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  1. "Epigenetics in Developmental Disorder: ADHD and Endophenotypes"
  2. Theories On...
  3. Lack of self discipline, but hardcore vegan?
  4. ADHD symptoms- everybody has some
  5. Brain development and crawling.
  6. Reconsolidation.
  7. "Not Everything You Read on the Internet is True" Argument
  8. Genetics and Primary Emotions in ADHD Development (genetic factors only)
  9. Proposed modification to DSM VI
  10. What is Normal?
  11. me focus
  12. adhd and autism related
  13. List of environmental causes of ADHD
  14. List of known epigenetic/hereditary associated with ADHD.
  15. Pink Noise Vs White Noise
  16. I can help, in the cure/help for ADHD.
  17. The horrible feeling ... [and the 'cure' for cancer]
  18. Is there a mild form of ADHD?
  19. Beyond Impulsivity: Behavioural Disinhibition in ADHD
  20. Is ADHD a pre-requisite for PTSD?
  21. ADD ADHD Treatment Breakthrough? New Research May Mean Yes.
  22. anyone want a challenge? link between ADHD & Ehlers-Danlos
  23. Comparing Animal Emotion as discussion for Treatment of ADHD
  24. Trauma- intergenerational epigenetic effects.
  25. How nutrition affects epigenetics (split from epigenetics thread)
  26. what should human beings pay attention/motivation to ?
  27. Is Mononucleosis Causing ADD/ADHD?
  28. Oxycodone
  29. Psychological Distress and Psychological Development
  30. Starvation
  31. Your Weight. (People formally diagnosed with ADHD only please)
  32. What is a stressor?
  33. The history of ADHD
  34. 85% of People Are Brain Injured
  35. The feminist considers gene vs environment
  36. Epigenetic mechanisms, factors and processes..
  37. adhd and the immune system
  38. Drumming and attention.
  39. Valproic acid (HDACi) / Ketosis improves learning !
  40. Apollonian and Dionysian
  41. Never ending nurture
  42. ADHD and exercise
  43. One hemisphere, one arm, one leg..
  44. "LUST and the SEEKING system"
  45. Treat Symptoms or Treat Diagnoses?
  46. Technology to help save the world?
  47. Will Genetic Engineering Eliminate the ADHD genes?
  48. The Cuckoo
  49. How to "spin" the result of a scientific study
  50. Why there can't be nothing after death
  51. Medicinal and non-medicinal options?
  52. Science as Defacement of Reason
  53. Where did the first molecule or wave of energy come from?
  54. What is Attachment and Attunement?
  55. ADHD science or nonsense challenge!
  56. Predisposition or Predisposition/Environment or Environment
  57. Does the nature of consciousness have the experience of ADHD?
  58. Procrastination
  59. Attraction to Fear
  60. (Higher) Love between mand and woman
  61. Heredity and Environment
  62. If we didn't have the 7 unconditioned emotional response systems
  63. Biohacking ADD via amphetamines
  64. What is the difference between Heredity and Genetic?
  65. Back pain
  66. Something that happened. vs Something that is going to happen.
  67. To seek a perpetual summer vibe
  68. Asthma -> Diabetes -> ADHD (just 1 basic condition)
  69. The connections game
  70. Discussing personal differences/experiences, without denouncing ADHD?
  71. Neuromodulation
  72. The Sixth Dimension, multiverse & flatlanders
  73. Pair bonding in man
  74. fatty fat fat
  75. Greed is Good
  76. basic unconditioned emotional response systems
  77. What do we need to have a positive mental attitude ?
  78. Development of regulation begins in the brain stem area
  79. Where does the FEAR response system originate in the brain?
  80. "Primary impulses, not easily described in words.."
