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  1. Problems with crashing on Vyvanse
  2. Vyvanse on an empty stomach
  3. Vyvanse duration/Combining with Adderall IR
  4. Blood vessels in face, 70mg to start, and exercise
  5. Vyvanse Adverse Effects, Lower Dose?
  6. New to Vyvanse, so far, pretty good
  7. Irrelevant MindSet
  8. vyvanse - before and after breakfast results
  9. Vyvance: Long-Term Use Concerns
  10. New Here, New to Meds, New to Vyvanse
  11. vyvanse with adderall XR as booster?
  12. How Can You Tell If The Dose Is Too High?
  13. Zombied out on Vyvanse
  14. Observation on vyvance
  15. vyvanse - odd side effects?
  16. Vyvanse different effects on different days??
  17. Effect compared to Dexedrine?
  18. To go to vyvanse from adderall? Questions!
  19. Hey - Question about asking for a medication
  20. Vyvanse less "smooth" than Adderall? And other ridculous side effects.
  21. Took Vyvanse yesterday for the first time... Still haven't slept.
  22. Educated Medicated but Irritated
  23. Should I get a different dosage?..
  24. Is my dose to high?
  25. Vyvanse leaves me looking "worn out"
  26. Too much for the new skinny me?
  27. Started Vyvanse feel terrible
  28. Newly diagnosed. First day on Vyvanse
  29. Irrational Anger
  30. Headaches and weight loss
  31. Vyvanse Tolerance?
  32. Vyvanse = Lacking a Sense of Urgency?
  33. Starting Vyvanse tomorrow
  34. Vyvanse so far
  35. vyvanse and exercising
  36. Vyvanse Routine, Best Results?
  37. Question! Switching from Ritalin to Vyvanse...
  38. Ontario insurance coverage?
  39. here with questions
  40. Switched to Vyvanse
  41. Adjust medication
  42. New & Problematic Side Effects after a year and a half. Help?
  43. Extremely agitated! Splitting the dose?
  44. First day on Vyvanse
  45. Vyvanse chest tightness?
  46. I feel like i just drank a power thirst.
  47. More questions about peeing...
  48. Day 3 and Vyvanse not working?
  49. IF I could take it every few hours, I'd be great... :(
  50. smoking-read that on higher doses you don't crave it so much
  51. Vyvanse has been really good for me but I need some advice
  52. I just started Vyvanse and had high anxiety before beginning...
  53. Extreme Hunger??
  54. roughly, what's the equivalent of 30mg of vyvanse for adderall?
  55. First day on Vyvanse
  56. First Day, not sure what to expect
  57. How do you cope on your 'vacation' days?
  58. Finally!
  59. Dexedrine IR: My booster of choice w/ Vyvanse
  60. Vyvanse while sick...
  61. Unsure if I have ADD - Prescribed Vyvanse
  62. Need more after the first Vyvanse dose
  63. Oj destructive
  64. Break through! If you believe your medicine isn't working please read this!
  65. vyvanse FDA approved for adults. have fun
  66. Doc has me on Vyvanse and Adderall
  67. Vyvanse: Share Experiences?
  68. 70mg working roughly half as well.
  69. Maximum amount of Vyvanse
  70. Alcohol, Vyvanse, Adderall and chest pain
  71. Vyvanse after 30 days
  72. Vyvanse and no motivation??
  73. Vyvanse capsule not full? What?
  74. Higher systolic blood pressure?
  75. Those who take Vyvanse twice daily? Pros?
  76. How can i tell if i need a dosage up?
  77. Vyvanse crash
  78. Vyvanse...a bit o' update
  79. Vyvanse Wellbutrion start to focus less
  80. Patient Assistance Program Eligibilty
  81. ADD meds and decreased athletic performance
  82. Vyvanse and protein shake
  83. Stopping it for a few days and or while drinking
  84. Exercise makes vyvanse wear off?
  85. Desperately need some help; please take a look
  86. In need of some urgent advice =[
  87. Anyone Else Having this issue? LOOK
  88. First time on Vyvanse
  89. Does not eating enough affect Vyvanse?
  90. So if I up my dose?
  91. Accidently had a coffee with do i come down?
  92. vyvanse makes me so lazy
  93. Coughing and Vyvanse
  94. Overdose Feeling after 3 mo on Vyvanse
  95. Need advice
  96. Citris in wine- can it affect vyvsnse??
  97. Weird moment at work while on Vyvanse
  98. vyvanse and heart issues?
  99. what to eat with vyvanse?
  100. My brain feels like mush... Advice please??
  101. Vyvanse side effects
  102. Low white blood cell count and low body temperature
  103. should i be concerned?
  104. Vyvanse and stomach pain
  105. New to vyvanse and need some help please.
  106. Need help: Vyvanse works but also makes everything worse when I'm not on it
  107. Taking Vyvanse daily for years = dangerous? Long term negative effects?
  108. Any Positives with Vyvanse?
  109. Mjoy's official Vyvanse thread
  110. Not a great first day... ideas?
  111. How to maximize benefits
  112. Vyvanse-why am I suddenly a jerk? (2nd day)
  113. Not sure if I like this med...
  114. Changing Medications?
  115. How to tell Dr. I want Vyvanse
  116. Personal Experiences with Vyvanse, Alcohol, and Sex.
  117. 30mg works, 40mg doesn't?
  118. Could these mood issues be more than amphetamines?
  119. Vyvanse makes me not want to have sex... Help? stories? advice?
  120. My experience with Vyvanse
  121. Heart pounding when I go to sleep
  122. Vyvyanse... what the ???
  123. Vyvanse isn't working. Suggestions?
  124. Vyvanse Question
  125. Just started Vyvanse
  126. Started on Vyvanse 30mg 1.5 months ago
  127. 20mg not enough, 40mg too much?
