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  1. The need for "others" involvement
  2. The ADHD/Autism connection
  3. The ADHD are Literal because:
  4. Why are ADHD poor planners?
  5. ADHD and genetics: research progress
  6. dopa and ADHD
  7. Philosophical ADD discussion - hereditary, environment, do we really have choices?
  8. What is ADD (AD/HD)? Why does it exist?
  9. Part 2 What is ADD (AD/HD)? Why does it exist?
  10. What is ADHD? part3 (the simplified contextual mind model)
  11. Is Inattentive AD/HD Really Another Type of Disorder?
  12. Dr. Peter Breggin - one stop shopping
  13. Does ADD/ADHD ever "go away"?
  14. "Meta minds" and ADD
  15. Brain Cells Linked To Choice News Article - AD/HD related?
  16. Executive Functions - finally in the lime light
  17. Split from OMG, ADD cures- Empirical chaos vs. Gestalt confusion
  18. Is ADHD so severe?
  19. DRD4-exon III gene polymorphism
  20. learning style poll
  21. Big Bang
  22. ADDers Save the world
  23. Some Things I've Been Thinking About
  24. Hundreth Monkey - Your thoughts?
  25. No Line
  26. what causes the stimulation of stimulants (amphetamines)
  27. The Laws of Energy MUST be changed!!!
  28. Are rx treatments different for ADHD v ADD?
  29. Question about Adderall & Wellbutrin & the Cytochrome P450 2D6 (CYP2D6)
  30. a poll on dyspraxia dysleixa trotttes add adhd ocd others
  31. Adders, and bloodflow in the brain (Brain Trainer for nintendo DS)?
  32. Neurotransmitter questions
  33. {{{ADD}}} ... Life, the Universe and Everything
  34. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  35. Executive Function – what is it?
  36. Robert M. Pirsig, can have more than one working hypothesis
  37. ADD increases risk of gluteal hair growth
  38. amphetamine and hearing.
  39. On Amphetamine Sensitisation
  40. Magnetism Is What Is the Imbalance (maybe?
  41. Does anyone suffer from shingles????heck i do
  42. Cause of ADHD lack of focus?
  43. Since it is a fact that ADD is not a "disorder" when will they change the name?
  44. Low brainwaves but consciouss?
  45. Does ADD even exist?
  46. Can a normal people develop ADD?
  47. Amphetamines - They're using it for everything now lol
  48. could ADD be evolution?
  49. Reality and reality.
  50. I've tried to rationalize some aspects of my ADD
  51. Cerebellar stimulation??
  52. Memorys
  53. Gatorade
  54. Rebooting your brain
  55. Introversion/Extraversion link with ADHD/ADD?
  56. Evolution, AD/HD, and Logical Structures in the Brain
  57. Should ADHD be split into different disorders?
  58. Nocturnal
  59. ADD Psychology Vs. Normal Psychology
  60. Savants and ADD
  61. Celebrate! Adhd
  62. Just a Question
  63. Natural Selection: ADD
  64. Physics
  65. Description Of ADD vs. ADHD
  66. Oh Goody!
  67. the "fainting goat" effect?
  68. Ever tried chewing on cloves?
  69. Taking L-Tyrosine to increase Dopamine when meds stop working
  70. Bored ADD
  71. Seeing the future
  72. Testosterone
  73. creative?
  74. Stimulating Hippocampal Growth
  75. Is there a link between ADHD and Autism?
  76. Learning the Scientific Language
  77. {{{ADD}}} ... A Hitchhiker's Guide to Fishmongers
  78. Does difficult labor cause ADD?
  79. Does the sun really shine?
  80. the theory of trauma effect??
  81. The separation of this, from that.
  82. Time
  83. Corticol Hypoarousal
  84. A D D
  85. Thoughts on ADD and the prefrontal cortex
  86. The biggest questions ever asked ... answered.
  87. Still having a problem with time...
  88. The study of EXERCISE do it or not..
  89. Is there a genetic test for ADHD?
  90. Zen, ADD, and Neuroscience
  91. Space/Time
  92. Environmental Remediation Services
  93. A pointer to pi : A reference to 2x2x2x2
  94. HooahMSII was right ...
  95. Glucose?
  96. The Pear Proposition & Global Consciousness
  97. Time Analysis of Medication
  98. Specificity of the Prefrontal Cortex
  99. Sensory deprivation.
  100. Study: ADHD affects adult women more than men
  101. Knowledge: a true drug?
  102. Adrenaline
  103. Caesarean section and consequences
  104. quantum theories of thought process
  105. Synaptic Transmission
  106. Fred Baughman
  107. Dull jobs really do numb the mind: brain scan
  108. Therapeutic interventions for ADHD
  109. Iron Deficiency Anemia
  110. Is Add A Mental Illness????
  111. Study: ADHD Gene Doesn't Predict Response to Drugs
  112. My Amateur Musings and Pet Theories
  113. The Nature of the Self as a Factor in ADHD and Asperger's
  114. Indirect/secondary symptoms...;)
  115. Scientific name for this?
  116. Visions from the Fiered fjord Forge
  117. Dr. Adler Interview (audio file) Primary Doc VS Reality
  118. Theory as to why my brain reacts oddly to stimulants
  119. Nature & The Golden Mean - Time to Make Nice
  120. College students interested in ADHD research?
  121. Testing your neurotransmitter levels to find the perfect medication
  122. The Mechanics of Otherwordly Intelligence
  123. ADD and bedwetting
  124. Scientifically testing the marginal benafits of different med lvls
  125. Mechanism of Stimulant-induced anxiety
  126. Hunter vs Farmer Trait Theory
  127. Drug interactions with supplements
  128. Brain audiology 'listening buffer'
  129. Meds are not working for me!! Has there been research for a protocal when this......
  130. ADHD and IQ Is there a connection ?
  131. Comorbid or causally linked>
  132. using narcalepsy drugs for ADHD? anyone else?
