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  1. Vyvanse making me sleepy
  2. Vyvanse + Juice
  3. Vyvanse Day 3: My experience, plus questions
  4. So what has Vyvanse done for you guys
  5. Is this normal
  6. vyvanse too much? or too little?
  7. Vyvanse + IR meds
  8. Pharma reps not supplying my physician's office with mfr. coupons?
  9. Anyone experience any bowel "troubles" while on Vyvanse ?
  10. Dose adjustment (again) with a possible change to Concerta
  11. Calgary suggestions
  12. Vyvanse is not working anymore after a month.
  13. Nothing helping me anymore
  14. Day 1
  15. New to Vyvanse
  16. Holidays...
  17. how do you know if dose is too high or too low?
  18. Vyvance and orange juice!
  19. strange, sporadic issues with vyvanse
  20. How many hours before bed do you have to take it to be able to sleep?
  21. How and When will I know I dont need "medication" anymore ?
  22. Frustrated - Advice?
  23. My future with Vyvanse
  24. Low Dose Vyvanse: Effects On Muscle Mass/Heart
  25. Vyvanse - back pain
  26. Vyvanse in college
  27. ADD-PI First day on Vyvanse
  28. Vyvanse effectiveness
  29. Just Began Vyvanse & It's Ineffective?!
  30. Feeling Anxious on vyvanse?
  31. Have you been on Vyvanse for more than a month? (if so, please post your experience)
  32. Will the effectiveness of Vyvanse decrease with prolonged use?
  33. 2nd month on 70mg
  34. Insurance - WTF?
  35. Somewhat frustrated
  36. Very scary experience with Vyvanse(cardio health)
  37. Vyvanse and Imipramine
  38. Can I mix in applesauce?
  39. will try vyvanse : O
  40. Vyvamse 1st month: Should I continue..?
  41. Vyvanse 70mg Not Lasting the Day
  42. vyvanse and stomach ache
  43. Update on my Vyvanse
  44. Just got prescribed Vyvanse...
  45. Vyvanse Anger Issues. On 70mg, go lower?
  46. is this med ok to take just during school week?
