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  1. Started using Adderall and Zoloft ~ does Zoloft kick in within 1 day?
  2. Desipramine
  3. This is about to be approved:
  4. Are you SSRI intolerant?
  5. Likelihood of Lexapro effects... Would you take it if you were me?
  6. Luvox Luvox LUVOX
  7. SSRI's - half your dose, twice as often?
  8. Ssris and snris
  9. Best all around serotonin anti d
  10. Can SSRIs be used for withrawal induced depression?
  11. Effexor versus other ssris
  12. Now we're trying Lexapro!
  13. Lexapro and Ritalin -> Nausea
  14. Effexor or ssri which one and what time
  15. Clomipramine / Anafranil worked GREAT but only for a few scattered days...WHY?!!
  16. Tapering off 150mg Zoloft... Hoping to improve Adderall XR's effectiveness!
  17. SSRI's... what's the good and the bad?
  18. Lexapro and ADHD meds
  19. SSRIs, adderall and the other million things about them I'm looking for advice on.
  20. Stopped Cipralex on Fifth Day
  21. What's wrong with me?
  22. Sertraline question
  23. Buspar as alternative for stimulant anxiety
  24. zoloft withdrawal
  25. Starting on Celexa
  26. Sertraline/Zoloft for ADD and extreme fatigue question
  27. On cipralex... what to expect?
  28. Yes, the medications work.
  29. 72mg Concerta and Zoloft
  30. Getting off Citalopram- Need good antidepressent + ADD meds
  31. Feeling Flat
  32. SNRI (cymbalta) and ADHD Symtoms?
  33. So which ssri helps anxiety and doesn't increase adhd
  34. Anyone here who has taken Stablon?
  35. multiple anti-depressants with Adderall XR
  36. Is cymbalta as good as it gets??
  37. Question about SSRI, Stablon and serotonin
  38. Lexapro and Ritalin
  39. Re: What are the good effects from using Effexor?
  40. Scatterbrained with hypomania (flight of ideas) while on SSRIs
  41. Cymbalta Effexor or prozac
  42. 10 yrs of Effexor and I hate it (how to switch?)
  43. Zoloft and tummy issues?
  44. Lexapro Withdrawal
  45. sleepy and lazy on zoloft...does it get better?
  46. Dexamphetamine and antidepressant?
  47. Cymbalta.
  48. Prozac cymbalta or lexapro
  49. Alcohol cravings on SSRIs/SNRIs?
  50. ADHD, zoloft, betablockers and electrical issues of the heart questions.
  51. Which AD mixes well with ritalin?
  52. When Anti-Depressants don't work
  53. Can't be medicated for ADHD because of heart condition, how does zoloft effect ADHD?
  54. My experience with Tianeptine
  55. Notriptyline for migraines?
  56. Amitryptiline
  57. Anyone on Prozac?
  58. Effect of SSRI + Stimulant on Weight
  59. Quitting Prozac
  60. Pristiq, Prozac, or Effexor
  61. Anyone switched from citalopram to effexor?
  62. My Horrible Experiences With Zoloft And One Other Medication
  63. Will Prozac give me energy and motivation?
  64. Prozac's fault?
  65. Switched: Effexor To Pristiq
  66. Viibryyd
  67. Cymbalta (duloxetine) vs. Pristiq/Effexor (venlafaxine)
  68. Question about starting lexapro
  69. Put on effexor 18.75mg xr
  70. Mirtazapine (Rumeron/avanza) 30mg starting dosage?
  71. A good anxiety ssri that DOES NOT make you tired?
  72. Kind of worried about the "flouride" in my Paxil
  73. Awful Response to Paxil - Pristiq Now?
  74. California Rocket Fuel
  75. SOOOOOOOOOOOO any good antidepressiants?
  76. Lexapro Drug Information
  77. Not Happy With My Doctor
  78. Who knows Cymbalta?
  79. If you have suffered side effects from selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs
  80. Who has taken Tiapentine/Stablon?
  81. What's the differences between SSRI's, and are any effective?
  82. Question For Prozac Users
  83. Help feeling really weird and angry
  84. Zoloft amplifies my AD(H)D
  85. Do MAOI or Moclobemide also help with ADHD?
  86. Lexapro & Motivation
  87. Anyone on Celexa?
  88. Cymbalta strange reaction could it be the NAC?
  89. To start Prozac or Effexor / snri
  90. Coming off Fluoxetine
  91. Anafranil or Venlafaxine?
  92. Amitriptyline - 2 Weeks in
  93. Prozac or cymbalta or Effexor
  94. Venlafaxine, Bupropion and methylphenidate
  95. Zoloft withdrawal and a locked jaw?
  96. Adderall + Wellbutrin + Lithium = Suspected Serotonin Syndrome
  97. SSRI's and ADHD meds
  98. How long to break from Zoloft?
  99. Cymbalta - Rebounding - Help Please
  100. From Celexa to Zoloft?
  101. zoloft with ritalin ?
  102. Generic Cymbalta
  103. Prozac
  104. Venflaxine / cymbalta vs ssris
  105. From Abilify/Lexapro 2 Prozac/Latuda opinions???
  106. cymbalta is now generic!
