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  1. I feel my ADD more after ritalin LA treatment
  2. "Good" Days vs. "Bad" Days
  3. Neglecting personal hygiene
  4. Bored Rant - Spread some love
  5. Living with ADD
  6. Introduction - getting ready for diagnosis
  7. Sleep
  8. Thinking of going to the doctor
  9. How can you make your brain perform in a more consistent manner?
  10. HHow did you react when you had your diagnostic?
  11. Here We Go Again
  12. Avoiding doing something
  13. Inflexibility/problems with spontaneity
  14. Obsessive Organizing...
  15. Help with paying attention, and feelings of inadequacies with group work
  16. Quick "envy" reactions
  17. Strategy to keep using strategies Help Pls!
  18. Vent Thread
  19. Absent minded fail.
  20. Feeling like you exist
  21. Anyone has experience with getting OFF their ADD meds?
  22. Disorganized and Discouraged
  23. Inability to form friendships.
  24. Unconvinced with diagnosis I don't have ADD
  25. Just can't make myself do work.
  26. analyzing everything -> no wonder exceptions stick out like sore thumbs!
  27. Headspace.
  28. First time poster: What should I do about my ADD
  29. just got diagnosed with adhd pi
  30. Irritability and Noise/Distraction & ADDI
  31. Irritability, Moodiness and Relationships
  32. Are these symptoms?
  33. New Years Resolution, Get Help!
  34. I cant *^%{]#*% find ANYTHING! EVER!
  35. ADD beyond the most commonly listed traits...
  36. Someone's got to talk me down. I'm a wreck!
  37. When a ADHD-PI reads, do they hear a 'voice in their head?'
  38. Anyone else like this?
  39. Psychiatrist or Psychologist?
  40. I'm really tired sometimes... and it helps me, ironically!
  41. Success Story!
  42. Vocalization issues.
  43. ADHD -pi (primarily indoors)
  44. Whoa... could this medication be the solution for inattentive ADD?
  45. Do we inattentive bunch suffer more?
  46. are we born with adhd?
  47. Can anyone make sense of this?
  48. Thyroid disease and ADD misdiagnosis
  49. Do you think about the purpose of life
  50. Inattentive ADD- do I have it?
  51. Just got prescribed methylphenidate!!!!!!!!! :d :d
  52. personality traits or personality disorder?
  53. Please tell me there's still hope...
  54. Comparing Meds When You're Just Starting?
  55. Daydreaming and Working Memory
  56. possible add
  57. inner struggles
  58. Birth complications could be factor in SCT?
  59. Switching from Ritalin to Adderall
  60. Has anyone found peace?
  61. inner void
  62. teary eyes
  63. What's the point? (alert: sucidal ideation)
  64. Moving "house"
  65. Do I belong here?
  66. Just something i'm wondering.
  67. ADHD and dopamine
  68. Obsessive compulsive type - does that sound like ADD-PI?
  69. Diagnosed with ADD, ADD meds don't work but Klonopin does. What does this mean?
  70. CPAP machine
  71. Vayarin - Prescribe dosage by Dr. by accident for 5 months. Should I try again?
  72. Things seem to be getting worse, or am I just more aware of it??
  73. random thought about add pi
  74. Ritalin success, Adderall nightmare
  75. Anyone still interested in SCT?
  76. 24, lost and new to this site.
  77. Do I have ADHD-PI? Really need some advice
  78. Christmas Medication Break - all or nothing, or can I cheat a little?
  79. reading books and artiicles
  80. 23andMe
  81. Falling Asleep While Reading...Always
  82. Childhood symptoms for someone with ADHD-I or PI
  83. Cdd (sct/adhd-i)
  84. Struggling terribly with inattention
  85. Demand avoidance? Paralysis of will?
  86. is anyone following their dream?
