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  1. Good Days Bad Days
  2. Should I see a doctor?
  3. Focalin vs. Dexedrine for ADHD-PI/SCT?
  4. Provigil vs dexedrine ADHD-I?
  5. Social games and honesty
  6. I miss my brain - a rant.
  7. Inattentive: me and a friend
  8. My mom thinks I'm just slow...
  9. Sort of intro and a question
  10. The attention problem is almost the smallest problem
  11. Vyvanse before waking up and Dexedrine later in the day
  12. When you finally find something that works
  13. australia, how long is the diagnosis process
  14. How Do You Do On Tests?
  15. Just diagnosed ADHD-I - Question
  16. Is it odd...
  17. a bit discouraged
  18. Money fail. Again.
  19. Is Working Solo The WORST Situation for ADD-PI?
  20. Are you assertive?
  21. There is something, I often wondered about
  22. Does stress wake you up?
  23. Fleeting moments of happiness, but never truly content...
  24. Thinking thinking thinking
  25. Inattentive ADD and stimulants
  26. What's different for us?
  27. Miss the world of daydreams
  28. Some questions about focus and ADHD-PI's definition (and hi)
  29. Happy update!
  30. Typical course of Medications
  31. Recommended advice for any taking medication
  32. ADD-PI and other traits
  33. Whats affected by your ADHD-PI?
  34. I feel like I have made myself more obsessive to cope with my ADD
  35. Does your thought process have a TV analogy?
  36. Lithium
  37. Daydreaming
  38. Can you recommend a book on ADHD-PI?
  39. ADD-inattentive or self-serving excuses?
  40. Zoloft for ADHD-PI?
  41. Confused. Need help and advice urgent
  42. Asking the doctor for stimulants?
  43. Failure, a crucial part of success.
  44. ADHD-I symptoms
  45. Started on Ritalin and feel worse
  46. Are most officially diagnosed?
  47. When you hyperfocus..
  48. Starting to feel a lack of control?
  49. Work problems
  50. Costs of treated ADD
  51. Re: Personal Organization
  52. Self Esteem Poem
  53. Problems Attending
  54. Great at everything but Math?
  55. Aliens among Freaks
  56. Do you still have trouble remembering peoples names even on meds?
  57. Help!? Anyone ever tried taking a tolerance break?
  58. Some days all I think I can focus on is, uhhhhhh
  59. Is it just me, or does this syndrome sound a lot like ADD-PI
  60. Adderall XR vs. IR - which one better for ADD-PI's?
  61. Do you drink, or eat lots of bread, pasta, or sugar?
  62. Not thinking about anything for long periods of time
  63. Dancing Eyes
  64. Busy contemplating people!!! Yes!
  65. Would you say I have adhd-PI?
  66. Need help explaining
  67. to-do list overload
  68. Hello from Switzerland
  69. What med works for you?
  70. Zero Self Motivation - how do you deal with it?
  71. Does anyone??
  72. Best meds for Innatentive/ anxiety/ depression?
  73. on concerta need advice
  74. Is there any way to have dreams by choosing to have them??
  75. Any PIs with High Intelligence?
  76. March 2011 compilation of Things that have helped me deal with my ADHD-I
  77. Vocalizing your Thoughts Aloud, High Sensitivity and Self Esteem
  78. Tasks that require a mental effort vs. practical taskes
  79. Inattentive ADHD is a lack of dopamine?
  80. People who don't care bug me
  81. Are you terrible at rating things? (on a scale of 1 to 10...)
  82. This whole ADHD-PI thing ticks me off...
  83. best medication for inattentive ADD opinions please
  84. Shivers in my Spine
  85. Struggling to Figure Out What's Wrong With Me
  86. Havy any of you shut people out of your life because noone seems to understand
  87. Did you wet the bed as a kid?
  88. analytical
  89. Starting Out under Pressure
  90. Mom thinks my SCT might be a learning disability?
  91. Do you also experience year long epic dream episodes?
  92. Explaining ADHD with the skiing shoes picture
  93. Inattentive ADHD - is there a good movie?
  94. Grasp of Reality
  95. Flickering eyes, twiching neck and sometimes facial
  96. Sick and brain dead for 3 days after giving my best
  97. Excruciating 5 year journey until diagnosed.
  98. Inattentives and sleep study
  99. Increased Motivation with Medication
  100. A glass of red wine kills your sleeping phases?
  101. Sustained focus for posting, Oral vs Written, Phone or Skype buddy and MISC
  102. Newbie question
  103. Are any of you guys perfectionists? How do you break this habit?
  104. Best meds for EFD. my ADD/ADHD DX sub type 95% inattentive
  105. The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale
  106. Do you have those days where you feel so alone and think it's never gonna get better?
  107. Trouble shepherding my intentions
  108. How to live in the world with Inattentive ADD
  109. Black and White thinking "The new realism"
  110. ADD and diet...?
  111. Have you ever had a black out? Can this coincide with ADD
  112. Self analyzing the procrastination problem.
  113. You Can't Do That. . .
  114. So I had my evaluation today...
  115. Goin Mad Here !
  116. SCT (Sluggish Cognitve-Tempo) Academics,Treatments,experiences, Advice, thoughts.
  117. Think I have ADD
  118. Were any of you called stubborn as kids?
  119. How can mid or long-term memory compensate for working memory?
  120. Books about ADHD
  121. 99% sure I have ADHD-I and Ritalin is making me depressed
  122. Getting better at biting my emotional tongue
  123. ADD and primary care physician
  124. Wondering About Meds and My Life Story...yay
  125. How do I educated close family memebers on ADHD?
  126. Will SCT make it on to the next DSM?
  127. PLease Help and give Opinion!!
  128. Best online Brain training for adhd.
  129. My ongoing Saga of "Bin Technology" & Personal Organization
  130. Try this test tomorrow morning
  131. Concentration!!!!!
  132. Whats your favorite hobbies that you enjoy?
  133. Who feels tired all the time?
  134. ADD song...
  135. hiiiii. do i have inattentive ADD?
