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  1. Some genetic links
  2. Bruce Lipton
  3. Paul Bach-y-Rita and Neuroplasticity
  4. Sunnier Climes Linked to Lower ADHD Risk
  5. Understanding ADHD: Epigenetics in Developmental Disorder: ADHD and Endophenotypes
  6. Study Reveals "backbone" of Mental Illness Stigma
  7. Genetics are complex and dynamic/brain phenotypes
  8. The ADHD phenotype
  9. Molecular level treatments
  10. What evidence is there that genes cause ADD?
  11. Self Regulation and Emotions
  12. Chapter 3: Children and Mental Health
  13. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which are you?
  14. ADHD and Language
  15. NIMH to Orient Research Away from DSM Categories
  16. Methylphenidate 'normalizes' Brain Function in Kids with ADHD
  17. Nitric Oxide
  18. Article on DSM 5
  19. "especially on the right sides of their brains ()"
  20. Mental Health Surveillance Among Children
  21. "In the period following birth, the human brain..."
  22. Levoamphetamine, norepinephrine and vasoconstriction
  23. Autistic traits in children with ADHD: a marker of severity?
  24. ADHD and Emotional Memory Consoldiation in Sleep?
  25. Does Neuroscience need a Newton?
  26. Genes, the brain, and behavior
  27. Genes and the brain - shorter video
  28. Specific Changes in Brain Structure After Different Forms of Child Abuse
  29. European 'White Paper' on ADHD - April 2013
  30. Optogenetics and OCD
  31. Autism and Transposable Elements in Genes
  32. "What is Emotional Intelligence?"
  33. Genetics of dyslexia. . .
  34. Brain Imaging Predicts Response to Treatment in Depression
  35. "X Inactivation and Epigenetics"
  36. Study: Motivation Guides Treatment in Suicide Prevention
  37. Rescuing cocaine-induced PFC hypoactivity prevents compulsive drug seeking
  38. Study: Ritalin Doesn't Help Academic Performance
  39. Histone deacetylase inhibitors induce mitochondrial elongation.
  40. Diatary causes Neurological "Impairments" Fact or Friction
  41. Posture and Emotion
  42. ADHD and memory
  43. Postcode versus Genetic lottery
  44. Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression
  45. Some thoughts on understanding lectures and such.
  46. gelotology
  47. Science 4 Smart People
  48. Gene analysis for helping clinicians select ADHD medications
  49. Causes of ADHD-Dizfriz's thoughts
  50. Causes of ADD: Peripheral's thoughts
  51. "The role of nucleus accumbens dopamine in motivated behavior:"
  52. Breastfeeding could help kids beat ADHD
  53. "Maternal care, gene expression, and the transmission of individual differences in.."
  54. "Juggling Enhances Connections in the Brain"
  55. fMRI Shows Brain Connection and Development in Fetus
  56. Binaural Beats, and the effects of external electrical fields
  57. Science (of addiction) by cartoon
  58. ADHD and procedural learning
  59. Article: How We Remember to Remember
  60. Of mic(rob)e and men
  61. How to read a journal article
  62. Scientists have grown a teeny-tiny brain.
  63. Chronic psych. stress and microbiome disruption
  64. "Vegetables (ketogenically) rule and Animal products don't" says the microbiome
  65. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study
  66. The insula
  67. Operational definitions of "mindbrain" and "brainmind" so it can be studied.
  68. Choose one or the other. . .
  69. "Science of the Brain as a Gateway to Understanding Play"
  70. "The Problem with Neuroscience. . ."
  71. "The primary-process emotional-affective networks of mammalian brains"
  72. Medical/Life Science workers in trouble.
  73. Genotype may predict stimulant medication side effects
  74. Londonís rich get 18 more healthy years
  75. Neurotechnology and treatments.
  76. Saving the brain from itself
  77. Bone Hormone Influences Brain Development and Cognition
  78. Depression doesn't cause cancer. . .
  79. Treating Autism
  80. Maybe, possibly, a hint that EEG might be useful.
  81. ADDers - designed to exercise ?
  82. article about verifiable study results/medical journals/open access information.
  83. BBC: "The brain uses sleep to wash away the waste toxins[...]"
  84. Money and Animal Behaviour- SB wins!
  85. Is a genome enough? (Not Just DNA #1)
  86. ADHD as a neurodevelopmental disorder
  87. Kids With ADHD Often Show Autistic Traits
  88. ADHD and dopamine
  89. New class of antidepressants?
  90. The Heritability of Intelligence: Not What You Think
  91. Another early marker for autism detection.
  92. Two studies using GWAS show links between Bipolar and Schizophrenia
  93. Mechanism of Action of SSRIs
  94. Science in the Media Forum Guidelines
  95. Girls with autism more likely to fly under the diagnostic radar
  96. "Alternative" Practitioners have it backwards
  97. Expensive Training Programs Don't Help Grades, Behavior
  98. ADHD and Upper Cervical birth trauma
  99. inflexible thinking in adhd blamed on bipolar disorder
  100. Crisis over 'modern plague'
  101. Milk and Wheat allergies and ADHD,, and the brain gut connection
  102. MIndful control of genetic transcription.
  103. Gut - Brain connection again.
  104. Brain development and the imortance of the first three years
  105. Brain Connectivity Problems May Be At Root Of Dyslexia
  106. ADHD, Cerebellum and sense of balance
  107. New Models of ADHD causation
  108. The False ADHD Controversy
  109. "..spontaneously active creatures in their environment."
