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  14. My experiences with Vyvase
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  18. Migraines at night?
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  21. Experience with Vyvanse, on it for 30 days now
  22. Dicussions with my Dr and yet another dosage bump
  23. Giving up the Vyvnase.
  24. Allergic to everything else--Anyone else have the immune system of a 2-year old?
  25. Vyvanse 60 mg...working my way up again...
  26. Just started taking Vyvanse 9 days ago. I have an odd problem
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  28. my experience
  29. Vyvanse Tolerance?
  30. Suddenly I'm getting headaches??
  31. Vyvanse longevity in water? Help please!
  32. I need to try something different or maybe stop ADD meds all together
  33. Intense sugar cravings
  34. Almost lost it all...
  35. Eye twitch? Extreme irritability, exhaustion and anxiety?
  36. Relearn
  37. Vyvanse not lasting long? Please help!
  38. Debating taking Vyvanse Again as a Trial...
  39. Confused by Vyvanze 30mg=50mg? Upping the dose, but no change
  40. On Vyvanze: Sitting down all day or getting up an moving around. Better?
  41. New to Vyvanse and need input
  42. Doctor jumping the gun???
  43. How Long have you taken Vyvanse, and how has it effected your creativity?
  44. First day on Vyvanse...WOW
  45. New member, first post. Question on Metabolism
  46. Changing Meds.
  47. adderall xr and vyvanse
  48. best schedule for 40 mg?
  49. Great Guide to Using Vyvanse
  50. Who here is precribed 2 Vyvanze pills a day? Tell me about this
  51. Vyvanse and Hair loss
  52. Gonna try spansules instead...
  53. Huge dilemma (At least for me) What do I do? (Sorry, it's a long read)
  54. What time do you take your Vyvanse?
  55. Did baking soda kill my vyvanse?
  56. Why am I always hungry on vyvanse?
  57. Why am I holding water?
  58. Questions
  59. Tried Vyvanse again-Heart Rate 110, what should I do?
  60. Taking my first drug holliday on Saturday.
  61. So far not happy with vyvanse
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  65. I don't know how to help myself!
  66. My pharmacist said vyvanse can make some people tired
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  68. Filling Script in Germany?
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  70. Vyvanse Success Stories?
  71. Vyvanse and Irritability - Any one else has this issue ?
  72. am I experience a too high dose of Vyvanse?
  73. When does Vyvanse start working for you?
  74. How do you determine if Vyvanse (or any other ADHD Med) is working for you ?
  75. Vyvanse - Changes in Behavior, Odd or Normal?
  76. Anyone try Paxil and Vyvance?
  77. Do I need a higher dosage?
  78. Early Side Affects and Severity - Wesley from Queens, NY
  79. Question For Those On Vyvanse
  80. Question for those adept with supplement/Vyvanse interactions
  81. Vyvanse Issues/Concerns?
  82. Does anyone ever experience panic with Vyvanse?
  83. Are the effects of Vyvanse that different from Adderall?
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  86. Newly diagnosed ADH, questions...
  87. New user of Vyvanase
  88. Kids on Vyvanse
  89. Depression on Vyvanse? Seeing the shrink this week.
  90. I really need some help...Something might be wrong
  91. Vyvanse duration
  92. Cysteine study on Amphetamines
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  96. Just a quick question... Kind of Lost
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  102. 6 Months, Vyvanse + Lexapro
  103. skipping vyvanse now and then
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  105. Diagnosed Yesterday and new to forum
  106. Vyvanse
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  108. Started Vyvanse A Week Ago
  109. Ampheta-Restore with your Vyvanse?
  110. Vyvanse RAGE at work
  111. Insane Sweet Tooth!
  112. stomach pain / vyvanse
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  114. Saw Psychiatrist about my Vyvanse
  115. At the end of my rope!
  116. Do you have an accelerated heart beat?
  117. Can vyvanse be treating my hyperactive symptoms and doing nothing for my inattention?
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  119. My side effects seem very strange...I need some help
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  123. Sleeping on Vyvanse???
  124. What's okay to take for nausea while on Vyvanse?
  125. High Resting Heart Rate!
  126. Vyvanse and sexual "curiosities"
  127. Warning about Vyvanse
  128. Switch to Vyv? Please help.
  129. Can vyvanse work for someone who didn't have luck w/ adderall?
  130. Was I taking to much Vyvanse?
  131. Strange Symptom
  132. Vyvanzse and IR boosters: Who has this prescribed?
  133. Is Adderall Essentially Vyvanse - Just Delivered Differently?
  134. Dosage question
  135. Vyvanse not lasting anywhere near 12 hours...
  136. Has anyone had difficulty getting their insurance to approve Vyvanse?
  137. Accelerated Heart Rate
  138. Will my libido ever come back?
  139. Just started taking Vyvanse and I have questions...
  140. What could this mean?! Symptom?
  141. vyvanse vs. adderall xr
  142. Vyvanse + Lexapro + Metalonin = Weight Gain
  143. Now What am I supposed to do????
  144. The Highs & Lows diagnoses..please read
  145. Alternative therapies for med side effects
  146. Compulsiveness and feeling of dread
  147. Switch from Adderall to Vyvanse
  148. Question about Vyvanse for my 10 yo
  149. 140 mg of Vyvanse not enough?
