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  1. Problems of Overdiagnosis and Overprescribing in ADHD
  2. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as a right hemisphere syndrome
  3. really interesting video about rationality vs. intuition, left vs. right hemisphere
  4. Dopaminergic Structures Related to Reward, Motivation, and Addiction
  5. Worthwhile review article on ADHD pharmacotherapy
  6. "Problems of Overdiagnosis and Overprescribing in ADHD"
  7. Thoughts on referances and scientific writing
  8. Dr. Russell Barkley, Genetic ADHD and Non-Genetic, Acquired ADHD
  9. Infant behaviour and future anxiety disorders.
  10. Dr. Gabor Maté on ADHD, Bullying and the Destruction of American Childhood
  11. Is there an upside to autism:
  12. Recent meta-analysis on Omega 3 supplementation
  13. Barkley article on SCT
  14. Adverse Childhood Events and Adult Health Status.
  15. Comparing neurobiology of different medications
  16. Emotional IQ and ADHD Impairment
  17. Neuroplasticity Example?
  18. I was shocked this (shock treatment) is still used in the US
  19. Dr Russel Barkley Conference
  20. ADHD/PI unofficial (SCT) & Parkinson's Disease
  21. Report: Glutamate Receptor Gene Variants in ADHD
  22. Metaphysical Freedom and Mental Disorders
  23. Elimination diets and artificial food dyes
  24. Psychopathy is Misunderstood
  25. New Biochemical disturbances found in children with ADHD
  26. Why Creative People Are Eccentric
  27. Study: ADHD Drugs Don’t Raise Risk of Heart Problems
  28. ADHD- long term risks
  29. Free courses from MIT
  30. Science Daily News
  31. NIH genetics course. . .
  32. Or is it Scienciness?
  33. All power to the shields none to life support
  34. Oxidative Status a predictor?
  35. Branched Chain Amino Acids, medication and the brain
  36. Study: Depression shrinks parts of the brain
  37. NYT opinion piece on children with ADD and long term stimulant treatment
  38. How reversible is DAT receptor upregulation from long-term ADHD medication use?
  39. ADHD After Early Exposure to Procedures Requiring General Anesthesia
  40. Anybody want to have an evidense based discussion about Dr.Mate work?
  41. Some progress in epigenetics of the brain?
  42. Serum Ferretin not related to ADHD: Study
  43. Adderall and Neurocosmetology
  44. Microorganisms, cats, and mental illness?
  45. Advance warning of autism?
  46. Avatar Tech
  47. Is dopamine preceeded by norepinephrine?
  48. Computational Models for Evaluating Illness Mechanisms
  49. "Mystery of psychostimulant paradox solved: Medscape"
  50. Very interesting article on childhood OCD
  51. ADD - Deficiency / Regulatory
  52. Human Connectome Project!
  53. Neat little presentation on Logic
  54. Emotions, Instinct and The Limbic Brain
  55. Limbic system's (LS) role in emotions
  56. Dr Russell Barkley – ADHD Emotional Regulation
  57. Discussion on Mate (part two)
  58. Neurofeedback-small randomized study results
  59. Gabor Mate M.D. "Scientific Findings"
  60. ADHD meds and heart issues.
  61. Perseveration Not Symptom of ADHD -- Response Perseveration
  62. Using Light to Activate Neurons! Cool!
  63. Brain Scans - Not a Diagnostic Tool.
  64. Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain (article)
  65. An Analysis of the Ethics of Peer Review and Other Traditional Academic Publishing Pr
  66. If-Then plans and ADHD Children
  67. Homeostasis and Robots, (maybe I could make a new brain?)
  68. A general question
  69. Testosterone levels on Adderall?
  70. 'What Do ADHD and Cancer Have in Common? Variety'
  71. Relationship between SCT and schizophrenia
  72. NEW even earlier medical reference to ADHD found! By none other than one of our own!
  73. It's Not Nature OR Nurture!
  74. Daniel Amen and SPECT researrch
  75. Simpler Autism Screening?
  76. Zinc Sulfate with Ritalin
  77. Genetic variants associated with brain volume
  78. Event Coding Theory, Object Recognition and ADHD
  79. Computer Algorithm for Drug Interactions
  80. DNA and cell replication
  81. Personal Musings on the Correlation Between Motivation and ADHD
  82. Does methylphenidate increase the production of stress hormones?
  83. Endogenous Retrovirus to Blame?
  84. Epigenetics - How Does it Work?
  85. new brain scan study re: teens prewired for addiction and adhd brain.