  110. Neurohype vs. neuroskepticism
  111. Treating ADHD: Are drugs better? Experts in landmark study change their tune
  112. Chemicals Endagering the Next Generations of Brains - Article from CNN
  113. Why men have more ADD, autism etc.
  114. Testicular time bomb: Older dads' mutant sperm
  115. High fat diets and ADHD symptoms
  116. Science Daily-Zinc a critical component in memory, learning, and cell signaling
  117. WHO Compares Adderall Side Effects With Stimulant Plant
  118. Could my taking Ritalin as a child have caused me to get ..
  119. The science of emotions: (TEDx Rainier)
  120. autism genes possibly critical for brain evolution. perhapssimilar factors for AD/HD
  121. "Pigs in Disneyland"
  122. Another Delightful Article Posted on Facebook
  123. Even casual use of cannabis alters brain
  124. The Science of Addictive Food (Video - 11:12)
  125. Alternative Medicine Treatments for ADHD (and why they are bunk)
  126. MRI shows disrupted connections in brain ADHD
  127. The horror that is "Attachment Therapy."
  128. Antibacterial Triclosan banned in Minnesota
  129. General Linear Regression Modelling (Heart of epidemiology) for Dummies
  130. Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds
  131. One in three adults have borderline diabetes
  132. Lies, damned lies and statistics
  133. biomarkers and iron in the brain
  134. Abnormal brain iron levels may be a biomarker of ADHD
  135. Dr Daniel Amen on PBS
  136. Boys born in December more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD?
  137. Narcissists most likely to end up in charge
  138. Scientific proof that 'organic' food is healthier
  139. ADHD Overtreatment/undertreatment
  140. how to decide which sources or research is the most reliable?
  141. YAY! Immunisation prevents deadly diseases!!!
  142. Nigella sativa
  143. Why the mind can go blank in times of trauma
  144. The earth's magnetic field is changing
  145. NY Times - A natural fix for ADHD
  146. Rethinking Treatment of Schizophrenia (may be relevant to ADHD and other disorders)
  147. Music and the Brain
  148. Higher rates of ADHD diagnosis linked to drug company promotional activity
  149. Help cure ADHD by creating a large registry of people with ADHD
  150. "Affective Neuroscience by Jaak Panksepp"
  151. Shorter Life Span with ADD
  152. *trigger warning* New Facebook feature: Suicide intervention?
  153. most creative unable to filter out irrelevant noise
  154. Infections altering brain chemistry and genetic expression
  155. Social anxiety and empathy
  156. Sensationalised stories about the misuse of stimulants by students- a rebuttal.
  157. a very interesting new look at the brain
  158. Blog post on Sensory Processing Sensitivity
  159. "Gabor Mate: Emotional Basis of Cognition"
  160. Decriminalization of substances in Portugal in 2001, addiction rate in 2015 half.
  161. new research on distinguishing bipolar from depression
  162. Pediatric traumatic brain injury and attention deficit
  163. U.K.: Ritalin users DOUBLE in a decade
  164. consequence/reward fails; new model proposed
  165. ADHD effects on next generation
  166. What is anandamide?
  167. Your views please (The ADHD Scam: Turning "Boredom" Into a Disorder)
  168. Difficulty differentiating between trauma and ADHD symptoms in diagnosis
  169. Possible discovery of aliens?
  170. Cheese is addictive as drugs
  171. Is ADHD really about choice?
  172. Rethinking diagnosis of psychosis (mentions ADHD)
  173. ADD (heightened sensitivity) is ... ...
  174. Connect ADHD to T2D - it's easy
  175. Its about time they nailed these brain training scammers!
  176. Research on link between PV cells and attention
  177. link between selective eating and psychiatric issues (including ADHD)
  178. SB_UK Split off from the selective eating thread.
  179. Gravitational waves discovered!!!!!!
  180. Persistent adhd and critical parents
  181. Evolution in Interest - Thomas Hartmann
  182. Self control saps memory
  183. Neural Basis for social deficits in Adhd
  184. Healthy ageing - medicine's top priority
  185. Potential Biomarker for Adhd found
  186. Mental illness mostly caused by life events not genetics, argue psychologists
  187. Procrastination as self regulation failure
  188. history of ADHD (almost 2000 years old?)
  189. Can Children Outgrow ADHD?
  190. The Lost Girls: Girls and Autism
  191. Science vs the Media
  192. Is the dopamine-linked theory of Schizophrenia means too much executive functioning?
  193. Bug in fMRI means 40,000 studies might be invalid
  194. Why using the Meyers Briggs test for anything is a terrible idea.
  195. Looks like some people actually do outgrow ADHD!
  196. Little evidence that brain training works.
  197. Motivation/Rewards in ADHD/Autism
  198. "Relationship Matters", Dr Gordon Newfeld
  199. Article on the link between ADHD/AS and pesticide exposure
  200. We have smaller brains?! (article)
  201. Chelation: What -- and how dangerous -- is it?
  202. Major re-eval needed after Barkley's disclosures
  203. Adult onset adhd
  204. Scientists Study Barn Owls To Understand ADHD