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  1. Newly diagnosed Male Inattentive Type
  2. Inattentive, vs. Hyperactive vs Combined
  3. Med advice for severe inattentive?
  4. inattentive adult ADD - Approval junkies?
  5. Adult with ADD - Help, I need opinions..please.
  6. inattentive ADD/ PTSD and musicians/music.struggles with memory/stage fright
  7. Qx about nail biting, fidgeting, and motivation with Inattentive ADD from a Newbie
  8. Is anyone else conflicted about their Inattentive ADD diagnosis?
  9. Hey, Sluggish Cognitve-Tempo (inattentive subtype ADHD) - how do you get it in gear?
  10. Inattentive ADD and (DP) Depersonalization Disorder?
  11. Is this a part of inattentive ADD
  12. symtoms of adhd inattentive
  13. Inattentive just reliezed...My world is upside down!!!
  14. Inattentive Buzz or Fog?
  15. How recent is the discovery of inattentive type rather than just hyperactive?
  16. does anyone with inattentive type have this problem?
  17. Inattentive Rage Outbursts?
  18. For those of you with inattentive ADD
  19. Inattentive Type
  20. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT)
  21. Inattentive forum? Hair Brain theories forum?
  22. Inattentive ADD,day dreaming
  23. Inattentive ADHD symptoms
  24. howdy all, just a question about inattentive type
  25. The Story Of A Non-Functioning Inattentive
  26. Inattentive & Limbic ADD -- experiences?
  27. Intensive daydreaming? (for primarily inattentive)
  28. Encouragement to those struggling with depression & Inattentive ADD non-hyper
  29. Inattentive ADD resources?
  30. Inattentive or Over Focused?
  31. Sleep Apnea vs. Inattentive
  32. Yet Another I think i may have inattentive ADD thread..
  33. More on Inattentive type (ADD-I, ADD-H)
  34. Do you have to be inattentive?
  35. Amen says InAttentive - I say Overfocused!
  36. Think I might have Inattentive ADD, or maybe even AS/HFA
  37. Inattentive ADD vs. ADHD?
  38. dangerous driving (inattentive to the road)
  39. Inattentive ADD (No H involved)
  40. Inattentive ADD and Obesity
  41. Inconsistency and Inattentive Type
  42. Inattentive ADD and "low energy" don't despair
  43. is it possible to have inattentive a.d.d. and your friends not get bored of you?
  44. Inattentive type is a distinct disorder
  45. have any of the inattentives/scts had a really good response to meds?
  46. ADD (inattentive) + new puppy = HELP!!
  47. Snap-25, depression, primary inattentive ADHD, hypothyroidism.
  48. Inattentive ADD and Motivation?
  49. Epilepsy similair to ADD Inattentive?
  50. Is there proof that Inattentive ADD exists?
  51. Inattentive ADD FREEFLOW!
  52. my little Inattentive ADD story
  53. Gifted Adults and ADHD
  54. ADD Inattentive good and bad days
  55. Lots info about ADHD, what about Inattentive?
  56. A question for inattentive ADDers
  57. here's a good summary of inattentive
  58. Anyone else inattentive without "spaciness"?
  59. A very inattentive day!
  60. Inattention-A Caution
  61. Adult: Diagnosed ADHD Primarily Inattentive Type
  62. Inattentive ADHD/Social Anxiety
  63. Inattentive and quiet?
  64. Inattentive Males dealing with relationships
  65. Inattentive ADD - how to communicate and motivate employees?
  66. I dunno why I googled inattentive ADD today but I found this really good advice:
  67. ADHD->Innatentive ADD
  68. wife kinda slammed me
  69. emotion regulation
  70. Thank you
  71. My membership in the inattentive forum is now assured.
  72. noooooo... I'm getting lost in the shuffle!
  73. I am Inattentive ADD and this is my life.
  74. Venting frustration
  75. does "inattentive" add have a different treatment that adhd?
  76. ADD-PI people... ever feel like your brain is going to explode?
  77. high school/college: being held back/failed courses/dropped out/taken too long, etc
  78. feel like a scam
  79. are you ever just more miserable because you remember how ADHD affects you?
  80. Effect of treatment
  81. Bill watterson?
  82. Yay...maybe...
  83. I left the ice cream out last night...
  84. getting the boost without getting the sides....
  85. Freakout today!
  86. Diagnosing myself with ADHD
  87. The Worst Thing About Having ADHD-I: Getting "Normal" People to Understand
  88. I hate working...
  89. Gahhhh...
  90. You're not alone
  91. Just Sayin' Hi....and...Sports.
  92. Anyone else not feel slow?
  93. I'm not daydreaming!
  94. Feeling so sad
  95. Fatigue & Inattentive ADD
  96. do you find yourself never really noticing your forgetful...
  97. Just Diagnosed With ADD, different approach.
  98. Can your ADHD change from Inattentive to Hyperactive???
  99. An absolute need to vent
  100. "New" to ADHD...
  101. Bad at multitasking...
  102. slow processing speed/reading speed
  103. Has Adderall helped your Inattentives?
  104. someone imitated me today and I hadn't really thought of daydreaming as....
  105. Insomnia/ Inattentive ADD link
  106. Ever worry about doing this?
  107. My ADD seems to be getting worse!
  108. Is your brain fast or slow?
  109. Medications for innattentive ADD
  110. Inattentive with Sound Processing difficulties (noisy places = aargh!)
  111. Could there please be a link to this in the main forums page?
  112. Waking up...
  113. while people think your out of it, do you ever feel like you feel present
  114. Could I have Inattentive ADD?
  115. Inattentives: Do your meds make you feel more extroverted
  116. Alcohol and ADD
  117. Addictive personality Vs. inattentive ADD
  118. music, ipods, etc.