  107. Pristiq
  108. Question about SSRIs?
  109. Apathetic Meds yeah?
  110. Anyone else w/ADHD agitated by SSRI's?
  111. Prozac and Adderall interaction
  112. i am buzzing: )
  113. Taking Cymbalta, and some issues.
  114. Does SSRI couse you "more red colors"?
  115. Pristiq Taper while on Add IR
  116. Unintentional Adderall/Prozac Withdrawal?
  117. Insomnia from Lexapro and Vyvanse
  118. Just started Celexa and Ritalin (crossing my fingers)
  119. any experiences with Cipralex/Escitalopram Oxalate?
  120. Cymbalta or Celexa
  121. From Pristiq to Wellbutrin
  122. Wellbutrin seems to be negating my Celexa benefits
  123. Seroquel and antidepressants
  124. How do you know that the meds are working?
  125. My skin feels icky
  126. Don't Know what to do anymore
  127. Brintellix anyone?
  128. Nortryptiline
  129. Straterra and Paxil
  130. Cymbalta withrawal
  131. Prozac, ADD, & Anxiety
  132. Tianeptine instead of SSRI
  133. Need some suggestions for either SSRI or SNRI to add to Adderall XR?
  134. A few questions post my first dose of Effexor XR...
  135. Zoloft? It's official, i'm confused.
  136. Lexapro
  137. Just started Wellbutrin husband just started Lexapro, will this ruin our sex life?
  138. does anyone have vivid nightmares due to antidepressants?
  139. Anyone here taking Fetzima?
  140. Prozac vivid dreams
  141. Effexor vs Wellbutrin in combination with Ritalin. 3 Questions, Please help!
  142. Need help with Lexapro withdrawal symptoms
  143. Combining anti-deps with dexamphetamine for ADD?
  144. Anyone who takes Amitryptiline + stimulants?
  145. Brain zaps after quitting Lexapro
  146. Cymbalta and alcohol
  147. Fluoxetine making everything worse?
  148. Thinking of changing from Lexapro + Abilify to...
  149. Remeron and headaches
  150. Celexa experiences and/or advice
  151. Have anti depressants helped anyone?
  152. Pooping-out Anti Depressants
  153. "High" after taking Lexapro?!
  154. From Zoloft to Cymbalta
  155. Back on Effexor 75 mg after to years, when will it work?
  156. time too quit mirtazapine 45 mg
  157. Dont seems like Effexor helps!
  158. Mixing Sertraline and Fluoxetine
  159. Worst lexapro side effect for you and what doseage?
  160. crap! forgot to take zoloft all week, now what?
  161. A warning to anyone using mirtazapine with adhd media
  162. Effexor/Prozac Bridge
  163. Anyone taken Viibryd with Vyvanse/Concerta?
  164. Brintellix?
  165. Unexpected Prescription
  166. 100 mg zoloft right off the bat?
  167. Zoloft... cycling off?
  168. mirtazepine (remeron) and concerta, gaining weight
  169. Cymbalta + Sulbutiamine
  170. I stopped lexapro ct 5 weeks ago and survived
  171. What does an antidepressant do?
  172. Cymbalta-- reducing amount slowly. when do you feel a difference?
  173. SSRI (celexa) and Adderall
  174. Lexapro VS Prozac
  175. ADHD for years and now diagnosed with dysthymia
  176. Taken off ADHD meds to treat depression.. I'm worried
  177. Looking for Citalipram Brand Recommendations
  178. Does Prozac affect the heart as much as Adderall?
  179. Biggest mistake of my life..don't ever do this.
  180. Do you know these meds (moclobemide, fluoxetine, duloxetine)?
  181. Valdoxan and Dexamphetamine
  182. Anxiety and Anger issues
  183. Medication making me sweat and smell bad
  184. Generic duloxetine? (Cymbalta) -- work as well as regular?
  185. Duloxitine and vyvanse
  186. SSRI Sexual Side Effects
  187. Lexapro
  188. Question: Dopamine and Serotonin?
  189. Lexapro to Zoloft
  190. Fetzima and Alertec
  191. 5-HTP and L-tryptophan
  192. 5HTP and Vyvanse
  193. Wellbutrin, Dexedrine, and Klonopin
  194. ADD,Zoloft and Alcoholism - Help needed
  195. Vyvance 70mg and wellbutrin XL 150mg (change from Zoloft) - Help needed
  196. Adderall and prozac
  197. Please help, why am I on anti-depressants?
  198. prozac and or cymbalta social anxiety
  199. Sides for Imipramine aka Tofranil aka melipramine (the tricyclic antidepressant)?
  200. Cymbalta causing knee pain?
  201. paxil and vyvanse problems
  202. Best alternative for stablon?
  203. Looking to change from prozac to non ssri
  204. Help needed! I am on Vyvanse and started Celexa (citalopram).
  205. Ritalin and Citalopram
  206. Cymbalta/Dexedrine dosing
  207. Buspar and euphoria/happiness
  208. Cymbalta drowsiness
  209. Zoloft for anxiety with Vyvanse
  210. Depressed alcoholic on Mirtazapine ( in combination with Vyvance and Wellbrutrin)
  211. Reducing Zoloft Dose - Adjustment Time