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  1. Depression Meds work better than Anxiety meds?
  2. Help with social anxiety meds
  3. Medication and Social Anxiety
  4. Help, ADD and Anxiety
  5. Benzos and SSRIs?
  6. Ativan, the worst drug ever
  7. Switching to Ativan to Xanax with no weening off, is this ok?
  8. Medicare Won't Cover Some Anxiety Drugs
  9. Problems sitting still... Klonopin???
  10. A stimuland with Valium? Please advise.
  11. Frustration with Psychiatrist - Xanax/Doxepin
  12. temp med for anxiety
  13. Has your Dr. added beta-blockers?
  14. Xanax to Ativan-From good to bad in one day-Why?
  15. Ritalin & Anxiety disorder
  16. Xanax for ADD?
  17. Anxiety w/o panic attacks
  18. Can Anxiety medicine cure ADD?
  19. Situational Anxiety Question
  20. ADD w/ anxiety: Strattera + ???
  21. Xanax
  22. xanax and dex
  23. question about clonenzapam
  24. ADHD and Social Anxiety
  25. .5 mg of klonopin vs. .5 mg of xanax
  26. Anxiety Medications
  27. Klonipin and Concerta/Ritalin
  28. Xanax makes things worse
  29. buspar
  30. just started xanax!
  31. xanax help a.d.d. by itself?
  32. you're right-- xanax is baaaaaaaaaad
  33. Xanax Sucks!
  34. Ativan while on lamictal
  35. what do doctors do when there is rebound anxiety symptoms???
  36. Generic Xanax/Alprazolam Brand/Manufacturers?
  37. Klonopin/Clonazepam - keeps me awake????
  38. Ativan .5mg
  39. Xanax?
  40. Taking Xanax at night to relax & sleep
  41. Klonopin for anxiety
  42. medications for anxiety, already take xanax, what about ssri?
  43. xanax xr versus klonopin
  44. xanax xr versus klonopin
  45. lowest Xanax dose w/o addiction
  46. Benzo withdrawal/tapering while taking ADD meds?
  47. Insomnia/Anxiety meds interacting w/ ADD meds
  48. HELP for anxiety/but the anxiety/obsessive OCD type
  49. Benzo withdrawal lingering or Serotonin syndrome?
  50. Worried about me (relates to Valium)
  51. What kind of medication do you take for ADHD/GAD mix?
  52. Klonopin add stimulant or anxiety meds
  53. difference in generic xanax
  54. Question for long term benzo users...
  55. B1 selective beta blockers (metoprolol)
  56. Xanax ugh
  57. are any antidepressants truly non sedating
  58. I Need a Confidence Booster
  59. sick of it, what is the best generalized anxiety med
  60. changing benzodiazapines...
  61. What's best?!
  62. Switching from Ativan to Xanax? Should I?
  63. Is phenobarbital or Donnatal still used?
  64. Buspirone/BuSpar
  65. Beta-Blockers (Inderal) ways to increase energy/motativation/focus
  66. Valium 15mg/day to Klonopin
  67. Diazepam 5mg
  68. Ambien
  69. Inderal for akathisia?
  70. Buspar, headaches and high starting dosage?
  71. klonipin and aspergers, tourettes and PANDAS
  72. Atenolol/Dexedrine
  73. Taking a break from Adderall-- Is Neurontin safe?
  74. buspirone (buspar) and modafinil (provigil)?
  75. xanax or ?