  128. New here - Vyvanse and other meds
  129. Vyvanse withdrawal need help
  130. does anyone else have trouble holding still?
  131. A simple question about Vyvanse
  132. New member
  133. Too Strong In the Morning
  134. from adderall XR to vyvanse, what to expect?
  135. Vyvanse and Paranoia
  136. New to Vyvanse
  137. Inability to Analyze/Think in-depth
  138. Diagnosed Yesterday, First Day on Vyvanse
  139. No Effects Whatsoever from Vyvance; Not even Side-effects
  140. Just Prescribed Vyvanse. Uncomfortably energetic.
  141. First day on Vyvanse after switching from adderall IR
  142. Vyvanse and feeling depressed
  143. Vyvanse and Social Drinking (Alcohol)
  144. Overdosing risks?
  145. HELP PLEASE!Either vyvanse doesn't go with me or it doesn't go with my other MEDS!!!
  146. Newbie on Vyvanse
  147. Vyvanse and young children
  148. For Those New to Medication
  149. Vyvanse Tolerance Worries
  150. More frequent dreams/more vivid dreams?
  151. No 70mg in Canada - What to do?
  152. Strattera -> Vyvanse
  153. Too much Vyvanse - falling asleep?
  154. New to the forum and have a question about Vyvanse...
  155. Vyvanse makes me hype!
  156. Vyvanse Not Working?
  157. Vyvance and Working out
  158. Question: Vyvanse vs. Adderall dosage
  159. Help I take Vyvanse
  160. Vyvanse .... My expierience to share
  161. I can't afford it?
  162. Vyvanse Pills not a powder but solidified
  163. I've hit a brick wall with my doctor
  164. Bowel problems/cramps
  165. Started me on 20 mg, seems too low?
  166. Strange Vyvanse side-effect?
  167. vyvanse shrinkage side effect
  168. What to suggest to DOC??
  169. Vyvanse - is food necessary?
  170. Vyvance tolerance or incorrect dose HELP
  171. Fast effects?
  172. i can fall asleep while vyvanse is working, does that mean it's not working?
  173. Head tingling and anxiety attack?!?
  174. Mind set, tolerance, and Vyvanse
  175. Extreme exhaustion on Vyvanse?
  176. New to Vyvanse; Side Effects Help Needed
  177. Drug holiday and all I wanna do is sleep...
  178. Vyvanse going well!
  179. Did anyone suffer from severe insomnia when starting Vyvanse?
  180. Extremely cold hands for a week
  181. Food, Routine, Friends, Acceptance and Vyvanse
  182. Things every Vyvanse user should know...
  183. Side effect not going away
  184. Getting used to ADD meds
  185. vyvanse causes aggressive behavior
  186. Levels of l-lysine affect Rate of Absorption?
  187. More body odor on Vyvanse solution.
  188. International Prescription Help?
  189. Vyvance - Sex, libido, small release of semen when first urinating.
  190. getting sick of babysitting this medication
  191. anyone else get headaches when vyvanse wears off?
  192. What does your temperature run while taking Vyvanse??
  193. What are the effects of Vyvanse on drug tests?
  194. Vyvanse home delivery?
  195. How can you tell if your dose is too low?
  196. Food rush!
  197. Vyvanse effectiveness
  198. Moving from Strattera to Vyvanse
  199. Making. It. Work.
  200. coughing and chest 'heaviness'?
  201. Vyvanse Lowering Dose and New Issues
  202. Think Vyvanse is "drying me out"
  203. Vyvanse making me bipolar??
  204. Day 3 on Vyvance and not liking the way I feel
  205. Vyvanse inconsistincy
  206. Does anyone else find Vyvanse only works for a few days?
  207. Newly Diagnosed - 30mg Vyvanse - can't tell any difference
  208. 180 Lbs Male prescribed 20mg? Not feeling anything
  209. Vyvanse with Intuniv - did you need to lower Vyvanse dosage
  210. Total Calmness.
  211. Trouble With Typing Papers on Vyvanse
  212. crying and frustrated
  213. How long until you know it's not working?
  214. Second time around with Vyvanse
  215. Vyvanse and sleepiness/robot like
  216. Vyvanse and penis shrinkage
  217. Vyvanse and itching
  218. Higher dosage equals longer duration?
  219. Taking Vyvance tablets prescription from 2010, thoughts?
  220. Vyvanse and Multivitamins
  221. does anyone understand the science behind vyvanse dosages?
  222. Almost two weeks on Vyvanse
  223. Effectiveness of Vyvanse?
  224. Vyvanse routine
  225. major side effects from adderall xr, vyvanse, and ritilin
  226. Just started a new med regimen...We'll see how this goes
  227. Vyvanse vs Adderall,Dex,mixed salts with Cormorbid OCD
  228. Biotene for dry mouth?
  229. 7 days a week or a break?
  230. Solutions to Inconsistent Results on Vyvanse?
  231. vyvanse and effexor anyone know how they interact
  232. onset becomes quicker with tolerance
  233. Filling prescription with different doctor
  234. Vyvanse abuse, please help me!!
  235. Feeling Hot on Vyvnase?
  236. Vyvanse 30 mg and Puffy Face and lips!
  237. Trying Vyvanse again
  238. Different effects every time?
  239. Vyvanse & Vision
  240. Right Vyvanse Dose?
  241. Left the house without taking my Vyvanse today...
  242. $280 for a months supply
  243. Has your life improved on Vyvanse?
  244. Vyvanse - European launch
  245. I have a horrible headache what can I take?
  246. Vyvanse no longer suppresses my appetite?
  247. VYVANSE trial in adult ADHD
  248. Side effects of Vynanse
  249. Vyvanse dose increase
  250. I need advice