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  1. Taking other stuff alongside Vyvanse
  2. My Vyvanse Experience
  3. How many hours does Vyvanse seem to work for you?
  4. Quitting Vyvanse
  5. Vyvanse Tolerance:
  6. What is your current dosage (mg) and BPM?
  7. do I need a higher dose?
  8. Bad Headaches. Do they go away?
  9. Why do medications like Adderall and Vyvanse decrease your appetite?
  10. tolerance
  11. Overdosed on Vyvanse and lost job
  12. What do you do when Vyvanse makes you sleepy?
  13. Magnesium Supplements
  14. Vyvanse Hyper in AM when Taking it
  15. Made the switch and Happy for It!
  16. I just started this Vyvanse...........
  17. New to Vyvanse...2nd half of day?
  18. Takes 2-3 hours to kick in sometimes
  19. Just started this about two weeks ago...
  20. Newbie
  21. ready to give up on adhd meds...
  22. Easier to be happy on Vyvanse? Is it artificial?
  23. Social withdrawal,
  24. Effexor for post Vyvanse blahs
  25. Wow, do I feel dumb now.
  26. Verdict on Vitamin-C and Vyvanse?
  27. Initial Vyvanse Onset Effect Different Than Rest of the Day?
  28. Question about Vyvanse for a 20 year old.
  29. Is it really ADHD and what if it isn't?
  30. Anyone used to use Dexedrine and now use Vyvanse?
  31. Craving Alcohol at the end of the day
  32. FT Student/PT Worker/College Athlete
  33. Few questions/concerns with vyvanse
  34. Help, does this thing even work?
  35. Vyvanse is working, but is it the wrong medication?
  36. Side Effects Help
  37. could i be on wrong med?
  38. Quick to prescribe?
  39. strange vision issue with vyvance
  40. How Bad Is Citrus?
  41. What is your total Vyvanse daily dosage (mg)? POLL
  42. Cardio and Vyvanse
  43. This stuff gives me a high feeling the first time I take it.
  44. When to consider a higher dosage (guidelines)
  45. giving up on vyvanse!!
  46. Just diagnosed 2 weeks ago
  47. Weird effects from Vyvanse?
  48. Vyvanse Rollercoaster (Please Help!)
  49. Anyone started on Vyvanse and switched to something else?
  50. My Experience With Vyvanse
  51. Do cigarettes reduce effectiveness of Vyvanse?
  52. More side effects on Vyvanse than Dexedrine?
  53. does this make sense to you?
  54. Was on dextroamphetamine, now Vyvanse. Can you help me??
  55. I'm on 60 mg of vyvanse and its doing nothing I think I need Adderall
  56. Can't take it (the headaches) anymore
  57. Vyvanse Eye Pain
  58. Concerta vs. Vyvanse
  59. Starting Vyvanase.. online journal
  60. stopping vyvanse and starting adderall?
  61. vyvanse only lasts 4 hours no matter the dose.. why?
  62. Dr says don't skip your Vyvance! Please help!
  63. vyvanse & Cymbalta
  64. * probably the best explanation about how Vyvanse works, from a physician *
  65. Taking vyvanse and nausea
  66. Vyvanse Dosage
  67. Someone please tell me they've experienced this too!
  68. I love the runaway train feeling.
  69. need med advice,please??
  70. Took 50 mg at 4 and still fell asleep normally ...
  71. Turning into a jerk on Vyvanse?
  72. Anyone else get sleepy at first?
  73. Do other docs do this?
  74. Inconsistent results with Vyvanse?
  75. vyvanse crash/caffeine and nicotine.