  47. Anyone on large dosage of Vyvanse?
  48. Is this side effect normal?
  49. First day on Vyvanse. Hilarity ensues.
  50. Dry mouth holy crap
  51. Vyvanse and weight loss
  52. Taking Vyvanse before a night of drinking....
  53. Other high dosage vyvanse users?
  54. Protein Supplements and Vyvanse
  55. Switching to Vyvanse issues
  56. Why did I have to switch medications?
  57. Does Vyvanse last too long for you?
  58. Vyvanse 50mg & Prozac 20mg Starting today
  59. Vyvanse didn't seem to kick in like usual
  60. Newly diagnosed & 1st day of Vyvanse...a few questions!
  61. Any adults on Vyvanese?
  62. meds not helping
  63. The Vyvanse Roller Coaster
  64. the cost of vyvanse
  65. Good way to ask doctor for increased dosage?
  66. Please post Vyvanse SUCCESS stories
  67. Vyvanse - Sexual Side Effects
  68. Your medication routine for ADHD(SCT)
  69. Vyvanse and Inability to Assess Condition
  70. Dose not high enough or need a diff med?
  71. I feel very flat....
  72. Love the Focus, Hate the Side Effects
  73. What's better? Vyvanse or Adderall
  74. Addiction/dependence/withdrawal?
  75. Question abt vyvanse w adderal booster
  76. New on this Site and New on Vyvanse...
  77. Vyvanse vs. Adderall for ADD and co-occurring anxiety
  78. Dr on medication a concern??
  79. Vyvanse in food
  80. What can I expect?
  81. Does Vyvanse Cause Erectile Problems?
  82. Is my family member lying?
  83. Vyvanse for addicts?
  84. Difficulty switching drom Dexedrine to Vyvanse
  85. Increase in dosage for a 10 yo - how long to wait?
  86. Not Performing Well Enough? Why not?
  87. Vyvanse with an anti-anxiety drug?
  88. What dose for a 10 year old?
  89. what is the price of vyvanse without insurance
  90. Anyone else actually feel a bit stoned on Vyvanse
  91. Vyvanse has started to have no effect on some days
  92. Is it possible to DEVELOP an allergy to vyvanse?
  93. Vyvanse vs. Concerta
  94. Looking for Longer-term users Feedback -- am i doing it wrong/wrong dosage?
  95. Pop affect vyvanse effectiveness?
  96. How long does Vyvanse last for you?
  97. Protein intake while taking Vyvanse
  98. Does Vyvanse have any advantages over Dexedrine that make it worth the extra price?
  99. I like Vyvanse..but am I "misusing" it??
  100. 2 doses a day? Too much?
  101. Vyvanse vs. Dex vs. Adderall vs. Generics
  102. Help! Has anyone here quit smoking while taking Vyvanse?
  103. Vyvanse - splitting the dose
  104. Weakness
  105. Unable to focus
  106. How to ask my doctor for a higher dose?
  107. Vyvanse - Same side effects as Dex?
  108. Tics?
  109. Vyvanse vs. Focalin XR or Adderall XR
  110. Alternatives to Vyvanse
  111. Splitting the dose questions
  112. Do you have to see your doc every month?
  113. Vyvanse and time of the day
  114. Do some of the effects carry over to the next day?
  115. Question about motivation/high doses of vyvanse
  116. Vyvanse low efficacy after 8 months of discontinued use.
  117. Is the ED a permanent side effect?
  118. Vyvanse and permanent ED
  119. taste
  120. crash with Vyvanse like Adderall?
  121. My doctor thinks Vyvanse is the same as Adderall
  122. Vyvanse and the need for a booster..Anyone else have this issue ???
  123. Vyvanse and the need for a booster..Anyone else have this issue ???
  124. Is Vyvanse negating my Wellbutrin?
  125. splitting a dose
  126. Started Vyvanse today and...
  127. Couple of Vyvanse Questions (food/drink, and skipping)
  128. Vyvanse fixing IBS issues?
  129. First Week on Vyvanse - Advice Needed (Bad crash?)
  130. Vyvanse not helping me focus!
  131. Vyvanse - Vitamin C in Salad Form OK?
  132. Oxiracetam (nootropic) boost to Vyvanse
  133. My Magnesium Isn't Good Enough?
  134. Is This Too Much Vitamin C?
  135. My experience with Vyvanse so far
  136. Rash from Vyvanse?
  137. Started Vyvanse, lots of questions!
  138. Another UTI!
  139. Side-effects of antacids
  140. Are these side effects or something else?
  141. Treating the problem not the symptoms
  142. Vyvanse, Adderall, back to Vyvanse problems
  143. Do I need a dose increase?
  144. Vyvanse help!!!
  145. Looking for Imput
  146. Clumsiness and not what I expected...
  147. Side effect question
  148. Fingers acting really weird on Vyvanse... help?!v
  149. Side effects you have you have experienced due to Vyvanse?
  150. Weird feelings & thoughts while on vyvance
  151. Adderall or Vyvanse?
  152. Vyvanse gives me ED, are stimulants as a whole out?
  153. Ritalin IR to Vyvanse Questions/Experience
  154. What is stronger then Vyvanse?
  155. From Adderall to Vyvanse
  156. From Adderall to Vyvanse; experiences
  157. Insomnia issues
  158. just over 2 months on vyvanse (long timeline)
  159. How long until you needed a dosage increase?
  160. Allergy to Epinephrine Could Solve Things
  161. Vyvanse night fatigue...
  162. Doc Switching Me to Vyvanse
  163. Does This Make Any Sense? Please Help!!
  164. Any tips for a med holiday I plan on taking?
  165. Very Strange Vyvanse Duration - Help!
  166. Please help me understand how different Vyvanse makes you feel
  167. I haven't slept
  168. Vyvanse side effects - help!
  169. 2 days on Vyvanse and I feel great. Shoe drop?
