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  1. perseveration & Asteroids
  2. Perseveration & scope
  3. Mood related to good or bad performance
  4. All or Nothing inside ADHD
  5. All or Nothing from outside ADHD
  6. Internal vs. External locus of control
  7. Performance as an indicator of process
  8. Parallel and single threaded processing
  9. Control thread
  10. Taking the Wind out of my Sails. Needing a gust to get started
  11. Information Processing view of learning and memory
  12. Following a definition
  13. Genetic Connections Between ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Autism, Schizophrenia, Epilepsy +
  14. Lead Content of Calcium Supplements
  15. Productivity
  16. Not ONE problem, Not ONe cause per problem!
  17. Getting the question right before answering it!
  18. The ADHD are impatient because:
  19. NIH presentation about consciousness that i think apply to ADHD...
  20. Endocrinolist Wanted
  21. Question about Barkley
  22. ADD neurological model (long...and boring)
  23. Oh My You Guys There Is A Cure For Add!!! And I Am Not Kidding
  24. Evolutionary psychology
  25. CDC study on ADD medication related Emergency room visits...
  26. What does pure ADHD look like?
  27. New Concept in ADHD Testing Help Using GSR biofeedback
  28. Dr. Amen's SPECT scans on quackwatch
  29. Mutagenicity of methylphenidate (new research)
  30. Visual-Spatial Learners
  31. Canadian Study Once Again Disproves Autism-Vaccine Link
  32. AMEN Clinic Can You Really Heal ADD?
  33. Procrastinator's Guide to the Universe
  34. Dr. Hawkins speaks about the next 100 years
  35. something i saw on adhd
  36. Dr. Perelman - Poincaré’s Conjecture
  37. Seeing double: Brainwaves and Optical Illusion-article
  38. Brain Blindness-article
  39. Snoring now-hyperactive later ? -article
  40. Evolution, not just gluttony, led to obesity pandemic
  41. Hermetic Philosophy and the Kybalion
  42. Birth defects and ADDERAL
  43. Reality Therapy and choice theory
  44. Article-Is Psychosocial treatment of ADHD is still relevant?".
  45. ADD and redundant neural systems
  46. Just So You Know -> The Polymorphic Thread II: Thirteen-dimensional metaverse
  47. Train Your Brain-article from Scientific American magazine
  48. Coming To Attention- article from Scientific American Mind magazine
  49. Executive function: Nonexistent?
  50. ADHD, lead, and how to lie with statistics
  51. Online 3D map tracks genes at work in mouse brain
  52. HSDD& ADHD: Are they connected?
  53. ADHD, cause and effect
  54. New study shows association between executive function and possible (-) life outcomes
  55. Area 25 Brain Implants for Depression
  56. Marijuana may help stave off Alzheimer’s
  57. Looking for study about medicated children
  58. US full of Internet addicts: Study
  59. Lectures/videos about AD/HD
  60. Abortion drug could rapidly treat depression
  61. antidepressants don't work?
  62. Human Memory Gene Identified
  63. A Guide to Effective Scientific Communication
  64. Inferences made in research, objective?
  65. AD/HD: the control panel, it is where?
  66. Meds. lose their effectiveness
  67. macrocephaly and adhd
  68. ADHD and the Corpus Callosum
  69. myths ofve dyspraixa dyselicxa add adhd ocd ....
  70. (Pyschology topic) THE ADDers Problem (somewhat) Pinpointed
  71. Women talk three times as much as men, says study
  72. high/low histamine
  73. Being No One: Consciousness, The Phenomenal Self, and the First-Person Perspective
  74. Night Owls Are More Creative
  75. Understanding the Human Genome
  76. Recommended reading...
  77. ADD research flawed
  78. Neurotransmitters Relationship With One Another!
  79. Brain Mechanism Behind Psychedelic Drugs Discovered
  80. The Mystery of Consciousness
  81. Gene linked to social phobia/anxiety
  82. Puzzled about creatine...
  83. Ketamine: The Human Brains Reset Button?
  84. Quick question
  85. The BBC Say Something Not So Nice...
  86. Inattentives Will Find This Interesting
  87. ADD and Time?
  88. Weve Found The Next Generation of Sedatives
  89. Way out of my league here, just curious
  90. Link between AD/HD and brain chemical Orexin?
  91. A very interesting article on antidepressants
  92. Amphetamine pharmacokinetics & liver metabolism
  93. Miracles of Phosphatidyl Serine!!
  94. Clonidine and REM
  95. info on ritalin wouth looking at
  96. Peripheral Effects of L-amphetamine
  97. Cause and cure for add/adhd found!!!!!!!!!
  98. "no scientific basis" heres the proof. a joke?
