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  1. dexedrine for inattentive types
  2. Is there really such a thing as ADD-I?
  3. Slept Through A Beautiful Fall Weekend -- Thanks Adderall!
  4. drowiness
  5. lacking Favorites?
  6. The Need for Self-Management
  7. difficulty telling simple stories
  8. Inattentive ADD in relationships
  9. Worried that nothing seems to work!
  10. Sitting here - just CAN't get my act together!
  11. besides "classic" symptoms are there any other signals for add inattentive?
  12. Do any of you do that where you try to have a conversation...
  13. sleep deprivation and inattentiveness QUESTION
  14. Rambling: My thoughts under the influence
  15. Medication before and after
  16. Is there any hope?
  17. how many of you fellow inattentives have done this? :)
  18. Funny, but too familiar..
  19. Effective dosage for inattentive type?
  20. Clarity in crisis: road rager attack
  21. My mind is so clouded and sluggish!!
  22. Adhd or paranoia?
  23. Missing: One brain
  24. ADD and IQ score
  25. Effect of caffeine powder on Inattentives
  26. The Effects of an Early Bedtime
  27. New to it all.
  28. Categorizing helps me cope
  29. Who else has ADD and Cyclothymia?
  30. ADD and manic depression.
  31. Passing out due to pain
  32. Medication for Innattentive
  33. ****ing frustrated.
  34. No information?
  35. The Power of Stories
  36. Unfortunate (Music)
  37. ;) Love my New Brain
  38. Social anxiety or Inattentive ADD?
  39. so i just sat around for over 8 hours doing aboslutely nothing
  40. Twitter is great for my ADD
  41. Another great ADHD-I poster
  42. Addictions/habits, school work and medication/therapy advice
  43. My new Psych says my inattentiveness is due to my GAD
  44. Not paying attention to Lyrics in music
  45. Big Plans, low energy
  46. Is medication supposed to help with motivation?
  47. Stutterers/Speed talkers
  48. Thinking Out Loud
  49. Over-analyzing purposes kills motivation
  50. Struggles with acceptance and doubt
  51. Fake smiles
  52. "Reset" button for your day?
  53. Your sense of humor. :)
  54. I can't believe its ADD! Why can't I put all the pieces together and keep them there?
  55. New Energy Drink for people with ADD
  56. The Structure Paradox
  57. Possible inattentive ADHD sufferer in UK...need some advice.
  58. Inattentive ADD = No stims?
  59. Wow...
  60. tl:dr
  61. Back in the Groove...
  62. The Mental Game
  63. ADD - how can i get diagnosed & proper treatment
  64. Commitments
  65. Personality type? (MBTI)
  66. True personality
  67. Exhaustion as an ADD off-switch :)
  68. What's The Best Habit You Developed To Cope With Your ADD-I
  69. how do you know when you need to increase meds?
  70. I didn't even realize this section existed!
  71. Question
  72. Report: Exercise Reduces Anxiety
  73. I've finally figured out why Instant Gratification is bad for you
  74. Motivation and just too much babbling as usual...
  75. why are the inattentives separate?
  76. ADD/ADHD is the improper name for our condition.
  77. hyperfocus as a superpower
  78. Medication Questions
  79. light bulb moment
  80. Does anyone else have ridiculous energy at night?
  81. Most of my friends have ADD...
  82. Anyone moody?
  83. What does the "inattentive ADD" mean?
  84. Mom smoked all pregnancy?
  85. How does Sugar affect you?
  86. What am I?
  87. Are you particular?
  88. selective multitasking
  89. Grown tolerant to meds. NOW WHAT?
  90. article on increasing your productivity
  91. No energy to do anything....
  92. Damnn Focus is drained...
  93. Inattentives in School
  94. Wake up at a certain time?
  95. Feel a rush?
  96. I hate paperwork
  97. Lack of clarity is a huge barrier
  98. I'm a slow reader. Is this an ADD thing?
  99. No time to think...
  100. Outsourcing and Delegating - do you do it?
  101. I'm not diagnosed but I know....
  102. Math makes me angry D:
  103. Overwhelmed = Moody!
  104. Help me out with my dosage please!
  105. Unemotional = Always A Problem?
  106. Near Kitchen Disasters...
  107. worst case scenario (venting about a long day...)
  108. Convincing someone there is a problem
  109. just a trait, you don't have add.
  110. Uninsured, underemployed, looking for guidance after a traumatic episode...
  111. What should I do?
  112. Just Diagnosed - Med Question
  113. Being alone too long....
  114. when someone is boring you...
