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  1. An unlikely combination, Vyvanse + Nootropics (noopept) experience.
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  12. really weird side effect-- hiccupping??
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  14. May have solution for ineffective Vyvanse.
  15. Thinking about seeking a Vyvanse prescription
  16. First time taking stims...only getting 5-6 hours??
  17. First time being prescribed vyvanse concerns
  18. Vyvanse is not for me-- or anybody without mood disorders
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  20. Accidentally doubled dose; safe to take Adderall?
  21. only sometimes allergic to Vyvanse... huh??
  22. Quitting Vyvanse
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  24. 60mg to 70mg bad/weird side effects please help!
  25. HELP ME!!!! Has anyone had a similar experience on vyvanse like this!?!?!?
  26. New to vyvanse, need to know if someone has had a similar experience!!!
  27. Vyvanse Tapering - When can I go to 0mg?
  28. Dosage equal to my Adderall
  29. Extreme anxiety
  30. Foggy-headed when NOT taking Vyvanse.
  31. Help! Just started taking vyvanse and..
  32. Hives due to Vyvanse
  33. Vyvanse question
  34. Vyvanse Palpitations
  35. Vyvanse dosage help...
  36. Recently switched from Adderall to Vyvanse, doc won't give me Dexedrine.
  37. Sleepy whenever I skip my Vyvanse
  38. New to Vyvanse any advice would be appreciated
  39. Vyvanse 10 mg Increase?
  40. Long term use of Vyvanse, Questions and Concerns
  41. This popped up on my lip after taking Vyvanse.
  42. Vyvanse 40mg compared to adderall 20mg twice daily IR
  43. Vvyanse causing brain damage?!?!
  44. My friend's Addiction
  45. Fine Tuning Vyvanse
  46. Increasing Dosage or Adding PM Booster?
  47. Tips for eating?0
  48. What am I supposed to feel?
  49. How do you know you're taking the right amount?
  50. Vvyanse dosage
  51. First week on 20mg and everything is perfect, no side effects. Is this weird?
  52. Vyvanse and major sleep/fatigue issues
  53. Vyvanese dose from dexamfetamine (with strattera)
  54. Vyvanse making me sleepy in the morning?
  55. Vyvanse:Starting in the morning..
  56. Vyvanse troubleshooting tips
  57. New Vyvanse User, really need advice
  58. Vyvanse Solution - Frequent Urination/Peeing
  59. Vyvanse Efficacy Varying by Day?
  60. Vyvanse & Zoloft?
  61. Just how important are diet and exercise?
  62. Back on Vyvanse
  63. New Pharmacy, new prescription - Vyvanse effects feel different?!
  64. new to vyvanse (30mg)
  65. orange vs vyvanse
  66. Why so much depression and agitation on this drug?
  67. Combating Lightheadedness/Dizziness
  68. Recently Diagnosed - Just Started Vyvanse
  69. Dosage Concerns
  70. My ADD treatment/Vyvanse help
  71. First few days on vyvance, and I have some question
  72. Vyvanse with adderall?
  73. Problems with Vyvanse....Please help
  74. Question about Vyvanse dosage
  75. Ask doctor to increase dose early?
  76. Ritalin and Provigil were DISASTERS. Vyvanse is next.
  77. Vyvanse and Oxandrolone
  78. Vyvanse + Wellbutrin? Pros and cons?
  79. Body odor
  80. How long will optimal dose work for me?
  81. Vyvanse dosing questions... Comparison to Adderall XR?
  82. Vyvanse Advise
  83. Vyvanse not working at all after years
  84. Vyvanse and Sleep
  85. Vyvanse dosage
  86. It WAS my salvation…
  87. Vyvanse and caffeine
  88. One more time
  89. Turn in old meds to get new meds?
  90. Did you see results immediately or later?
  91. Vyvanse not lasting nearly as long as advertised
  92. Selling myself short with vyvanse?
  93. Some Many Problems With Vyvanse! PLEASE HELP!
  94. Vyvanse is starting to act
  95. drinking beer after vyvanse plz read
  96. 15mg 2x a day ADDERALL equivalence?
