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  1. hello everyone
  2. Wondering whether I should get assessed for ADHD...
  3. Fear of diagnosis
  4. is this the end of the road?
  5. Do I have ADD-PI or am I making it up in my head?
  6. SCT and memory problems
  7. ADHD-PI -- Selective Attention Problems?
  8. Does anyone else enjoy setting fire to things?
  9. Attention tolerance/desensitization
  10. Journal of Sorts
  11. ADD-PI, diagnosed, treated but still problems
  12. Why Amphetamines for PI/SCT?
  13. Treatment or high?
  14. What Should I do? Been going to docs for 5+ years, no success!!!
  15. SCT syptoms go away when sleep deprived!
  16. Barkley says it's not ADD
  17. Clear thinking / Improved Processing efficiecy?
  18. Are we good at anything?
  19. Any ISTJs out there with ADD-PI and Obsessive ADD?
  20. Anyone found treatment for their Obsessive ADD?
  21. Question for inattentives: can you relate that much?
  22. A really wierd wierd thing that I do
  23. What's with this...? I can't understand what I'm reading!
  24. Why does my brother have such a higher IQ than me?!
  25. Any other ADDers good with money?
  26. Those with inattentive ADHD, are you very quite?
  27. Adderall adjustment period: is it normal?
  28. Will I ever find anything I'm good at? or atleast not bad at?
  29. Thinking that you can , but reality showing every time that you aren't able to...
  30. What can I do without meds?
  31. Does anybody else lose focus because you try too hard?
  32. Went on a date!
  33. It would be nice to turn my thoughts OFF
  34. Forgetting and ADD-I: Self Esteem
  35. Info on SCT?
  36. Missing soical clues of others???? leave me feeling like a drive by shooting
  37. autism vs inattentive ADHD
  38. Mental exhaustion
  39. Exercise and motivation
  40. Inattentive and Vyvanse - Underdosing or Overdosing?
  41. Inattentive/Hyperactive/Combined in School My theory
  42. Here is my story ADHD Inattentive
  43. When you function okay? How to take the first step?
  44. Did you grow up learning the art of Manipulation & Deception?
  45. The Last 3 Months - an update from Schroeder
  46. Lost interest in everything, nothing is stimulating??
  47. Thyroid Test Results- Anything to look into??
  48. Time management
  49. ADHD and exercise - I HATE IT!!!
  50. My brain is under aroused - How to stimulate it?
  51. Any ADDers have FEW interests/hobbies?
  52. ADHD SCT, Isolationism, and Giftedness
  53. How do you cope?
  54. Socialising (an inconvenience)
  55. I've never liked much but now I don't really like anything...anything I can do?
  56. Being an anomaly
  57. Any other inattentives experience this with meds...?
  58. Someone please help me I'm losing my mind!
  59. Can someone decide whether I have ADHD? (Sorry for this kind of topic again)
  60. Advantages to ADHD - but not for PI?
  61. ADHD-PI, Paralysis of Will and Medication
  62. Lumosity or other site for processing/alertnees? Suggestions?
  63. Scared of starting my new career/job
  64. Very sleepy in certain situations?
  65. Worse off for being diagnosed?
  66. Does this describe anyone else..?
  67. Several near accidents in one week
  68. Anyone else with a family full of ADD'ers?
  69. I'm a bored ADHD Inattentive....Ranting
  70. Is there anything treatment that will increase PROCESSING SPEED? HELP!
  71. Inattentive ADD, female and gifted
  72. So Much Self Realization (long rant)
  73. ADD-I Vs. Focus Issues stemming from Anxiety
  74. How do you feel when you try to get work done
  75. Are you always running late, too?
  76. Are any of you like this?
  77. Can't focus on anything....frustrated
  78. Do we have more trouble with anti-anxiety medications?
  79. Can't keep up in conversatoion
  80. Hard time putting thoughts into words or even on paper?
  81. Anyone have brain lesions right front temporal lobe?
  82. Trouble playing cards, sports?
  83. I think I understand why I don't get addicted to video games
  84. Confusion.. VERY confused
  85. doesnt it suck to be innatentive
  86. Bookworm/speed reading kids.