  136. Inattentive ADDers, Can you relate to this video?
  137. Body Doubles & Personal Supervisors
  138. Who has tried an anti-technology break to increase attention span?
  139. A new guy trying to learn more about ADD-I so I can improve my relationships with all
  140. New Member! I have ADD-I and am on adderall xr
  141. Being successful with ADD-PI?
  142. Do you 'make' decisions and sooner or later cancel them every time?
  143. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) any luck with treatment. (Desperate) HELP
  144. :( Feeling slow, stupid & stuck in a rut
  145. New, ADD-PI & Messed up on Dex
  146. libido, sleep, alcohol, ADHD-I & SCT
  147. typical symptoma : looking the time
  148. Lack of interests
  149. Inattentive and stuck in gear
  150. So frustrated, sad and angry at the same time. I don't know what to do with myself
  151. No limits
  152. Allergies,brain fog and ADD
  153. Amphetamines give more positive responses w. ADD-Pi then methylmethanidate?
  154. Steve Jobs on Intense Focus
  155. Just been diagnosed ADHD-PI - a few questions
  156. Forgot ALREADY
  157. Sleep or no sleep?
  158. Tips & tricks for all
  159. Any tips on how to overcome ADD?
  160. feeling crap
  161. Need to get a Diagnosis
  162. Best Medication for ADHD-PI/SCT?
  163. Innattentive/nld emotionally closed off, anti-social
  164. Am I doomed?
  165. can you relate to this?
  166. Missing skills, negative feedback, & school
  167. mentally overwhelmed, fatigued, zoned out, and slow thinking
  168. ADHD - "just an excuse" ??
  169. Severe fatigue and ADD
  170. IS okay to ask your doctor which medicine to give you?
  171. went in today for my first consuling.
  172. New to this...but I'm 31?
  173. What meication works for you with ADD-PI (not SCT)
  174. New memeber, yet undiagnosed.
  175. What did the doc wrote?? urgent! Atypical Attentional disorder??
  176. Innattentive ADD and depression
  177. Anyone else have inconsistencies with vyvanese or other stims?
  178. possible adhd innatentive type - massachusetts
  179. New member--so depressed!!
  180. What is the testing process for Inattentive ADD?
  181. On Medication but still Bleh!
  182. SCT & Hypothyroidism
  183. Ritalin and I-ADD/ SCT
  184. Another SCT thread. My experience.
  185. SCT - Hopelessness
  186. Sct needs its own forum section ?? :)
  187. What Weird Things Do You Do When You Zone Out?
  188. appointment scheduled--nervous!
  189. How do drugs effect you?
  190. How were you as a kid?
  191. Symptoms - Physical vs mental tasks.
  192. How were you as a kid?
  193. Can my primary care physician prescribe me ADHD Meds (anyone)
  194. ADD/SCT and Acceptance - How far should it go?
  195. SCT & Learning Disabilities
  196. Something curious that I do when reading..
  197. Are these ADD inattentive symptoms (or just me)?
  198. Do you have an interest/love/passion?
  199. Inattentiveness on the phone
  200. Where was Inattentive ADD 100 years ago? Why we are having the problem just recently?
  201. SCT is a horrible disease
  202. The way your mind works with/without meds
  203. Are you a master of the marginal? I am.
  204. Are people with ADD attracted to others with ADD?
  205. Theory reguarding the ineffictiveness of medicaions on Inattentives
  206. ADD/SCT and Bad People Skills?
  207. SCT versus ADD-PI
  208. Medication question
  209. Personality change
  210. anyone add and adhd?
  211. SCT and hyperfocus
  212. Complete Lack of Focus (What Now?)
  213. ADD Stimulants and SSRI's
  214. New Diagnosee
  215. ADHD - PI Resources?
  216. It seems as if things only reach the surface. Anyone else?
  217. Inattentives may be Impulsive?
  218. Introversion, Insensitivity, and Pressure to be "social"
  219. 2 Years of ADD Pharmacopia: A Retrospective
  220. why do I keep drifting thought to thought?
  221. Over-focused sometimes?
  222. ADD PI and procrastination
  223. Did your ADD inattentive symptoms reduce after long term psychotherapy? (no meds )
  224. Does it sound more like ADD or ADHD?
  225. Does it sound more like ADD or ADHD?
  226. what do you do when...
  227. Starting work again...Really nervous
  228. ADD-PI / SCT & Klonopin
  229. ADHD-PI and the yawning pit of lethargy
  230. I learnt something different today.
  231. Best job ever?
  232. Advice for ADD-PI college students!
  233. Have an appointment Monday
  234. back to my PCP
  235. Am I the only one that can't seem to just stick to one task
  236. LD or just the inattentive ADD masking as a LD
  237. Hypnosis therapy really do works for treating ADD.
  238. Half of my 20's wasted because of ADD-PI
  239. Any Fast Talking Inattentives Here?
  240. Are you stuck in your Daydreams?
  241. Help?
  242. Listening better than before and off meds
  243. Any good books/literature about ADD-PI?
  244. Does any inattentives experience any hyperactive/impulsiveness in their day at all?
  245. How do you cope with stress
  246. "Mom you don't listen"
  247. About to go to my first psychiatric check up. Am I making stuff up?
  248. Diagnosed with ADD-PI, just started medication. How does my experience stack up?
  249. Anyone try 5 Hour Energy or supplement with B complex?
  250. Might I have ADD-inattentive?