  86. AD(H)D and high IQ: What could be the cause?
  87. Americanization of Mental Illness
  88. Pilot study: potential transcription markers for adult ADHD
  89. Pitocin (oxytocin) and ADHD, Autism, etc
  90. And now for something completely different!
  91. Three pound mass of jelly!
  92. Creative and ADHD
  93. Article on Attachment
  94. Physiology Of Pain And Nociception
  95. Mercury poisoning causative factor in autism
  96. Memory Training Unlikely to Help in Treating ADHD
  97. Neurotransmitters and Anxiety
  98. An intriguing psychological study of human conscience
  99. Article on infant memory.
  100. Acid/Alkaline balance for ADHD and other disorders and diseases
  101. Human Microbiome Project!
  102. New Insomnia Drug. Meh.
  103. IQ and ADHD
  104. ADHD and General Intelligence - the Biological Perspective
  105. UCLA study uncovers new tools for targeting genes linked to autism
  106. Omega-3 oils
  107. Early Intervention - Pills Plus Skills
  108. Other potentials for EEG monitor. . .
  109. Dopamine and Effort
  110. Olfactory differences in children with ADHD
  111. Artificial Synapses!
  112. 10-awesome-online-classes-you-can-take-for-free
  113. ASD and schizophrenia
  114. Creativity and intact executive function
  115. Several articles on toxins and food with ADHD
  116. A plentitude of courses.
  117. interesting article
  118. Long-Term ADHD Drug Use Appears Safe
  119. Unravelling Bolero: aphasia and right posterior neocortex
  120. Journal article by Amen..(Medscape)
  121. Learning from TBI
  122. ADHD as Developmental Disorder
  123. Interesting article on emotional abuse of children.
  124. Russell Barkley - ADHD - Self Control and DSM Subtypes
  125. Origin of ADHD has everything to do with proper treatment.
  126. Reconceptualizing ADHD as an AXIS -11 Antisocial Personality Disorder
  127. Ketamine research. . .
  128. AD(H)D, Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Hyperactivity, Lethargy...
  129. Selecting medication with genetic markers (Nature)
  130. Critique of Amen
  131. Attachment and the regulation of the right brain
  132. On ADHD as developmental delay.
  133. Mechanisms Of Hormonal Regulation
  134. Evidence Based Science Discussion Game
  135. Danger alert!
  136. Diabetes can mimic ADHD, and ADHD can mimic diabetes.
  137. What evidence is there for the terms SCT?
  138. Nicotine as a New Stimulant Medication?
  139. Cognitive-behavioral, social training for SCTers
  140. Why don't the doctors use imaging machines to tell SCT and ADHD apart?
  141. Ted Talks
  142. over empathic amygdala responses
  143. Early ADHD treatment...duh it is not Chemical Engineering!
  144. ADHD "Fix," TDCS?
  145. Mechanism for how stimulant tolerance (might) occur
  146. 'Junk' DNA Not So Junk After All
  147. Negative results are disappearing
  148. eye movement test- a step toward a true adhd test?
  149. Study
  150. New book on Executive Functions-Barkley
  151. Here's an interesting way to look at it. . .
  152. Crossing the Blood-Brain Barrier
  153. Article on childhood isolation/neglect
  154. Stress and Short Term Memory
  155. Chemical breakdown of adhd drugs
  156. Perinatal Risk Factors for ADHD Confirmed
  157. Mindfulness Meditation training in adults and adolescence with ADHD
  158. Video on dopamine pathways
  159. Scientists make monkeys smarter using brain implants
  160. This American Life-Back to School
  161. Adult brain mechanics permantantly altered from childhood ADHD medication?
  162. Dopamine controls formation of new brain cells
  163. boosting Dopamine - good and not so good
  164. Mercury in fish raises ADHD risk
  165. Does the whole "X food dye makes" ADHD worse" claim have any scientific backing?
  166. "[T]he predominantly inattentive type is the most common subtype..."
