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  1. Misuse of evidence in scientific papers.
  2. Dietary roots of diseases and disorders.
  3. the movie Awakenings or read Oliver Sacks's novel
  4. How the Brain Develops and How the Circuits and Chemistry of ADD Arise by Dr. G. Mate
  5. Emotional Allergies By Dr.Gabor Mate
  6. ADHD, Learning and Memory? (input please)
  7. Hypothalamus Tolerance/Cortisol Resistance.
  8. dopamaine=slacker?
  9. Reverberating Circuits, finding topics that we find exciting and enjoy to work on!
  10. What are Copy-Number Variations (CNVs)
  11. Brain Embryonic Development, Infancy, and Childhood Development
  12. Brain Development
  13. ADHD and Antisocial Personality Disorder
  14. You say that ADD isn’t genetic. Are you saying it’s not biological?
  15. What makes a scientist?
  16. Discussion About The Nervous System.
  17. Quantum Theory and the power of thought.
  18. new theorie
  19. I'd like to start a conversation about the cerebellum
  20. The History of ADHD
  21. Neglect....
  22. Ability to absorb light.
  23. ADHD and Nicotine
  24. The science behind anxiety?
  25. Acupressure and ADHD
  26. Learning, Memory and Consciousness (global functions)
  27. Critical Periods of Development and Unique Experiences
  28. This is really scarey
  29. ADHD and Blindness to Time
  30. Performance Disorder
  31. ADHD, insulin and blood sugar levels
  32. Hormones
  33. Oxytocin Hormone
  34. Question about Dr. Leonard Sax?
  35. ADHD Brain Scans
  36. Pre-neurological develop the mental mindfulness.
  37. Zeigarnik Effect (unfinished tasks)
  38. Do subliminal audios work?
  39. Environmental Influences on Gene Expression
  40. Are some people in complete denial about environmental factors.
  41. Low carb diets?
  42. So basically ADHD all comes down to one factor...
  43. Statistics from DEA suggest that ADHD is overdiagnosed
  44. Cyclopath
  45. Further Evidence That IQ Does Not Measure Intelligence
  46. Schizophernia can be diagnosed by smell.
  47. Maybe we have a Quantum gift ?
  48. An important Scientific Thread for posters who never visit Chit Chat
  49. Are some people in complete denial about genetic factors.
  50. Emotions, By Dr. Jaak Panksepp
  51. Attunement and Attachment by Dr.Gabor Mate
  52. Reference Notes for "Scattered", by Gabor Mate M.D. (Introduction) Note (*1)
  53. 2)Reference Notes for "Scattered", by Gabor Mate M.D., Note (*1) Chapter 3
  54. Dr. Russell Barkley: Is ADD = EFDD?
  55. "ADHD is just as much a disorder of emotion". By Dr.Barkley
  56. Childhood Development by Dr.Bruce Perry
  57. Internal Biochemistry of ADD (blood sugar levels)
  58. "Makes the chemical apparatus that manufactures these substances more efficient"