  133. Benafits to studying in the cold?
  134. Lifetime Career Goal: An ADHD Centered Hospital
  135. need some IDEAS!
  136. egalitarianism and ableism
  137. Participating in a study
  138. May depression/anxiety evoked ADD/ADHD or the other way around?
  139. Is Psychotherapy Anti-Science?
  140. Lack of timing in the brain responsible for ADHD?
  141. Interstitial Cystitis is it related to ADD any one?
  142. ADHD: is it real?
  143. SSRI induced ADHD?
  144. ADHD: is it real part Deux
  145. Inductive reasoning
  146. is it possible to develop the chemical imbalance that is associated with ADHD?
  147. Neurobiofeedback
  148. The Postmodern Quadra Religio-Bio-Psycho-Socio Model
  149. ARGH!! Is ADHD Real??
  150. Philosophical questions about ADD and personality
  151. My attempt at a "unifying field theorem" for ADHD.
  152. anyone know about nuclear brain Spect imaging for adhd?
  153. More Fun With The DSM-IV
  154. What ADD/ADHD actually is and how it is produced by our society
  155. What is effort?
  156. Is 'thee' Earth growing up?
  157. ADHD and Vision
  158. ADHD False?
  159. Refute this please.
  160. Telepathy-Effected by a thought outside of the box.
  161. What do the Neurologists think?
  162. ADD and the edge of chaos
  163. The nature of attention
  164. Measuring Working Memory
  165. A thought about homeopathy
  166. Brain development + language acquisition * development + ADD = ???
  167. Am I on to something here?
  168. ITT do your research for you part II: Research questions
  169. ITT I do your research for you.
  170. Is ADHD hereditary?
  171. Does the severity of AD(H)D lessen with early diagnoses
  172. A Research Proposition
  173. Functional Brain Imaging
  174. neurotransmitter testing
  175. A proposed new question to add to the DSM criteria.
  176. Establishing truth
  177. Thanks KMiller, Ask KMiller Thread
  178. Dementia
  179. Intervention theory
  180. Unique symptoms with ADD & AD/HD?
  181. Brain scans without any prior medication?
  182. ADHD is "Caused" by OCD?
  183. Left and right brain.
  184. Are drugs turning mild conditions into chronic disabilities?
  185. ADD - A disorder or just a minority group that doesnt fit the standards of society?
  186. Ok so I am supposed to have this 'ADD', but this so called disease is a myth
  187. Congenital addiction
  188. Body beating after exercise...
  189. EGb
  190. Executive dysfunction vs. ADHD
  191. Herbicide & Pesticide
  192. Biological or social?
  193. Fish Oil, and a call for research subjects:
  194. We move they change-every two years/Cycles and syncronisation-ad/hd/nt brain's'
  195. Question about Brain, Kidney, Fight or Flight.
  196. Hypo-focus
  197. Focus in eyes
  198. ADHD vs ADD (ADHD-PI)
  199. Living & Motivation~Scientific-Method~Will~Monetary-Based-Economy
  200. Scientific Method
  201. Aderall the smart pill
  202. Souding off on the Contrarian viewpoint
  203. Science and what it is or is not?
  204. Would completing a self regulation survey improve self-regulation?
  205. Intention and positive thinking
  206. Hyperprocrastination
  207. What is mental?
  208. Considering alternative treatments? What’s The Harm?
  209. ADHD, NT and Statistics
  210. Interview for College Paper
  211. Free Will -- Fruit Flies Have It.
  212. Genotyping
  213. What is the Science behind pacing?
  214. Pacing Clockwise=Letters, Counterclockwise=numbers
  215. What do you think psychopaths are, ill or evil ?
  216. Genograph
  217. Obsessions and Executive Function
  218. Are there dopamine release agents that don't interfere with VMAT-2?
  219. Medical Misadventure
  220. Risks of medicating:
  221. What do you feel is the most important approach to Psychology, Dx, and Mental Health?
  222. Thoughts on brainwave entrainment?
  223. All over the places IQ because of ADHD? An irony to the meaning of "intelligent"?
  224. A powerful logical refutation of the genetic causation of ADHD.
  225. Anybody want to discuss Epigentics?
  226. Science and ADHD?
  227. Left brain/right brain personalities?
  228. The Dangers of The Medical Industrial Complex.
  229. emotional intelligence
  230. Qeeg
  231. just saying....
  232. Physical Pain tolerances
  233. Evolution
  234. The Shamatha Project
  235. "I Think I Might be Going Crazy": Book Idea
  236. Neural Darwinism and the development of ADHD
  237. ADHD and the human retina (eye).
  238. PSA: "Neuroethics News Roundup"
  239. Adoption and Twin Study Fallacies by Author Gabor Mate M.D.
  240. Who is Dr.Gabor Mate?
  241. The art of mindfulness
  242. No Evidence ADHD Meds Increase Cardiovascular Risk
  243. It Ain't Over Till It's Over:Unconditional Positive Regard by Gabor Mate M.D.
  244. Is ADHD polygenitic? What evidence for this?
  245. Nicotine, ADHD and Addiction Science
  246. Forgetting to Rememeber the Future by Gabor Mate M.D.
  247. Reason why we can run longer?
  248. Dr.Gabor Mate, Neuropsychology and Psychosocial Treatments
  249. International consensus statement on adhd(L E T T E R S T O T H E E D I T O R)2002
  250. What are the differences between ADHD Spectrum and RAD Spectrum ?