  99. research to make you angry
  100. ADD Brain VS Gifted Brain VS Normal Brain Neuron activity question
  101. ADD Medication and babies :)
  102. The Mind of a Visual Thinker
  103. dyslixa an possable links with adhd combined wouth look
  104. I believe this is a fantastic movie
  105. Dopamine: Too much or too little?
  106. Why are these treatments ignored by most MD's?
  107. Birth Difficulties and ADHD
  108. Offspring of Bipolar Parent More Likely to inerit ADHD?
  109. More Thoughts on ADD as Evolution
  110. Brain Chemical May Have Key Role In ADHD
  111. Dore AD/HD research & results
  112. Can ADD Symptoms be Better Accounted for by Co-Morbid Dx?
  113. Recent Scientific American articles
  114. A Faster Class Of Antidepressants
  115. Low-Carb/High-Fat or High-Carb/Low-Fat Diet Improves Weight Loss, Mood
  116. Stomach Virus Associated with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  117. Bad Smells Linked To Fatigue And Other Complaints
  118. "ADD Awareness Day: An Oxymoron?"
  119. Women More Depressed And Men More Impulsive With Reduced Serotonin Functioning
  120. Noise is not a nuisance: Noise helps memory performance in unruly children
  121. Efficiency of the Prefrontal Cortex During Working Memory in ADHD
  122. Prevalence, Recognition, and Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder...
  123. Long Term Study Indicates Medication For ADHD May Improve Student Outcomes
  124. Psychosocial Issues which impact on the Overall Mgmt of ADHD...
  125. Trans-cranial Magnetic St(!)mulation
  126. Effects of ADHD, Conduct Disorder, and Sex on Adolescent Substance Use/Abuse
  127. New Study Documents Differences Between ADHD and FAS
  128. Dangerous DNA: Genes linked to suicidal thoughts with med use
  129. Lonely white cells: white blood cells of lonely display patterns of gene activation
  130. Finally, a little proof... or a thought provoking article
  131. Hormone makes strong emotions memorable
  132. Brain Images Make Cognitive Research More Believable
  133. "Before And After" -- any studies?
  134. Generalized Resistance to Thyroid Hormone
  135. Novel Stimulants Of The Future And Past
  136. Cannabis.. does it work?
  137. Article about ADHD brain development
  138. Computerized Training Of Working Memory Is A Promising Therapeutic Strategy In ADHD
  139. Mineral Deficiencies in ADHD
  140. Sleep Disorders Can Signal Other Trouble
  141. Nap now, sleep tonight -- and think better tomorrow
  142. Antabuse versus Ritalin -- Psychotic Interaction
  143. impairment in brain’s ability to orient attention to odd or novel stimuli
  144. Communication Disorders Prevalence Study
  145. Stimulant Inaction: ADHD drug's mental lift proves surprisingly weak
  146. The human emotional brain without sleep — a prefrontal amygdala disconnect
  147. Brains Different In ADHD Children
  148. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  149. Blue-blocking Glasses To Improve Sleep And ADHD Symptoms Developed
