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  1. New to the forum and questions about Vyvanse
  2. Inconsistent symptoms
  3. Vyvanse Followed by Adderall IR Boosters
  4. Vyvanse and the morning after.....
  5. Vyvanse and *a* drink
  6. Vyvanse and Anxiety
  7. Vyvanse and sex drive
  8. Baking soda water
  9. Vyvanse working/not working?
  10. Increase Vyvanse, Ask for A Booster??
  11. 70mg vs 40mg 2x
  12. Myths surrounding Vyvanse/ Personal experience
  13. L-tyrosine and Vyvanse experience
  14. Vyvanse and Depression
  15. Vyvanse+Lamictal+Topamax= ineffective vyvanse?
  16. need help with insomnia
  17. recall vyvanse
  18. Will the anxiety/drugginess wear off?
  19. Just started Vyvanse and I feel weird
  20. New nausea side effect after 3 years on Vyvanse
  21. Vyvanse + Meditation
  22. Vyvanse 70mg, should I switch to dextroamphetamine IR?
  23. Adjusting Dosage
  24. Vyvance and IR?
  25. Vyvanse and pre-employment drug test
  26. New To Vyvanse - Some Questions -Mainly related to weight loss
  27. Vyvanse and Joint Pain
  28. Ways to tell if your vyvanse dosage is too low
  29. Vyvanse Dilemma
  30. My story and Vyvanse effectiveness
  31. Crash on Vyvanse?
  32. Vyvanse and Mild Chest Pains
  33. Adderall seeming to lose its effectiveness. Thinking about switching to Vyvanse?
  34. Vyvanse problems after 1.5 years
  35. Just took my first dose of Vyvanse this morning
  36. Does Vyvanse Contain Sulfa
  37. Vyvanse and Smoking
  38. Vyvanse isn't lasting longer than Ritalin, what the heck?
  39. Is it just me?
  40. Rash-Allergic Reaction to Vyvanse?
  41. Vyvanse and IR meds... opinions?
  42. Vyvanse Dosage!!
  43. I've been on Vyvanse for about 8 years and...
  44. Switching from vyvanse to focalin, what to expect?
  45. Forgot took one already
  46. Starting Vyvanse, Questions about Appetite Loss?
  47. First day taking.. Dont feel much
  48. How to make a 70mg Vyvanse last a few days.
  49. Health effects
  50. Vyvanse and Gas!!!
  51. Vyvanse dosage help
  52. Vyvanse + Klonipin = Dizziness? Or was it the Restoril?
  53. Problems between extended breaks on Vyvanse
  54. Allergic to Vyvanse?
  55. Vyvanse for depression??
  56. Vyvanse crash
  57. I'm questioning the effectiveness of vyvanse
  58. Vyvanse not working anymore!
  59. Vyvanse to Adderall XR Conversion
  60. Vyvanse - Jaw Clenching/lip licking?
  61. MCAT this Friday
  62. Only feeling good when on Vyvanse?
  63. Heart rate when on vyvanse
  64. Switching From Adderall to Vyvanse
  65. Vyvanse saved my life - my depression is not exists t
  66. Coffee and vvyanse?
  67. Depression, Crash, Qs: Food + IR booster
  68. Vyvanse dosage and duration
  69. Vyvanse and inattentive ADHD - dose too high?
  70. Vyvanse Completely Ineffective after years of use
  71. Is Vyvanse supposed to do this?
  72. Vyvanse vs Ritalin?
  73. Not sure what to think about Vyvanse. Have some questions/need advice...
  74. Vyvanse and cyproheptadine hcl
  75. Vyvanse and Brain Fog
  76. Signs vyvanse dosage is to high
  77. Vyvanse - dopamine interaction
  78. Vyvanse after Adderall Aggressiveness
  79. Just starting Vyvanse, will side effects wear off?
  80. insomnia with 2nd dose?
