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  1. Divalproex Not As Good As Lithium At Preventing Suicide In Bipolar Patients
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  4. First study to show SEROQUEL may be effective in rapid-cycling bipolar disorder
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  14. lihium
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  16. does Risperdal 1-2mgs block Ritalins effects?
  17. Studies on Abilify and ADD
  18. Zyprexia -- may cause more weight gain/health problems than older meds
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  30. need help
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  33. anyone tried TRILEPTAL
  34. atypical antipsychotics "atypical" uses
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  49. Nurse practitioner gave me Geodon
  50. has any one heard about this medication called risperdal
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  62. My first mood stabilizer :)
  63. Which med BPII rapid cycling?
  64. Lithium & weight gain?
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  74. Which is better for paranoia associated with Bi-polar mania-- Risperdal or Abilify
  75. 11 yr old bi-polar
  76. Generic Seroquel?
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  80. Keeping my weight stable on Zyprexa Zydis...
  81. Abilify still causing akathisia (medical term for inner restlessness)
  82. Keeping my weight stable on Zyprexa Zydis...
  83. Day 7 of Zyprexa Zydis 5mg...
  84. Anyone have worsened insomnia on Depakote? HELP!
  85. Abilify (questioning another trial)
  86. still have depression symptoms (try Abilify; according to commercials)
  87. hyperglycemia/diabetes prevention
  88. My new plan (maybe a micromanage or seeing a new light)
  89. Advice Needed!!
  90. Finally on Lithium, after another visit to the psych unit
  91. Any Respiderone?
  92. Invega (paliperidone), wanting to switch back...
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  96. WARNING: dull path ahead...
  97. Bad Seroquel Trip
  98. Interesting article about Seroquel...and awesome site in general
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  100. Abilify 30mg, vyvanse 70mg, etc.
  101. Anyone taking Seroquel XR?
  102. antipsychotics and akathisia
  103. ??? - 50 mg Seroquel XR - AMAZING results for my depression!
  104. Advice
  105. What's a good mood stabilizer?
  106. Will Seroquel/Quetiapine blunt my personality at a dose like 100-300mg for anxiety?
  107. Your options if you are on an antipsychotic & develop akathisia...
  108. Strattera and Neurotin
  109. Does Clozaril (Clozapine) have anti-depressant effects?
  110. seroquel xr
  111. Abilfy causes anxiety
  112. Do antipsychotics interfere with Adderall?
  113. How long do anti-psychotics last?
  114. Saphris Asenapine New antipsychotic med AND abilify
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  119. Haldol Clonazepam Lamictal =?
  120. first nite on risperdal
  121. Seroquel
  122. Seroquel making me flat.
  123. Abilify or Geodon for Delusional Thoughts?
  124. Abilify plus stimulants?
  125. Seroquel irritability?
  126. Geodon anyone?
  127. Is anyone stable on Geodon?
  128. risperdal and wellbutrin
  129. Anyone try Latuda for anxiety?
  130. Best time to take Seroquel XR?
  131. Geodon, Zyprexia and Risperidone
  132. Abilify and extreme sleepiness (slept for nearly 24 hours)
  133. Inexpensive (maybe generic) but similar alternative to Abilify?
  134. Do AAPs affect hyperfocus?
  135. I think antipsychotics are bad for most ADD people
  136. Seroquel For Anxiety?
  137. Seroquel
  138. Abilify for OCD?
  139. Any Non BP people taking Abilify w Antidepresant?
  140. Has anyone tried Saphris?
  141. has anyone tried Latuda for bipolar or ADD?
  142. Any antipsychotics mix better with stimulants than Risperdal?
  143. So Abilify didn't work too well
  144. Attention Deficit Disorder & Anti-psychotics
  145. How long does Abilify take to work??????
  146. Risperidone
  147. Abilify and akathisia--- what instead?
  148. Antipsychotics Prescribed To Treat ADHD In More Children And Teens, New Study Finds
  149. switching resperidal to seroquel
  150. info sheets for atypical antipsychotics
  151. info sheets for traditional antipsychotics
  152. Is it the meds or not?
  153. Stopping Seroquel for a day or two?
  154. Abilify...not for me
  155. Risperdal comedown ... UGH
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  165. Do antipsychotics make ADHD worse or make stimulants work worse
  166. Can Zeldox reduce the efficacy of Dexedrine??
  167. Zyprexa 5mg
  168. what is cheaper than abilify? It cost $50 a bottle of pills with insurance. So expen
  169. Is it just me or does anyone have this after taking abilify and for few seconds my bo
  170. 5mg Zyprexa, 70mg Vyvanse, and 20 mg Adderall IR? Insomnia? Mania?
  171. Seroquel and Latuda
  172. Should I switch my AAP from Abilify to Latuda?
  173. cannot take adderall without abilify
  174. Abilify, suicidal thoughts, tapering without doc
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  178. Xeplion -- want to discontinue.
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  180. help! antipsychotics and adderall. Appointment soon.
  181. Risperdal and Adderall Question
  182. Abilify + Strattera (or an Antidepressant)
  183. Latuda and Adderall
  184. Abilify anyone?
  185. Latuda helps my ADHD
  186. Is there a anti-psychotic that does not make me sedated?
  187. Advice for Serroquel
  188. Alcohol and Seroquel anyone?
  189. amisulpiride
  190. been on seroquel 25mg for over 2 weeks now
  191. Is this combination safe? Is it normal? Sounds scary
  192. Soooo am I just gonna sleep all day on Seroquel?
  193. Adderall + antipsychotic flavor of the month = very different effects
  194. Akathisia
  195. anti-psychotic & Weight gain
  196. Anyone else on Latuda?
  197. Rexulti
  198. Seroquel and Tightness in Jaw Muscles
  199. Risperidone for "Negative" Symptoms
  200. Antipsychotics worsening the ADHD symptoms?
  201. Is it safe to use anti-psychotics and wellbutrin together?
  202. Latuda?
  203. Seroquel not work for sleep?
  204. Going old school with Risperdal
  205. clozaril: damn you!
  206. Impulsiveness and Anti-psychotics
  207. zyprexa tablets are totally different looking; what the ****?!
  208. What is the maximum dose of Quetapine(Seroquel) for Bipolar
  209. Abilify