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  1. Funny distribution of concerns across the globe
  2. How long will it take to pass all those boring 5-7 stages of grief ?
  3. Is the alfa/beta human male concept rooted in science ?
  4. Amphetamine and Pain: pain reception dysfunction and psychopathology
  5. Is AD(H)D always a morbidity of a mood disorder?
  6. Ideas for updates to future versions of the DSM.
  7. Mild AD(H)D, Moderate AD(H)D and Severe AD(H)D
  8. I think ADHD inattentive and SCT are the same.
  9. What are thoughts, scientifically?
  10. Is language instinctual or learned?
  11. ADHD temperaments do not experience "normal" emotions
  12. Emotional motivation and Emotional self-motivation?
  13. What is your definition of emotion?
  14. Involuntary Motivation
  15. Mechanisms driving ADHD symptoms Part 1- orthostatic intolerance.
  16. How many ways is there to acquire ADHD?
  17. discussion of toxins/epigenetics split from parenting thread
  18. Focusing on primitive instinctual emotional behaviors.
  19. Are We Wired Differently?
  20. So what's up with the inconsistent ADHD statistics?
  21. Can being impulsive make you a Machiavellist?
  22. Types of research used to determine possible causes of ADHD?
  23. What is inborn about ADHD in your opinion?
  24. When does ADHD emerge?
  25. What # of things does the development of self regulation depends on?
  26. Hypoactive (ADHD-I) and Hyperactive (ADHD-H/I)
  27. What causes bottom up hypoactive dopaminergic systems?
  28. What genetic factors are missing in these analyses of SCT and DSM-IV ADHD?
  29. What are executive functions?
  30. Is ADHD strictly related to the production of/ lack of/ too much of Dopamine?
  31. Landing A Lander Module On A Comet and Deep Brain Exploration
  32. Genetics of ADHD presentation?
  33. Question about % of Population with ADHD
  34. "A New Goal: Aim to Be Less Wrong"
  35. relationship hyper focus
  36. Is hyperactivity a separate disorder?
  37. Butterflies in the stomach
  38. Emotional Regulation and Regulation Of Emotions.
  39. Stephen Hawking
  40. environmental factors that cause AD(H)D.
  41. Is cognition physical?
  42. If I was cloned, would my clone have moderate AD(H)D-PI?
  43. Attention Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder
  44. Physiology of: Fear vs Anxiety vs Depression and Role of Neurotransmitters
  45. What is attention?
  46. How do you accept that you're mentally ill?
  47. ADHD and creativity
  48. All disease is preventable
  49. Diabetes and Obesity