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  1. Dexedrine - What is it?
  2. New med for me
  3. Prozac and Dexedrine....Who is on it?
  4. Dexedrine experiences
  5. breath uhg!
  6. Dexedrine Spansule Trial
  7. Want free dexadrine?
  8. Problems with generic Dexedrine Spansules?
  9. withdrawal? did it produce tics?
  10. first prescription of dex... my experience!
  11. Unbearable headaches with dexedrine
  12. Anyone got the perfect meds?
  13. Dexedrine and Athletes???
  14. Pro's and Con's of Dexadrine for me.
  15. Dexedrine and heartburn
  16. Coughing tic?
  17. adderall or dexedrine?
  18. Is Dexedrine the same as Adderal?
  19. Generic Dexedrine PROBLEM SOLVED!
  20. Anyone in Canada (Ontario) take Generic dextroamphetamine?
  21. Dexedrine and Asthma
  22. dex rebound?
  23. What dose works for you?
  24. Dexadrine with I being served justice
  25. Dexedrine and psychosis.
  26. Dexedrine Ritalin ADHD interactions
  27. getting the dose right
  28. Dexedrine Spansules
  29. The switch from ADDERALL to DEXEDRINE
  30. Are there 20mg pills of Dexedrine (brand-name)?
  31. No benefit felt from taking medication..
  32. Dexedrine Price Increase In Ontario? Anywhere else?
  33. Not the same
  34. Forgot to take my meds today.
  35. 24 and just diagnosed last week and unsure
  36. Not Happy
  37. Dex and alchol
  38. Quick Question...
  39. Another Question
  40. Getting off the dex
  41. Dexadrine - tics, fidgets and withdrawl
  42. Dextroamphetamine 10mg tablets
  43. Im now on the Dex train
  44. Just got script...
  45. Crazy appetite when I haven't taken Dex
  46. Rash on my arms on Dexadrine
  47. May be switching back To ADDERALL!
  48. Dexedrine and anti-anxiety combinations for ADHD
  49. First post, first question: Dexedrine buzz/crash
  50. Newly diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder - First week of treatment
  51. Problems with Dexedrine/Adderall
  52. Is Dexedrine or Desoxyn better than Adderall
  53. Dexedrine stopped working after 10 years
  54. Anything Out There Like Dexamyl?
  55. Insurance won't cover Dexedrine?!?
  56. Headaches after DEX wears off
  57. Australian brand Dex
  58. Are Dexedrine Spansules better than Adderall?
  59. Caffeine Dependance interfere with Dexedrine?
  60. Is reversing tolerance possible?
  61. What the Dose!
  62. Prescription Areas
  63. dex addiction question..?
  64. dex and depression
  65. Fear of Amphetamines--A Couple of Questions for those more experienced with Dexedrine
  66. Dextroamphetamine brain fog
  67. Medication Help??
  68. dextramphetamine = chest pain?
  69. Weird Adjustment/Change Thingie
  70. Quick question: can dex cause neurotic behavior?
  71. Ack! Help me out, y'all
  72. Yet another dex question for you guys...
  73. 'Kay, guys, wanna play doctor? (Get your mind out of the gutter.)
  74. withdrawal
  75. A Note of Relative Unimportance
  76. Only 38% of children respond to BOTH Ritalin and Dexedrine
  77. Ok, I know the Mallinkrodt was supposed to be better...
  78. Can Dex make you hurl?
  79. Just started dexedrine - What's your dosage?
  80. Howdy...and thanks!
  81. DextroStat unavailable?
  82. Another Dex dermatological issue
  83. Ritalin-ADHD vs Dexedrine-ADD Inattentive
  84. false sense of well-being side effect
  85. Ok...tried the dex tabs..yuck
  86. ADD.LD Newbie: recently prescribed Dex spansules
  87. Dex spansule - make me tired, hazy
  88. Does Adderall last longer than Dexadrine?
  89. What was your response to meds??
  90. anybody know how quickly dependency will occur
  91. Hair Loss!?
  92. PUFFY Face
  93. NO posts involving O.D.s, illegal or improper use of Medication are allowed
  94. Starting Dexedrine
  95. Is it possible to loose ground with to low a dose?
  96. Help! Coffee + cigs + Dex = heart out of control
  97. For you Dexedrine users who experience Palpitations
  98. Information on dex
  99. Dex vs Ritalin vs Adderall
  100. How long is your Dexedrine day?
  101. When do you change treatment strategies?
  102. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a problem (take 2.)
  103. Seratonin, satisfaction, distractability and Dexedrine
  104. Just Started the Mallinckrodt but........
  105. Burning sensation in chest from dex?
  106. Sadness when coming down off of dexedrine
  107. Why does your heart start to pound when Dexedrine is wearing off?
  108. Dexadrine Timing
  109. Getting the most from your Dexamphetamine
  110. Dex Spansule capsules comes in what mg's?
  111. Dextrostat & Dexedrine
  112. Management of Hyperfocusing with Dexedrine and (potentially) a cocktail of others...
  113. Just starting Dex - need advice
  114. Dexedrine vs. Phentermine
  115. Starting With Dexamphetamine.
  116. Dexedrine (Brand and Generic) and Milnacipran
  117. Lethargy
  118. subjectives of dexedrine
  119. Taking the weekends off
  120. dexedrine and sense of smell
  121. Which tablets score the easiest?
  122. quality generic d-amphetamine
  123. Water consumption advice for dex to reduce headaches ?
  124. Chart for weight and dex dosage needed?
  125. I need some helpful advice about my dexedrine woes (long story leading up to it too!)
  126. Does splitting a pill into two speed absorption?
  127. Anyone taking 70mg per day or higher?
  128. dexedrine & heart palpitations - advice please!