  76. Vyvanse - Placebo? Help
  77. Interesting Q about Vyvanse's "time release" system.
  78. I'm not sure...
  79. stopped working
  80. Anyone else have trouble finding 60 mgs of Vyvanse?
  81. Day one of Vyvanse
  82. Insta-tolerance?
  83. Vyvanse 1st week & diet/supliments?
  84. New and Taking Vyvanse...
  85. Cayenne pepper and Vyvance
  86. What does Vyvanse feel like??? Need input!
  87. vyvanse and crashing/rebound effects
  88. Best for Adult ADHD + Anxiety/Depression?
  89. Adderall work but Vyvanse didn't???
  90. Vyvanse crashes/rebound
  91. Vyvanse and Adderal
  92. Vyvanse and Melatonin
  93. Vyvanse Question
  94. Vyvanse and bipolar?
  95. Is anyone on Vyvanse and Aplenzin?
  96. Starting Vyvanse 30mg...hoping to equal mystery 90's med
  97. Vyvanse tolerance within a day
  98. Difference between Adderall XR and Vyvance
  99. How do I know it is working?
  100. Why does my doc want me to wait a week to titrate?
  101. Do you take time off from Vyvanse?
  102. Tired and Foggy on Vyvanse?
  103. Tricks for Vyvanse uneasy feelings
  104. Vivanse has changed my sex drive??!
  105. Is this normal after 7 months?
  106. Vyvanse- coming down and feeling sad
  107. increase Vyvanse dose for more study time around finals?
  108. Vyvanse in Canada
  109. adderall xr vs. vyvanse
  110. SSRI + Vyvanse Major Abdominal Pain?
  111. Caffeine and Nicotine
  112. Buttox sucked up in while on amps?
  113. Vyvanse effects on personality
  114. FRUSTERATED!!! Vyvanse
  115. Vyvanse crashing... yet another.
  116. 30 Vyvanse + 1o Lexapro
  117. New to Vyvanse and this forum
  118. Vyvanse Side Effects
  119. Vyvanse and tooth decay
  120. Help Shortness of Breath
  121. Perhaps someone can explain the exended release mechanism of vyvanse to me
  122. I just found out I'm pregnant...
  123. (more) vivid dreams ?
  124. Should I get a boost of Dex or just get my dosage increased?
  125. My Vyvanase Nightmare
  126. First time on Vyvanse, hasn't been great or worked, advice please?
  127. SEX DRIVE is High after Vyvanse+lexapro
  128. talking
  129. how can i make vyvanse last more than 2 hours?
  130. Itchy On Vyvance! :confused:
  131. Vyvanse Massachusetts
  132. any other booster than adderall?
  133. Did anyone moved up to 70MG of Vyvanse for it work long and better?
  134. Vyvanse losing effectiveness?
  135. Needing some opinions regarding meds
  136. Taking Strattera with Vyvanse any one??
  137. Vyvanse side effects
  138. Advice on Medication?
  139. Take Vyvanse every day no matter what?
  140. Vyvanse Crash? Side Effects?
  141. Wait, so we're not supposed to drink OJ, etc... if we take stimulants?!
  142. Vyvanse and Zoloft - Am I being paranoid?
  143. Vyvanse & Estrogen & Synthroid?
  144. How long til I feel better?
  145. Vyvanse mania...
  146. Should I give Vyvanse a shot?
  147. How do you know if your dose is too high/too low?
  148. Will vyvanse replace dexedrine spansules?
  149. My Vyvanse routine: lasts all day and no crash
  150. impotence side effect
  151. Vyvanse good 4 months now nada
  152. Shorter Acting Med?
  153. Recent diagnosis and prescribed vyvanse
  154. Vyvanse and a change in work schedule
  155. Best way to takek Vyvanse?
  156. Vyvanse side effects came back
  157. New to Vyvanse-question
  158. Has anyone switched from Adderall?
  159. Vyvanse Crash?
  160. Vyvanse crash and effectiveness help
  161. Pill capsule only partially full?
  162. Is my Vyvanse still ok to take?
  163. Does this med work?
  164. vyvanse 50mg-what med is most like it?
