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  1. Articles to explain what Inattentive ADHD is
  2. I Miss Reading
  3. ADD - Inattentive or just overthinking it?
  4. What to do with your time when you seem unable to do anything???
  5. Is This Possible
  6. First visit to a psych - should I mention Adderall usage?
  7. Innatentive ADD
  8. Joke
  9. Inattentive ADD and Prosopagnosia
  10. can anyone else relate to this?
  11. So frustrated, nothing works, i'm stuck
  12. Trouble waking up but going back to sleep?
  13. Excessive daydreaming
  14. Is there a point giving a chance to medicine that didn't work on the past?
  15. Diagnosis change
  16. overwhelmed with irrational emotion-please help
  17. Switching Medication
  18. L-Carnosine anyone?
  19. My life is falling apart...
  20. Rehearsing conversations
  21. 7 years now without steady job.
  22. Inattentives Who Do Not Feel "Mentally Awake" Before Noon...
  23. Just a simple question.
  24. Starting concerta, need opinions
  25. New Here and to Diagnosis
  26. ADD meds
  27. Questions about Stimulant Side Effects
  28. New here, looking for help and opinions
  29. Trouble with recall on demand, and other memory questions
  30. I just want to feel smart :[]
  31. attention "cycles"
  32. Newly Self-Diagnosed
  33. Some advice?
  34. I feel tired as soon as I seriously consider doing anything
  35. exporing thoughts
  36. Recently 'diagnosed' - Dexamphetamine dosage questions
  37. Focus and motivation
  38. "Seriousness" Of ADHD - One Inattentive's view
  39. my brain won't let me get to work on time
  40. Undiagnosed adult ADD, childhood ODD and emotional abuse. I just needed to post this.
  41. The Magic of Fiction
  42. Daydreaming about nothing
  43. person inflicted with SCT, or simply a dud.
  44. Holidays and Birthdays
  45. Seriously, how do you find the strength to go on?
  46. Procrastination and lateness
  47. Disengaged Reverie
  48. Let's Create Our Own Version of Reality
  49. What's wrong with me? [Possible ADHD-PI(?)]
  50. Am I the only one there's like this?
  51. Procrastinating a task due to fear of failing or not liking the outcome
  52. Symptoms Worsening With Age
  53. Do you also find it hard to make excuses?
  54. Jury Duty
  55. Adderall dopamine downregulation?
  56. Babbling brooks and boring text books ヽ(□`。)ノ
  57. Another sleepless night ...
  58. So I Saw the Psych Finally...
  59. the reason i don't post much.....
  60. Has anyone tried vitamins/minerals/herbs/essential oils?
  61. I get headache from work - I have ADD
  62. Just had an idea, the LifeHacker binder
  63. Sugar YOUR opinion
  64. Searching for work, somewhat required to say something about it...
  65. Do Certain Medications Tend to Work Better For Inattentive ADD?
  66. Accepting what's your ADD and what's you
  67. Learning style for us?
  68. "Reward" Habits
  69. On Trying to Write
  70. Shifting energy and motivation levels?
  71. Inattentive ADD/SCT and mild chronic depression: Can anyone relate?
  72. Long term effectiveness of medication for Inattentive?
  73. Leading a Life of Significance
  74. Are my traits similar to that of I-ADD?
  75. SCT and your emotions
  76. Angry over late diagnosis, I can't get over what could've been.
  77. How personal is your condition? Do you tell anyone?
  78. Adhd isn't a disability or a handicap!!!
  79. SCT: If stimulants don't work, what does?
  80. Stuck with slow brain
  81. Mental breakdown!
  82. What helps you to get up and moving in the morning?
  83. ADHD and Brain Fog
  84. My ADD Poem
  85. Can you grow out of ADHD?
  86. Procrastination - normal or ADHD?
  87. completely lost
  88. Back to Basics (ADHD-I and SCT)
  89. trouble multitasking?
  90. I can't cope with this anymore. I don't know if I'm normal
  91. Do you rush when reading?
  92. Inattentif and daydreamer as a personlity disorder
  93. Balancing everything for long term symptom relief is so hard!
  94. Fearing my own introspection
  95. Gonna make a comeback...with a vengeance!!
  96. New Diagnosis - Inattentive ADD
  97. ADHD screening test
  98. Hyperfocus and Medication
  99. inattentive add / social anxiety disorder. need your advice
  100. Could it be a Learning Disability?
  101. Anyone Have Any Real Success with Fish Oil or NAC?
  102. What should I do with myself if I can never/rarely concentrate?
  103. I Don't Like the Term SCT
  104. Not sure If I have ADHD,
  105. Everything that isn't in the moment, or isn't in my focus... does not exist to me.
  106. What ADD Means to Us
  107. Diagnosed 2yrs ago - Restarting Medication after chest tension
  108. Identity problems
  109. Effects of Concerta on Inattentive Type?
  110. New here, Ritalin question
  111. Inattentive ADD and Adderall
  112. Can ADHD-I look like Asperger's?
  113. Back Me Up Guys: ADD is REAL.
  114. Is There Anyone Else Like Me Here?
  115. My ADD Story
  116. ADD-PI on the Autism spectrum?
  117. son has shown me how i have thoroughly failed him - i feel like a piece of poop
  118. Inattentive: Morning vs. Night?
  119. Remembering number sequences or fixated on grammar
  120. Newly Diagnosed - New Member to Forum
  121. Opinions on these books
  122. Lack of confidence in diagnosis
  123. Medication (Concerta) causing anxiety?
  124. What smartphone apps do you use?
  125. Mental Health Care Plan
  126. Fatigue and lack of ambition, motivation and effort.
  127. Mental Breakdown
  128. Strategies for Focussing
  129. anxiety vs. productivity. also, giant vomit
  130. Something that confuses me about ADHD-PI/SCT
  131. Caffeine & Stimulants
  132. Supervised or Unsupervised that is the question
  133. How much do you expect from medication?
  134. First Post! Got tons of questions!
  135. Hey SCTers, which of these symptoms have you been able to improve and how?
  136. Idling or Understimulation..... Cause or effect?
  137. Legs
  138. Memory in conversation, Slow thinking
  139. Are you restless?
  140. Busy week ahead, already feel tired
  141. College social life and ADHD PI
  142. inattentive add and low testosterone?