  87. How long do you usually hyperfocus on a particular topic before moving on
  88. Please look at this video! SCT possibly?
  89. Just got diagnozed today!
  90. Still problems after meds
  91. Phenethylamine potential aid?
  92. Do you fidget?
  93. Depersonalization?
  94. ADD-PI SCT and mid and long term memory problems, do you have them yes or no?
  95. What would be a good job for someone with ADD-PI SCT and anxiety, I'm desperate
  96. Do you struggle to remember your age?
  97. Do you think I have ADHD Inattentive?
  98. Inattentive ADD? ADD-SCT? Asbergers?? HELP!
  99. BEST Christmas gifts for ADD PI Adults?
  100. magnesium for ADHD-PI
  101. I have SCT and the stimulants have not worked, any suggestions
  102. Driving and ADHD-PI (and ADHD-C)
  103. Winning...via my planner...but how to sustain it?
  104. For those of you with SCT, what medications have and have not worked for you?
  105. For those of you with SCT, what supplements have and have not worked for you?
  106. For those who were diagnosed late in life.
  107. From aDD to dementia ?
  108. Cant think or even concentrate? Need some advice
  109. Neuroplasticit + will power
  110. Looking for something interesting
  111. Choroideremia & SCT / ADHD-PI ????
  112. ADHD Inattentive/SCT help
  113. 25 years old and just diagnosed..please help.
  114. Being able to see images in your head??
  115. Describe your ADD in one sentence
  116. Iq
  117. add and sad or just social anxiety disorder?
  118. Do I have ADD
  119. Alternatives to Adderall
  120. Doing/saying things without thinking = end up bad?
  121. inattention substituted with impatience?
  122. Inattentive ADD (0 viewing)
  123. Just how bad is your zoning out?
  124. What brain chemicals are at work here? Slow at processing people's words?
  125. I need to get my desk organized
  126. ADD Inattentive/SCT Dyslexia comorbidity?
  127. Very little (if any) talk about Sluggish Cognitive Tempo, let's start.
  128. Do I have ADD??
  129. The worst part about ADD-PI for me..
  130. Pretty sure I have inattentive ADD-long, sorry!
  131. ADHD and movies
  132. issues with addictions
  133. Curious if there are others
  134. What r the differences & similarities between ADHD predominantly inattentive and SCT?
  135. When doing mental activites, do you have refocus over and over and over again?
  136. Advice?
  137. Wondering if it's possible I have SCT
  138. Late ADD-PI suggestions.
  139. Is this part of the Inattentive ADHD?
  140. just a lazy slob...?
  141. anyone have practical advice for how to get yourself to complete chores and tasks
  142. "Fresh" ADDer - life in the long run after diagnosis and meds?
  143. ADHDpi and Low Testosterone Connected?
  144. Anyone have primarily an INPUT problem but decent OUTPUT?
  145. Can SCT'ers be good at anything?
  146. Have anti-depressants worked for any Inattentives or SCT'ers?
  147. Activities outside of house good for SCT / ADD-PI people?
  148. Boring people to death
  149. Any Good CONCISE Self-Help Books / Audio books?
  150. Not implusive - but indecisive.
  151. Psychiatrist appointment today!
  152. Doing stuff back wards
  153. My 6-month Update: More or less "cured"
  154. So, I got bullied out of my job...
  155. I can't do even the things I want to
  156. Slow Reaction Time
  157. ADHD-Predominantly Inattentive, Generalized Anxiety, Depression and Addiction
  158. Not sure if my medication is working and I keep getting vague answer from doctor?
  159. I'm stumped! SCT?
  160. Afraid to fail?
  161. Do you know of any good websites, research papers, books, videos that deal with SCT?
  162. Acetylcholine deficiency? Medication ideas?
  163. Getting a test for ADHD
  164. Anyone with Inattentive & Limbic experience combined? (ADD Types 2 + 5)
  165. Random thoughts
  166. So difficult to complete things
  167. Zoning 0ut
  168. Dealing with frustrations (or not)
  169. Men With Inattentive ADD, talk to me!
  170. Questions for you smart ADHD-PI/SCT people
  171. stimulants slow down the hyperactive minds of adhders what do they do to ADD-PI SCT?