  165. Can 50mg be too high for an adult male? Questions.
  166. Any way to wash Vyvanse out of your system early?
  167. Vyvanse side effects, "withdrawal", and dosing questions (adult male)
  168. anyone else on a high dose of vyvanse
  169. Vyvanse and Constipation
  170. My First Week On Vyvanse, with side effects
  171. Post, New Diagnosis, 1st Day of Med Vyvanse
  172. Vyvanse and Sleep?
  173. No consistency!!
  174. Newly diagnosed at 44 and taking Vyvanse
  175. Vyvanse- anyone switched from Concerta?
  176. Questions re taking multiple daily doses of vyvanse
  177. Irritability?
  178. Vyvanse in Canada... I's Heeeere
  179. Odd reaction to Vyvanse, narcolepsy-like condition
  180. New to Vyvance
  181. Vyvanse + Chantix - Any experiences on both?
  182. New to here and Vyvanse
  183. My Vyvanse experience...
  184. Off of vyvanse for months now...
  185. Need help with dosage
  186. Switching from Adderall XR to Vyvanse
  187. Vyvanse vs. Dexedrine
  188. Rebound with Extreme Hyperactivity
  189. Need to increase dose?
  190. Vyvanse and my mood
  191. Starting Over...
  192. When first taking vyvanse, what to expect?
  193. Short acting Vyvanse?
  194. Need Advice Re: "Staggering" doses vs. "One Shot"
  195. Vyvanse vs. Adderall: less anxiety with Vyvanse?
  196. (Yet another medication question) Does anyone take Vyvanse together with an IR?
  197. Out of town-forgot to bring meds
  198. Just Got Diagnosed
  199. Should I just stop taking this stuff now?
  200. Vyvase and sleeping, can OTC meds help?
  201. blah blah
  202. My current situation
  203. Vyvanse with Stomach Cramps & Bloating
  204. Vyvanse, Adderall, and Ambien
  205. Questions about Vyvanse...
  206. I am freaking out reading these threads
  207. muscle pain/anxiety levels compared to Adderall XR
  208. Dark side of Vyvanse
  209. Will These Help My Vyvanse Work Better?
  210. Anyone switch from Vyvanse to Concerta? What are the withdrawls from Vyvanse???
  211. Just started Vyvanse - Advice Needed
  212. Just starting Vyvanse
  213. from AddXR/IR to Vyvanase - got a headache, but not much else
  214. Switching from Adderall XR, scared
  215. Possible side effect?
  216. Considering a switch from IR Adderall
  217. Vyvance question
  218. First Week on Vyvanse - Will my heart rate go down?
  219. Vyvanse causes Brain Fog?
  220. Taking 50mg of Vyvanse on 3-5 hours of sleep?
  221. Accidentally doubled up on Vyvanse this morning!!
  222. vyvance, first time
  223. Question about effects of Vyvanse
  224. To: Previous recreational cocaine/meth users and now ADHD, I have a question, PLEASE!
  225. Fatigue/sleepiness with Vyvanse in beginning?
  226. What should I expect - 1st week Vyvanse
  227. Will start Vyvanse 3/27...
  228. Vyvanze is my dream drug
  229. It's ok for this to happen so soon...
  230. VyVanse causing fatigue? Any ideas?
  231. Question: Titration schedule, more like a poll...why did the doc increase??
  232. Head itching on Vyvanse or other AD/HD meds?
  233. How to take Vyvanse?
  234. Is it the Vyvanse or the Depakote?
  235. Dosage increase problems...
  236. Question for those who switched from Adderall to Vyvanse- time off in between?
  237. When do the headaches subside?
  238. When it wears off, what do you do?
  239. Vyvanse concerta
  240. Just started Vyvanse....
  241. ISO New Path: Medically sensitive. Like Vyvanse?
  242. Vyvanse + Adderall
  243. Higher doses of Vyvanse?
  244. Purchasing online (legitimate)
  245. New Doc coming up short on dosage!!!
  246. My experience on Vyvanse, any tips?
  247. Transition.. 60mg Adderall IR to 70 mg Vyvanse (Daily dose)
  248. Fewer side effects on a higher dose?
  249. Not effective anymore, or are you just adjusted, and it's still working?
  250. Dosage Adjustment and Old Prescription - Pharmacy