  87. New Blog
  88. Films on ADD
  89. Changing things that were actually correct - appointments etc.
  90. Modafinil anyone?
  91. food allergy test
  92. Anyone with I-ADD super good at abstract reasoning?
  93. I-ADD Effective Medications
  94. Is Sluggish cognitive tempo a mild form of schizophrenia?
  95. Thank you all so much
  96. Being treated for ADD, but have made no progress..
  97. ADD PI and compassion
  98. Diagnosed late in Life and now trying dating. Aaagh!
  99. ADD PI and dating/relationships
  100. Meds are working! Now what?
  101. anyone feel like this?
  102. Punctuality fail
  103. Correspondence - emails, messages, phone calls
  104. Any good reviews on provigil for adhd?
  105. Anyone find Buspar helpful for concentration?
  106. Does it sound like I have Inattentive ADD?
  107. Does this sound like ADD
  108. Can you relate? Is their hope?
  109. Ketogenic Diet
  110. ADD PI and rage
  111. 21st Century Technology Overwhelming!!!!!
  112. Do you question whether its real or not?
  113. innattentive and meds
  114. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and Depression
  115. Do The People In Your Life Really Believe You?
  116. Obsessive ADD - not enough mental "RAM" - Anyone have this as their main problem?
  117. non-medication treatments and career choices
  118. Treatment expectations for ADD-PI
  119. why would there be "inattentive" when ADHD is an attention deficit?
  120. How to force myself to 'exercise' in the morning? (just a silly thaught)
  121. live in Hawaii or southern California?
  122. Is Concerta the proper med for ADD-PI? and will the proper ADD meds help with ODD?
  123. anyone volunteer or work for a non profit?
  124. add-i coupled with anxiety
  125. How do you deal with your ADD
  126. TODO lists, good or bad?
  127. Seeing a clinical psychologist on Tues - Symptom list
  128. What type(s) therapy are useful for ADD inattentive subtype?
  129. My history. Am I ADD-I?
  130. Can't Hold A Job Because Of How I LOOK with ADD
  131. What happens when you go in for a diagnosis?
  132. ADHD-I - 4th Week on Adderall
  133. Sensitive to being yelled at, sensitive in general
  134. Procastination solutions for me?
  135. anger causes blackouts
  136. 18 years and still not thinking
  137. New to ADHD
  138. Overwhelmed need to vent...
  139. I think I've been misdiagnosed?
  140. Destructive Self-Image and I need help reprogramming
  141. Is it worth going to college for 6 years to get a bachelor's degree?
  142. Traditional ADHD meds failed, SSRIs failed, What next?
  143. Overly conscious of everything except what's important - is it ADD-PI?
  144. How many of us guys don't sing the right words to songs ?
  145. ADD and no ABILITY to do what needs to be done.
  146. Feeling stuck- any advice would be nice
  147. Gut issues?
  148. Understanding ADD and indecision
  149. Been in another world my whole life!
  150. I'm not sure what I kind of ADD I have..
  151. Wasting time on Facebook = Inattentive ADD?
  152. It's just emotions, taking me over....
  153. adhd pi - to what degree does medication help?
  154. Is ADD PI a processing disorder?
  155. life is great
  156. Best Meds for Lethargy
  157. I'm New Here
  158. Second hand smoke? anyone grow up in this kind of enviroment.
  159. How to recognize? ADD inattentive or executive functioning deficit?
  160. Apart from exercise, sleep and ADHD medications, what improves executive functionUng?
  161. I need advice on how to become more productive
  162. Currently mixing two anti-depressants for ADD-PI/SCT
  163. Being open vs. closed off
  164. Seriously, with age, how to know when ADD might be sliding into dementia?
  165. Intuniv guanfacine?
  166. Successful and can focus, but still have multiple thoughts at the same time
  167. Aspergers and ADHD-PI what med do you take?
  168. lost in life
  169. coming clean?
