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  18. Lightheaded
  19. JUST Wellbutrin
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  21. burpropion extended release
  22. Can someone give me a quick rundown on the Do's and Don'ts of Wellbutrin?
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  27. Therapeutic dosage?
  28. how fast did it start to work?
  29. A letter to Wellbutrin
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  36. drinking on wellbutrin???
  37. Anyone notice an increase in effectiveness when taking stims w/ Wellbutrin XL??
  38. Worked great for 8 months then pooped out
  39. Birth control
  40. Anyone have any luck with Wellbutrin?
  41. What if Wellbutrin Helps but causes more anxiety? What meds have you tried adding?
  42. Aggression
  43. I think I might have found that works finally - Wellbutrin XL
  44. Bupropion
  45. Wellbutrin feeling odd? more open minded?
  46. Really Need Advice
  47. When should I give up on wellbutrin?
  48. Taking Wellbutrin - newly diagnosed adult w/ ADHD - have questions.
  49. Is it normal?
  50. Strattera + Wellbutrin SR combo
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  53. Day 14
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  55. Focalin, Adderall and Wellbutrin. Oh my!
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  60. Generics
  61. Is this normal?? it time to switch medication?
  62. Wellbutrin and alcohol
  63. Issue with Celexa and Wellbutrin
  64. wellbutrin zombie feeling
  65. will wellbutrin cure me?
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  68. Took my first dose of Wellbutrin SR within the last hr
  69. Frustrated, getting impatient
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  79. I'm scared to double my dose.
  80. I've been taking wellbutrin XL300mg for a responce, really
  81. Sex drive dropped after switching from Wellbutrin to Wellbutrin XL
  82. Wellbutrin XL vs SR
  83. wellbutrin
  84. wellbutrin I love you but what did you do to my memory ?
  85. has anyone ever quit wellbutrin? ...what happened?
  86. Feeling like a dummy on Wellbutrin? Check
  87. My first day
  88. Tell your story
  89. Why am I so emotional on Wellbutrin?
  90. wellbutrin, dark colored urin
  91. How exactly does Wellbutrin work?
  92. wellbutrin xl no longer GSK labs
  93. Do you think Wellbutin would be right for me?
  94. wellbutrin and nosebleeds?
  95. Rash developing 10 weeks after starting Wellbutrin. Possible connection?
  96. wellbutrin
  97. embarrassing side effect :-(
  98. Wellbutrin success stories
  99. Warning on Wellbutrin!
  100. wellbutrin moderately inhibits stimulant metabolism
  101. Feel crappy on Wellbutrin
  102. wellbutrin getting off it and feeling normal again
  103. Memory loss on Wellbutrin
  104. Constipation and sweaty thighs...?
  105. wellbutrin and memory
  106. got prescribed wellbutrin for both adhd and depression. oddly working.... please read
  107. Pre-Employment Drug Test
  108. Questions on effects both positive and negative.
  109. Wellbutrin is finally done
  110. 150 ==> 300. how long until the positive effects kick in?
  111. Wellbutrin crash 150
  112. Request Specific Generic Brand
  113. Scared after reading Wellbutrin leaflet
  114. Which is the bigger hit ?: 300MG SR (ONCE a day) - or - 450 XL (once a day)
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  118. Welbutrin... What is it good for ,HUH! journal ADHD
  119. What effects does Wellbutrin have on depression and fear?
  120. Where did my sleep go !!!
  121. Should I call my pdoc?
  122. Possible issues with generic Wellbutrin
  123. New to Wellbutrin
  124. Diabetic
  125. Best time to take the SR
  126. Wellbutrin= extreme hunger
  127. I need some help with wellbutrin please
  128. wellbutrin and math.
  129. How long does this stuff take to work? 11 days and counting...
  130. Will the side effects of Wellbutrin go away eventually? (Im a noob)
  131. Why does Wellbutrin cause trouble thinking/speaking? Shouldn't it help if anything?
  132. seroquel with wellbutrin
  133. About 60 days (two months) of wellbutrin xl ... success!
  134. Off Wellbutrin and feeling odd....
  135. Headaches when starting Wellbutrin -- they go away, right?
  136. Back on Wellbutrin, feeing gassy and stoned
  137. Never noticed a difference with Wellbutrin
  138. Stuttering and Tremors
  139. Does Wellbutrin help or hinder?
  140. Any luck with Wellbutrin?
  141. Wellbutrin Generic - Any positive stories?
  142. May Switch, Strattera -> Wellbutrin, Good Plan? Need Opinion ASAP!
  143. Wellbutrin Up and Down
  144. sick alot
  145. Wellbutrin and Panic Attacks
  146. Vyvanse to Wellbutrin? Did it work for you?
  147. anxiety
  148. Started generic wellbutrin xl
  149. HELPWellbutrin insane amounts of energy but horrible calf upper body pain!
  150. Quitting Wellbutrin Cold Turkey, then Adderall
  151. I experienced no side effects from that a good thing?
  152. Wellbutrin, Effexor, Vyvance, Dex and blood pressure
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  154. My Dr wants to put me on Wellbutrin..
