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  1. Would LOVE your "Expertise" please
  2. Does Higher Dose mean longer lasting?
  3. anyone here use a titration dose of Vyvanse?
  4. Vyvanse sleeping pill?
  5. Is it me or they Vyvanse that is the issue?
  6. What happend with Vyvanse?
  7. unusual thoughts when on Vyvanse?
  8. Is the consensus that amphtmns mixed with SSRIs = lack of effectiveness?
  9. My vyvanse experience (looking for feedback)
  10. Do you mitigate the "ups and downs" of dex IR with Vyvanse?
  11. End of the road
  12. Vyvanse and blood sugar
  13. 10 mg Vyvanse = ? mg Dexedrine
  14. Potentiating your dose or taking a higher amount than prescribed, big difference!
  15. what are some good compounds to counter irritability and depression when on Vyvanse?
  16. Supplementation and diarrhea
  17. Heavy depression on Vyvanse
  18. Vyvanse and debilitating fatigue?
  19. Vyvanse and fighting?
  20. want to ask doctor to switch me to vyvanse. or should I try something else
  21. Vyvanse and counteracting the anxiety
  22. On Vivanse curious on other option
  23. Vyvanse problems
  24. Is generic Vyvanse available?
  25. help with vyvanse please
  26. New guy guestion. vyvanse
  27. How Long Does Vyvanse Last for You?
  28. Is it possible to get off Vyvanse?
  29. Allergies and vyvanse
  30. Vyvanse and Excruciating Headache, Will it ever go away?
  31. Vyvanse and Cardiovascular Capacity
  32. How much Vyvanse do you need?
  33. Vyvanse taking five hours to start working :(
  34. Stopping Vyvanse
  35. Increase Vyvanse Effect
  36. Worried about vyvanse?
  37. Vyvanse - Every Monday
  38. Headaches....ow
  39. +1 for Vyvanse causing Acne
  40. Periodically Switching Medication
  41. toxocology screen
  42. 2x 30 mg is a Godsend
  43. Need advice with Vyvanse
  44. Vyvanse is killing me?
  45. Vyvanse - Do I have to give up coffee?
  46. Trouble sleeping
  47. What happens if I take two?
  48. Share your Vyvanse wisdom with me...
  49. Vyvanse with alprazolam and depression 8 hrs later
  50. SERIOUS ANGER caused from vyvanse??? Or no??
  51. Im scared to gain a tolerance?
  52. 70 mg vyvanse a day, supplement suggestions?