  76. Diazepam Helped my Concentration - Am I hyper-reactive?
  77. Buspar doesn't seem to be working?
  78. Lexapro....What to expect
  79. Success with Celexa?
  80. ADD/Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Depressant/Benzo Question
  81. Anxiety Med HELLLPPP Please!!
  82. Questions re: Xanax XR (Alprazolam)
  83. Clonazepam and Amphetamines
  84. Propranolol questions
  85. Is Xanax XR covered under Medicaid?
  86. Anxiety+OCD and ADD
  87. Evil xanax/benzo withdrawl!
  88. converting 4mg/day Ativan to Xanax XR
  89. Adhd and social anxiety: Tenex vs ssri's
  90. Ativan
  91. Passion Flower and Adderall?
  92. Benzo at night to help with Sleep-Eating Disorder?
  93. Has anyone had tics on zoloft?
  94. Is there an anti anxiety med that doesn't make you tired
  95. Dopamine antagonists
  96. Taking 2 benzodiazapines...
  97. OCPD and AD/HD
  98. Snris are they helpful with stims?
  99. Should I Talk To My Dr. About Beta Blockers?
  100. Tenex anybody
  101. Zoloft Questions...
  102. Atenol
  103. Anyone ever have any luck with buspar?
  104. Lexapro and Generic Adderall XR
  105. differences between lexapro and celexa
  106. Med combo for ADHD/Anxiety in children?
  107. Pregabalin or Lyrica
  108. half inderall la 80mg is this reaction normal
  109. Lexapro/Anxity Questions
  110. Klonopin
  111. Celexa and teeth clenching?
  112. Clonopin
  113. Benzo withdrawal chances given time/dosages?
  114. Anybody switch from Ativan to Valium when getting off?
  115. Managing ADD and Anxiety- my happy ending!(BEGINNING)
  116. Generalised anxiety, or GAD; what do you take for it?
  117. Xanax, Adderall withdrawal window - a couple days of feeling normal?
  118. Adderall and anxiety
  119. ADHD Med + SSRI or BENZO?
  120. Switching from Ativan to Klonopin to taper off?
  121. New benzo possibly? Need advice and personal experience
  122. Adderall and rebound anxiety?
  123. Klonopin for 7 years, looking for alternative
  124. Not good. =(
  125. Trileptol Not Cutting The Mustard Anymore
  126. Anti-Anxiety Drugs, Dexedrine, Quitting Smoking?
  127. Klonopin!
  128. Question for long term benzo users
  129. Vyvanse and Xanax combo?
  130. Are beta blockers helpful for anxiety caused by stimulants?
  131. Ativan/Adderall Duo
  132. Xanax + Wellbutrin + Concerta......
  133. Buspirone/Buspar or other anti anxietys?
  134. how fast does xanax work for you?
