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  1. Strattera, Wellbuterin XL, and Adderall XR
  2. Wellbutrin XL is the Shiznol.
  3. prozac withdraw
  4. Antidepressants without horrible withdrawal?
  5. Adding an SSRI questions?
  6. effexor helps adhd
  7. cymbalta making my adhd symptoms way worse
  8. which is a better add on without interference
  9. Getting around certain issues with prozac/fluoxetine
  10. which is most effective in combination
  11. thirteen days on Effexor XR 37.5 mg
  12. tweaking treatment with antidepressants
  13. Pexeva and Paxil....what's the difference?
  14. lexapro feeling like an ox
  15. 1 week on 75mg is sweet!
  16. 2 weeks of lexapro results
  17. Sertraline 25mg & then 50mg
  18. Very confused, please talk to me.
  19. Nervous about pdoc and cocktail....
  20. zoloft 100mg - how long do you take it before trying something else?
  21. Effexor, Pristiq, Cymbalta + Stimulant dosing?
  22. Supplements to take with SSRI
  23. pristiq good addition to adhd stims
  24. ADD/Depression Meds ?
  25. Concerta 54mg + Remeron (mirtazapine) 30mg
  26. cymbalta
  27. Are the sexual side effects permanent?? please help!
  28. Celexa side effect questions
  29. Feeling hopeless
  30. Celexa and Lexapro HELP!
  31. does incrase of paxil decrease ritalin?
  32. Pristiq working too well?
  33. if repeating, sorry, trying yet another med
  34. Mirtazapine (Zispin)
  35. wellbutrin + cymbalta
  36. Effexor / Venlafaxine IR once daily in the morning? No side-effects in the evening?
  37. Anyone tried Lamictal for depression (dysthymia)?
  38. cymbalta made anxiety and adhd worse
  39. luvox and Strattera?
  40. Has anyone combined Pristiq with a stimulant medication?
  41. He gave me prozac, what a quack!
  42. Just started Pristiq
  43. Head-tweakies?
  44. Effexor sexuall dysfunction-will it pass?
  45. Luvox and not doing well
  46. Hiya pals! Started Zoloft
  47. The absolute HELL that is Paxil
  48. Question on Lexapro
  49. Really need an SSRI. But which?
  50. Feel horrible...need help please
  51. Cymbalta anyone
  52. Cipralex 30mg
  53. What anti depressant redices your sex drive the MOST?
  54. DO SSRI's cause face break outs?
  55. Did existing SSRIs help or hinder your ADHD symptoms?
  56. question about stopping SSRI
  57. SSRI recommendations? Getting migraines from them and other side effects...
  58. Cymbalta - too much?
  59. Prozac experiences?
  60. Could be something to look into?
  61. Can I drink alcohol with celexa??
  62. Zoloft vs. Lexapro
  63. Prozac, Adderall, Trazodone
  64. Trazodone and SSRI question
  65. Zoloft ok "as needed" - for teenager?
  66. Too many side effects with ssri s
  67. Too many side effects with ssri s
  68. Abilify
  69. Amitriptyline for depression Question? Anyone used it?
  70. Lexapro plus stimulants
  71. Cymbalta - could it be causing upper back/neck pain?
  72. Anyone taking Effexor / Venlafaxine Immediate Release?
  73. How long does it take to get side effects of SSRI's?????
  74. celexa plus stimulants
  75. SSRi's augment to stimulants for calmness
  76. Generic Effexor XR, 150mg twice a day -- Is this dosage right?
  77. Does Lexapro/Cipralex give you energy, alleviate apathy and tiredness, and help ....
  78. Do ssri's lower dopamine and make ADHD worse
  79. Do ssri's lower dopamine and make ADHD worse
  80. cymbalta 3 weeks
  81. Mianserin?
  82. lexapro withdrawl
  83. Celexa allergy?
  84. Ssri and snri lower da and increase prolactin
  85. What ADHD Meds Do you Take with Effexor?
  86. celexa lowers dopamine
  87. Pristiq?
  88. My doctor prescribed Effexor yesterday.....
  89. Do anti depressant help mindfulness? Or exact opposite?
  90. Allergic to Prozac, Wellbutrin, Nuvigil..
  91. Just started Prozac, I'm on the fence. Share your Prozac stories/experience.
  92. a few questions on my ssri meds?
  93. Pristiq/Effexor???? Just started.
  94. Prozac , lexapro is anyone any better?
  95. Taking Paxil long term. My experience.
  96. Strattera, Lamictal and Prozac
  97. Effexor withdrawal - hell on earth
  98. Coming off Doxepin
  99. Tramadol for depression & anxiety. Experience anyone?
  100. Very Depressed- Could Adderall be the cause?
  101. Finally medicated!
  102. SSRI and Sex
  103. Skin picking
  104. Prozac and Adderall. . .whoa!
  105. Strattera and Lexapro Combo
  106. Fluoxetine
  107. Celexa
  108. Looking for advice or experiences
  109. Adhd and ssri antidepressants combination
  110. Risks in taking Anti Depressants
  111. What happens when you stop takign Zoloft???
  112. Anyone taking Wellbutrin XL and Adderall together?
  113. Zoloft's effects at different doses
  114. What's best for sleep/anxiety - remeron or trazodone ??
  115. RLS from anti depressants
  116. adding prozac to adhd meds
  117. Can anyone help?
  118. Cipralex
  119. Lexapro
  120. Taking Citalopram long term
  121. Clammy hands cold feet and lack of sleep?
  122. escitalopram and brand substitutes
  123. Week 4 lexapro 2.5mg
  124. ADD worse since starting Zoloft
  125. Non responsivenes to SSRIs
  126. week 5 lexapro
  127. Anybody here who has experienced Brain zaps ?
  128. Effexor and Wellbutrin
  129. Cymbalta?
  130. real quick important question!!