  53. Vyvanse is Incapacitating Me (Initially)
  54. First Day of Vyvanse
  55. Open capsule vs water intake vs acidic breakfast
  56. Euphoria when increasing dosage?
  57. Vyvanse only works for 4-5 hrs for me?
  58. Starting Vyvanse tomorrow
  59. Day 3 on Vyvanse, why do I feel like taking a nap?
  60. Question regarding mixing Vyvanse with Ritalin or caffeine
  61. Advise!!!!
  62. Caffeine with Vyvanse
  63. Vyvanse not lasting long enough anymore
  64. Vyvanse "poop outs"
  65. Awful side effects (Switch from Adderall)
  66. Vyvanse finally arives in Australia. The emperor's new clothes?
  67. Vyvanse Brain Fog even a day after taking it?
  68. Mental "fuzziness", tinging sensation, numbness
  69. Horrible reaction to vyvanse
  70. Vyvanse twice a day vs. Dexedrine IR
  71. Eliminating Side Effects (Vyvanse)
  72. Experiencing extreme Vyvanse side effects from a single dosage.
  73. Generic alternative to Vyvanse?
  74. Help! Odd Vyvanse side effect?
  75. Someone PLEASE tell me I'm not going crazy
  76. Being sick and Vyvanse?
  77. Vyvanse just makes me high?!
  78. Vyvance and Antacids
  79. Starting vyvanse
  80. Just started Vyvanse, concerned about heart rate
  81. Please Help Us! Experienced opinions Needed!
  82. Vyvanse not working after second day of using it.
  83. Vyvanse Headaches and Vitamins
  84. Vyvanse and Celexa
  85. Side effects normal? Any options?
  86. Vyvance induced hypertension
  87. Is Vyvanse the solution for ADD (inattentive/SCT)
  88. Vyvanse and diet
  89. Proper Vyvanse Dose - I took an extra one
  90. I'm having trouble writing this!
  91. No energy/Tired on Vyvanse? Is it the supplements I'm taking?
  92. Vyvanse sleepiness and only 8 hours effectiveness
  93. Is it working?
  94. Waking up, falling back asleep, and feel miserable
  95. Yyvanse too strong or weak? Zombie mode? Wrong Med? HELP!
  96. 7 days in and sooo chilled... is this normal
  97. Vyvanse and Smoking
  98. How to get off Vyvanse?
  99. Vyvanse -- not working as well, more side effects.
  100. Vyvance and stomach acid
  101. Does everyone crash from Vyvanse????
  102. Vyvanse dosage
  103. Painful stomach problems on Vyvanse
  104. Need ADVICE! Getting doctor to rx 140mg of Vyvanse
  105. Second Dose of Vyvanse
  106. Vyvanse Issues - Not working 2nd day
  107. anyone here take Vyvanse twice a day?
  108. Dizzy on Vyvanse
  109. Vyvanse 70mg really weak vs Adderall? Shelf-life at Wal-Mart the problem?
  110. Boosting Vyvanse dextroamphetamine breakdown in body for more potency???
  111. What exactly should the effects of vyvanse feel like?
  112. Suffered minor blow to head while using vyvanse
  113. Weird Tongue Reactio
  114. Weird Tongue Reaction
  115. Bad batch of Vyvanse?
  116. Can I skip days taking Vyvanse?
  117. Taking Vyvanse and Adderall should I switch to an "all Vyvanse" regimen?
  118. Vyvanse...Rash/Itch???
  119. Recommend Vyvanse?
  120. Not Sure If Vyvanse is Working??
  121. New to vyvanse- just switched from 50mg to 70mg, how to keep effects?
  122. Vyvanse stopped working after 4 hours and never worked since!
  123. Tips on Eating?
  124. Wellbutrin to boost the effects of Vyvanse?
  125. New to ADD inattentiveness, strange side effects
  126. Vyvanse Supplement
  127. Too high a dose of vyvanse?
  128. Re: trouble filling Vyvanse prescription/finding pharmacy
  129. Vyvanse Emotional Side Effects?
  130. Vyvanse Dosage Above 60-70mg
  131. Running (on Vyvanse)
  132. Vyvanse 60 mg problems/bad schedule?
  133. Vyvanse caused me to feel again?
  134. On Vyvanse for several years, suddenly not working?
  135. funny cravings
  136. Vyvanse causing depression?
  137. 50mg vyvanse weight confusion
  138. Splitting up my Vyvanse...
  139. Any slow metabolizer here ?
  140. Vyvanse with L-Tyrosine thoughts? Please help!
  141. Vyvanse Dose
  142. Depression after quitting vyvanse
  143. My short-lived Vyvanse honeymoon
  144. Vyvanse and food
  145. Does Taking Caffeine A Few Hours Before Your Vyvanse Really Make It Last Longer?
  146. Vyvanse and Guanfacine (Intuniv)
  147. Vyvanse time life
  148. Living in a fog, struggling to take control, slipping into hopelessness
  149. Vyvanse Not Working Today.
  150. Vyvanse not lasting long
  151. Vyvanse for me so far..
  152. No noticeable effects
  153. Asking to switch to Vyvance
  154. Vyvanse cures my physical symptoms of anxiety
  155. Newly diagnosed, taking Vyvanse
  156. Getting doc to prescribe selegiline with vyvanse?
  157. How can I make this fog/fatigue go away?
  158. Does the body adjust to vyvanse after some time?
  159. Booster dose of meds
  160. Advice needed : First few days of Vyvanse
  161. Losing effectiveness each day
  162. How to increase effectiveness and avoid tolerJust got diagnosed & prescribed Vyvanse.
  163. Avoiding the Crash?
  164. Vyvanse (70 mg) with Tenex . Major Fogginess?
  165. New here, going to be prescribed Vyvanse
  166. Vyvanse and Boosters?
  167. vyvanse side effects?
