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  1. fatigue
  2. ADHD-PI is like exactly the opposite to Classic ADHD...
  3. Has anyone been accused of being high on drugs?
  4. Does anyone have really good long term memory?
  5. Does anyone tend to do individual sports?
  6. Will medication for ADHD-PI improve my love/social life?
  7. "Lack of social energy" = anxiety or true lack of energy??
  8. Are people with ADHD-PI bad at handling criticism / authority?
  9. Neurofeedback
  10. Anyone a late bloomer mentally?
  11. Do those with Sluggish Cognitive tempo have problems with long term memory?
  12. Feeling mentally drained
  13. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo an information processing disorder an input-output disorder?
  14. Barkley recommends a few potential medications for sluggish cognitve tempo
  15. Kind of a weird question: does the sunlight bother you?
  16. Inattentive ADD?
  17. Anyone else feel mildly apathetic without stimulants?
  18. observation while testing my theory
  19. Can you adequately explain things you consider yourself experienced in?
  20. Curious. What's the general picture of your social life?
  21. Unofficial symptoms and traits of ADHD-PI?
  22. What supplements do you take for your ADHD-PI?
  23. Nothing is working...what next...?
  24. Any ISTJs with ADD or SCT out there?
  25. Every road seems like a dead end
  26. I can't think!
  27. Motivation-Where do you find it?
  28. Mind clearer at night
  29. Stims and other common meds not working? What to try next?
  30. Getting mentally tired quickly
  31. insecurity at work
  32. Ritalin vs Adderall - what do you feel?
  33. Vigorous vs medium vs low intensity exercise?
  34. Help with Innattentive ADD & Depression, Affecting Lifestyle & Career
  35. Struggle communicating through words.
  36. How did medication affect you when you first started?
  37. How to stop forgetting stuff
  38. Avoident?
  39. feeling like the universe is personally slapping us upside the face?
  40. Once diagnosed, how much can your life improve/change with ADHD treatment?
  41. Trouble shifting attention
  42. Desperately hoping for a diagnosis
  43. "Normal" people: "I don't feel like doing this"...can they do it still?
