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  1. Small pupils..
  2. Do you pace alot?
  3. Zombie
  4. Have you ever forgotten your kid????
  5. Just make a decision...
  6. ADHD is a Label.
  7. Doubting
  8. RLS, PLMD (PLMS) and ADHD
  9. ADD-I traits, a community effort!
  10. what is a NT?
  11. Trouble Studying and Acquiring Information
  12. ADD-I: Do you love cruising?
  13. a difference between ADHD-I and ADHD - is this accurate?
  14. which medications are effective for ADHD-PI
  15. Going through heck grrr...
  16. Does anyone else have trouble posting?
  17. I am the worst finder ever
  18. ADHD medication band-aid drugs YES they this (ADHD Label)
  19. grief and diagnosis
  20. l-carnosine and SCT
  21. new from Brazil - questions about inattentive type
  22. ADHD PI and Work Performance
  23. Dry Erase markers in the car
  24. gluetin and casein free diets. Do they work for adults?
  25. Whats the difference between ADHD-I and SCT?
  26. Need advice about job
  27. ADD-PI: Effectiveness of Vyvanse or Strattera?
  28. Here is what I've got to say
  29. Best Med for Inattentive ADD?
  30. Logic and ADHD
  31. ADD-PI and IQ
  32. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo - amusing psychiatric term
  33. Focusing issues
  34. Why doesn't it seem like ADD is taken seriously in society?
  35. The current situation with Adderall makes me want to scream
  36. Do you LOVE movies?
  37. Suffering from 'couch lock'!
  38. long term memory problem
  39. Need help with this ADD issue
  40. Inept...can cost you
  41. Inattentive ADD
  42. For Those of You On a Stimulant Med or a Tendency to Hyperfocus...
  43. SCT and Stimulants
  44. Impulsive & money issues
  45. effects before and after stimulant medication
  46. Help. I feel awful :(
  47. Accepting that you just don't do as much as other people
  48. Am I overreacting?
  49. Adderall or Vyvanse?
  50. Way too sensitive
  51. Distractions and you!
  52. Doing Things -- Success Stories?
  53. Things That Are Not ADD-PI / SCT Traits
  54. Cleaning?
  55. How effective is Medicine for Inattentive type?
  56. Ritalin/Equasym - focus crap, "self-starting" still non-existant
  57. Playing team sports
  58. Nothing, so far, works - help!
  59. ADHD-I adults who were children of divorce...
  60. What one Cause you might associate with ADD?
  61. If you are ADD-inattentive do you hyperfocus (SCT)-- yes or no?
  62. Tired, No Social Life
  63. Hypermania
  64. Sudden Weight Gain/loss
  65. Add
  66. Math vs Books/Reading/Fiction/Nonfiction and inattentive ADD
  67. Social life in a metaphor
  68. Always behind in class
  69. already hypertensive add patients and stimulants
  70. 15 minute verbal assult leads to 5-hour TKO
  71. ADD Movie Short - Ideas Needed
  72. Meet my Mascot
  73. Do you HATE lists?
  74. Strategies on Building New Habits...
  75. How's your Short-Term Memory?
  76. My Road to Transformation
  77. Sct thread
  78. Am I inattentive?
  79. Is there an online test for Inattentive ADHD?
  80. Excuses, excuses....
  81. Brain fog magically gone (one catch)
  82. Dark circles under eyes
  83. Getting frustrated with the whole ordeal!
  84. What are the things that can drive you to hyperfocus?
  85. ADD/ADHD Person of the Year
  86. Time vs Performance, VOTE
  87. Funny thing happened on my way to the bathroom!
  88. The story of a Primarily Inattentive Child
  89. Hyperfocus, Good or Bad?
  90. A comic that reminded me of ADHD & Dating
  91. How often do you have second thoughts?
  92. Friends/ Parties/ Socializing... and off topic, forgetfullness,any1 experience these?
  93. It's nice to know why I am the way I am.
  94. Events, conversations and enjoyment
  95. If one more person says ADD is a "blessing", I am shooting them in the head
  96. Why is inattentiveness overlooked?
  97. Can someone explain relationship the between ADD and tiredness/lethargy/low energy...
  98. wow, this is like ADHD
  99. Mood instability and ADD
  100. are adhd meds suppose to improve motivation?
  101. On Getting Inattentive ADD Diagnosed
  102. Does anyone else get depressed watching anti-depressant drug commercials?
  103. If unmedicated are you full of fear
  104. Mom stressed drinking lots of coffee while pregnant
  105. Did having ADD affect you learning to drive?
  106. My First Post. Its a downer. But a wild and darkly interesting downer.
  107. little sleep and add-i helps focus? seems like it does for me.
  108. I feel like a spectator
  109. ADHD Myths
  110. The Drugs Don't Work (pain meds etc)
  111. How often do you see your psychiatrist?
  112. 18+ PI Adult ADD
  113. Inatentive and Concerta, scared to take.
  114. Self-Destructive Behavior
  115. Typos, Grammatical errors related to ADD-PI?
  116. I think I've tried everything for ADHD-I, poor results. Any ideas?
  117. My brain :(
  118. does anyone feel like people dont believe them?