  170. I'm sluggish but not cognitively, I don't think...?
  171. Help me understand the inattentive brain
  172. New comer here, and I need some input.
  173. Just feel like giving up--an overview
  174. Memantine for ADHD-I?
  175. Acetyl-L-carnitine (ALC) for inattentive ADD?
  176. "Largely intact attention abilities" but still diagnosed with ADD-PI
  177. Stims effectiveness on "COMT met/met" folks?
  178. Trouble getting Rx for higher doses
  179. ADHDPI, Worries about performance at college and future job prospects
  180. Running out of options, nothing seems to work...what next?
  181. Recurring Tasks: Depleting and Replenishing
  182. visual problems
  183. Should I find another psychiatrist?
  184. New here
  185. Its Been a long time, Big Vent going to new Dr.
  186. Could I have ADD?
  187. Sluggish ADD? How do I tell my doctor?
  188. Day planner or phone?
  189. On Vyvanse For 2nd Time and Tired
  190. Question to those with INATTENTIVE add; are you rich?
  191. Card Counting
  192. nootropics and add pi
  193. Stimulants making me sleepy?
  194. Does Medicaid = Low Quality Psychiatrists?
  195. Career advice
  196. Wellbutrin plus Dexedrine super strong effect
  197. How do you measure your life?
  198. Doctor will not prescribe meds
  199. Doctor tells me I don't have ADD
  200. Chronic procrastination and no motivation
  201. Anyone else here addicted to self-help books and websites?
  202. My old strategies aren't working - help me with some new ones?
  203. Could I have AHDH?
  204. Does anyone have these symptoms? Could it be a result of ADD-PI?
  205. New to ADD Diagnosis But No Meds Are Working--Anyone Have a Solution
  206. About time that SCT get pinned to the top of the board?
  207. Updated Information on SCT
  208. Getting more inattentive with age
  209. Trying to Decide When/If to reapply for SSI
  210. Can medication help?
  211. Personal History and Medication Diary
  212. Adderall XR + Wellbutrin = excellent combo so far
  213. Can Ritalin make you feel emotions more intensely?
  214. How to make the most of my med honeymoon period.
  215. Is this real life?
  216. How to treat SA? How can i be around people without med?
  217. ADHD and Self Worth
  218. Any advice on how to markedly decrease how much....
  219. Are ADHD medications less effective for the inattentive sub-type?
  220. Medication Failures - ADD Inattentive
  221. Never Been Diagnosed
  222. How do you know what to work on today so that project deadline is not missed?
  223. Foot in mouth
  224. Been researching ADHD for months... I think I may have it?
  225. Can someone explain this ADHD symptom?
  226. What does your childhood report say about you? (Inattentives)
  227. Do I have inattentive ADHD?
  228. Can you explain how inattentive ADHD is different?
  229. does anyone else need a ton of really intense exercise?
  230. Need help getting my life organised (long post sorry)
  231. ADD-PI and ADHD-PI
  232. Should the connection between SCT and dyspraxia be explored?
  233. 59 year old underachiever - inattentive ADD
  234. ADHD-Inattentive, hyperfocus and hypofocus?
  235. Synonyms for ADHD-Primarily Inattentive symptoms.
  236. Does anyone experience
  237. SCT is ADD (aka, ADHD-PI).
  238. Think I might have ADD
  239. My research on medication specific to ADHD-PI
  240. What is hyperactive about ADHD-PI?
  241. Attention Direction Deficiency
  242. Does Dr. Barkley think that ADHD-PI is a separate disorder?
  243. Inattentive ADHD, Sleep & You (Survey)
  244. ADHD-PI more or less common than C? What if the PI's have some C- are they still PI?
  245. Questions about so called SCT?
  246. ADD or SCT or ADHD-PI? (Which label do you prefer?)
  247. Writing out a list of my symptoms and realising how much this affected my life
  248. Ehlers-Danlos vs ADHD-PI + SCT ?
  249. What is the correlation of ADHD-PI to working memory and
  250. Results of my assessments