  44. What types of careers/jobs can inattentives/SCT do?
  45. Working at my own pace on "flexible" tasks. Am I the only one like this?
  46. Bad at everything
  47. Fatigue/Groggy Head-Caffeine Pills help?
  48. Autism spectrum or ADD & OCD?
  49. Other things you've labeled yourself as.
  50. Any1 else? I can't hold onto a thought long enough 2 jot down on paper or smartphone!
  51. Trouble with the truth?
  52. Anyone fairly decent at speaking/speech/monolog but fail in conversation?
  53. Do you find anything stimulating? If so, what?
  54. Do you find exercise and other things painfully boring?
  55. Frustrated!
  56. My experience with Testim (testosterone gel)
  57. Are we the dementia patients of the future?
  58. I'm new and am really hoping you can help with my inattentiveness
  59. Starting Treatment For Sleep Apnea
  60. New. Awaiting neuropsych testing.
  61. About choosing a field of study/work... (Please help!)
  62. For the Sct/possible Sct crew.
  63. Stuck in my own head
  64. Think it is SCT--what is the next step?
  65. Fatigue
  66. Is it possible that I have SCT?
  67. How BAD can it get???
  68. Key differences between PI and SCT?
  69. What has been most effective for treating your apathy?
  70. Did you get diagnosed/treated by a neuropsych or a psychiatrist?
  71. Hyper-Focusing on Pointless Things...??
  72. Post Your Positive ADDI Moment of the Day!
  73. Sense of accomplishement and positive reinforcement
  74. A Recent Article About Sleep Apnea
  75. Brain default network
  76. How to accomplish more in less time?
  77. DSM-5 : Predominantly Inattentive vs. Inattentive (Restrictive)
  78. Poor responders to treatments
  79. Intent is just as good as the action
  80. Relatives, Generations and ADD opinions.
  81. Trouble with paper and computer file organization
  82. Never Content?!
  83. How to get out of isolation if conversation is painful?
  84. Diagnosed with Inattentive ADD, but now I'm no so sure.
  85. Trouble Reading Books?
  86. any ideas, sorry im new i dont know if i post here :(
  87. one more question about inattentive add
  88. Does anyone's combined type ADHD turn in to SCT/PI when fatigued?
  89. ADHD VS Inattentive Add
  90. Hurricane threat- my inattentive ADHD disappear due to novelty stimulation
  91. Nothing seems to motivate me
  92. Not good in school? Too slow to be "good with your hands"? Then what do you do?
  93. Seeing through the mist
  94. How about sex?
  95. Learning to drive
  96. Are you an extrovert. Are you who you think you are?
  97. Looking at ADD-I, from a combined perspective
  98. anybody play an instrument?
  99. Anyone have a career that suits them out there?
  100. Looping a single song
  101. Going no where to stop this madness?
  102. Being aware of your own surroundings
  103. Any entrepreneurs/small business owners here?
  104. In the end of the day, what do you hang onto?
  105. Add! is this me?
  106. 42,and just starting to deal with my ADD, any thoughts?
  107. Any DIAGNOSED inattentives in the UK??
  108. SCT and career
  109. Overwhelming Daytime Tiredness and ADD-PI
  110. Strategies for getting started on school work?
  111. Strategies for getting started on school work?
  112. SCT and intelligence
  113. SCT/ADHD-PI types, what are your parents like?
  114. Add-pi
  115. Anyone else have OCD and/or tourettes?
  116. Newcomer ADD help?
  117. trait question misdiagnoses
  118. SCT help
  119. Anyone have success with anit-depressants?
  120. Slow Epilepsy?
  121. ADHD Inattentive Type with med questions
  122. Thinking ADHD: Thinking without Acting
  123. Do most psychologists know about sct?
  124. What difference did your meds make?
  125. A glass of wine makes you sleepless all night?
  126. Bored with my life!
  127. Does SCT often cause social anxiety?
  128. Neurotic thinkers?
  129. primarily inattentive child to combined type adult?
  130. Recovered from one thing only to get another...
  131. I'm new. Confirmed Diagnosis after Neuropsych Tests
  132. ADD and Debilitating Avoidance
  133. quick jump start to the work force without having to flip burgers.
  134. Exercise
  135. Always a Blank Mind / (SCT and/or ADHD?)
  136. SCT...Ever feel like you are brain damaged?
  137. vaccine documentary and lowered consciousness
  138. ATTN: People who identify more with the "SCT" type
  139. What is better than coffee?
  140. Stims and brain fog/ sct
  141. ADD-I symptoms and effective medications
  142. Ball of turmoil
  143. Anyone got experience with meeting a psych for diagnosis...
  144. I'm stuck and don't know what to do right now
  145. A realization after something happened to me
  146. I'm gonna do it. You heard it here first people!!
  147. What is SCT?
  148. First week on Ritalin is mindblowing. How long is this going to last?
  149. Geodon treats my SCT
  150. kinda bummed out
  151. Dopamine deficiency test??
  152. Mood swings
  153. Ready to give up...
  154. "My mind is racing"
