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  1. For anyone keeping up with my posts Update
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  3. Drug Tested by DR
  4. Racing thoughts
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  11. Been diagnosed with Eyvanse. Already on Venlafaxine 150mg - advise please!
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  13. Question about taking a break
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  17. Vyvance fall asleep easy. Is my dose too low?
  18. dumb question
  19. Just Switched From Strattera to Vyvanse
  20. Ways to prevent hair loss/thinning?
  21. Vyvanse effects are cyclical. How do I normalize effects and make it more consistent?
  22. Elvanse & dexamfetamine
  23. Concerned
  24. Orgasm
  25. How long would be good enough to lower tolerance from Vyvanse?
  26. New to Vyvanse: euphoria, then mild depressed feeling
  27. High doses of Vyvanse. ED, high blood pressure but needing the drug
  28. Might stop Adderall for Vyvanse.. help with dose
  29. Extremely Tired after Eating
  30. Increase in Elvanse (Vyvanse) dosage causing negative side effects
  31. How come when it wears off? personality
  32. Recently diagnosed adult. Prescribed Vyvanse
  33. vyvanse crash
  34. Is Benadryl making bad things happen?
  35. Vyvanse: Some days works great, others I'm miserable
  36. Vyvanse/Ritalin: insurance woes
  37. Multiple Vyvanse doses
  38. Vyvanse and Lexapro
  39. My relationship with Vyvanse
  40. Vyvanse and Cravings for Cigarettes
  41. Vyvanse works way better than dexedrine? What's wrong with my biology?
  42. Lowering Vyvanse Dose After 8 Years?
  43. Vyvanse less effective. Considering my options
  44. Magnesium
  45. Wrong dose or wrong medication?
  46. My Vyvanse experience. Does it work? Is this how it's supposed to be?
  47. Vyvanse vs methylphenidate
  48. Vyvanse withrawal/ mind addicted?
  49. How long before you should increase dosage?
  50. Should I take Vyvanse everyday?
  51. Not sure if this is working...
  52. Vyvanse and Wellbutrin XL and cigarettes
  53. Vyvanse + Indigestion
  54. Vyvanse, sometimes tired?
  55. Vyvanse Agitation
  56. Vyvanse and High blood pressure
  57. Problem with Vyvanse
  58. headaches and irritability with vyvance
  59. Minimum vs Maximum Dosing
  60. super low dose, still horrible sidefx. any hope??
  61. Unable to sleep, thought Vyvanse would help?
  62. Vyvanse seems to be my answer, with some issues
  63. Vyvanse food issues
  64. Method of splitting doses
  65. Any success with Shire Cares assistance program?
  66. Depression and Panic Attacks from Vyvance
  67. 36 hours without sleep on 50 mg Vyvanse.
  68. One month on Vyvanse, very mixed experience
  69. Feel like giving up - Trying Vyvanse
  70. High blood pressure & pulse while taking Vyvanse
  71. Vyvanse + Anxiety
  72. Report on Vyvanse experience
  73. Right side numbness / soarness on Vyvanse 60mg
  74. Vyvanse not working after two days
  75. Can how much I've eaten change how effective Vyvanse is?
  76. Vyvanse Life Changing ..... With One Exception ....
  77. Are stimulants/amphetamines supposed to do anything more than help you concentrate?
  78. Vyvanse : your thoughts? New here!
  79. Vyvanse and Poor Circulation?
  80. Can I Take Vyvanse Intermittenly?
  81. how can minimize my vyvanse use smoothly
  82. Severe stomach pains with this medication
  83. Started Vyvanse.
  84. On 3rd med since Vyvanse. Nothing works as well...
  85. 3 months into Vyanse everything so far good! Except..
  86. 10 mg Vyvance
  87. Vyvanse and work
  88. Day 6 on vyvance. Feeling discouraged
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  90. Vyvanse + Wellbutrin: What time of the day do you take it?
  91. Vyvanse Every 12 Hours
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  93. Adderall last 5 years switching to Vyvanse?