  168. Blurred vision on Vyvanse
  169. Vyvanse seems to not be as effective
  170. Vyvanse a year later.
  171. Weight Gain on Vyvanse!!
  172. Worth talking to the pharmacist?
  173. Vyvanse and Adderall
  174. I think found the mysterious simple Vyvanse booster & missing link to inconsiseffecti
  175. Getting Vyvanse without canadian prescription
  176. I want out... but the dependency wins
  177. Wellbutrin canceling out Vyvanse?
  178. Constant coughing/throat clearing
  179. took sons vyvanse by accident passing drug test
  180. Does Vyvanse affect ability to conceive?
  181. Enormous sense of smell on Vyvanse
  182. Taking a break on non work days??
  183. Switched from Vyvanse to Ritalin
  184. adderall to vyvanse- not feeling it.
  185. Vyvanse 20 mg ?
  186. Maximize effectiveness for LSAT
  187. Booster to vyvanse
  188. Lost Written Script From Psychiatrist for Vyvanse
  189. Vyvanse + beta blocker?
  190. Reasons Vyvanse is better than Adderall
  191. Zinc with Vyvanse
  192. vyvanse make me foggy
  193. Vyvanse 20mg giving me anxiety?
  194. Switched from Ritalin to Vyvanse
  195. Vyvanse and insomnia
  196. Vyvanse+Food= Bad idea
  197. How Will Insurance to Pay for 2 Pills/day?
  198. Vyvanse disappointment
  199. Withdrawal effects from Vyvanse or....permanant issue?
  200. Vyvance and Weight Loss
  201. Adderall to Vyvanse . Too high or not working ?
  202. Adderall boster doesn't work
  203. Need help with vyvanse... I'm terrified of withdrawal
  204. Could Probiotics affect Vyvanse absorption ?
  205. Vyvnase helping social anxiety?
  206. Med confusion
  207. What has been your experience with vyvanse?
  208. 2 rounds in 1 day
  209. Do i have to do day off once a week?
  210. problems with med, need professional help!
  211. Vyvanse and Napping?
  212. Is this normal?
  213. first day on vyvanse, too intense
  214. Things to do on vyvanse?
  215. Vyvanse dosage and effect
  216. Does it take a while for vyvanse to get working optimally?
  217. Vyvanse Celiac
  218. From Dexedrine to Vyvanse
  219. 1 Month On Vyvanse...
  220. Questions about side effects of vyvanse: sweating, anxiety, physical activity
  221. Vyvanse doesn't seem to work at all despite significantly increased dose.
  222. Is Vyvanse what's causing my depression?
  223. any opinions needed
  224. Finding right Vyvanse dosage
  225. problems with memory
  226. Vyvanse trade off
  227. Vyvanse prescribed again after years
  228. Buddy prescribed vyvanse first time
  229. How do you know if your dose is too high?
  230. Feeling agitated boredom
  231. Need help with dosing
  232. Vyvanse Questions
  233. Does Niacine (Vitamin B3) wear off Vyvanse?
  234. Dysphoria, sleepiness, "empty"?
  235. Still hungry on vyvnase? How do I know this is the right dose?
  236. Vyvanse not working? and Acne side effect
  237. Vyvanse and Nicotine (chewing tobacco specifically)
  238. Newly on Vyvanse again.
  239. Vyvanse Emotional crash? HELP need experiences
  240. Switching from concerta to Vyvanse a week before exams
  241. Question on Duration, and is any1 on my meds?
  242. According to my doctor, this is my last medication option
  243. Depression & Tolerance Questions. I need help please!
  244. Stimulants and excessive sweating possible solutions??
  245. Crash better at higher mg??
  246. Vyvanse and listlessness
  247. Vyvanse helping me focus on the wrong things?
  248. How do i know if i got better? forgot pre-meds me
  249. Emotional turmoil affecting my Vyvanse?
  250. Seeking Booster for afternoons