  81. A proposed model of the aetiology of ADHD
  82. Were you born at age 4?
  83. SB_UK, What is completion of mind?
  84. What is ADHD ?
  85. Barkley and other experts
  86. Neurodevelopment and emotion from 0-4 years
  87. Gum disease - Inflammation - Anxiety
  88. Do you have game ? And if you could ...
  89. Is having adhd a deficit?
  90. Do all adhders have divergent minds
  91. Genetics, Genomics
  92. Seeking, want and drive (Split from thread "want is not drive")
  93. Unregulated Raw Emotions and ADHD
  94. Emotions and Words
  95. Off Topic Split from Emotions and Words
  96. personality disorders in parents of add
  97. What is the opposite of a personality disorder?
  98. Cervical Malalignment and the reality hologram.
  99. Gabor Mate video - 2 minutes in length
  100. Link Between ADHD and Genetic Mutations
  101. what I really want
  102. What is behaviour?
  103. Parkinson's Disease and ADHD
  104. RAGE (fight) and FEAR (flight) response systems?
  105. What is Preverbal Communication
  106. Can we have cognition without emotion?
  107. Emotion, Stress and Emotional Stress.
  108. Do dogs have affective consciousness?
  109. connect the dots
  110. Behavior Therapy
  111. The next evolutionary jump for man
  112. ADHD & creativity? less D2 receptors in the head?
  113. What is the opposite of FEAR?
  114. Oliver Sacks and neuroplasticity.
  115. FEARless?
  116. The Tyranny of Normal
  117. How do you feel about GMO's?
  118. Hyper focus and newest research
  119. Clinician's Illusion in 150 words or less?
  120. goodGRIEF
  121. Types of ADHD medication and types of pain?
  122. How to point out someone's prejudice and discrimination without ticking them off?
  123. What do you think about environment shaping development?
  124. Primary Emotional Response Systems (Serious discussion split from Fun & Games thread)
  125. Serving your own self-interest and selfishness
  126. Somatic and visceral consciousness
  127. Could we learn or remember without unconditioned response systems?
  128. Fraudulent Research and Such
  129. Environmental factors in the etiology of ADHD(split from safety of stimulants thread)
  130. What is a reward system?
  131. How do we know for sure a child has ADHD at age 4?
  132. Malaria
  133. Possible association between Alzheimers and Parkinson's
  134. Ages and Stages
  135. Healthcare providers operating under preconceived bias
  136. The industry profits behind ADHD
  137. Alternate Reality Theory of Mental Health
  138. Sensitivity, PNS, fibromyalgia
  139. ADHD : glutamate / glutamine imbalance
  140. Catching and Throwing?
  141. Are trigger warnings always a good idea?
  142. Why do humans pet pets?
  143. Whats the organic reason behind restlessness
  144. Coincidences do not 'logically' not exist, the concept simple doesn't exist
  145. effects of ADHD medications on emotional-affects.
  146. We are light blubz
  147. I think I understand up until the 9th dimensions
  148. How important is the truth to you?
  149. unconditioned PLAY response system and conditioned play
  150. Doubts about chemical causes of mental disorders
  151. What is the opposite of a bad feeling?
  152. Mindset. fixed vs growth and ADHD.
  153. Is ADHD medication addictive?
  154. v.I Mind v.II transition
  155. What is the evidence for ADD and for the effectiveness/safety of meds
  156. What were you thinking about in the last 10 minutes ? (before reading addf)
  157. "Bottom Up Thinking" (Temple Grandin)
  158. Can our brains turn off? Literally.
  159. Stress and glucocorticoids promote oligodendrogenesis in the adult hippocampus
  160. Freedom is be taken
  161. Emotions and Attention
  162. Hallucinations and impairments?
  163. Do I have it figured all out?
  164. Evolutionary Endpoint
  165. Why do people post about their feelings, but are not..
  166. Abusive behavior and its relationship (or lack thereof) to mental disorders.
  167. Society abusing 'maturity' for seriousness
  168. Why Most Published Research Findings Are False
  169. is not having ADHD genetic
  170. What does a fully developed brain feel like?
  171. "emotional nurturance is an absolute requirement"
  172. Why is it that ADHD affects brain development differently depending on a person's IQ
  173. Psychopathy
  174. Random questions about genetics?
  175. mental and emotional bodies
  176. Do dreams matter?
  177. Controversial thinking without rules
  178. broccoli addiction
  179. Opposite of love of (addictive substance) is ... ....
  180. Do you have.. -Normal AD(H)D..
  181. emotional and physical?
