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  1. ADHD and Schizophrenia, both on disinhibition spectrum?
  2. Confounding (contrary) evidence in Psychiatric Method
  3. High Dopamine Transporter Levels Not Correlated With ADHD
  4. The Bio-psycho-social Model
  5. Evidence of Flueroescent Light Fing us up!
  6. Deferred Gratification and ADD (place thoughts/references here)
  7. Impact of higher prevalence of ADHD on South American, Jamaican, and Thai societies?
  8. Non-Verbal Communication
  9. ADHD, ODD, Dopamine, Genes and Smoking‏
  10. Major Life Activity and Health outcomes associated with ADHD
  11. ADHD disorder, self-regulation, and time: toward a more comprehensive theory
  12. ADD and Synesthesia?
  13. NYT article on attention
  14. "Private Life of the Brain"
  15. ADHD and motor issues:
  16. Neuroimaging-does it point to solid "disease states"
  17. Scientific Articles
  18. Interesting article in the ADHD Report
  19. Phrase Of The Day: 'Post-Traumatic Embitterment'
  20. Doctors and Patients: Science vs. Experience
  21. Testing actual ability to function on meds
  22. ADHD and Knowledge Acquisition
  23. Emotional Energy
  24. April 09 Report of the DSM-V ADHD Working Group
  25. Do ADHD Drugs Take a Toll on the Brain?
  26. ADHD Genes found
  27. ADHD: Underdiagnosed and Undermedicated?
  28. Reason for Apparent Working Memory Deficit ih=n ADHD
  29. You Thought Generic Adderall Scary?
  30. Here Is Some More Generic Imports
  31. Metyhlphenidate- mechanism of action- abstract
  32. Russell Barkley seems confused
  33. ADHD Tied to Brain's Reward Pathway (Study)
  34. Science breakthrough
  35. Persistence of ADHD into Adulthood
  36. Working memory - deficit- or just overloaded?
  37. ADHD and suicidality
  38. Individual differences in amphetamine effect on working memory.
  39. Understanding the therapeutic window...
  40. St. Johns Wart
  41. Another Research Question Re: Hyperactive versus Inattentive ADHD
  42. A scientific model for learning how to generalise our preexisting focus skills.
  43. personality type falsification
  44. Science and Definitions
  45. Towards a formal definition of hyper-focus
  46. Alternative Treatments and the Placebo Effect
  47. OROS mph inefficient?
  48. The evolutionary advantage of ADHD
  49. Draft ADHD Guidelines in Australia
  50. Have you been diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome?
  51. ADD,:Concerta, SNRI,?about norepinephrine and ADD on science level
  52. On things ADHD
  53. Therapy Techniques: Science vs. Experience
  54. medical basis for behavioral symptoms
  55. Lead and ADHD
  56. ADHD and immune system
  57. Why amphetamines work for ADHD.
  58. Cattell IQ test vs Binnet
  59. ADHD and creativity
  60. Is this the best that science has to proffer?
  61. playing music and ADHD
  62. Are There Any Articles About Higher Dosage Use of Dexedrine for Adult ADD ?
  63. Low Dopamine states- Good or Bad
  64. Scientific evidence of advantage
  65. 'Free will is an illusion, biologist says'
  66. NVLD and the DSM-V
  67. Faulty Circuits
  68. High IQ no help to those with ADHD.
  69. Myths debunking myths: an inconvenient truths
  70. Journal of clinical psychiatry- add/adhd with anxiety
  71. Is this real? Adrenal fatigue and stimulants
  72. Autism Video
  73. Curious about your DNA?
  74. Implicit learning and ADHD
  75. Mixed handedness study
  76. Article on ADHD in adults
  77. Genetic testing: Any thoughts on genotype profiling by 23andMe for ADHD?
  78. Socioeconomic Status and the Brain
  79. Barkley: it's often NOT genetic & hyperfocus a myth
  80. Long-Lasting Psychotomimetic Consequences of Repeated Low-Dose Amphetamine...
  81. Caffeine improves short-term memory
  82. Signs of hope?
  83. Interesting research (possibly more interesting to us Aspie's)
  84. Dysrationalia?
  85. Executive Function Impairments, degree of severity of ADHD?
  86. add in different races?
