prescribed dexamfetamine sulphate 5m
  131. Drinking and Dex - Help please :)
  132. Dex paranoia
  133. if you took a couple days od dex ir
  134. can you eat apples and drink pure fruit juice
  135. im finding dex great during the day nightmare at night
  136. and here comes the low/sad mood
  137. right now ive learned not to have vitamin c
  138. face going red
  139. should also mention it take 45mg mirtazapine at night
  140. getting the feeling this still isnt therepuetic
  141. Dexamph. low doses, heart rate (palpitations)and Anxiety.
  142. Safety of long term stimulants:
  143. Whey Protein and Dex
  144. dexedrine honeymoon period
  145. amphetamine dependence and withdrawal
  146. Running Out Early
  147. stupidly bought imapact whey protein chocoalate flavour!
  148. how does dexamfetamine affect serotonin?
  149. The eternal circle of "right single dosage" and "is it working?how to tell" concerns!
  150. I quit Dexedrine after 20 years, Might Restart
  151. why do the anti anxiety effects wear off so quickly?
  152. pdoc upped my dose today
  153. What do you pay for Dexedrine IR/Spansules ?
  154. took 20mg dexamfetamine today
  155. Switch from Dex to Phendimetrazine- insurance issues
  156. dextroamphetamine vs. lisdexamphetamine
  157. Zenzedi in anything but 5 or 10mg-A MYTH?
  158. Back on Dex after a 3 year break.
  159. Sleeping problems on Metamina ( Dexedrine)
  160. Metamina (Dexedrine) and alcohol?
  161. Extremely frustrated with Dexedrine and other meds
  162. Cognitive Impairment from Dextroamphetamine
  163. How long is long enough for tolerance?
  164. Dex and intense exercise? Please help
  165. Express Scripts Generic Manufacturer?
  166. Dexedrine is the BEST Amph For ADD.
  167. Dexamphetamine and Blood Pressure
  168. Mallinckrodt Dexedrine in NYC?
  169. Constipation? Is this a normal side effect.
  170. new to dextroamphetamine (and meds)
  171. Mallinckrodt vs. Zendedi
  172. BARR labs generic tabs; what is going on here?!?!
  173. Brand Name Dexedrine IR
  174. Just starting Dex ER -- How long does this last for you?
  175. Can someone please explain this?
  176. Can anyone relate with this?
  177. dexamphetamine questionnaire, share your experience?
  178. Best Dexedrine IR/Dextrostat
  179. Does this sound right to you?
  180. Need help regarding stimulant medication??
  181. I'm at wits end I need some serious advice...
  182. How the hell does one find the right dosage for Dex?
  183. New to Dexedrine-- will the high/happy feeling wear off?
  184. Unable to get my Zenzedi prescription filled
  185. There must be something in that Wilshire crap
  186. Mallinckrodt no longer available?
  187. Seriously Need Help: Not enough tablets...
  188. Dazed feeling
  189. Is Dexidrine more difficult to get filled than Adderall?
  190. Dexedrine IR/ER combo?
  191. Price of dextroamphetamine ER vs Adderall XR
  192. Teva/Barr Dexedrine Spansules
  193. Dexedrine -- prevent sleep more than Adderall?
  194. DEXEDRINE SPANSULES priced too high
  195. Immune system and Dex. + SSRI's
  196. Dexedrne brand by catalent pharma
  197. Has anyone experienced dexamphetamine making tinnitus worse?
  198. Dexadrine spansules dosing questions
  199. Almost at the end of the rope
  200. Finally switching to Dex today
  201. Sleepy on Metamina
  202. Adderall vs Dexedrine effect on Genitals ( warning gross)
  203. Dex + Moclobemide?
  204. Dex - Managing the side effects!
  205. Just got script Dex -- Have a few questions
  206. Dextroamphetamine Generic Mfg's and Zenzedi, etc.
  207. Dex instant release vs spansules
  208. My opinion comparing Dexedrine (5mg 3x a day) to Ephedrine (8mg)
  209. Dex and magnesium last a long time
  210. Metamina stopped working
  211. Question about generic dextroamphetamine
  212. Sleepy on Dexedrine?
  213. Current generic Spansule manufactures 2016? Which do you prefer
  214. Am I the only one who loves Wilshire?
  215. Dexedrine and sleep quality (deep sleep)
  216. How to get Dex out of my system fast?
  217. Target/CVS Takeover - Mallinckrodt
  218. Dexedrine strength
  219. Would dexedrine work if vyvanse stopped?
  220. Does this sound right?
  221. help early refill question
  222. Am I chasing a high or finding the right dose?
  223. New with big headaches about meds....
  224. Dex medication effect very minimal
  225. Has anyone had a dose "fail to work"?
  226. Having trouble
  227. New to ADHD Meds many questions
  228. 22yr male, New to dex, confused
  229. Has anyone taken KVK TECH DEX?
  230. Not able to afford 30 day supply so had to "forfeit rest of prescription"
  231. Stupid Pharmacy Tech ordered generic dexedrine instead of Brand Zenzedi
  232. so fed up now
  233. Here's some info current Dex tablets
  234. slight paranoia but aware of it
  235. 5mg Barr Dextroamphetamine, Dexedrine tablets 2016
  236. Dexamphetamine, potential risk with decongestant tablets?
  237. Sleep problems w/ dexamphetamine
  238. IR Dex Options, 2016
  239. I'm confused about Dex dosage
  240. Strenuous exercise on 2.5-5mg dexedrine safe?
  241. Considering requesting Dexedrine due to Adderall side effects.
  242. Best Dexedrine IR brand
  243. Either im old or somethings up
  244. Is it normal for a low dose of Dexedrine to last 45 min to 1 hour?
  245. Insurance issues with quantity of pills (not total dosage)?
  246. Sydney prescriptions
  247. Another try with Dexedrine
  248. Dextro IR + Caffeine - Side Effects?
  249. Going from Adderall to Dexedrine (I hope)
  250. Boken/crushed Dex IR -- still work?