  182. Paradoxical effect of stimulants in ADHD
  183. possibly links with mental illness and creativity
  184. What is a temperament? (in general)
  185. How do we know dogs feel..
  186. Conformity adulthood brainwashing
  187. Recipes for ADHD origin and ADHD treatment.
  188. Highly Sensitive People
  189. What can we say about the human mind ?
  190. Why always need others to agree ?
  191. PsychoNeuroImmunology
  192. Low-carb diets, fasting and euphoria: link between ketosis BHB and GHB
  193. prevent and/or lessen the severity of ADHD
  194. My reply to Blahh on a medical journal finding
  195. public awareness of the critical period of development and ADHD
  196. Placebo Affect
  197. Nature And Nurture
  198. How do you feel about vaccines?
  199. How does time sense, self-regulation and self-motivation develop?
  200. types of rewards?
  201. Are your pet(s) conscious?
  202. Stimulants & understanding “the true nature of reality” (and related stuff)
  203. What if it's not ADHD, what if it's not a dopamine/norepinephrine deficit?
  204. Are young children conscious?
  205. lessening and preventing? worsening and causing?
  206. Emotions regulate EF or EF regulate emotions?
  207. how does accommodating emotional circumstances during the first few years of life..
  208. Sexual preference and AD(H)D?
  209. Underaroused vs. overaroused parasympathetic nervous system
  210. Do all newborn babies express the same crying sound?
  211. Why did my ADHD not mature?
  212. If aliens ...
  213. How do babies learn to remember their mothers?
  214. Are there neurotypical dogs? Dog mental health conditions?
  215. Emotionally Depressed and Emotionally Distressed
  216. Is it best for me to stop labelling myself as ADHD?
  217. Provide your preferred mechanism underlying ADHD here.
  218. Feelings' regulate thoughts', and thoughts' regulate feelings'.
  219. adrenalineepinephrine
  220. An open discussion about moods.
  221. mild, moderate and severe deficits of self-regulation (aka, ADHD)
  222. Name two types of treatment for deficits of self-regulation
  223. Support for distressed maternal regulator(s) and their children?
  224. Why can't a one year old human read, said the fisherman.
  225. Philosophy in my head
  226. Does Nicotine cause premature aging or does smoking?
  227. .."doing what you know."
  228. Can You Trust What You Read on the Internet?
  229. does lack of drive have anything to do with hormonal imbalance?
  230. Do you consider your external environment as part of your body?
  231. Upregulating Dopamine Receptors Via Microdosing
  232. Why diagnosis is on the rise, and why it will get higher.
  233. Affective executive functions and cognitive executive functions?
  234. The neurophysiology of "free will", the truine brain and Phineas Gage
  235. ADHD: The Edison Gene
  236. Heredity question
  237. What is a temperament?
  238. ADHD basis - ongoing speciation event
  239. Genetic, Risk and Worsening Neurodevelopmental Factors
  240. Can someone PLEASE explain how adoption twin studies rule out distresses of adoption?
  241. Question: if I took the same genetic tests every year..?
  242. Is ADD/ADHD a form of brain damage? Lacunar Amnesia
  243. When the father is distressed the child is distressed.
  244. Similarities inbetween female-male mammalian brains', in general.
  245. I wonder how much of our problems are from surgery or anesthesia
  246. Is there a unit of cognitive effort ?
  247. Unconditioned emotional response system and comorbidities.
  248. How is auditory attention evaluated ?
  249. Das Kind Experiment
  250. Early onset ADHD