  81. Sudden adverse Vyvanse effects
  82. Vyvanse helping with OCD and Anxiety, Terrible Adderall reaction
  83. Food restrictions and vyvanse
  84. Just starting Vyvanse.....
  85. Okay now I REALLY hate amphetamine type meds
  86. Adderall withdrawal when switching to Vyvanse
  87. Differences between vyvanse and adderall xr
  88. How to cope with Vyvanse side effects?
  89. How do I know my Vyvanse is working?
  90. Used to use Adderal. Stopped. Now on Vyvanse..
  91. Trouble with Vyvance /advice please
  92. Please help... Vyvanse was a life saver but now it doesn't work at all...
  93. Please help vyvanse life saver not working
  94. Does Vyvanse work as long as advertised for ANYBODY?
  95. Help please
  96. Any advice for the newly diagnosed?
  97. New to treatment- seeing things clearer
  98. Vyvanse is a hellva drug!
  99. Vyvanse is causing slurred speech/difficulty speaking.Please help..
  100. Seroquel and Vyvanse
  101. Seeking Vyvanse cleansing help
  102. We all know 70mg of Vyvanse doesn't last...
  103. First time on a ADD/ADHD drug (vyvanse 60 mg)
  104. Why did I put up with vyvanse for another month? (RANT)
  105. How to handle dosage increase conversation with physician
  106. Exercise & Vyvanse
  107. Milk and Vyvanse
  108. can vyvanse be pooped out?
  109. Going from Ritalian to Vyvanse question
  110. Vyvanse Problem-Better for Academics, Worse for Social Interactions
  111. First Day On Vyvanse
  112. Vyvanse help, is it working right?
  113. Vyvanse cost
  114. Drinking when coming down?
  115. Vyvanse 70mg stopped working, no effects at all
  116. Vyvanse also used to treat depression?
  117. Need Advice Want New Script Before 30 Days
  118. Insurance problems with Vyvanse?
  119. What time to take Vyvanse?
  120. Vyvanse DAY ONE
  121. Vyvanse made me really sick. Will this awful anxious feeling ever go away?
  122. Vyvanse Dosage Help
  123. vyvanse absorption time?
  124. Vyvanse works the best?
  125. Vyvanse False pulse rate, no blood pressure... hELPY?!
  126. Vyvanse anxiety
  127. chest pain associated with Vyvanse
  128. Newbie, Vyvanse questions! Please Help!!
  129. Can't eat, switching to Straterra?
  130. Anyone taking Strattera and Vyvanse side by side?
  131. Does increasing the dose of Vyvanse work better for you?
  132. First day on Vyvanse, 30mg, feeling shaky
  133. insurance question about prescriptions
  134. Vyvanse just not cutting it.
  135. dealing with the adjustment time period
  136. Asked For Dose Increase - Psych Wants To See Me First?
  137. Back pain & Muscle tightness
  138. Staying on the move/productive
  139. Depressed when vyvanse wears off. what should I do?
  140. A few questions from a new member...
  141. help! new vyvance user
  142. New to Vyvanse- liked Adderall XR way better
  143. Taking Vvyance and Lorazepam to help with social anxiety????
  144. Need help asap...
  145. Should I go from 30 to 40?
  146. Terrible Effects As Medication Wears Off
  147. Cognitive Confusion.
  148. bad day
  149. Why did my doc raise my dose? Now my insurance won't cover it!
  150. stimulants causing retinopathy
  151. Taking the same dose twice a day? My Doctor recommends this
  152. Weird Vyvanse effects
  153. Vyvanse & Hyperfocus
  154. Feeling so lazy on vyvanse
  155. ADHD and Vyvanse Tollerance?
  156. Vyvanse stopped working after ONE WEEK
  157. Please Help!! Vyvanse making my ADHD symptoms worse?? Do I really have ADHD then?
  158. Vyvanse guide: no such thing as tolerance.
  159. Should I wait? resetting between stimulants.
  160. Lightheadedness and now headache from Vyvanse?
  161. Vyvanse, headaches, and caffeine?
  162. Vyvanse has ruined my life.
  163. prisriq vyvance cocktail.
