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  1. feeling totally hopeless. this is NOT WORKING.
  2. Vyvanse and sleep (or lack thereof)
  3. Is the general consensus that Vyvanse sucks?
  4. Vyvanse good at first, now I'm a zombie with headaches. Anyone else?
  5. Move over comes another prodrug
  6. Vyvanse worked great at first - 2 months later & now I can't tolerate any stimulant
  7. Feeling Pretty Concerned About Vyvanse Effects on Day Two
  8. Feeling Pretty Concerned About Vyvanse Effects on Day Two
  9. First days on Vyvanse - disappointing
  10. vyvanse for schizophrenia???
  11. Vyvanse Success Stories!
  12. Experiencing why caffeine may be bad for me
  13. Vyvanse "Crash"
  14. Switching from Ritalin LA to Vyvanse
  15. Vyvanse Long Term Clinical Studies?
  16. Vyvanse plz help!!
  17. Day 6 of Vyvanse - impresssed
  18. Withdrawal is not fun. Help?
  19. Can I use Shire Cares and the 50% Co-pay Discount card for 60 days of Vyvanse?
  20. Mixing 40mg Vyvanse with 60mg Strattera
  21. Is combining vyvanse with ritalin OK?
  22. Vyvanse and Lexapro help
  23. Patient assistance program?
  24. Vyvanse and sweating
  25. Heart Rate differences - Vyvanse & Adderall IR
  26. Vyvanse makes me feel really bored
  27. Just starting Vyvanse--opinions please??
  28. Managing/eliminating severe anxiety/OCD/mania from Vyvanse without stopping taking it
  29. chronic eye dryness
  30. First day on vyvanse in the war zone
  31. Vyvanse is destroying me
  32. Vyvanse and Self efficacy
  33. Vyvanse and Depression
  34. Vyvanse - How to find the sweet spot
  35. Stopped Vyvanse now all I wanna do is eat!
  36. Vyvanse and Crying Spells
  37. Vyvanse and teeth clenching?
  38. Vyvanse & Anxiety?
  39. Anyone with gastro problems take Vyvanse ?
  40. Vyvanse now makes me sleepy... help?
  41. My first day on Vyvanse
  42. My Experience 1 Year Later
  43. Sorry, just another Vyanese Crash post
  44. Vyvanse day 3
  45. First day on Vyvanse
  46. problems w/Dex IR booster day after
  47. Sinus issues anyone?
  48. Permanent Vyvanse vision problems
  49. Did/does vyvanse work for you?
  50. Vyvanse and hot weather
  51. Vyvanse and hairloss
  52. Vyvanse vs. Ritalin
  53. Vyvanse Help
  54. Honesty?
  55. Vyvanse + Symbyax + supplements = perfect balance
  56. Korea
  57. Vyvanse effective timeframe question
  58. what does a higher dose do?
  59. L-Lysine
  60. Getting frustrated
  61. Vyvanse Tolerance After a Week and a Half?
  62. vyvanse general questions
  63. How long is this safe?
  64. Vyvanse causing OCD to worsen?
  65. Help me know that I'm not crazy...
  66. New on Vyvanse...few questions?
  67. Vyvanse has helped 2 out of 6 days so far, help.
  68. Please Help! Vyvanse, Doses, Docs, & Lamotraginie?
  69. Vyvanse + Blood Pressure
  70. Vyvanse feelings of depression for a moment
  71. Vyvance and side effects.
  72. Vyvanse
  73. Take first dose of vyvanse on a big day?
  74. Vyvanse effectiveness
  75. Follow my Psych's advice?
  76. Vyvanse - Used to treat Bipolar disorder, or possible misdiagnosis?
  77. Seroquel XR + Vyvanse
  78. 40mg Vyvanse having no effect, at all.
  79. Concerta to Vyvanse
  80. Vyvanse issues
  81. Disappointed, should I give it more time?
  82. Flushed My Vyvanse Down the Toilet
  83. bodyweight dependant???