  119. have your childhood memories became more clear since you've been here?
  120. Insight
  121. Am I the only one that always feels so lost?
  122. I think I may have dyslexia as well.
  123. Fakers Anonymous
  124. Wish To Go To The 'Inattentive' Forum Directly After Logging In?
  125. Forgetting you already took your meds?
  126. Symbolic Logic & other helpful activities
  127. Why can't I do just a few simple things that would make me happier
  128. wondering two things (part 1--diagnosis)
  129. I'm Data from Star Trek...
  130. Tips for the newly diagnosed, increasing work performance?
  131. Those of you with ADHD-I & SCT - Are you constantly tired?
  132. Lol--didn't need to panic, for once
  133. Our new ADHD-I/SCT Theme poster - download it now!
  134. Can't remember..........
  135. Anybody get startled while zoning out?
  136. Personality disorders and inattentive ADD
  137. ADD-Innattentive/SCT and eating
  138. softwares
  139. Anyone Here Did OK In School?
  140. Do you have trouble getting things done, if you're not on a deadline?
  141. help controlling hyperfocus
  142. Do people tell you that you LOOK tired?
  143. ADD Yoda says...
  144. iPhone Sleep Timer trick - falling asleep with an Audiobook
  145. Do you love to doodle notes and make lists?
  146. It's just SO frustrating
  147. Dysthymic Check-In
  148. Sudden Hyperness
  149. 2 yrs after diagnose - 1.5 yrs with dex
  150. Are you creative?
  151. Inattentive Adhd and Stimulant Meds - Drowsiness?
  152. Dang. I'm ready to give up, after a year of juggling meds
  153. I love my inattention
  154. Avoiding Situations?
  155. Nature or Nuture - when thinking about 'doing' is the same as doing
  156. Power hours?
  157. Perfection vs. Adventure
  158. Need Feedback
  159. In-attentive ADD or Aspergers or what? Plwase help
  160. Do you go through Phases?
  161. The ultimate frustration..
  162. Thank you to everyone on this site
  163. are they mumbling or am I just not paying atttention?
  164. i have no control over my mouth!! Help
  165. Procrastinating Basic Functions
  166. Hello!
  167. newly diagnossed inattentive here
  168. Not able to get the words out?
  169. Need to Plan Everything
  170. ADHD-I -- Literature
  171. Intimidated
  172. Still somewhat in denial
  173. I'm really liking Kindle E-Book Reader for iPhone
  174. Inattentive ADHD Mistakes & Overwhelming Anger/Frustration
  175. omega three and ion channelopath
  176. Questions from someone who just realised
  177. Adhd-i+ocpd
  178. Soooo frustrated and tired...
  179. Does your brain have a "work mode"?
  180. Chess - is it impossible for people with ADD?
  181. This is you.
  182. Keeping track of time
  183. Alternatives to meds
  184. info on hypokalemia add inattentive sensory overload
  185. Daydreaming: Is it "this"?
  186. slight ADHD-I /maining introvert problems
  187. Clutter, Chaos, Disorganization!
  188. Do you feel that meds helped you?
  189. "Had To Sleep In Today"
  190. Few questions
  191. Found an article on pubmed arguing ADD/ADHD are quite distinct
  192. Do you only remember the jist of things?
  193. Do you fear being just another cog in the system?
  194. struggles
  195. Hard to get anything done because I DON'T WANT TO
  196. I cant help but fall in love with every ADHD-I
  197. Tired / Sleepy... SCT
  198. avoidant personality disorder
  199. Sct...
  200. Embarrassed About My Need for Sleep
  201. School Kept Me Focused
  202. everything is a mess
  203. disorder or personality?
  204. Inattentive ADD and Weight
  205. Incredibly Absentminded
  206. Anyone Else On The One Day On, One Day Off Cycle?
  207. ADHD Inattentiveness and Personality Type
  208. Discussion of EFD (Executive Function Disorder)
  209. Brain waking up in the morning...
  210. Being accused of looking drunk all the time
  211. Easily overwhelmed, irritated?
  212. Addictive behaviour..? Really..?
  213. I accomplished something today!
  214. Stealing?
  215. Frustrated by online screening tools
  216. I got lost in the park
  217. Distractions: Internal or External?
  218. using anxiety as structure
  219. Does Thinking drain your energy?
  220. ADD Delivery drivers
  221. Inattentive, anxious, and depressed (kind of long)
  222. Grumpy on stimulants
  223. What is inattentive ADD?
  224. So frustrated!!!!!!!!
  225. Is it possible for meds and pysc treatment to "cure" ADD
  226. SCT/inattentives... could you be in the medical field?
  227. How common is it for men to have Inattentive ADD, and do you think I may have it?
  228. Do you over-analyze things? (and then fail to take action)
  229. My new Magic Phrase for getting things done
  230. How hard should it be?
  231. Creativity
  232. Some questions for ADD inattentives
  233. How genetic is it?
  234. After the medication...
  235. I think Michaelangelo had ADHD
  236. Do you ever get sick of your ADD being generalized as ADHD?
  237. For those you officially diagnosed, how does caffeine affect you?
  238. Re: long hours on revelation
  239. Do you Over-Analyze things on the Negative side, too?
  240. frustrations of adhd-i / sct
  241. Do you ever feel guilty?
  242. like time has stopped
  243. How does ADD affect your career?
  244. *Visual Static?*
  245. Thinking too much
  246. Thoughts on Overthinking & Lack of Motivation
  247. What were your symptoms as a child?
  248. Books for us Inattentive ADD types?
  249. Are you Dehydrated?
  250. Online Social Networks