  164. Vyvanse,effexor,adderall
  165. Vyvanse advice, brand new to any adhd meds help
  166. Poor Circulation
  167. Vyvanse - Heavy head
  168. Couple questions about Vyvanse
  169. Combining Modafinil + Vyvanse safe?
  170. Vyvanse: no suicidal thoughts. Existential Depression: no chemical/situational causes
  171. Not being able to take a nap.
  172. Vyvanse effectiveness in A person with a slow colon
  173. New to Vyvanse!! Help!! Crash Problems
  174. First week of Vyvanse, an update
  175. Early glory days of most ADHD med: SEROTONIN
  176. How do I deal with Anxiety? 40mg Vyvanse
  177. So first day on vyvanse
  178. First week on Vyvanse - bumping current 20mg to 40mg
  179. First week on Vyvanse - bumping current 20mg to 40mg
  180. Vyvanse, less effective, 3+ years
  181. Has anyone hated adderal and switched to vyvance with good results?
  182. vyvanse not working :(
  183. Two weeks on Vyvanse. Working insanely good. Only one problem
  184. Splitting a single dose vyvanse to extend effectiveness?
  185. vyvanse prices
  186. Vyvanse not working anymore after a month
  187. Will my blood pressure normalize?
  188. Getting back on vyvanse after a week?
  189. Personal DISOCVERY on ADHD meds!
  190. Vyvanse and sexual 'side effects'
  191. Vyvanse and Herbal Supplements
  192. Vyvanse having no effect - not even 120mg!
  193. Taking vyv properly, but feel like I'm not "recharging" each night.
  194. vyvance VS adderal
  195. Meds affecting speech and communicating?
  196. To all ADHD adults taking the drug Vyvanse!
  197. Hmm... Idk what to think.
  198. Does anyone feel like Vyvanse has given you too MUCH clarity about your life?
  199. Vyvanse is making me so tired
  200. Vyvanse put me in the hospital last night
  201. Does anyone use water to split their dose?
  202. Vyvanse for previous ritalin user, help
  203. A suggestion for any struggling with bad Vyvanse crashes
  204. Starting Vyvanse Again - Questions!
  205. Bright lights and Ears ringing, medication related?
  206. Just started on Vyvanse, Purple lips
  207. Vyvanese - neutral emotional feeling?
  208. Lost my written script
  209. Vyvanse & Herbal reactions
  210. Vyvanse and Intuniv?
  211. One week in with Vyvanse
  212. Vyvanse 50 mg
  213. A question about stopping Vyvanse
  214. Question about stopping Vyvanse
  215. Vyvanse and Shread Matrix
  216. Why does Vyvanse feel like such a downer?
  217. anxiety & ADD/Side effects/alternatives?
  218. Increased negative side effects after eating/during certain times of the month?
  219. New Year New Insurance Policy
  220. Anxiety and Vyvanse Thoughts
  221. Vyvanse side effects -- what to do now?
  222. Vyvanse side effects
  223. First time Vyvanse experience! Lack of sleep/appetite...Advice needed!!
  224. Herbal Supplements and Vyvanse
  225. Vyvanse after the first two months
  226. Strange Reaction to Vyvanse
  227. started vyvanse today
  228. I want to quit after long term Vyvanse please?
  229. Vyvanse - Effects shortened - Is it tolerance?
  230. Strange tingling while on Vyvanse
  231. Does Involuntary Movement Side Effect Go Away?
  232. Could Vyvanse (amphetamines) work if none of the methylphenidate products work?
  233. Vyvanese vs any dex IR for college?
  234. Vyvanse help needed! Bad experience
  235. Just visited doc - experienced vyvanse users opinions needed
  236. Vyvanse, I should have shared my feelings sooner.......
  237. how to start normal dosage again?
  238. Questions about Vyvanse.
  239. Vyvanse and health ailments
  240. Unsure about vyvanse & anxiety/depression
  241. Suspect that roommate might be abusing Vyvanse
  242. Vyvanse and Metamucil
  243. If I normally take 60mg then I take 1/2 of a capsule one day. QUESTION
  244. 40 mg vyvanse only lasts 4 hours?
  245. Is my body just insensitive to stimulants?
  246. Switching from Adderall IR to Vyvanse - What to expect?
  247. Any ADHD inattentive types on Vyvanse?
  248. husband gone emotionally vyvanse
  249. extreme sleepiness, dose too high?
  250. How to make my Vyvanse last all day