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  1. 70mg of vivance can't supply me long enough
  2. Can a vyvanse pill be split? I have a long day tomorrow!
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  7. Inexperienced and confused, dealing with Vyvanse and ADHD
  8. Side Effects...
  9. Vyvanse and Fried Greasy food = problems?
  10. Insomnia on Vyvanse
  11. 1st Day taking Vyvanse - Feelings of Sadness...
  12. Irritability or Just Plain Scatterbrained?
  13. If Vyvanse gives me agitation/anxiety would Adderal do the same?
  14. Vyvanse for motivation
  15. 2nd Day taking Vyvanse - Last night I got no sleep at all
  16. I don't ever want this to end!
  17. vyvanse seems OK, but need to add an SSRI for ALOT of anxiety :(
  18. Vyvanse unsure 2nd trial/error
  19. Doctor pushed Vyvanse...
  20. Horrible headaches with vyvanse
  21. Sudden chest pain?
  22. Lowered Immune System on Vyvanse?
  23. Anxiety Attacks
  24. In my fourth week of Vyvanse, starting to notice some attitude changes
  25. My case with Vyvanse, need advise
  26. Bad headaches when it wears off?
  27. Is there a way to shorten the length of vyvanse?
  28. From Ritalin to Vyvanse?
  29. Vyvanse available in Europe
  30. Strong heartbeat with Vyvanse
  31. Vyvanse & Increased Speed in Speech - 10 year old?
  32. vyvanse
  33. Fellow Vyvansers, help!
  34. Vyvanse & Beer.. scheduling around
  35. does vyvanse actually work
  36. Vyvanse and OCD
  37. Novocaine & Vyvanse???
  38. Reduce dosage will it help?
  39. Help... nothing seems to be working. A little long please read
  40. Am I losing it? Or is it just the meds?
  41. Vyvanse and 8 year old, positive expierence
  42. Please help, not certain as to what is going on.
  43. Vyvanse & Lexapro/SSRI vs. Vyvanse & wellbutrin
  44. A week on this combo
  45. New Vyvanse User!
  46. Im still confused about Vyvanse
  47. Vyvanse is literally a pain in the neck. Any experience with this?
  48. Well I think I'm trying Vyvanse...
  49. Boosters for vyvanse?
  50. Has anyone else tried Vyvanse with Adderall?
  51. Medication only seems to work when combined
  52. My experience with vyvanse
  53. Vyvanse and periods of heart pounding
  54. First Day on Vyvanse
  55. Vyvanse problems, Can I ask for a IR?
  56. need help regarding side effects of vyvance and alcohol
  57. Vyvanse for Social Anxiety
  58. Airplane and vyvanse please answer need to knw by tomm!!!!!
  59. Help me please!
  60. Please HELP again....
  61. mental issues with vy
  62. A Week on Vyvanse 50mg...
  63. Anyone switched to Vyvanse or have experiences with Adderall, Conerta/Ritalin?
  64. Vyvanse works for me!
  65. Up and down with Vyvanse
  66. need osme advice
  67. Tired, like go to bed...three hours after
  68. Just started Vyvanse 60mg
  69. Ready to give up on this
  70. Day off from Vyvanse Question
  71. A Year Later
  72. I really need some advice...
  73. Vyvanse and lisinopril
  74. Incredibly frustrated... advice??
  75. 7 Year old just began Vyvanse...any suggestions would be great!!
  76. Vitamin C
  77. My experience with Vyvanse
  78. vyvanse concerns
  79. Vyvanse vs. Adderall XR
  80. A peculiar situation.
  81. Zombie with Huge Pupils
  82. Almost a month on Vyvasne
  83. caffeine and nicotine make me go crazy when taking my stimulant meds
  84. Started Vyvanse yesterday
  85. Side effects...again?
  86. Staggering Doses
  87. what should i do???? major problem
  88. help! I need a solution to these headaches...
  89. New to Vynase
  90. Brand new... to everything
  91. Help! lost my bottle of dex and need info on lisdex
  92. Bad crash
  93. Vyvanse 70 MG side effects.. need some input!
  94. From XR to Vyvanse-A Diary
  95. Anyone taking Vyvanse?
  96. Please help ADD veterans!!!!!
  97. Vyvanse in small doses!
  98. from ritalin ir to vyvanse?
  99. can you take only half a pill?need help now!
  100. Vyvanse Diary
  101. Question Regarding Medication
  102. HELP. Is there someone with a similar story??
  103. I think I accidentally took 2 pills today. HELP!
  104. Vyvanse and inattentive ADD
  105. here!
  106. unanswered question on vyvanse
  107. Switching from Vyvanse to Adderall IR
  108. Numbness in hand, arm, foot, leg?
  109. Tips for Vyvanse "losing its effectiveness"...
  110. ADD-SCT. Vyvance worked great and then stopped working..
  111. Vyvanse and the Social Matrix
  112. just started vyvanse!
  113. weight loss
  114. Vyvanse stopped Working! Any advice???
  115. Vyvanse= Extended release crash
  116. What to do about drug testing?
  117. Vyvanse almost no effect?
  118. Why is my lip quivering?
  119. Doc says i need to Detox my body?
  120. If it's eventually the same...
  121. Could sucrose have murdered my Vyvanse?
  122. New psych takes me off Vyvanse
  123. vyvanse expensive even with insurance.
  124. help!vynanse quit working?
  125. Serious Weight Loss Issues + Veganism
  126. is vyvanse and dexedrine the same on drug tests?
  127. Vyvanse works much better when I eat alot... but what should I be eating?
  128. Been off Vyvanse for 3 days and Not experiencing withdrawal symptoms?
  129. Vyvanse experience (OJ interaction?)
  130. HELP!feel dead tired and depressed at 3pm!
  131. scratchy throat
  132. Vyvanse and a 7 year old
  133. help with my son
  134. vyvanse stun growth question?