  115. Trying to finish x-mas shopping
  116. ADHD, Depression, and (Gift)mas. . .with a touch of cynicism. . .
  117. Whey Protien
  118. Newbie recently diagnosed with ADHD/PI. Am I in denial?
  119. Avoidance behavior makes me SO productive!
  120. ADHD/PI and Learning Disability "my secret"
  121. Jealousy
  122. Need constant music stimulation?
  123. Writing issues?
  124. attention and vision
  125. Its never o.k. to say uh-huh
  126. net addiction
  127. What do I do?
  128. Anything worse than....
  129. Innatentives minds being hypo active, does that mean we're not as smart as others?
  130. Can't party more than 1 day?
  131. Has this ever happened to you....
  132. Procrastination - best med?
  133. Visualization/ Guided imagery
  134. Do you make molehills out of mountains?
  135. New to this forum/website
  136. Can you concentrate on work listening to music?
  137. Do you have to come to terms with things on your own before you do it?
  138. Can you hold much information in your head at once?
  139. Great tool to help my ADHD/PI!
  140. Medication or no?? Please help!
  141. New here! Success stories?
  142. Crazy mood fluctuations
  143. Getting my drivers licence
  144. I can't believe there are so many more like me....
  145. Pseudoephedrine + caffeine for ADD
  146. Rebooting Yet Again
  147. Cravings...
  148. Drinking...
  149. Texting!!
  150. Feeling that no one is supporting you...
  151. Into the Sluggish Cognitive Tempo or ADHD-C Pot?
  152. So how much . . . .
  153. Things may be worse :-(
  154. Meds aren't always the solution
  155. Reading!
  156. What can help us?
  157. Cannot concentrate at all in the morning!
  158. Late bedtimes are the bane of my existance
  159. Making an effort to stop lying to myself
  160. Scared! Need input fast. Thank you.
  161. Do any of you PI's have any H?
  162. 'Just don't start using it as a crutch.'
  163. ADD-PI Mum, ADHD son
  164. Social
  165. hyperfocusing on ADHD
  166. Do you remember things that most others don't?
  167. How many of you with SCT is good at school?
  168. Abandoned hobbies
  169. Fish Oil Reaction Time?
  170. Fatigue/Stims/Questions
  171. Distractions: Addictions and Exploration
  172. Completing Projects
  173. cycling meds (beneficial)
  174. Remember things a LOT better upon waking up?
  175. Words not coming to your head...
  176. Inattentive ADD w/ normal activity level?
  177. Did doctors ever think you were bipolar?
  178. No DSM 5 changes regarding SCT
  179. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo
  180. Are there any impulsive inattentives out there?
  181. Inability to express one's self
  182. ADD but no apparent creativity?
  183. Not caring about other people's feelings?
  184. Sleep Apnea
  185. May I vent?
  186. Resisting Everything I Have To Do
  187. Anxiety triggered motivation
  188. Starting Projects / Tasks. . .Arggh
  189. Ways to help keep overstimulation to a minimum?
  190. Test anxiety
  191. Are you overly-sensitive?
  192. Fatigue or loss of interest?
  193. For those that are hypoactive
  194. Procrastination Flowchart
  195. That dirty feeling from not sleeping well
  196. Self-set "Deadlines"--Do they work for you?
  197. Sincerely interested... ?
  198. ADHD-PI Help
  199. Drifting out of friendships
  200. Memory problems :(
  201. ADHD-I question
  202. What are the symptoms of ADHD-PI in comparison to ADHD
  203. Looking for stuff...ARRRRGHHH!
  204. Sorry, its a rant
  205. Neurofeedback for SCT/inattentive ADD - anyone tried this?.
  206. No middle ground
  207. Imagining being normal...
  208. Just Staring
  209. Writers With ADD-I: What's your strategy?
  210. do you ever completely phase out and forget what you were doing and why?
  211. Newby says hey
  212. Add is expensive!!!!
  213. Are UK schools easier for ADD pupils than in the US
  214. I am so happy this exists, tears of joy...
  215. Asperger's or ADHD-PI
  216. relieved to be not brain damaged
  217. What makes us human, what makes us ADD
  218. It's like a movie in my mind
  219. really intense ADD week
  220. Dreamers
  221. How long can you hyperfocus for?
  222. Memory Issues...
  223. Now that I know
  224. How should your first medication feel?
  225. Strategies? Isolation for a tiny apartment.
  226. ADD stereotypes
  227. Being a late bloomer in life, career, etc.
  228. Unable to exercise/pain sensitivity?
  229. Intimacy
  230. Why do I feel so good today?
  231. iPad: 1, Textbooks: 0
  232. Any musicians on here?
  233. Striking a Balance - ADD PI living
  234. ISO New Path: Medically sensitive. Predominantly Inattentive
  235. Inattentive ADHD tip: turn off the monitor
  236. A word of warning
  237. Is ADD inattentive subtype recognised in the UK?
  238. Do you think in questions?
  239. I just want to help
  240. does "losing" words sound like ADHD?
  241. how were you diagnosed with PI?
  242. Is everyone else way more involved in life than you?
  243. ADHD-PI - Impact of diagnosis?
  244. Do your daydreams ever reflect your mood?
  245. Looking for some support
  246. Going on hoilday
  247. Getting exhausted in big social groups?
  248. Group interactions
  249. I need a little support =(
  250. ADHD-PI seem more ADHD-C when drink alcohol?