  150. Why Do We Flirt
  151. Rat Trap -- social causes of addiction
  152. Article: Models of Attention
  153. Article: Research Identifies New Features Of Brain Structure That May Lead To ADHD
  154. Brains of children with ADHD mature later
  155. Article: MSU Research Says Lead May Cause ADHD
  156. Natural Human Reactions vs. Responses to Trauma
  157. Ragamuffin -- good blog
  158. Additives may make youngsters hyper
  159. Amygdala Damage May Underlie Concomitant Mental Illness and Drug Addiction
  160. Psychotropic Zombie Brains
  161. An interesting article
  162. Stimulants and Brain Cell Death
  163. Newest from Karolinska Institute/Dr. Klingberg
  164. Neato Frito New stuff for ADD and other issues
  165. Bored? Don't blame job, traffic or mindless chores...(Scientific American)
  166. learning disabilities and ADHD: Under-recognized in India
  167. Effects of stimulants on the brain.
  168. Article: Study of Neurofeedback vs Ritalin in treatment of AD(H)D
  169. Article: Chinese study on efficacy of Neurotherapy for treating children w/ AD(H)D
  170. Article: Follow-up of children treated for LD w/ Neurofeedback after 2 years
  171. Attention Seeking Confused With ADHD
  172. Pharmaceutical Ingestion: ADHD Kids 8 Times the Risk
  173. Rare Potassium-related ADHD Proposed
  174. Why was I fuming over this?
  175. Maternal Depression Predicts ADHD in Kids: study
  176. Managing ADHD in Primary Care: A Systematic Analysis
  177. Scholarpedia
  178. Amazing videos
  179. Neuropeptide Y NPY Y2R and inattention, impulsivity, anxiety
  180. collision between an electron and an atom filmed using new techniques
  181. ADHD Riddle Solved??
  182. Brain Fog
  183. Glasses that Block Blue-Light Could Improve ADHD Symptoms and Sleep Disorders
  184. Study: High Prevalence of ADHD in Lebanon
  185. ADHD Drugs Ineffective In Long Term--VIDEO INSIDE
  186. "Nice Guy" Gene From Neanderthal!!! READ ALL ABOUT IT!
  187. The Sting of Poverty -- a new look at privation economics
  188. Clinical Cases in ADHD: Spanning the Spectrum from Adolescence to Adulthood- Medscape
  189. Tamoxifen Shows Promise as Antimania Agent in Bipolar Disorder --Medscape
  190. Studies: ADHD meds don't up kids' drug abuse risk
  191. White noise improves ADHD concentration.
  192. Study: Infants With Heart Disease Higher Risk for Attention and Behavioral Problems
  193. ADULT ADHD -- "New Research on Long-acting Psychostimulants in the Treatment of ADHD"
  194. ADD meds and Metabolism
  195. Allergy/oversensitivity/hayfever(atopic syndrome)
  196. ADD - shortcut to wisdom
  197. Altenberg! The Woodstock of Evolution?
  198. journalism covering science: how do you know what you know?
  199. Study: obesity and ADHD linked
  200. Smoking Pot (Marijuana, lots of it) could have everlasting effects on the brain
  201. Environmental causes, triggers or magnifiers of ADHD
  202. Fine-tuning prefrontal cortex: Study uncovers how Ritalin works in brain
  203. Study shows lack of Omega-3 significantly depletes dopamine levels
  204. Australian Revision of Guidelines on ADHD
  205. Variant Makes Dopamine Transporters Run Backwards : Study
  206. What Is ADD? A Better Way to Know
  207. Protein on "Speed" Linked to ADHD
  208. Comprehensive, academic but accessible book on ADHD?
  209. The importance of sleep in learning and memory reinforcement
  210. Study: Oxidative imbalance in adult attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
  211. Two studies: What's adult diagnosis like?
  212. ADDers in jail -- more false confessions under interrogation? : study
  213. What a surprise -- check the emergency ward for ADDers: study
  214. Inflammation is a big piece of the puzzle. Here's how to prove it
  215. Any neuroscientific articles on ADHD-PI/Sluggish Cognitive Tempo?
  216. Methylphenidate and the 5-ht2b Agonism Issue
  217. Neuroscientific Research on ADHD in the New York City area
  218. Article on Autism and brain hyperactivity
  219. Relative safety/neurotoxicity of ADHD medications
  220. Reducing Ritalin use in Childhood ADHD
  221. Dopamine and exploratory behaviour
  222. ADD and ADHD genes
  223. Our view of receptors and neurotransmission has changed
  224. MRI+AD/HD symptoms=DIAGNOSIS...WRONG!
  225. ADHD or "Gifted" ?
  226. Differences between ADHD boys and ADHD girls?
  227. Same genes connected to both ADHD and autism?
  228. vacinations and amalgam filling poll.
  229. Brain SPECT imaging and Dr. Amen.....
  230. Geneticist claims human evolution is over
  231. COMT Genes and prefront cortex processing
  232. ADHD links to Peer Reviewed Articles.
  233. Interesting article
  234. Evening Standard: Ritalin may cause damage to brains
  235. Executive FUnctions - what is the current science.
  236. Neuregulin and white matter- does it play a role in ADHD?
  237. Any research on Desoxyn and Dex used together?
  238. Interesting but perhaps controversial article
  239. Rating scales and assessment tools.
  240. ADHD and Driving Study in Brisbane
  241. Details about the ADHD Drivers Study
  242. Antidepressants suppress REM sleep - Long-term effects
  243. Ability To Quit Smoking May Depend On ADHD Symptoms: Study
  244. Toxoplasma gondii, ADHD, and the perils of multivariable problems
  245. Stimulant-induced decrease in serum glucose levels
  246. Doesn't mention ADD but rings bells
  247. Are you left brained or right brained?
  248. Causation of ADHD
  249. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo: A seperate disorder from ADHD?
  250. though this was intrwesting on synaesthetic