  155. Wtf?
  156. Wellbutrin SR once a day for ADHD and GAD?
  157. No Effect.
  158. Have you ever had this irritating side effect?
  159. New to bupropion
  160. Is Wellbutrin XL supposed to be like this?! (Please Help me.)
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  162. anyone taking only wellbutrin for adhd or add?
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  164. Side effects are starting to really kick in...
  165. Will this cloud lift?
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  167. partial tolerance
  168. Wellbutrin xl
  169. Speed of effect
  170. I feel so relaxed... This is unexpected but welcome!
  171. First Day on Wellbutrin and Adderall XR
  172. Will I lose weight on Wellbutrin the 2nd time around?
  173. Just diagnosed and prescribed.
  174. Anyone experienced memory improvement on Wellbutrin?
  175. Quality of Actavis' 300 mg Buproprion XL?
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  178. Wild Ride in Saigon: a Wellbutrin Journal
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  180. New to Wellbutrin plz help
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  185. wellbutrin & 1 beer ?? (experiences??)
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  191. The Bald and the Beautiful...Hair loss on WB? 😯
  192. For those who take IR WB/Bupropion
  193. wellbutrin high blood pressure
  194. Asthmatic prescribed Wellbutrin... increase in phlegm production
  195. What Do Ya'll Take For Sleep While on Wellbutrin/Buproprion?
  196. Wellbutrin Question
  197. Wellbutrin screwing up my SSRI and making me hyper
  198. please, advise
  199. 1st time poster, terrifying experience with Wellbutrin/Adderall combo. Please help!
  200. Thinking of Switching from Ritalin to Wellbutrin
  201. Needing guidance, big time. Ability to care for two year old child slipping away.
  202. New, Wellbutrin Woes
  203. Anyone who takes Wellbutrin and stimulants?
  204. A "Wellbutrin Journal" of sorts !
  205. Wellbutrin
  206. Bupropion working? how do you know?
  207. Wellbutrin and Guanfacine together??
  208. Best Generic Bupropion?
  209. Should I take Wellbutrin? Help me decide.
  210. Does anyone else experience tremors on wellbutrin, and will it go away?
  211. Do bedtime doses make you sleep?
  212. WB/Celexa/D-amp interactions??
  213. Wellbutrin and Effexor together
  214. Wellbutrin with Concerta advice/experiences please!
  215. Does low dose wellbutrin 75 mg work for anyone?
  216. I just stopped Wellbutrin and ALL my prescribed drugs cold turkey
  217. Agitated
  218. Layering meds with Wellbutrin for ADHD-PI
  219. Effexor, how well has it worked for you?
  220. 600mg Wellbutrin, Is my Doc crazy?
  221. Anyone get flu-like symptoms?
  222. Wellbutrin Enduced Ed ! HELP!
  223. Question about how Welbutrin works.
  224. Has anyone switched from adderall to wellbutrin?
  225. 150mg Alternate Days (Start-up) - Is this even effective?
  226. Wellbutrin if I am not depressed?
  227. Another wellbutrin memory post..But how to fix it?
  228. wellbutrin not working?
  229. First day on wellburtrin.
  230. Wellbutrin with Dexedrine
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  233. wellbutrin and rage
  234. Will my irritability go away????
  235. Has anyone tried Bupropion Immediate-Release?
  236. Did anyone have a strong effect from Wellbutrins first intake
  237. From adderall to welbutrin
  238. Starting bupropion xl... Seizure risk?
  239. Think I've given WB a good try, now what?
  240. Poor erections after wellbutrin.
  241. Can Wellbutrin alone relieve Adult Inattentive adhd
  242. Looking for smell tests on different manufacturers
  243. Wellbutrin XL + Dexedrine = Adderall?
  244. Memory problems on Wellbutrin
  245. Anyone have success using Wellbutrin for smoking cessation?
  246. New bupropion user, horrible dizzy morning today
  247. Wellbutrin HCL 100mg (x3) vs. XL 300mg (x1) my experience so far...
  248. Does anyone dissolve Wellbutrin in water?
  249. If I can drink while on Bupropion does that mean that bupropion doesnt work for me?
  250. After how long since last Wellbutrin XL pill do nicotine agonistic effects go away