  172. have any of you tried Guanfacine (Tenex).
  173. Have any of you with ADHD-I and/or SCT had this type of reaction to ADHD meds?
  174. Any way to improve Self-efficacy with ADD-PI/SCT?
  175. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo... why haven't i heard of this!?
  176. Please contribute: What has or is working for you? What doesn't?
  177. How to stay motivated? (ISTJ)
  178. Acetylcholine deficiency? Anyone researched/pursued this?
  179. Pramiracetam - Possible treatment for ADD-PI
  180. Does anyone have problems with driving?
  181. Cognitive Behavioural therapy seems to help me
  182. That need to vent when you finally lightbulb moment your fuzzy brain...
  183. Anyone here got an intense job? (Firefighter, police, paramedic etc.)
  184. Is it daydreaming? Really?
  185. Problems expressing myself
  186. How to build confidence in social situations?
  187. Motivation Problems
  188. ᴬᴺʸᴼᴺᴱ ᴴᴱᴿᴱ ᵂᴴᴼ'ˁ ᴬᶜᵀᵁᴬᴸᴸʸ ᴳᴼᴼᴰ ᴵᴺ ᴹᴬᵀᴴ﹖
  189. Finding inspiration in the dull
  190. ADD Diagnosis and questions therein
  191. Weird intuition thing happened today.
  192. Can't focus, but not distracted?
  193. brain fog? what is it like?
  194. What medications have worked for you?
  195. Help! Pi or sct? And med help to
  196. I am interested in exploring this comment further.
  197. 'Yer gonna hafta pick up the pace"
  198. ADD-PI and math...few questions.
  199. School years - Last pick in Gym class
  200. Vyvanse - Not liking it too much
  201. How to keep improving oneself while on the road to getting better
  202. Is it possible I'm just "unintelligent"?
  203. Something I noticed while taking a memory training test.
  204. Bored Easily?
  205. Techniques to block out sounds
  206. Critical thinker but slow to comprehend
  207. Taking Things to Heart
  208. Anybody have issues with TAXES
  209. Gluten and ADHD
  210. Any SCT success stories?
  211. ADHD PI and circulation linked?
  212. Strattera for ADD-PI and SCT
  213. Close to finding the right med, or time to switch?
  214. Eye Pain
  215. On The Road To Diagnoses, And HYPERFOCUS! (Tale of a good day)
  216. does this sound like you?
  217. Alright, I'm convinced.
  218. Finally figured it out
  219. Does anyone have this issue regarding focus, school, jobs and ADD-PI/SCT
  220. Is this normal? (Inattentive)
  221. Emotionally detached when not stimulated enough?
  222. A few things I've noticed while being medicated for SCT
  223. Tutoring a HS Girl Who Has Inattentive ADD in English. Suggestions?
  224. Always diverting attention to things providing more reward
  225. Do you know people who don't believe in ADD?
  226. What med is most effective for PI?
  227. New Forum for Me!
  228. I heard it but my brain didn't use it? I can repeat it in my head
  229. Night and Day
  230. Energy Levels in relation to Inattentive ADD
  231. Trying to find the meds right for me
  232. Does ADD-PI diminishes your motivation to do enjoyable things?
  233. adhd-pi and age, does it get worse?
  234. does it take you ages to do a lot of things?
  235. Just need to vent.
  236. Benign Tremors / Poor Fine Motor Skills
  237. At school & work - learning problems - how do you manage?!
  238. For all you ADHDer's Predominantly Inattentive Type
  239. How to get better at reading?
  240. Which ADHD Inattentive Symptoms Do You NOT Have?
  241. Squinting when focusing? Why do people do this?
  242. Socializing - I don't get it
  243. Anticipation anxiety - anyone? what to do?
  244. What sort of work are better and worse suited for ADD-PI?
  245. Serotonin and learn - Do you feel like low serotonin may contribute a lot to your ADD
  246. An Update from ADXP
  247. How do you figure out what you're least bad at? (Introvert - ISTJ/INTJ)
  248. New here, Could anybody give me some advice?
  249. Natural cures for ADD-PI
  250. How do you deal with being unreliable despite valuing reliability so much?`