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  1. Anyone Switched from Adderall to Vyvanse?
  2. 10 days.
  3. New Here. Need Help Concerning Vyvanse Dosage
  4. Eating before Vyvanse?
  5. Jogging on Vyvanse
  6. Any advise on Vyvanse afternoon drop?
  7. New to ADD and Vyvanse
  8. Random Title About Vyvanse
  9. Vyvanse with nausea/ using klonopin to help
  10. Keeping weight on with Vyvanse
  11. vyvanse making me MORE restless!
  12. Vyvanse and IR Boosters
  13. 20 vs. 30 -- can't decide
  14. New Vyvanse treatment question CONFUSED hELP
  15. Vyvanse didn't show up on oral drug screen
  16. Dose was raised from 20 mg to 30 mg... Duration decreased. Um, what?
  17. Will these side effects last?
  18. Anyone find the difference between drug classes dramatic?
  19. started taking Vyvanse today
  20. Anybody use the Shire cares program?
  21. Help! I feel stoned on my meds :(
  22. What Side Effects Do You Have On Vyvanse?
  23. Super Diuretic
  24. Vyvanse, preworkout drinks, being stuck at terrible wieght
  25. Best way to come down
  26. My body can't handle meds. I can't afford not to take them. Please help me.
  27. Eat before or after taking?
  28. Vyvanse side effects showing up in lecture
  29. Hot shower + Vyvanse = Zombie?
  30. vyvanse sexual side effects!
  31. Exhausted on Vyvanse
  32. Vyvanse user with questions
  33. questions about vyvanse...
  34. Vyvanse help
  35. Seeking advice from Vyvanse Pros
  36. Anyone take Vyvanse twice a day?
  37. Prescription savings plan with Vyvanse?
  38. Drastically different effects from 40mg dose
  39. vyvanse + dextrostat
  40. Vyvanse Medication Guide
  41. yuck.
  42. HOW do I combat THIS???
  43. Vyvanse and back pain?
  44. first day on 30mg... thoughts?
  45. new meds!
  46. Overcoming acid reflux?
  47. vyvanse vs adderall xr
  48. Vyvanse = lethargy past 4pm
  49. Advice please :)
  50. Vyvanse no effect?
  51. Extreme dry mouth
  52. Vyvanse not cutting it
  53. Wanting to switch meds - please help!
  54. New to Vyvanse and adhd meds all together
  55. Are these side effects normal?
  56. Just switched to Vyvanse from Adderall...
  57. Rebound
  58. Firstday on Vyvanse
  59. Question about Vyvanse
  60. Doctor didn't make prescription for vyvanse after 30 day trial
  61. Vyvanse doesnt work anymore?
  62. vyvanse second day not working
  63. Vyvanse Questions
  64. New To Vyvanse
  65. Appetite Suppression?
  66. Vyvanse issues
  67. OK I just really need some help here please
  68. Intensity of Vyvanse Side Effects and Coverage
  69. Somethings not working right with my Vyvanse anymore
  70. Second Day on Vyvanse
  71. Newly prescribed Vivance
  72. Not Happy with Vyvanse - Does It Get Better?
  73. Caffeine and Vyvanse
  74. One of those Typical "need advice" threads. Tell me what you think!
  75. Vyvanse question
  76. 1st day on vyvanse, is something wrong?
  77. Am I overreacting or should I be worried?
  78. Drug Testing
  79. Upper Stomach Pains with Vyvanse, Went to Nurse
  80. Rash from vyvanse?
  81. Vyvanse (Twice a day? Dexedrine booster?)
  82. Off and On Vyvanse?
  83. Diet impact on Vyvanse
  84. What?
  85. Vyvanse not decreasing appetite anymore??
  86. Vyvanse - My experience
  87. Vyvanse wrong med for me, Dr. refuses to switch... Please help!
  88. scared to ask to switch from vyvanse
  89. Side Effects, 2 days after taking it?
  90. Adjusting to the Vyvanse "quiet"
  91. Anxiety Attacks on Vyvanse. Should I try Adderall?
  92. Vyvanese Withdrawal Symptoms?
  93. Can high dosage of Vyvanse contribute to generic abdominal pain?
  94. Re: Vyvanse not working, what can I do?
  95. Just diagnosed today; prescribed Vyvanse
  96. Sleepiness and now not working? Too much or Too Little?
  97. Vyvance and brain fog
  98. Took my first ADD med today and.....
  99. Vyvanse adrenhaline rush, racing heart.
  100. Has ANYONE had success with Vyvanse?
  101. Advice for Vyvanse?
  102. Totally Confused
  103. Vyvanse + mematine?
  104. Dosage questions and sleeping aids
  105. Question for those who have used Vyvanse $30 coupon
  106. How do you pronounce Vyvanse?
  107. Flu- like symptoms?
  108. Vyvanse and Appetite
  109. Difference between adderol and vyvanse
  110. Should I switch?
  111. Vyvanse duration of action
  112. ritalin to vyvanse
  113. Need to do something
  114. Is Vyvanse unpredictable at first? and closest dosage equivalents to other options?
  115. Coffee & Tea & The Vyvanse & Me
  116. Unstable during medicine breaks
  117. how to up my dosage
  118. My Experience with Vyvanse - Tips, Side Effects, etc ( also applies to adderall)
  119. Vyvanse and Memory
  120. Why do people switch meds, as opposed to sticking with one med their whole life?
  121. Vyvance in Dartmouth NS
  122. Main positive effects of Vyvanse
  123. Adult adhd vyvannse / adderall
  124. Switching from Focalin XR to Vyvanse: what to expect?
  125. How to find the right dose.
  126. Vyvanse increase
  127. need some meds advice
  128. my first month
  129. Can someone explain this to me, please?
  130. Switching back to Vyvanse after several years of Adderall IR
  131. Any method to avoid building tolerance and avoiding withdrawl?
  132. Vyvanse and a booster
  133. Vyvanse and upper abdominal pain
  134. Back after a long time. Vyvanse diary
  135. Can a Slow Metabolism Cause Overdose Symptoms & Anxiety?
  136. Vyvanse and ADHD-PI
  137. Can you pour out some of capsule
  138. 30mg vyvanse & 10mg adderall IR
  139. What's your optimal daily Vyvanse/meal routine?
  140. Vyvanse and Motivation
  141. Is my dose too high, or too low?
  142. What do I tell my doctor?
  143. insomnia meds?