  94. Why Vyvanse is better some days and worse others?
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  96. Vyvanse withdrawal - Help
  97. Thinking about quitting my meds
  98. Cost of Vyvanse
  99. VyVanse and Doc
  100. vyvanse/dexedrine/seroquel, comments, opinions
  101. Vyvanse Tips
  102. Vyvanse Sudden Death? Tips from me.
  103. Absolutely freezing Body Temps on VyVanse (ADHD)
  104. I'm asking my doc to switch from Vyvanse to Generic Dex !!
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  109. Vyvanse, "male problems", and sweating
  110. Vyvanse -> Dex conversion table
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  112. Vyvanse and anti-diarreahals
  113. Can Vyvanse "cure" ADD?
  114. My Relationship w/ Vyvanse: Getting Off
  115. Starting on Vyvanse: What to expect?
  116. Acting weird and not understanding what it is
  117. Vyvanse dosage too low yet I'm still having insomnia??
  118. Freshly diagnosed and confused
  119. Already hit the wall?
  120. Recently diagnosed - very tired on meds - help!
  121. jittery feeling
  122. Vyvanse and tics? Possibly psychosomatic?
  123. Foggy/sick non focused after day 4
  124. Had to stop elvanse
  125. Appointment tomorrow, Equivalency questions..
  126. Should I be taking Vyvanse?
  127. Working in an Office. Hour 4 Slump...
  128. Interaction: Vyvanse + Vitamins + Supplements, What is your experience?
  129. Vyvance troubles
  130. Advice/Help on how to afford Vyvanse....
  131. managing time to take vyvanse
  132. Best booster for a tolerant vyvanse user?
  133. Newly prescribed, different diagnosis
  134. Some quick questions on Vyvanse.
  135. Should I have food with Adderall IR and Vyvanse?
  136. Is There Generic Vyvanse In Canada Yet?
  137. Sleep help
  138. Vyvanse Euphoria: Please let's be honest about it
  139. Some Vyvanse side effects that are considered to be serious and some that aren't
  140. Your experience taking both Vyvanse vs Dexedrine ER
  141. Changed from Adderall (generic) to...
  142. 5 years in - side effects?
  143. Lisdexamfetamine/Elvanse
  144. Recently started sweating - help
  145. Vyvanse and immune system
  146. How long to try Vynanse before considering something else?
  147. Questions on Vyvanse
  148. Stopped welbutrin, made vyvanse atop working
  149. Recommended Starting Dose if Switching from Adderall?
  150. Just started Vyvanse, and feel 'off'
  151. vyvanse and teeth grinding/feeling "buzzy" will this go away?
  152. Vyvance tolerance
  153. Vyvanse and Constipation? TMI I'm Sure
  154. Bad episode - Skip dose or take smaller?
  155. Mixing Vyvanse with water yields better effects than taking the capsule?
  156. Doctor won't go higher than 70mg
  157. Vyvanse not working consistently
  158. Trouble Dosing Vyvanse
  159. Love-Hate Relationship w/Vyvanse: Advice?
  160. Vyvanse 50/50 on It...
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  162. Crashing early and have horrible headaches
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  164. Is Vyvanse duration a huge lie?
  165. Vyvanse- fuzziness and trouble focusing
  166. So few Vyvanse threads?
  167. Switched from Strattera to Vyvanse. Day 1.
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  169. Depakote and Vyvanse.
  170. Vyvanse Issue.
  171. First day(s) of Vyvanse
  172. Why am I getting adverse side effects on Vyvanse that I didn't get on Adderall XR?
  173. Advice on Vyvanse
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  175. Not liking Vyvanse
  176. vyvanse-mitigate crash
  177. racing mind
  178. Post vyvanse depression
  179. Vyvanse and blood pressure?
  180. Vyvanse/ADHD Supplements & Vitamins, timing them & do they actually help?
  181. Vyvanse cold turkey
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  183. Vyvanse worked great! Went on 2 week break - now nothing?!?! Please help
  184. Vyvanse no effect?
  185. My Vyvanse and needed Dr. advice please...
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  187. Should I stop Vyvanse or get a lower dosage?
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  189. Cymbalta 60mg and Vyvanse 30mg?
  190. Vyvanse max. dose
  191. Vyvanse to Focalin?
  192. I Messed Up...How do I fix it? - Dosing Issues With Doctor
  193. dealing with all these ridiculous side effects
  194. What should I say to my doctor??????
  195. adderall or vyvanse not lasting