  84. I can't eat on my meds... and they help me a lot.
  85. vyvanse and sex life
  86. Not sure how I feel about first dose of Vyvanse...
  87. Help! Nothing Works
  88. Getting off Vyvanse
  89. Vyvance and loss of pleasure
  90. Declined Vyvanse today...extremely discouraged.
  91. Excessive talking, on vyvanse..
  92. Vyvanse and your dosage...please share!
  93. Using an antipsychotic and benzo with this drug
  94. Anxiety While on Vyvanse
  95. My experience/thoughts on Vyvanse
  96. Really bad physical side effects?
  97. The only thing I don't like about Vyvanse
  98. Re-evaluating my vyvanse
  99. Anger after using vyvance?
  100. Second day Vyvanse - a little concerned
  101. Ferocious Vyvanse-Induced Anger
  102. Vyvanse with a booster? adderall?
  103. Vyvanse 40MG RECALLED by Shire.
  104. Vyvanse, straight answer for once?
  105. Vyvanse
  106. Need Advice: Suddenly experiencing insomnia
  107. Is my vyvanse working or am I just high?? ...soooo confused & frustrated!!!
  108. Some medication help
  109. Vyvanse just ain't doin' it
  110. Vyvanse ?
  111. Agoraphobia? Haven't left the house in 9 days.
  112. Silly question, but how does time release work?
  113. Vyvanse causing palpable pit of stomach feeling.
  114. Vyvanse: Hit or miss
  115. Using tobacco (cigarettes) to help with anxiety while on vyvanse
  116. What does it mean when start feeling out of it again
  117. Will my sexual function come back after getting off of vyvanse?
  118. new member with a simple question.
  119. Vyvanse - High Heart Rate - So Upset
  120. having bad anxiety, i think its time to quit for good
  121. What are you eating?
  122. Time to switch, probably
  123. Inconsistent vyvanse results like this? help!
  124. Any Vyvanse Success Stories
  125. Dexamphetamine withdrawal
  126. Worth trying?
  127. Singing On Vyvanse
  128. Vyvanse taking away emotions
  129. Just Prescribed Vyvanse - ADD Inattentive type
  130. irratible or assertive?
  131. FINALLY Prescribed Vyvanse after several tests!!! READ
  132. All I Wanna Do Is Play Call of Duty!?!?
  133. Vyvanse and Hair Loss?
  134. Overdosing or Underdosing?
  135. Vyvanse is Not for me
  136. Just a thank you :)
  137. 60mg seems to be too much
  138. Vyvanse and too much weight loss...
  139. Not sure I should take vyvanse
  140. Vyvanse and Abilify
  141. Re: Vyvanse question
  142. Vyvanse and caffeine - effects lasting longer than usual
  143. Switched son from Ritalin LA to Vyvanse. So far, so good.
  144. Vyvanse-Why Am I Having Such Horrible Side effects?!
  145. Adderall vs. Vyvanse
  146. Vyvanse has gone good to bad. HELP
  147. Vyvanse and Sleep
  148. Vyvanse and Insomnia
  149. creativeness gone with meds
  150. anyone relate to zombie like hyperfocus?
  151. Vyvanse Comedown & Rapid Heart Rate???!!
  152. quitting Vyvanse & cigarettes
  153. Storing Meds in Bathroom
  154. need advice on choosing booster?
  155. Vyvanse Effects on Personality
  156. Vyvanse comedown
  157. does spliting vyvanse really work??
  158. Just switched from Vyvanse to Adderall
  159. Ritalin to Strattera to Adderall to Vyvanse. Nothing works
  160. Vyvanse is making me sleepy!
  161. Vyvanse and Headache when their is noise.
  162. Dosage level question
  163. How much do you take
  164. Vyvanse lowers my heart rate
  165. Vyvanse duration and strategies for when it wears off
  166. Vyvanse problems?
  167. How to tell if vyvanse is working or if its too much or too little? Any Experiences?
  168. I feel great but...
  169. Never hungry lately - did my metabolism slow down?
  170. BetaBlocker & Vyvanse advice?
  171. the Vyvanse dead zone
  172. Anybody experience hydrocodone interactions with Vyvanse?
  173. New to Vyvanse - exercise affecting duration of vyvanse? What should I feel?
  174. 1st day of Vyvnese Today
  175. Vyvanse and blood sugar
  176. Doesn't seem to be working :/
  177. Does vivance dosage affect duration of effect?
  178. Vyvanse--A true life changer!
  179. Best way to manage Vyvanse and sexual activity?
  180. vyvanse wears off too soon. what should be done?