  155. Pinpointing the issue.
  156. New to this forum (intro & med questions too)
  157. I think its getting better?
  158. Procrastinators Anonymous Support Thread
  159. motivation is the death of me
  160. Back on Adderall XR
  161. Constant Internal Struggle
  162. Do You Ever Feel Like You Are Not Sure If Information Is Absorbing??
  163. will be starting med treatment for ADHD/SCT
  164. SCT - Inverse of Seasonal Affective Disorder?
  165. Every 2nd thought is daydreaming?
  166. Myers Briggs test impacted by ADHD
  167. Just diagnosed with ADD and prescribed adderall
  168. Foods to help "The Fog"
  169. Is the Adderall supposed to work consistently?
  170. Who "gains" a subtype in different situations?
  171. ADHD; They can take their H and Shove it..
  172. Sleeping/Reading as a coping mechanism
  173. Nothing motivates me consistently
  174. What are you others with ADD-PI interested in?
  175. How is your capacity with expressing emotions?
  176. My cause for ADD?
  177. Making promises inside
  178. The New Year - Can ADHD People Learn from Experience?
  179. 6 Hour Testing
  180. New Study today: Dopamine Regulates the Motivation to Act
  181. how do Inatentive & Hyper differ. please
  182. How can you ever be sure you do have ADD?
  183. Vyvanse and ADHD-PI
  184. Wow. Guy at work today described my condition perfectly
  185. PI and lots of Rit? i need input and advice
  186. Sleep
  187. Diagnosed ADHD-PI, Straterra or Dexidrine better?
  188. Anyone out there like me? Newly diagnosed at 41 - starting Concerta
  189. is menta fog and/or mental allertness the same
  190. Tips for reducing brain fog/tiredness?
  191. My ADD symptoms
  192. Do meds ever help you feel "normal" finally?
  193. Why are we more alert in the Evening?
  194. Keeping relationship when you have ADHD
  195. What effect does coffee have on you?
  196. What a revelation.
  197. A med break - what do you think?
  198. was there Plesure before the meds
  199. Dissociation or inattention/internal distraction?
  200. Are these symptoms i have ADD ? Please help!
  201. Medication and memory question?
  202. SCT-Easier to just accept it?
  203. Moving Anxiety!!!! First time moving out of hometown
  204. Anyone try D-Aspartic acid?
  205. Freeing your emotions thread.
  206. How do you feel when you ride rollercoasters?
  207. Comorbid ADD, anxiety and depression....meds
  208. What happens when you read?
  209. question about stiffness in my body and an introduction
  210. Do YOU think this is inattentive ADHD??
  211. Just what are these social cues that inattentives miss?
  212. Memory has a shelf life
  213. SCT- Do you also feel like you "reset" every morning?
  214. ADHD-PI/SCT treatment?
  215. My ADHD-PI -- in a lucid dream
  216. What's the funnest thing you've ever done?
  217. Can you be ADHD/ADHD-PI/ and SCT?
  218. No hope for people with ADHD-PI?
  219. Are you ADHD/PI/SCT fatigued?
  220. Another thread about reading...
  221. Executive Ability
  222. Anxiety/Decreased Mood caused by ADHD medications
  223. I know this has been asked, but the answers are no good.
  224. Careers for the Inattentive ADD'er?
  225. Automated Telephone Systems
  226. Any inattentives/SCT have success with Welburtin alone?
  227. Anger/Conflict as a means of energy/focus? (@ Combined/PI/SCT)
  228. I feel I want to achieve something in life but I just can't...
  229. Anyone have trouble speaking and articulating clearly?
  230. Do NTs have it (relatively) easy?
  231. Does anyone get bored when socialising? I have an idea about making it more fun
  232. Expressing anger vs. suppression
  233. When I get a fever (temperature of 99 or 100) my brain functions better cognitively
  234. ADDI got me out of a ticket
  235. medication question
  236. The social side of ADD and dealing with emotions
  237. ADD inattentive - 8 things that are helping me
  238. Anyone interesting in conducting an informal treatment study?
  239. How do you inattentive adders make a relationship with a normal work?
  240. My experience with Ritalin and Prozac
  241. Feeling lost & ambivalent - can anyone point me in some direction?
  242. Inattentive + genetic testing(23andme)
  243. Super-Streamlined Methods
  244. thought process interrupted
  245. Do you ever have a hard time remembering if you took your meds?
  246. I would equal the worst person in the military ever
  247. High iq - out of fuel
  248. Is this inattentive ADD or something else?
  249. Does your brain ever stop?
  250. Panicking