  167. Epigenetics article
  168. 'The Marshmallow Study Revisited'
  169. Neurofeedback- some hard evidence at last.
  170. 'Men Diagnosed With ADHD as Children Had Worse Outcomes as Adults, Study Suggests'
  171. Another step forward in customizing treatment.
  172. What Constitutes Legitimate Research
  173. More evidence of different brain functionality in ADHD?
  174. ADHD Is Both Under/Over Diagnosed, Study Suggests
  175. med vs diet debate
  176. Latest on mercury and ADHD/autism
  177. Possibly the best article on ADHD i have ever read
  178. Some things to ponder...
  179. 'Adults With ADHD Commit Fewer Crimes When On Medication'
  180. Good article on elimination diets
  181. A new diagnostic model/perspective
  182. ADHD, symptoms and diagnosis
  183. AD(H)D and how it might just be untreated gluten-allergy
  184. Very good article on Medication rates in teens
  185. Ok I'm confused
  186. It's in your brains.
  187. moved from
  188. The basis of diagnosis in DSM
  189. Epigenetics and gene/environment interactions.
  190. Where does ADHD fall in the spectrum of "severe mental illness"?
  191. Quantum physics and decision making in the ADD mind
  192. Broca's aphasia
  193. Nervous System structural lessons
  194. In Utero Oxygen Deprivation Linked to ADHD Risk
  195. TypeX - A new way to think of ADHD
  196. What's up with the Right Hemisphere?
  197. ADHD Scientific Videos
  198. Stress, By Dr. Hans Selye
  199. Excessive protein synthesis linked to autistic-like behaviors
  200. Why can’t we tickle ourselves but Schizophrenics can?
  201. Autonomic Nervous System And ADHD?
  202. It's neurological.
  203. 'America's Real Criminal Element: Lead'
  204. Possibility of gene therapy for neurological disorders.
  205. Pharmacologic and Biomedical Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders
  206. Cognitive Benefit of Singing Vs. Cognitive benefit of Instrumentation?
  207. A Thousand Genes In My Nose, Ten Thousand Odors
  208. Epigenetics"...without any change in the genes themselves."
  209. Why it's important to actually read the science.
  210. Epigenetic inheritance of a cocaine-resistance phenotype
  211. Could A Dopamine Gene Be the Answer to a Longer Life?
  212. "The Trouble With Epigenetics"
  213. SPECT,PET,brain images used to detect ADHD low dopamine levels?
  214. Diagnosing ADHD by genetic markers
  215. On use and misuse of psychotropic drugs.
  216. Thoughts on new Barkley Video
  217. Medscape article on non med interventions
  218. Positive emotional learning is regulated in the medial prefrontal cortex by...
  219. Separation distress is only the gateway to depression
  220. Courses possibly of interest related to ADHD
  221. Low Glucose and ADHD
  222. Possible New Genetic Associations with ASD
  223. Shedding New Light on Infant Brain Development
  224. ADHD Symptoms Persist For Most Young Children Despite Treatment
  225. Comorbidity of Diabetes and Depression
  226. Neuroprosthetics!
  227. Sequel to the Human Connectome Project!
  228. "Ground Up" Subcortical Emotional Systems/Enviro-stresses, Shape Executive Systems
  229. Dr. Gabor Maté - The Biology of Loss -
  230. Early life adversity, including adverse gestational and postpartum maternal enviro...
  231. Methylphenidate to Treat Mania?
  232. I've been saying this for years. . .
  233. Branche from I've been saying this for years thread
  234. GeneSightRX?
  235. Norepinephrine and “High” Motivational Salience
  236. Split Brain
  237. PLAY and Depression
  238. ADD/Anxiety/Bipolar/Depression/Stroke Recovery- Permanent Fix? TDCS
  239. Behavioral Functions of the Mesolimbic Dopaminergic System:
  240. Norepinephrine (NE), Dopamine (DA), Serotonin (ST)
  241. Chocolate and the Nervous System
  242. Mapping Genetic Cause of Autism
  243. New paper on Bipolar.
  244. Maternal exposure to stress during pregnancy is associated with significant....
  245. The up side of finding the genes.
  246. Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnosis of Gifted Children
  247. Brain overgrowth in autism during a critical time in development:
  248. ADHD = Creativity
  249. "The Seven Sins of Evolutionary Psychology"
  250. Sunlight and ADHD