  131. Cost of Lexapro
  132. A question - Lexapro
  133. I started cymbalta last night...
  134. focused and scattered
  135. Lexapro and Vyvanse
  136. Fluoxetine 4th week.. no results yet :(
  137. Pamelor: Has Anyone Tried This?
  138. Clomipramine (Anafrinil)
  139. Prozac
  140. What has worked for you for ADD/Depression Treatment?
  141. Celexa/Citalopram
  142. Zoloft users with stims 100 or 50 mg?
  143. AdHD meds added to anti-Depressants
  144. celexa terrible anxiety
  145. taking cymbalta again
  146. Venlafaxine vs Mirtazapine
  147. week two on cymbalta 10mgs
  148. Ack, sexual side effects of paxil and trazadone
  149. fluoxetine and vyvanse
  150. Zoloft: prescribed first Anti-depressant and SSRI
  151. Selegiline for ADHD-PI/Social Anxiety?
  152. cymbalta and headaches and vision issues
  153. Pristiq & Abilify - anyone else taking either?
  154. Just started Zoloft and have some questions
  155. viibryd anyone??
  156. Help! Worries of memory loss and zoloft withdrawl for adult with ADD
  157. Anyone know of a good brand of citalopram?
  158. Paroxetine and sexual dysfunction
  159. Which Anti-depressants lack withdrawl / tapering and adjustment period?
  160. Ssri that does not impair executive function
  161. Cymbalta - Fatig, poor sleep & flat. Time to try something new?
  162. Weaning off Lexapro..Help!
  163. generic prozac manufacturers
  164. augments compared ( ssri) prozac-wellbutrin-nuvigil
  165. SSRI's for ADHD, with no depression
  166. Remeron "hangover"
  167. prozac and morning fatigue
  168. Cymbalta or straterra causing brain fog / inattention? When will it go away?!
  169. Celexa 20mg dose duration
  170. What to expect with first SSRI for Social Anxiety?
  171. Do SSRIs affect people with ADHD differently?
  172. Is stopping Cymbalta really that bad?
  173. Take less Adderall with an SNRI?
  174. any thoughts on zoloft compared to celexa or prozac ?
  175. Zoloft 50mg 2 months. Going down hill...
  176. 60mg Celexa?
  177. Celexa?
  178. Effexor withdrawal - How long?
  179. Sexual Problems on Effexor?
  180. Question about first few days of Prozac
  181. Feeling less motivated on Effexor
  182. Just Prescribed Effexor XR
  183. Stopping Prozac and starting Mirtazepine
  184. Scared of Wellbutrin: a different anxiety than with Ritalin?
  185. Do Antidepressants help with Physical Anxiety? (involuntary nervous trembling)
  186. Do anti-depressants help with stimulant crashing?
  187. On Effexor, Ritalin, Clonopin
  188. Anyone on Celexa?
  189. Who has been inpatient care for depression
  190. Effexor back to depression
  191. Sertraline (Zoloft) and ADHD
  192. False Positives on Cymbalta?
  193. What can you expect from anti-depressants?
  194. How quickly did you notice the effects?
  195. Replacement for Lexapro: Avanza or Valdoxan?
  196. At what time do you take your anti-depressant?
  197. Zoloft and sleep issues
  198. Interval between doses
  199. Stomach aches?
  200. How do you know if you are on the right dose?
  201. End of Day blues
  202. FDA warning update on celexa
  203. celexa for anxiety?
  204. Can anti depressants stop working?
  205. Anyone on Imipramine?
  206. Which ssri doesn't make you tired and slow?
  207. Prozac - cymbalta - celexa
  208. Changing Effexor?
  209. Anti-Depressants
  210. Celexa Prozac cymbalta
  211. Effexor Taste
  212. Chronic headaches and antidepressants
  213. lexapro and memory
  214. lexapro causing huge anxiety? (only took once)
  215. Are there meds that counter sexual side effects of SSRIs?
  216. lexapro and weight
  217. wellbutrin augmentation
  218. Any idea on zotral ????
  219. Nervous breakdown, what will work?
  220. ssri's and snri's
  221. why is effexor awesome
  222. Anti Depressants making me feel worse
  223. cymbalta works but how do you deal with the fatigue
  224. cymbalta works but...
  225. Getting scared!
  226. Effexor
  227. Paxil and tremors
  228. Should I Stop?
  229. My personal Lexapro experience.
  230. Abilify- help
  231. ssri or snri weening
  232. MAOI's and ADHD
  233. Placebo effect of anti-depressants
  234. best ssri or snri for social shyness not taking action
  235. what is going on cymbalta and wellbutrin
  236. ssri's and snris
  237. SSRI tolerability
  238. Starting Escitalopram(Lexapro)--some questions...?
  239. Anyone succeed with Viibryd?
  240. antidepressants
  241. Celexa and fever??
  242. How are antidepressants supposed to feel when effective?
  243. Maximum of Effexor XR?
  244. Prozac
  245. Safety information changes from the FDA
  246. Oops!
  247. Lofepramine
  248. effexor xr 150mg making me soo sleepy? where's hollywood?
  249. Caution Urged Regarding Abilify, Seroquel Etc.
  250. Anti-Depressant Medication Guides