  59. What is the difference between phenotype/genotype and epignetics?
  60. ADHD as a primary disorder of emotional regulation
  61. ADHD and PlayPlay: (Play: A Primary-Process Emotional Circuit)
  62. Orbitofrontal cortex, inhibitory and excitatory regulation of ANS function.
  63. The limits of Psychiatry (NYT article)
  64. The basis to the disorder in ADHD.
  65. What is the difference between genetic and epigenetic?
  66. Arousal(AutonomicNervousSystem)High Arousal(sympathetic)Low Arousal(parasympathetic)
  67. Emotional Input (light), Orbitofrontal Cortex
  68. Ground Up and Top Down?
  69. Neuroimaging Studies, Right Prefrontal Cortex and ADD
  70. Primary Brain Processes
  71. "Where are Emotions in the brain?"Part One
  72. Biomechanics
  73. "Where are Emotions in the brain?" Part Two
  74. "Where are Emotions in the brain?" Part Three
  75. Dr. Gabor Maté: Attachment and Brain Development
  76. Genes and Environ. in ADHD (Split from Allergies Thread)
  77. Building a strong foundation for healthy development in the early years of life is ..
  78. Can PLAY Diminish ADHD and Facilitate the Construction of the Social Brain?
  79. Do ADD allergy sensitivities have environmental factors/influences?
  80. Do ADD emotional sensitivities have environmental factors/influences?
  81. Scientific Evidence and its limitations.
  82. Primary Emotions And Emotional Environment Shape Self-Regulation Brain Development.
  83. Mirror Neuron, Stress, and ADD
  84. Disagreeing With Dr. Barkley.
  86. Does adoption twin studies rule out abnormal environmental stressors?
  88. What truly frightens me about the "environment" we live in
  89. Can DNA "work" without Uracil?
  90. State of Mind and It's Effects Upon Social Behavior
  91. Gene = RNA + DNA
  92. Trial Thread Topics
  93. Mapping the Human Brain
  94. Collecting Scientific Data - ? Usefullness
  95. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics
  96. Sci American: importance of shared vocabulary
  97. The Tyger
  98. "the principle of parsimony" and ADD theory
  99. "Regulation of gene expression"
  100. "adoption studies cannot decide questions of generic inheritance"
  101. Neurodiversity
  102. ADHD causation: Emotions and attention:
  103. Components Of Working Model Of ADD.
  104. TED-talk of woman diagnosed with schizophrenia
  105. Psychiatry and the Myth of “Medicalization”
  106. "Seen and Not Seen"
  107. ADHD, Stimulus, and Downward Spiral
  108. Book Excerpt on the "paleo lifestyle"
  109. The E-word
  110. Can a child's ADD behavior be stressful?
  111. Vagus Nerve
  112. And it may take even longer to persuade doctors to think like ecologists.
  113. The Psychological Causes of Physical Pain
  114. MiAOw - there's a (carb vs fat) war in my head
  115. "The right hemisphere is known to be superior in emotional responses.."
  116. Understanding ADD (1:1) Is ADD "genetic" or "epigenetic"? (open layman discussion)
  117. Are attachment disorders genetic or epigenetic?
  118. "Stress makes things (ADD)worse"
  119. ADHD parent with Narcissist/Borderline/Sociopath?
  120. Destiny & DNA Explaining Genetic and Epigenetic significance
  121. Does abnormal amounts of stress make ADD worse?
  122. ADHD and Stress: Examining stress and the causation of neurological disorders
  123. New Here Today And . . .
  124. Decision making matrix - Formula
  125. What happens to the adhd genes of people who "grow out of adhd"
  126. Article on Ego Depletion/Mental Energy
  127. What dopaminergic pathways do and do not do.
  128. Cure for cancer [and everything else]
  129. Trying harder - should we really be?
  130. ODD versus philosophical inclination to anarchism?
  131. What is stress.
  132. The simple basis to disease
  133. What is Emotional Stress?
  134. Right Place Wrong Time
  135. Objectivity
  136. Flesh Help
  137. Failed
  138. ADHD and the Stress Response: A clarification of my position
  139. The gifter hypothesis...
  140. Recognizing optimal factors required "when brain development goes right".
  141. the origin of consciousness in the breakdown of the bicameral mind
  142. How is your perception of and discrimination of musical tones?
  143. The science of non conformity and grouthink.
  144. Homozygous vs. Heterozygous
  145. Nonsense/Malarkey
  146. Comparing Connections Of Right and Left Medial OrbitoFrontal Cortex (OFC)
  147. Executive function and blame (Split from Blame and Cause)
  148. ADHD No Stress
  149. Bertrand Russell
  150. To get the right answer of To be right ?
  151. "diverse life saving effects in the body", thread about cortisol.
  152. Open discussion of Omega 3 and ADHD symptoms
  153. "Feelings"
  154. Jaak PankseppJaak Panksepp: "Affective Continuity? From SEEKING to PLAY -
  155. Brain fog?
  156. Cultural Cognitive Behavior??
  157. Mind/brain duality (moved from "Teeny-tiny brain" thread)
  158. Accurate prediction of the immediate (nest few years) future
  159. Myelin basic protein (MBP)
  160. Brain Research & Early Brain Development in ADHD
  161. Brain Stem and Emotional Arousal
  162. "the cerebral cortex emerged above the lower centers"