  135. Hey Guys.. New and need some help
  136. Vyvance Large Dose
  137. HELP! need Vyvanse Alternative- Concerta was HELL.
  138. Help! Vyvanse is wearing off too soon!
  139. does vyvanse come in 60mg dose?
  140. question about splitting the dose?
  141. vyvanse twice a day?
  142. Continue Dosage Changes???
  143. Neck Pain / Extreme Fatigue
  144. How do I help ease the crash?
  145. Vyvanse v. Adderall XR
  146. 1st week on Vyvanse already changed dose on my own, much better so far.
  147. Parents are Against it. . .
  148. is this how vyvanse should affect you??
  149. Will I develop a dependence?
  150. Getting off vyvanse - how long till I feel better?
  151. What kind of capsule is vyvanse? Need to Split
  152. Is 20 mg of Vyvanse enough?
  153. Why Vyvanse varies in length
  154. Second day on Vyvanse
  155. Help-vyvanse turned on me?
  156. I am scared and I need your opinion/thoughts PLEASE.
  157. The Key of Vyvanse
  158. Today's 'Modest Proposal'
  159. is vyvanse harder on gallbladder?
  160. Anyone else getting bad aches and pains?
  161. I feel like an emotionless zombie
  162. cant take vyvanse??
  163. up or not...
  164. Great product!
  165. Vyvanse "holiday" experiences?
  166. Intense Back Pain
  167. Few general questions about treatment
  168. Big question
  169. Safety Sensitive Jobs
  170. odd side effect, Vyvanse eliminates most of my seasonal allergy symptoms
  171. New to Vyvanse
  172. 6 yr old son on vyvanse and has a cold
  173. Newly-Diagnosed Ex-Addict
  174. New to Vyvanse..would like some advice :)
  175. newly diagnosed, on vyvanse...
  176. New to Vyvanse...Is this normal?
  177. does any meds work for a long time?
  178. vyvanse and 20mg adderall booster?
  179. Going to Wellbutrin + Vyvanse combination...any thoughts?
  180. taking only when i need it...
  181. changing dosage?
  182. Staying Hydrated and healthy on Vyvanse
  183. Should I take my medication before or after I work out if I work out in the AM?
  184. High metabolism strategies
  185. Vyvanse
  186. Tapering off vyvanse...or cold turkey???
  187. Vyvanse dosage
  188. Vyvanse not right for me?
  189. First Day on Vyvanse 60MG from Adderall XR 30MG
  190. All Day Coverage
  191. Can Vyvanse cause mood swing/ triggerBipolar Disorder
  192. Anyone switch from Concerta/methylphenidate to Vyvanse?
  193. Not reacting well to Vyvanse, does1 that mean I don't have ADHD? I'm very confused...
  194. Vyvanse so expensive anyway to get it cheaper?
  195. Vyvanse needs 12 hour break?
  196. Been on Vyvanse for 2 weeks. I can't stand it.
  197. Pharmacy lost my Vyvanse prescription
  198. Vyvanse causing anxiety - will the side effects where off?
  199. Does a lack of sleep affect vyvanse?
  200. whats the best booster with vyvanse?
  201. Advice on asking Dr for 2x40mg a day Vyvanse?
  202. Insurance coverage for vyvanse
  203. Starting on Vyvanse *if* it's ok with my insurance!
  204. New to Vyvanse...I have a ton of questions
  205. Vyvanse - Adderall equivilant
  206. Just passed 2 week mark w/ Vyvanse, what should I be experiencing?
  207. Haven't slept yet :(
  208. does it ever feel like you're not "on meds"
  209. Delayed side effects from Vyvanse and Adderall?
  210. vyvanse seem to stop working
  211. Altitude change affecting Vyvanse?
  212. Redosing on Vyvanse
  213. 280 mg. Vyvanse Per Day?
  214. Miserable of Vyvanse but should I give up?
  215. Taking Both Vyvanse & Lamictal
  216. Don't want to beat it to death... but... Vyvanse Info
  217. Blue Cross Blue Shield Florida no longer covering Vyvanse
  218. Left arm discomfort started 13 days after starting Vyvanse.
  219. Left arm discomfort started 13 days after starting Vyvanse.
  220. bye bye vyvanse hello adderall
  221. Any luck with Vyvanse and Klonipin?
  222. Vyvanse + Adderall?
  223. Help: Prozac and Vyvanse?
  224. Can I take Vyvanse when I want to?
  225. Vyvanse + Lysine Supplements
  226. Switching Vyvanse to Dexedrine Spansule - But which Brand? ADVICE PLEASE
  227. Not happy with Vyvanse
  228. Just "diagnosed", prescribed Vyvnase, not sure if it's working. Help Please?...
  229. Is this normal in the beginning?
  230. Vyvanse 60 MG: What Happened? I Feel Horrible
  231. Vyvanse vs. Adderall
  232. Vyvanse and Adderall ?
  233. My First Week on Vyvanse
  234. Chewing on a pen cap.
  235. Vyvanse use once or twice
  236. Dizzyness/Vertigo
  237. vyvanse and rosacea?
  238. Vyvanse Withdrawal?
  239. Keep yourself plenty hydrated when taking Stimulants! Learn from my experience.
  240. Guess it is time to try something else...
  241. Vyvanse and Smoking
  242. Daily Headaches
  243. Not Working after too much sleep?
  244. Single dose not working.
  245. Anyone else have these awful side effects from Vyvanse?
  246. Sleep and Vyvanse
  247. Vyvanse - heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion?
  248. does body weight effect vyvanse?
  249. Vyvanse and Blood Sugar
  250. my son started vyvanse today. help!