  135. Which benzo is more popularly prescribed by docs/pdocs for GAD/Anxiety?
  136. Deplin and Lexapro
  137. Anxiety/Insomnia Issues and Medications
  138. Klonopin added. I have questions.
  139. What does a beta-blocker help you with?
  140. Switched back to XR20, more Ativan questions
  141. early awakinig with xanax
  142. Question about clonazepam
  143. ST. J ohns Wart
  144. Interested in trying benzodiazepines
  145. Xanax XR by Greenstone - cost?
  146. Dexedrine and Xanax XR
  147. Afraid to Adress Anxiety to Doctor
  148. Am I going through Xanax withdrawal???
  149. Glutamate Modulating Therapy
  150. Adderall and benzos - questions and concerns?
  151. SNRI's/similar drugs for anxiety?
  152. Symbyax - Sexual side effects, what are the alternatives?
  153. What's a good generic of Klonopin?
  154. Stimulants working foe ADHD, but for sensory/anxiety...
  155. Best BB For Anxiety & HBP
  156. How much Klonopin / Ativan / Xanax have you taken at one time / in one day?
  157. Clonazepam improves my sleep, but what's the underlying issue?
  158. alprazolam (xanax) dosage question
  159. Klonipin/Ativan, doc said makes tired, not for sleep?
  160. Gabapentin
  161. Benzo for GAD, Panic Anxiety and bipolar disorder problems
  162. Pregabalin (Lyrica) for GAD
  163. I have some questions about klonopin
  164. xanax
  165. Excesive Benzo use leading to nausea???
  166. Hypertension with ADD meds?
  167. Will i get beta blockers?
  168. Klonopin w/ Risperdal
  169. Benzo tolerance: Has anyone changed medications with any success.
  170. wellbutrin versus intuniv
  171. Anixety!!! How to deal???
  172. Benzodiazpine inter-dose withdrawal
  173. question about meds
  174. Weird effect with Klonopin
  175. Put on Benzos "full-time"
  176. benzodiazepines
  177. Question about Xanax
  178. What can I take for anxiety that won't clash with adderall
  179. Question about benzos
  180. Klonopin question
  181. metoprolol (lopressor)
  182. Temazepam Concerns - Anyone Used Flurazepam?
  183. inderal to help rapid heart rate
  184. What is the better benzo for sleep?
  185. beta blockers....
  186. Any Problems Taking Lemon Balm w Adderall?
  187. My Benzo Dilemna
  188. Beta blockers vs alpha blockers
  189. Cognitive/Memory Impairment
  190. ativan is junk!
  191. Anyone have experience with Klonopin?
  192. benzodiazapine with least cognative impairment and shortest duration
  193. Benzodiazipines can be pretty dangerous for long-term use
  194. info sheets for anxiolytics
  195. Tired after flight on klonopin
  196. How to get my doctor to take me serious
  197. Do beta blockers 'fix' your heart or just mask symptoms?
  198. Has anyone here ever taken benzos to relieve the side effects of stimulants?
  199. Can you take Prazosin with stimulants?
  200. Help i need mylan brand!!!!
  201. Important Question about Librium taper...
  202. Chlorphenamine (OTC antihistamine) for Anxiety. Research and speculation.
  203. klonopin dilemma, Need sleep.
  204. Buspar anxiety
  205. any long term benzo users?
  206. Does Xanax cause dark circles under eyes?
  207. Does Effexor XR affect your Adderall?
  208. Cymbalta and Adderall XR?
  209. Clonazepam + Horror film
  210. Xanax - which generic do you prefer?
  211. Do alphablockers have psychological rebound effects too?
  212. Atarax (Hydroxyzine HCl) Experiences
  213. Hydroxyzine
  214. Buspar dry mouth? and does it work?
  215. What does Clonazepam do?
  216. Recently Prescribed - BusPar ?????
  217. Questions about Lexapro
  218. Temazepam Truth
  219. I don't get it.
  220. What medication can be used to prevent anxiety coming from stimulants?
  221. Klonopin and sex drive, what gives?
  222. Lorazepam vs. Pregabalin vs. Gabapentin
  223. Clonazpam vs Xanax
  224. OCD+PTSD+ANXIETY && Med Cocktail. What is yours?
  225. Why should I have to take Klonipin twice a day?
  226. For those who have succesfully tapered off Benzos
  227. Clonazepam for hyperactivity?
  228. klonipin
  229. I took 50mg Klonopin before bed the other day
  230. My experience with propranolol (a beta blocker)
  231. getting harder and harder to wake up...
  232. How dangerous are benzos?
  233. I'm tapering off of Clonazepam... HELP!
  234. Klonopin- experiences?
  235. Klonopin- What are the withdrawal symptoms
  236. Medication Advise
  237. Intuniv (Guanfacine)
  238. What do they give for restless?agiated people?
  239. Trazodone or clonazepam for sleep and comedown
  240. Alternatives to xanax?
  241. Get on anxiety meds without Dr taking away Vyvanse?
  242. Is a 1.5mg dose of clonazepam safe in the long-term.
  243. Xanax for Strattera side effects…. Good or bad idea?
  244. Benzos during college?
  245. Would Inderal (propranolol) help with headaches from stims?
  246. Concerta and anxiety
  247. Aropax (Paxil/Paroxetine) for anxiety
  248. Tranxene Anyone??
  249. Propranolol for anxiety?
  250. Xanax XR