  163. Neuroscience of ADD - suggestions for an intro syllabus?
  164. Article: The Science of What Makes an Introvert
  165. What actually is "tired"?
  166. Jus de vive - Hunger for life
  167. The limitations of molecular/genetic medicine
  168. Which do you prefer
  169. Epiphany: fascinating blog autism spectrum and adhd implications
  170. Is ADHD a result of human evolution?
  171. The doctators: why are so many tyrants medically qualified?
  172. Prevention of heart disease
  173. Exercise more effective than prescription drugs
  174. MS - 10% increase in 5 years
  175. Dramatic increase in autism from the 80's
  176. DNA methylomes of newborns vs centenarians
  177. Scientific Knowledge in Medicine
  178. ceramide
  179. What is tendency?
  180. Descarte's Error: Thinking, Reason, and Emotion
  181. Fallacies in the arguments used to support primarily genetic causation of ADHD.
  182. Does parenting matter?
  183. What is the opposite of "doing"?
  184. All people have ADD traits.
  185. Add
  186. "A real play-master" -Prof Panksepp
  187. more proof that high IQ doesnt mean no ADHD
  188. Open Science & Philosophical Discussion Forum Guidelines
  189. question about neuroplasticity /neurology
  190. Impairment = Fish Who Can't Climb Trees
  191. Interpreting Language Within the Forum, and Life
  192. Is there any proof that ADHDers are not more creative?
  193. Conscience - The separation of innate vs learned
  194. Looking at ADD and PLAY the Darwinian Way.
  195. all illness and disease is stress-related
  196. ADHD and Animals (Split from Can PLAY Diminish ADHD)
  197. Meds, Sugar, Dentisty, etc. (Split from PLAY and the Social Brain thread)
  198. What do you "think in"?
  199. Feel and think ?
  200. Attention, emotion and the autonomic nervous system
  201. Integrative management of ADHD
  202. Academia, Autodidacts, consensus reality,- and flourishing with ADHD
  203. Do you believe in karma?
  204. Evil People Are Proactive
  205. Periaqueductal gray region of the brain.
  206. Autonomic Nervous system, the Upper Cervical Spine and Alzheimer's Disease
  207. No such thing as 'importance'
  208. Accuracy of Mathematical Models in Science (Split from Science Behaving Badly)
  209. Variations of "no"
  210. Define 'me' (not me 'Ocyan' ; me 'me' - the concept)
  211. Crime
  212. Open discussion of Brain Development (Split from Brain development)
  213. Procrastination, Its Root, Why We Use Tasks
  214. The Utility of Diagnostic Labels in Mental Health
  215. What is freedom ?
  216. Life... is... b e a... utiful - and my brain hurts
  217. Abstract
  218. Brain Maturity From Ground-Up
  219. The importance of music
  220. ADHD and balance. Old Models of ADHD
  221. Not sure if appropriate place for this topic, but my philosophy
  222. D.A.M.P. and its correlation with other syndromes
  223. "a short history of the seeking system"
  224. Which brain hemisphere is the hypothalamic clock located in?
  225. "the seeking system and a sense of time"
  226. Astrology / Chinese signs
  227. Is the SEEKING system, the pancreas of the brain?
  228. Genetics and AD/HD possibly SCT? may be wrong forum
  229. How do we know the ADHD data?
  230. What gender do you identify with?
  231. Sensory distortion, sensory defensiveness and ADHD
  232. A Tree Brain
  233. My view of Reality is a mere point of view
  234. Questioning Life
  235. "..happy music played to the left ear...tends to increase body temperature"
  236. My Cycle of Life
  237. Many will disagree with this but...
  238. In your opinion, are human basic emotions natural?
  239. Alternate Realities Running in Your Head
  240. ADHD linked to physical abuse
  241. Stress,Parenting,Genes,Epigenes,Aetiology... (Split from Physical Abuse thread)
  242. Temple Grandin (movie)
  243. Eustress and ADHD
  244. Seeing in pictures...Hearing in _________?
  245. Psychiatric 'disorders' are good ;)
  246. Hormones and neurotransmitters, cognition, behavior
  247. The Peanut Butterfly Effect
  248. ADDERS - A Decidedly Different Exemplary Reward System
  249. The media's disrespect for individualistic imperfectionism
  250. Personality disorders?