  170. Vyvanse & Intuniv problems in child
  171. Increase Vyvanse?
  172. Still getting a mid-day slump but like Vyvanse, HELP!
  173. Vyvanse and reduced libido
  174. More Distracted on Vyvanse... Anyone else?
  175. Experiences with Vyvanse?
  176. Should I get my hormones checked?
  177. Vyvanse / abnormal liver test results
  178. newbie to add and vyvanse..
  179. Vyvanse + Supplements = Yay! (???)
  180. Where do I go from here
  181. what do i do about this?
  182. spread the wealth
  183. On my 7th day of vyvanse and dont feel a thing! Very Fatigued.
  184. Vyvanse and Acne
  185. Male Problems After Switching to Vyvanse
  186. Huge Crash From Vyvanse
  187. Has Vyvanse appearance changed?
  188. In Praise of Vyvanse
  189. Vyvanse is making me feel tired and relaxed, I can't function!
  190. How long does everyone stay on a med before switching? (Vyvanse and depression)
  191. Vyvanse and IR's in the afternoon?
  192. Feeling depressed coming down from Vyvanse... Quick question about what I can do? :(
  193. What is the best drug for ADD-I
  194. On Vyvanse, still procrastinating
  195. Starting Vyvanse
  196. Vyvanse and anxiety (as a side effect)
  197. Vyvanse not working?
  198. Tried Adderall XR / IR, First day with Vyvanse and its the winner
  199. Sleeping, well, on Vyvanse.... ?
  200. Vyvanse Dose and Insurance
  201. 20 Mg Vyvanse in Cabinet - only take when necessary
  202. Vyvanse and Focalin
  203. back on Vyvanse for round #2
  204. Dosing Q: Three 20mg capsules vs. One 60mg capsule
  205. Hi!! I'm a New Member!!!
  206. Vyvanse IR??? I read somewhere on the forum about a generic IR
  207. Vyvanse and nose bleeds???
  208. Newly diagnosed and having major issues with Vyvanse...have you experienced this?
  209. Vyvanse unnaffective on Asians
  210. Switching from Ritalin to Vyvanse
  211. recently diagnosed, on 30mg vyvanse, 0 appetite
  212. I don't think it's working anymore....
  213. 50 mg capsules not as full as 30 mg
  214. Pellets vs. powders inside capsules, Anyone else notice this?
  215. Taking Vyvanse at 11am?
  216. Ups and Downs normal? New to Vyvanse
  217. BiPolar, ADD,& Former Meth Addict
  218. Ran out of Vyvanse and doctor is on vacation
  219. 20mg to 40mg question
  220. Disappointed with Vyvanse, lots of questions. PLEASE HELP? :(
  221. vyvanse question
  222. Will any pharmacy fill Vyvanse for 60 days?
  223. Second Day little sleep/wearing off quickly
  224. Vyvanse in combination with Buspar and Inderal (propranolol)
  225. Does eating really make Vyvanse more effective?
  226. Does eating really make Vyvanse more effective?
  227. Vyvanse,, Driving,, Drug Test...
  228. Vyvanse and methotrexate
  229. No more Vyvanse
  230. Vyvanse for kids...questions
  231. Vyvanse - after a meal, heart rate and blood pressure rocket?
  232. Details for those who supplement with Dexedrine
  233. 8 y-o son on 20mg for 1 month- irritable
  234. How to ask for a booster
  235. So my doc finally switches me to vyvanse...
  236. My problems with Vyvanse.
  237. My problems with Vyvanse.
  238. Vivanse Cost So Much,, what to do ?
  239. FDA Hits Shire with a Warning Letter about Vyvanse materials
  240. Vyvanse duration dissapointing? Too may side-effects from Adderall? Take charge!
  241. Keeping Your Vyvanse Duration Pleasant?
  242. Anyone switch from dexedrine to vyvanse?
  243. New to Vyvanse, Have Concerns
  244. 120mg Vyvanse very theraputic, too much?
  245. Terrible headaches- anyone else?
  246. When to eat when taking Vyvanse AND Adderall?
  247. I was tired and took 30 mg Vyvanse just now..
  248. Vyvanse in Canada yet?
  249. vyvanse good at the start, but going downhill
  250. Hands down, worst day on Vyvanse 60mg