  144. Question on vyvanse
  145. relocation
  146. Blue knees/knuckles/ankles ???
  147. Is 60mg of Vyvanse at once too much?
  148. Should I ask my doctor to increase my dose of vyvanse?
  149. Compare with me- Vyvanse user
  150. Libido -Vyvanse
  151. Vyvanse side effects, when did yours go away?
  152. Why has vyvanse started dropping off more suddenly for me?
  153. Vyvanse and 5-HTP
  154. Doc switching me from Adderall to Vyvanse- why to expect?
  155. Vyvanse help.
  156. Vyvanse double dose
  157. working out
  158. Whats a good MG to start out with
  159. Urge to cry on Vyvanse...
  160. Vyvanse coming to UK?
  161. Low blood pressure and high pulse?
  162. Not sure what's going on with my vyvanse
  163. Brain fog and Vyvanse?
  164. My experience since changing from Adderall 30mg to Vyvanse 60mg
  165. Vyvanse Rookie-Help
  166. Vyvanse frustration...
  167. Taking vyvanse while on flu
  168. First day on Vyvanse...
  169. Vyvanse Capsules May Contain Different Amounts of Medication
  170. Sleeping pills and Vyvanse
  171. 2 20 mg VS. 40 mg?
  172. Convincing pdoc to up dosage... (might turn into rant)
  173. Better vision on stimulants
  174. Vitamin C and Vyvanse
  175. Vyvanse and libido
  176. Adderall to Vyvanse Switch
  177. Question about Vyvanse tolerance
  178. Vyvanse - trouble eating
  179. Vyvanse causing depression?
  180. Vyvanse hindering creativity
  181. Works great for me
  182. my own experience with vyvanse, finally it worked
  183. First dose question
  184. Vyvanse shelf life?
  185. Has anyone tried both Vyvanse and Dexedrine? (Absorption question)
  186. pupils uneven a side effect?
  187. Depressed when I have nothing to do
  188. Getting Screwed by Individual Insurance in TX
  189. The price of vyvanse/alternatives?
  190. Vyvanse and Cigarette addiction...
  191. Could this sudden anxiety be the Vyvanse?
  192. script management and balancing my chaotic situation out
  193. Vyvanse & Neurological Disorders
  194. Vyvanse and ridiculous sleep memory
  195. Vyvanse V. Creativity
  196. anybody have some of these problems too? advice?
  197. Vyvanse side effects
  198. Vyvanse inconsistency
  199. low blood pressure
  200. Vyvanse/tired/dose question
  201. Vyvanse 30mg to 50 mg
  202. Intentionally took it with orange juice.
  203. New and Just Prescribed Vyvanse
  204. Vyvanse twice/day & insurance
  205. Vyvanse & extreme tiredness in the morning
  206. Need Advice Vyvanse stopped working.. Doctor won't listen
  207. Finding the correct Vyvanse dosage
  208. Vyvanse and Motivation
  209. Need objective opinion please
  210. Who here has a booster dose?
  211. vyvanse twice a day?
  212. I thought vyvanse was the answer
  213. Ir?
  214. Understanding my first ADHD Medication
  215. Vyvanse irritating my acne
  216. Vyvanse & Natural Boosters
  217. Starting on Vyvanse
  218. Hardly any powder in my capsule!
  219. My Vvyanse experience, any input welcome
  220. Vyvanse and side effects
  221. First day on 70mg
  222. Cold tips of fingers & toes / Raynaud's?
  223. Taking Vyvanse at seperate times
  224. Excessive sleeping
  225. finally got my vyvanse.. what do i expect?
  226. Vyvanse + Fast Metabolism = Hyperfocus?
  227. How to continue staying awake (Vyvanse related)?
  228. Vyvanse and Weightloss
  229. HELP!! no insurance to go back to doctor and desperately need help.
  230. Vyvanse and the Flu
  231. Vyvanse and sugar
  232. Split vyvanse in water?
  233. Vyvanse...If i didn't have bad luck i wouldn't have luck at all
  234. Too much anxiety while on Adderall, is Vyvanse any better??
  235. Better at skills on medication
  236. vyvanse issues
  237. Dry cough??
  238. Taking Vyvanse to sleep
  239. Losing weight like crazy!
  240. Doctor confusing me
  241. Newly on vyvanse, already losing effectiveness... HELP!?
  242. Prescribed Vyvanse for ADD treatment
  243. Does loss of appetite ever go?
  244. Getting an RX filled out of state
  245. Vyvanse and Adderall: Maximum Dosage Comparison
  246. Update:Back to Vyvanse, but at a much higher dose
  247. Update:Back to Vyvanse, but at a much higher dose
  248. Anxiety Side Effects of Vyvanse -- How to Treat?
  249. Strange Side Effects with Vyvanse
  250. Newbie with lots of questions on Vyvanse/Adderall