  87. New Research, Pesticides
  88. The 'H' in adhd
  89. Thalamus in PI/C/PH types, medicated/unmedicated
  90. Similar Genetics in ADHD, Autism, and Schizophrenia
  91. ADHD and Asthma...
  92. Forsips and MBD
  93. Mental/Psych Health & Immune System linked
  94. PTSD and beta blockers
  95. ADHD voice pattern study in germany
  96. Fun With Toxoplasma.
  97. Diseased thinking dissolved
  98. 5ht2a agonists for adhd
  99. Neurobiofeedback confirmed effective in ADHD
  100. The definition of ADHD
  101. N-back experiment
  102. A bitty study on Dopamine and Impulsivity
  103. deoxyryote and adhd?
  104. Our Brains have not evolved. . .
  105. How are they measuring the neurochemicals?
  106. A biological correlate of "dissociation" in ADHD
  107. The Highly Sensitive Person.
  108. CBT vs. medication REDUX
  109. ADD - Low Dopamine or Low Dopamine Density?
  110. ADD in different populations. . .
  111. Great Article on Neuroplasticity and TM!
  112. The apparent solidity of the materialist view of the world.
  113. How chronobiology can affect ADD symptoms
  114. Rare chromosomal deletions and duplications in ADHD
  115. Update on the DSM-V:field trials
  116. Dr Richard Silberstein
  117. NYT article on Neurofeedback
  118. Publication Bias as a confounding variable in assessing scientific data.
  119. Are people with ADHD evolutionary throwbacks? New perspectives.
  120. Hunter Farmer Model Misrepresented by Russell Barkely
  121. Barkley direct on ADHD as gift
  122. Scientific evidence for the Power of Positive THinking
  123. Empowerment for ADHD within the neurobiological disorder model
  124. good reading
  125. Back 2 the Genome
  126. Cognitive Decline and Brain Damage: A Potential Long-Term Side Effect To Psych Meds
  127. Electric current to the brain 'boosts maths ability'
  128. "Increasing Prevalence of Parent-Reported ADHD Among Children, U.S., 2003 & 2007"