  150. Ideas how to split vyvanse dose?
  151. Vyvanse + Wellbutrin + Lexapro ??
  152. Weird breathing on Vyvanse?
  153. How psychiatrists feel on exceeding max. rec. dose
  154. Can Someone Explain To Me...
  155. Does this mean I've built a tolerance already?
  156. Vyvanse and gradual hyperactivity increase?
  157. Should I switch from adderall
  158. Is Vyvanse Literally Just A Longer Lasting Dexedrine?
  159. How long does the side effect of decrease appetite last?
  160. Just picked up my Vyvanse 30mg today....
  161. Vyvanse creating mental daze/not working any more/etc -- (and how I'm tackling it)
  162. Doc Switched me today.
  163. Brain still too fast on Vyvanse?
  164. 2nd day on Vyvanse and nothing happening
  165. I'm not sure if Vyvanse works for me.
  166. Keep on it or is it just the wrong thing? I would like your opinions please.
  167. Vyvanse not working no more
  168. Anyone feel very warm on Vyvanse?
  169. Vyvanse causing acne?
  170. How does Vyvance affect your mood/depression, energy and sociability?
  171. Day 1 on Vyvanse....thoughts
  172. Hoping to start Vyvanse
  173. My head is "quiet" after 1 week 30mg Vy
  174. Information from PDoc - Is this true of ADD meds?
  175. Question PDoc on ADD meds - is this true??
  176. Vyvanse with Effexor XR (generic)
  177. Strattera to Vyvanse, Generalized Anxiety or Palpitations?
  178. improved life in many ways
  179. Vyvanse - After 2 months, what I found works
  180. Vyvanse, Adderall, exercise.
  181. The dilemma of taking breaks (AKA: "Drug Holidays")
  182. 30 day free coupon from shire is back. I guess it didn't get much "Attention"
  183. How long for Vyvanse to get out of your system?
  184. Vyvanse or Adderall for Concentration?
  185. Will Vyvanse test on a pre-employment Drug Screen?
  186. 30mg Vyvanse 2 weeks: Little Efficacy
  187. A strange body odor after dose increase?
  188. Will my Dr. ever prescribe Vyvanse after abuse?
  189. Vyvanse+Ritalin booster=bad?
  190. Vyvanse dosage woes?
  191. What do you do when you forget your meds?
  192. Which booster compliments Vyvanse best?
  193. Vyvanse + Beer?
  194. Just started Vyanese 50mg today...
  195. Freaked Out
  196. Should I try Vyvanse next, or more Adderall XR
  197. not following a vyvanse perscription
  198. Not cutting it
  199. Bye, Bye, Vyvanse
  200. Vyvanse,Blood in Urine, Kidney stone?
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  202. Help with Vyvanse side effect please!!
  203. Confused
  204. Vyvanse 20mg works wonders for me (Inattentive ADHD)
  205. Vyvanse causing dry eyes?
  206. Brain Zaps?
  207. Just Started w/ Zoloft Questions to V Peeps
  208. Vyvanse gives me an ego but takes away ability to be empathic
  209. Too Good To Be True?
  210. Vyvanse Day 1...and more to come?
  211. will gp prescribe vyvanse?
  212. 3rd day on Vyvanse. My thoughts and comparison to Adderall XR
  213. 70 MG acting different? and PROSTATITIS and Hypersexuality
  214. Almost 2 weeks on Vyvance and don't know what to think
  215. Weird food cravings on Vyvanse?
  216. does vyvanse help you with depression/mood?
  217. Interesting...late onset of possible side effects
  218. Miserable.
  219. No change after upping my dose...
  220. Vyvanse 50 mg. and insomnia?
  221. New to Vyvanse: questions about dosage, tolerance/addiction and taking it long-term
  222. Borrowing your genius: got advice on combatting dehydration on stimulants?
  223. I was wondering about Vyvanse Side effects?
  224. Muscle Twitching/fasiculations
  225. Vyvanse and supplements, maoi, acid reducers?
  226. Strange, pervasive sulfur odor. Anyone else?
  227. Need help with Vyvance slow release question
  228. Vyvanse causing depression?? Please need help..
  229. Cigna does not want to pay for vyvanse
  230. Just started Vyvanse less than 2 hrs ago...
  231. Vyvanse
  232. Vyvanse + juice = extended duration?
  233. Trouble getting up and around in the mornings?
  234. Vyvanse
  235. What am i Suppose to get out of Vyvanse(50mg)
  236. Type of Food to Eat on Vyvanse
  237. How does this happen?
  238. question about vyvanse...
  239. I have a couple of questions ( Bit of a long read )
  240. Vyvanse Headaches?
  241. Boosting Vyvanse with more Vyvanse ?
  242. Four days into Vyvanse
  243. Vyvanse Dosing
  244. Help me adjust the Vyvanse, please...
  245. My Vyvanse and Caffeine Experience
  246. Vyvanse + Strattera?
  247. cold hand on vyvanse 60mg
  248. What makes Vyvanse have such a long duration of effect?
  249. What side effects have you guys had?
  250. Expecting to much