  129. exercising while on dexedrine!
  130. First Day
  131. Adderal Withdrawl/dexadrine/alcohol questoins
  132. Identification of Dextroamphetamine Pills
  133. Does Dex have the jaw clenching that adderal has?
  134. Very Confused
  135. Driving lessons and Dexedrine
  136. attitude shift and dexedrine
  137. Aricept (Donepezil) for ADD memory issues?
  138. being aware of ADD + rambling thought processes
  139. First dose twice as much as subsequent: works well for me
  140. Dizziness--could there be a connection to dex?
  141. Dexadrine?
  142. Tired on Dexedrine???
  143. switched from ritalin to dex without info... uhoh!
  144. adderal vs. dexedrine
  145. Dexedrine and Jogging
  146. Thinking of spreading current Dex dose throughout the day more
  147. 6 months dexedrine report.
  148. venting! getting dex RX filled
  149. Weight Loss
  150. Help, Its not working! (1st post!!)
  151. What should I do....should I start taking Dexadrine again?
  152. 4yr Old Daughter started taking Dexedrine...Feeding problems pls help
  153. Ontario, prescribing changes?
  154. Need Help!
  155. NEW here!! Question regarding Dex. Spansules.
  156. Moral Issue
  157. Decline in theraputic effects
  158. Visual distortions with Dexedrine.
  159. 80mgs Methylphenidate=Dex?
  160. My DEX Trial....need some help:)
  161. Quikly building a tolerance to Dexedrine?
  162. Ritalin not satisfactory-want to trial Dex?
  163. Dextroamphetamine IR@SR Pics
  164. Recently started Dex now feel a bit lethargic, mind keeps going blank?
  165. How Dexedrine REALLY works.... hard evidence!
  166. Dosage questions
  167. QUICK question Regarding MEDs mixing
  168. New to Dex-- am I weird?
  169. Can Anyone Make Sense of This?
  170. stopped and started dex.
  171. Is what im going through Normal Please Help
  172. Is what im going through Normal Please Help
  173. Angry and Frustrated over treatment delays
  174. Gimme shelter! Need non-12-step refuge
  175. More Dexedrine or Adderal instead?
  176. Emptiness/insatiability.
  177. Not feeling this
  178. How often do you hear, Try back next Friday"
  179. What's your dosage?
  180. Comparing Strattera and Dexedrine
  181. My doctor gave me dexedrine and ritalin, is this normal?
  182. Is there a generic form of the Extended-Release Dexedrine/dextroamphetamine?
  183. Spastic tongue
  184. shelf life for dex?
  185. Generic Spansules
  186. how much is too much
  187. Tums and Dexedrine?
  188. Dexedrine, Dextrostat, or Generics (which company?)
  189. Just Got Dexamphetamine
  190. Cost of Dexedrine in the UK?
  191. Puffy face = emergency??
  192. Sexual Side-Effects
  193. Dexedrine, first time: good, BUT tachycardia
  194. Tired eye muscles when dex wears off
  195. Is dexedrine the same as dexamphetamine?
  196. dex side effects
  197. start talking straight to each other
  198. Dexedrine dizzy
  199. Starting on Dexedrine
  200. one year on dex
  201. Has any one had this problem ?
  202. a handful of Dex questions
  203. Questions of a new dex taker
  204. developing a dexedrine tolerance?
  205. Dextroamphetamine Vs Methylphenidate. Users?
  206. walgreens doesn't have good generics anymore..
  207. Withdrawal? - posted this in Gen. Med. Discussion
  208. Dexedrine - sleepy?
  209. DEX losing effectiveness
  210. Dexamphetamine issues!!
  211. please !
  212. Is it Okay to mix an Adderall w/a dexe?
  213. Some Differing Doseing Recomendations
  214. brand v. generic (or SB v. Barr)???
  215. When Will Dex Stop Making Me Feel "Wierd"
  216. Four short ?'s for us all, will be helpful to many if you contribute
  217. Dex and Beta Blockers
  218. Smith Kline not making Dexedrine 5 mg until September.
  219. Probably not a good idea
  220. Pharmicist giving me a bad attitude...
  221. sleep...gee I miss sleeping all night!
  222. Does anyone know if they'll make a 12 hour version of Dexedrine
  223. Dextroamphetamine Vs Methylphenidate Qs?
  224. Numbness in hands or arms
  225. SKF Dexedrine 5mg IR
  226. just had a question?
  227. dextrostrat holidays
  228. Obnoxious and Giggly without meds...
  229. Can anyone relate or is this normal? help please.
  230. Sleep
  231. THANK GOD FOR DEX!Or should I?..."Dopamine" Questions.
  232. Dose Adjustment Paranoia with the doctor...
  233. Newly Dx/High Dosage/Sleepiness
  234. Dexedrine combined with provigil? and a little question along with it confused!
  235. Twp supposed m.d.'s insisting dexedrine kills brain cells
  236. Dex abd drowsiness
  237. Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity?
  238. Sleep and Dex
  239. dex and anxiety
  240. Dexedrine?? spansules Vs tablets
  241. I don't think I'm posting this in the right place...
  242. Questions on switching from Adderall XR to Dexedrine
  243. Spansules and downer mood at night!
  244. Adderall, then Concerta-Now Dexedrine!
  245. My Doc Thinks Spansules Are Discontinued!
  246. Brand Dexedrine
  247. Dexedrine takes forever to kick in!
  248. 1. Ritalin, 2. Strattera, 3. Concerta 4. Adderall
  249. Tolerance? Maybe.
  250. different amphetamine tolerances