  129. ADHD and Obesity
  130. ADHD - Gift or Disease?
  131. First direct evidence that ADHD is a genetic disorder.
  132. Changing Education Paradigms
  133. Medscape Newsletters
  134. Creativity and ADHD may share some common genetics
  135. The Causes of Common Diseases are Not Genetic Concludes a New Analysis
  136. Article on the adolescent brain
  137. Synapse Protein hyperbole
  138. The Psychology of ADHD Management.
  139. Phentermine vs. Conventional Meds - Scientific Approach
  140. Inside the Battle to Define Mental Illness
  141. Clinical discretion, or, why you should put down the DSM.
  142. Reverse tolerance from amphetamines?
  143. Human Brain Development and AD(H)D
  144. Amphetamines and working memory decline
  145. Ted Talk on The Power of Vulnerability
  146. What exactly is attention? A discussion of terminology.
  147. Genetics and Friendships
  148. ADHD & Genetic Heritage
  149. Best way to prevent Adderall neurotoxicity - take it w/ Ritalin!
  150. Research in Educational Strategies
  151. GAbor Mate on environmental elements in the causation of ADHD
  152. ADHD and gene deletions
  153. Misrepresentation of Neuroscience Data Might Give Rise to Misleading Conclusions in t
  154. The dopaminergic hypothesis of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder needs re-exam
  155. Physical Appearance connected to ADHD-I? Why?
  156. Random Musing: ADD versus NT Experience of Time
  157. The role of executive function and attention in gait.
  158. AWFUL hypomania-gifter article
  159. ADHD drugs and Spinal Cord injury?
  160. Behavioral Evolution - Robert Sapolsky Lecture(s)
  161. Inside The Bullied Brain: The Alarming Neuroscience of Taunting
  162. Prefrontal cowlicks and phenotypic variation in White males with ADHD
  163. The Assumptions Underlying our Science and Medicine
  164. John J. Ratey speaks on the benefits of exercise.
  165. Discussion on Gabor Mate
  166. Need access to German academic databases
  167. Dexedrine linked to Parkinsons?
  168. Evidence for genetic basis for ADD
  169. Neurogenesis as Foundation for Treatment
  170. Creativity and ADHD- some more scientific evidence.
  171. Amino Acid Experiment.
  172. Basal Ganglia smaller with ADHD
  173. Researchers and the development of better meds
  174. Gene Therapy
  175. Seasonal Allergies Affect ADHD
  176. ADHD Symptoms and Dietary Connections
  177. Can you build a better brain?
  178. Differences in ADHD and Inattentive ADHD (ADD) Disorders
  179. Ergoloid Mesylates
  180. Why Almost Everything You Hear About Medicine Is Wrong
  181. Publication bias in Medicine
  182. ADD as a Sleep Disorder
  183. Neurological Materialism
  184. DSM-5 Revisions Update
  185. Easily distracted people have too much brain
  186. ADHD and Human Evolution
  187. ADHD linked to maternal stress in pregnancy
  188. Epigenetics - key concepts for consideration.
  189. MIndfulness research link
  190. We need to go deeper, and further back in time.
  191. Evidence of ADHD: an objective genome-wide analysis
  192. About Environmental Impact as a Factor
  193. No Increase in Severe Cardiovascular Events for Children, Adolescents Taking ADHD Med
  194. Single brain injection 'can ease symptoms' of Parkinson's in test breakthrough
  195. Article on incident rate of developmental disorders
  196. Description of boskop man
  197. Interesting article on Autism as advantage
  198. Brain Imaging Study ADHD Detects Brain Differences Linked To Symptoms
  199. ADHD and Sleep Disorders
  200. fMRI shows differences between BP and ADD.
  201. The Vulnerability Hypothesis of Genetics
  202. Differential Susceptibility in Early Literacy Instruction Through Computer Games: The
  203. The holy grail for ADHD - BDNF and neurogenesis
  204. Video gaming and education
  205. Changes in Cortical Dopamine D1 Receptor Binding Associated with Cognitive Training
  206. The Brain on Trial
  207. Learning styles
  208. CBT for ADHD
  209. Polyvagal theory- Orienting in a defensive world
  210. SCT sans ADHD
  211. Genes and risk factors in ADHD
  212. neural mechanisms beneath social and emotional intelligence
  213. Neurological Deficits in ADHD- what do they mean, and what is their prognosis?
  214. Psychology and Equation for Procrastination
  215. Does second hand smoke increase the risk of ADHD?
  216. Dopamine, ADD and toxoplasmosis
  217. Ketamine and Major Depressive Disorder.
  218. In Defence of antidepressants
  219. But is it Science?
  220. The adoption of new views within a community
  221. ADHD associated with Western Diatary Patterns
  222. any info on Cathinone in regards to ADHD treatment?
  223. article about vitamins and memory
  224. New(ish) imaging article regarding brain development and ADHD
  225. Sci Am article on fewer psychiatric drugs in the future
  226. Interhemispheric brain function and dysfunction
  227. How You Can Change Your Brain
  228. article from NYtimes about autisim
  229. Study Finds New ADHD Genes - links to autism.
  230. Dopamine and The Highly Sensitive Person
  231. Decision Fatigue: fascinating article
  232. Australians PLEASE READ!!! PERHAPS LACK OF ability to discuss SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IN
  233. Latest updates on Amen
  234. ADHD - Personality or Disorder? Or does the two exist?
  235. Pycnogenol helps ADHD
  236. Early references to ADHD
  237. From Medscape Medical News > Psychiatry 'Brain Fitness' Program Improves Memory
  238. Is ADHD a valid diagnosis in adults? No
  239. Interesting Article Discussing Learned Helplessness/Attributions/LD
  240. Interesting article on DSM
  241. Diagnostic interview for ADHD
  242. Adderall compared to amphetamine isomers w/respect to DA release
  243. ADHD, the Brain, and Medications
  244. Symptoms, Impairments, Disabilities
  245. Meta-Cognative Therapy: as good as meds?
  246. Is ADHD hereditary ?
  247. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT): Not just for "Predominantly Inattentives" Anymore?!
  248. Scientific Study: The Effects of Psychoactive Drugs on Wood Spiders
  249. NYT artricle: Are Americans More Prone to A.D.H.D.?
  250. ADHD and reward theory