  181. Doctor left the decsision up to me but I now realize the other option would have been
  182. Do you take Vyvanse on weekends/non-work days?
  183. does shortness of breath go away? vyvanse
  184. Weight loss with Vyvanse..
  185. Cheapest IR Booster w/o insurance?
  186. Newly diagnosed with innatintive adult ADD, Vyvance failed, now what?
  187. Need advice, feeling slow ADHD-PI
  188. Is Vyvanse Right for Me?
  189. Did I really gain tolerance that quickly??
  190. How long does Vyvanse last for you?
  191. question about vyvanse, effectiveness
  192. Discouraged with Vyvanse
  193. Vyvanse Success Stories
  194. Vyvanse bosters
  195. Kick in time?
  196. New to add meds..I'm on Vyvanse and!
  197. Vyvanse and High Blood Pressure
  198. vyvnase lowers my blood pressure quite a bit
  199. Over-thinking!
  200. Help i dont know what to do and have school tomorrow
  201. Switched to Vyvanse...
  202. How is Vvyance different from Adderal?
  203. Should I be Hesitant?
  204. Skipping Vyvanse for a day leading to extreme fatigue?
  205. Quick Question about liver
  206. Please help me...I need answers plz
  207. Changed to Vyvanse from Adderall XR log
  208. Switched to Vyvanse from Focalin XR
  209. Vyvance making son more hyper?
  210. Vyvanse 30mg? Nothing...
  211. Vyvanse 70 mg price & Vyvanse Savings Card
  212. Easily losing focus + getting off task with Vyvanse...
  213. Changing Adderall XR to Vyvanse
  214. New Vyvanse Perscription
  215. My struggle with Vyvanse and Anxiety
  216. Rapid Heart Rate with Vyvanse
  217. Vyvanse 2x a day?
  218. Vyvanse & Lexapro, trouble breathing & tightness of throat
  219. Vyvanse and Antihistamines (Claritin, Zyrtec, etc.)
  220. Taking Vyvanse twice a day
  221. My odd experience with Vyvanse
  222. Vyvanse: Really Great When It's Working, Really Bad When It's Not Working
  223. vyvanse - 2nd dose during day side effect
  224. Is it normal for vyvanse to cause eye twitching?
  225. Vyvanse/ Wellbutrin Combo- Perfect Compliments??
  226. Questions about starting Vyvanse
  227. Diagnosed & Medicated - What To Expect?
  228. Nausea while taking Vyvanse
  229. Has vyvanse made it harder for you to naturally focus?
  230. should i continue to take vyvanse if it always gives me a heartrate over 120 bpm
  231. Shortage or Trouble Filling a Prescription for Vyvanse...
  232. My log/experience
  233. Just starting down this road
  234. Major objections to vyvance
  235. After 1.5 years of Vyvanse I'm unsure how or whether to continue, any help or advice?
  236. Is Vyvanse less effected by the foods/vitamins we consume?
  237. Having Trouble Forming WORDS!
  238. Vyvanse and swimming in cold water... (Question)
  239. Vyvance And Hot Tub Use
  240. Since Vyvanse is a "pro-drug," why is it still a controlled substance?
  241. Vyvanse Not Covered by Insurance & Shire Rejecting Discount Coupon
  242. Deep Breaths?
  243. Vyvanse with boosters question
  244. First 2 days on Vyvanse
  245. My Response to Vyvanse and Concerns
  246. How long for Vyvanse to take effect?
  247. Welp, I think I am done with Vyvanse.
  248. New to Meds...Coffee?
  249. Memofunk's Vyvanse journal
  250. Too much Vyvanse after Welbutrin dose increased?