  143. Please help! Doctors appt tomorrow
  144. Looking at symptoms online versus seeking a doctor
  145. Recycling previously dealt with thoughts/resolutions
  146. Not sure if I have ADD, or if I am slightly Autistic
  147. Sitting around doing nothing all day.
  148. Have some questions for those who know!
  149. best medication for ADHD inattentive time ; ur experience
  150. Newly Diagnosed;Medicated; No Change
  151. Fidgeting and doing things extremely fast.
  152. Medication, depression, failing coping mechanism ?
  153. Trouble focusing indoors
  154. do you get migraines?
  155. Inattentive ADD, GAD, and Sociopathy aka infantile rage ...
  156. Severe logic/common sense impairment anyone?
  157. Which medications work the best for ADHD Inattentive?
  158. how can I get meds to help me focus on the RIGHT things?
  159. I cannot stop day dreaming
  160. Simple/Repetitive Work Good?
  161. Any Irish members???
  162. Worsening routine, taking longer to get in gear
  163. Does Anyone Else Have the Job Hopper Background?
  164. Newbie Here
  165. afraid to get diagnosed / appointment next week
  166. Going from questioning my diagnosis to being deeply convinced I have ADD.
  167. 27 and finally saw a Doctor about this.
  168. My diagnosis
  169. All forms of ADHD and fear
  170. Does this sound like Inattentive add to you?
  171. Best medication for inattentive types?
  172. EDM is therapeutic for this guy.
  173. got diagnosed - went to see the neurologist today
  174. Help w/ battling incessant resistance to work/chores anything that requires effort
  175. SCT-Making Our Voices Heard
  176. Working on organization
  177. Inattentive ADHD/depression/anxiety
  178. Adderall, Vyvanse ADD Inattentive
  179. Cymbalta and vyvanse
  180. Is anyone here over organized ???
  181. ADHD PI and fear/roller coasters
  182. ****** off - doubtfull
  183. regular doctor or psychiatrist?
  184. I've HAD it with constantly controlling my words and my emotions...
  185. Dual diagnoses unofficial ): hfa,add,social anxiety
  186. Reading Struggle?
  187. out of sight out of mind?
  188. Annoying Doctor and Medication Problems :(
  189. Symptoms change throughout the day
  190. hyperactive as a kid
  191. Long Desperate Rant
  192. ADD-I/SCT... Wellbutrin?
  193. ADD-I + Social Anxiety.. anyone else?
  194. Feeling tired, headache and major anxiety on dexamphetine?
  195. Are you treating SCT w/ meds?
  196. "If Your Friends Ever Say They Have ADHD, Just Show Them This"
  197. A reading technique that may help: Spritzing
  198. ADHD inattentive and perfectionism?
  199. My symptoms - do you identify?
  200. Stimulant sensitivity with ADD-I
  201. The main way in which ADHD-PI negatively affects your life
  202. Dinosaur ADHD
  203. Dex for ADHD, Pregabalin for Anxiety. What about 5-HTP for Depression?
  204. Are my symptoms familiar to you?
  205. Accountability Partner ADD Inattentive Type
  206. How do I know if....
  207. Severe Pressure in Head
  208. ADD or personality traits
  209. Low energy in interview problem.
  210. Articulating thoughts and speaking clearly
  211. Forgetful yet again...
  212. What's your MBTI type?
  213. Vent to you heart's content
  214. Wondering if I am possibly ADHD-PI?
  215. I am curious and interested to know...
  216. wow! i feel some relief!
  217. I think I have in attentive ADD? Please give me your opinion!
  218. Does Anyone Else Have Writing Difficulties?
  219. Processing emotions: does any supplement or treatment help?
  220. Me & ADD/I medications so far- Adderall & Concerta
  221. ADHD-PI (ADD-I) Success Stories?
  222. Just switched from Adderall IR to XR- sleepy?
  223. Book recommendations for ADHD-I?
  224. Finding it hard to get diagnosed (uk)
  225. LD or ADHD-PI i need help!
  226. ADD med not working?
  227. life with inattentive ADD,LD,dysthemia.
  228. How and when did you find out you had ADD inattentive type?
  229. Work or school after meds?
  230. Sct
  231. Inattentive ADD / SCT /Testosterone
  232. What kind of improvements can I expect when I find the right medication for ADD-I?
  233. It's ADHD-PI
  234. ADHD-PI=mentally but not physically hyperactive?
  235. Odd ADHD Inattentive Type Situation
  236. Are non-stimulants the better option for inattentive ADD?
  237. Medication dosage, and does it help with switching interests/jobs like the clothes ?
  238. Fusterated
  239. Poor Working Memory
  240. Inattentive / Sleep
  241. Effexor and Strattera
  242. Very Confused - Need suggestions
  243. Finding out whether my deceased granddad or great granddad had ADHD
  244. Being unable to deal with challenges
  245. Mental exhaustion
  246. Not yet diagnosed..
  247. Does medication change your hobbies/interests?
  248. Is there Any Way to Get Past Feeling Jealous of "smart" People?
  249. Teacher with Inattentive ADD?
  250. Anyone have tips for staying focused and controlling fidgeting?