  97. Feeling strange the first hour on Vyvanse?
  98. Did the Vyvanse cause my break-up?
  99. Vyvanse is very expensive . . .
  100. Questions about Vyvanse
  101. Tongue tied...(semi-long rant)
  102. Do I need to stick with it before raising dose?
  103. Why is Vyvanse making me feel this way?
  104. Length of Vyvanse Effectiveness
  105. First time vyvanse user feeling little effects one week in?
  106. Vyvanse Affordability
  107. Chest (heart area) pains
  108. Vyvanse, ADHD PI and Social Anxiety
  109. vyvanse safety after age 50
  110. Interference of other medications with vyvanse?
  111. Side effects that are bothering me with Vyvanse. Advice?
  112. Vyvance questions.. Confused:/
  113. Day 1 on Vyvanse -- cautiously optimistic
  114. One step too far?
  115. Counteracting Vyvanse
  116. Just Began Treatment
  117. Dosage Titration - 140 mg
  118. Vyvanse decreasing half life of other medications?
  119. DDAVP + Vyvanse 50mg?
  120. Foggy headed...Vyvanse
  121. Vyvanse interfering with sexual climax
  122. Thoughts After One Month
  123. Antacids reducing effectiveness of Vyvanse!
  124. Vyvanse Issues for the First time
  125. Vyvanse inconsistent.
  126. Quick question
  127. Need advia
  128. Vyvanse - Long Term Effect(s)
  129. Vyvanse and Terazosin? (blood pressure med for sweating/cold?)
  130. HMO that works with Vyvanse currently
  131. Vyvanse totally different when opened/mixed in water?
  132. New to Vyvanse tips?
  133. Vyvanse 20mg too strong?
  134. Vyvanse and sleep
  135. Vyvanse cured my social anxiety?
  136. vyvanse and agitation
  137. Starting Vyvanse tomorrow, a few ?'s regarding long term use
  138. Added citalopram 20 mg to my Vyvanse 40 mg.
  139. Vyvanse doesn't work anymore, don't know what to do. need help.
  140. 1 week on Vyvanse - not impressed
  141. Breakfast protein bar before vyvanse or after vyvanse?
  142. Still in Doubt about Vitamin C
  143. Been struggling for the past few years. I'm 18, yet I feel like I'm totally dependent
  144. My vyvanse routine to maximize effectiveness
  145. Could Vyvanse be causing kidney problems?
  146. Daily water intake?
  147. this is my first ADD medication, and it has been transformative
  148. Vyvanse tolerance
  149. Vyvanse and Bananas?!
  150. Readjustment?
  151. Anyone on Vyvanse with Cymbalta?
  152. New to Vyvanse - Questions!
  153. Vyvanse questions/problems
  154. Vyvanse helps me but...
  155. Vyvanse Withdrawal
  156. Have you had joint pain on Vyvanse?
  157. New to Vyvanse
  158. Vyvanse side affects/come down?
  159. How Long does one capsule of Vyvanse work for u?
  160. I really could use some help from you veterans....
  161. Vyvanse split dose
  162. Vyvanse makes me really out of it
  163. Vyvanse update
  164. Second Day Taking Vyvanse
  165. Vyvanse makes me unhappy
  166. Thinking about stopping vyvanse
  167. Not getting anything done/no motivation
  168. Vyvanse doesn't seem to be working for me.
  169. Is Vyvanse right for me?
  170. Vyvanse side effects
  171. Just started Vyvanse and not sure if working?
  172. Opposite of Vyvanse tolerance for me. Is it accumulating?
  173. Accumulating dose of Vyvanse 30mg?
  174. 4th different med
  175. Taking Vyvanse everyday?
  176. Vyvanse Stopped Adderal Booster Still Works
  177. Really scared about Vyvanse. Please help!
  178. Vyvanse and L-arginine
  179. Strategies for sleeping in and taking Vyvanse too late in the day
  180. Vyvanse and Exercise
  181. Addicted to meds to make me happy... need advice.
  182. Vyvanse issue?
  183. Do Not Mix Vyvanse & Gabatrol
  184. Ssri or brintllix with vyvanse?
  185. how to combat lacking energy on vyvanse?
  186. Moodiness on Vyvanse... Should I continue?
  187. New to Vyvanse - Questions
  188. Just started Vyvanse on 11/4
  189. vyvanse first week
  190. Have some questions about effects!
  191. Executive functioning / sensory enhancmenton Vyvanse
  192. Vyvanse makes me feel really bored?
  193. What should I do about my vyvanse and/or adderall crashes???
  194. Getting Prescribed?
  195. Starting Vyvanse and Friend's Death
  196. Vyvanse, sleepiness, and laziness (and vayarin?)
  197. vyvanse detox
  198. Increasing Dose
  199. Vyvanse a short lived story, i need really help here
  200. Very Strange side effect?
  201. Vyvanse makes me have a unexcited feeling?
  202. Vyvanse just isn't efficacious
  203. Vyvanse causing anxiety?
  204. Vyvanse not working after 45 doses
  205. Help me get used to the side effects
  206. Weird reaction? Would really like advice.
  207. Am I getting ripped off or do I need a higher dosage?
  208. Increased Thirst?
  209. Making Vyvanse work each time!
  210. Vyvanse Tolerance/Addict?/Need Advisement
  211. Vyvanse not working all day
  212. vyvanse interactions
  213. How to jump from Concerta to Vyvanse
  214. Just started Vyvanse
  215. How does Vyvanse actually work?
  216. Vyvanse - dex actual dosage
  217. Vyvanse not working anymore
  218. Light meal or large meal
  219. Can splitting my dose stop the fog?
  220. Diagnosed with ADHD
  221. Vyvanse not working effeciently, other options?
  222. Vyvanse not working, but afraid to try new scheme
  223. Works better after proten bar?
  224. Should I be taking Vyvanse?!
  225. Vyvanse to AdderallXR?
  226. New FDA approval for Vyvanse
  227. Vyvanse and supplements
  228. Verdict on Vyvanse
  229. Vyvanse Abilify combo
  230. No crash after quit Cymbalta
  231. How do i know if i take enough?
  232. Vyvanse in the uk?
  233. Stopped Vyvanse - Concentration worse than before
  234. Major Instance of Depression Upon Starting Vyvanse
  235. Tea
  236. Vyvanse Vacation
  237. How long is a good medication vacation?
  238. Vyvanse + L-Tyrosine Question
  239. Vyvanse
  240. Do you get sleepy when you forget your pill?
  241. Anyone meditate while on Vy?
  242. Vyvanse and Dexedrine?
  243. Supplements for memory with Vyvanse
  244. Increasing dose of Vyvanse?
  245. Vyvanse 30, 50 and 70mg
  246. putting amphetamines to good use
  247. Do you take an instant release stim when Vyvanse wears off?
  248. I said i never would take a break, now i have to
  249. I started taking Vyvanse and felt really lethargic today. Any advice would be great.
  250. Vyvanse and Wellbutrin?