  119. Finally!
  120. Misdiagnosis? Would appreciate some insight.
  121. Add is fake
  122. Hubby and Wife ADDers
  123. ADD and Chocolate
  124. I'm at the end of my tether!
  125. Frustrated
  126. Do you feel terrified all the time?
  127. Phone Calls?
  128. How did you get your Psychiatrist to understand what its like????
  129. Anyone else drift below speed limit when driving?
  130. Are you always thinking of how your life "is going to be"?
  131. Mother not as supportive of meds as I would've hoped
  132. What do I do to get diagnosed?
  133. inattentive adhd and I (LONG story)
  134. My Greatest Fear
  135. Find it hard to socialize? Is it cos of not being able to "keep up"? Depressing?
  136. inattentive and meds
  137. Would like advice -- I'm getting anxiety with my meds again
  138. It took me this long to notice the inattentives.
  139. Too lethargic to live
  140. Links Between PTSD and ADHD?
  141. ADHD and Depression
  142. Following Rules/By the Book!
  143. Intuniv for ADHD-PI?
  144. Is low enthusiasm common with inattentives?
  145. is there any medical doctor here
  146. Does anybody else have a problem in stores?
  147. Could You Be a Gifted Adult and Not Know it?
  148. The basics - Eating cheaper and easier
  149. Numbers...Ugg
  150. Does "not knowing" really stress you out?
  151. No discipline whatsoever
  152. Does the rain drive you a little batty?
  153. New and in need of some guidance.
  154. Perception vs. Actualities
  155. Does a mess make you feel comfortable?
  156. Are you ever annoyed by excessive talking or joking?
  157. Any people with ADD who have no constant thoughts?
  158. Anyone tried Vaxa Attend?
  159. Normal low dose for inattentives
  160. What to do when in need of stimulation?
  161. Trying to figure out where I'm at with everything
  162. Just a few simple steps: is it really possible?
  163. Lost job due to inattentiveness...
  164. Regretting decisions?
  165. Never knew this was me?
  166. Medication Responses: Technically Combined but Hypoactive?
  167. Has anyone seen the movie "Analyze me"
  168. After it wears off
  169. Successful Meds
  170. Can you hep me decide whether I have inattentive?
  171. Making mountains out of mole hills
  172. Self-Talk is helping
  173. Needing some answers
  174. I LOVE getting excited about stuff!!
  175. Do you do it too?
  176. Can we all post one thing that has been helpful?
  177. Looking 4 people w/ experiences w/ non-typical ADHD treatments, combined or solo.
  178. Bad mood, bad temper...part of adhd? Worried about relationship...
  179. How I feel most of the time
  180. Has anyone else read Barkley's book(s)? What do you think?
  181. Crashed my car this weekend...
  182. LOL @ ADHD-I advertisement
  183. Inattentives who found a med that worked. Have you felt like this?
  184. Wow, I never even considered this!
  185. A lot of things to process some days
  186. How do you cope with feeling WORTHLESS
  187. How does dexedrine affect you socially?
  188. Who wants to help with a pre-diagnosis of my brother?
  189. Newbie
  190. Any good Medications for ~ Inattentive
  191. Procrastination 2.0
  192. provigil help
  193. Inattentive ADHD, SCT and time blindness
  194. PI parent with PI child...your experiences?
  195. There's people like me?
  196. Class
  197. Anyone here good at learning languages?
  198. A person who changed a teens life...
  199. Do you have a REALLY hard time grasping ideas?
  200. What is inattentive ADD?
  201. Ability to read people
  202. Hyper and Tired
  203. Just diagnosed, now what?
  204. Irrelevant Details
  205. Inattentives + Hyperactives = ?
  206. ADD symptoms from Drug use
  207. Talking to doctor about ADHD-I?
  208. Woke up to the present
  209. Finally
  210. do most people with inattentive add/SCT traitshave this issue?
  211. I have a hunch -- Do you listen to the radio?
  212. I just want to be heard
  213. Inattentive when driving
  214. Am I?
  215. I think this is my answer...WDYT?
  216. So what's the solution for SCT?
  217. Wondering if I have ADHD-i
  218. adhd-i and reading people
  219. Loko Four helps my symptons:
  220. What do you prefer out of adderall, vyvanse and dexedrine? (ADHD-PI or SCT only)
  221. For my SCT chums
  222. Yet another self report + suggestion to make proper statistics about ADHD-PI deficits
  223. Relevancy
  224. I do not know what is going on
  225. Treatment failures... now what?
  226. Brain Shutdown?
  227. Medicine and Dosage that worked for Inattentive
  228. My vicious circle: A conversation with myself
  229. I finally understand!
  230. Cleaning is the bane of my existence, please help me
  231. How to tell if a person has add without speaking?...
  232. seeking advice on meds
  233. Sleep Deprivation, Impulse Control and Shame
  234. Reading and other quiet activities
  235. New to the forum with SCT
  236. What A Condition To Have To Have (a rant, kind of)
  237. Still havent done anyting about it
  238. Distraction is the source of all my problems :( (Any Suggestion?)
  239. Increased emotion and intuition while on meds(!)...? Help please.
  240. Hi all, new here
  241. Mundane Memory - SCT
  242. Scatterbrained
  243. How to tell a difference between SCT or ADHDI with chronic fatigue syndrome
  244. Are ruminating and social withdrawal an adhd-pi/sct symptom...or depression?
  245. SCT and High Working Memory on WAIS?
  246. What a difference enough sleep makes!
  247. Overanalyzing own thought and behaviour
  248. ADHD-PI/SCT and stimulant meds
  249. Small talk & Social games ?
  250. Missed a stupid court date!!