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  1. Book Review - ADHD - A Path to Success - a revolutionary theory in drug free therapy
  2. View From the Cliff by Lynn Weiss
  3. ADD Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life
  4. Healing ADD (Amen)
  5. Journeys Through ADDulthood
  6. Thom Hartmann's Complete Guide to ADHD
  7. Driven to Distraction
  8. Women with Attention Deficit Disorder
  9. Understanding Women with AD/HD
  10. The Link Between ADD and ADDiction
  11. You, Your, Relationship, and Your ADD
  12. ADD & Romance
  13. Free Ebooks
  14. What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don't?
  15. ADD & Creativity
  16. Adult AD/HD
  17. Real Boys
  18. Get out of my Life...
  19. book - "Understanding Girls with AD/HD"
  20. The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived
  21. Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Adults
  22. ADHD Secrets of Success
  23. Tips for reading AD/HD Books
  24. Adult Add: The Complete Handbook:
  25. You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid Or Crazy?
  26. ADD and Success
  27. Managing the Gift
  28. The ADDed Dimension (Kelly, Ramundo, Ledingham)
  29. ADD in the 21st Century - Dr. Hallowell
  30. AD/HD Tapes
  31. Adult AD/HD: A Reader-Friendly Guide
  32. Outside In
  33. Trouble in Mind
  34. Why Can't Michael Pay Attention
  35. Scattered Minds on the go 1
  36. Gender Issues and AD/HD
  37. Time Management for Unmanagement People
  38. the books I've read
  39. positive traits of ADD
  40. BOOK - Getting Things Done by David Allen
  41. Tapes from ADDA Conference
  42. Recommended book
  43. It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys
  44. Getting Things Done
  45. Answers to Distraction Ratey
  46. Understanding ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  47. Clinician's Guide to Adult ADHD (Academic Press, 2002, Goldstein and Teeter Ellison)
  48. The Hurried Child - do you want to read this together?
  49. Anyone have an opinion on this book: ADHD in Adulthood: A Guide to Current Theory...
  50. ADDitude Magazine
  51. ADHD Challenge
  52. Does anyone else?
  53. Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder originates and what you can do about it
  54. The ADHD Autism Connection
  55. looking for a book about adhd/add adult treatment
  56. Video 1-2-3 Magic
  57. Any one interested in starting a reading group?
  58. Books
  59. Academic Success Strategies for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities & ADHD
  60. A User's Guide to the Brain - Dr. John Ratey
  61. add coaching book?
  62. finacial part of having ADD
  63. any new good books/newsletters?
  64. Books for kids with ADD
  65. Books for ADD and job interviews and work in general
  66. The Myth of the ADD Child
  67. ADD and Me
  68. Simplifying Your Life
  69. Neurofeedback books
  70. Now This Outta Be Good Reading!
  71. ADHD and the Criminal Justice System : Spinning out of Control
  72. The ADD Audio Coach
  73. BOOK: Unclutter Your Life
  74. Here's a site with a ton of information including books and resources !
  75. Seeking input on Adderall
  76. Organizing From The Right Side of The Brain
  77. I picked up "Delivered from Distraction"
  78. LIST your fave books on ADD
  79. Stopping ADHD" by O'Dell
  80. Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents : A Practical Guide to Assessment and In
  81. Highly Recommend Thom Hartmann's "Edison Gene"
  82. Journeys Through ADDulthood--readwithme!
  83. If you haven't looked at 'Getting Things Done', you should!
  84. David Keirsey Argues the Medication Approach
  85. No More ADHD.
  86. anyone read: Following Through"
  87. For kids at high school
  88. User's Guide to the Brain: Attention, Perception, and the Four Theaters of the Brain
  89. How many words per minute can you read?
  90. The NYU School of Medicine Adult ADHD Newsletter
  91. A Fantastic ADD poem, please read!!
  92. hypnosis cd for add?
  93. Robert Brookes titled the Power of Resilience?
  94. New book on ADD, Pills Don't Teach Skills,(not anti meds) looking for agent/publisher
  95. Fidget to Focus
  96. Book - Healing ADD - Daniel G. Amen, MD
  97. Does Anyone Subscribe To ADDitude Magazine?
  98. Brand New ADD Book 9/05 by Thomas E. Brown...
  99. Personal Review - Delivered From Distraction - Sept 21, 2005
  100. "Delivered From Distraction" audiobook from iTunes for iPod or CD
  101. The Zombie Survival Guide : Complete Protection From The Living Dead
  102. ADD Warehouse catalog
  103. Talking to my parents
  104. imagination gym great help to me
  105. New novel called "ADHD" or "ADD"
  106. New publication shows screening test for ADHD
  107. ADDA site to order conference tapes
  108. New - Hallowell book on the gifts of ADD
  109. Driven To distraction, Delivered, Answers?
  110. Radio radio elvis and podcasts
  111. Patricia Gilbert?(Scattered please take a look)
  112. anyone heard of "the da vinci method"?
  113. VHS or DVD copy of ADD-Friendly Ways to Organize Your Life
  114. Online ADD seminar
  115. Has Anyone Tried This?
  116. Some Books I Found
  117. Who writes the better book? ADDer or ADD coach?
  118. ADHD books, need recommendations
  119. Getting organized
  120. Book: First Impressions - What you don't know about how others see you...
  121. Books with tools to takle ADD as an adult?
  122. books to help with accepting adhd
  123. ADD/ADHD books
  124. Books on ADD
  125. books discussing science behind adhd
  126. adult ADD books
  127. books for inattentive ADD
  128. Are there any good videos/dvds out there?
  129. Healing ADD
  130. book on overcoming procrastination
  131. Book - ADD in Adults by Dr Gordon Serfontein
  132. The Power of Resilience
  133. Anyone read the COBAD Book
  134. Medication Answer book- Extemely Helpful
  135. Carved in Sand
  136. Want book for non ADD Wife
  137. AD/HD E-books
  138. DVD: Student Output Getting your Schoolwork/Writing onto Paper (Dr. Mel Levine)
  139. DVD: Getting Thoughts onto Paper (Mel Levine)
  140. Anyone Reading/Read You Mean I'm Not Crazy, Lazy, or Stupid?
  141. Delivered from Distraction, questions on 40-47
  142. Spark -- Wonderful new book by Dr. Ratey
  143. Book suggestions please!
  144. Best Books for coping and succeeding with ADHD
  145. The Disorganized Mind
  146. Good book for someone who can't afford therapy
  147. Good books for kids/teens with ADHD
  148. ADDitude Magazine
  149. driven to/ delivered from distraction?
  150. TV Watch Alert
  151. Anyone read these books for organizing tips?
  152. Great book to help you take control over your life
  153. Adderall Books?
  154. Book for Single Mum new to ADD
  155. Driven or Delivered which is best to buy?
  156. Educating my parents
  157. 1 book
  158. DVDs with Professional Organizers: Are there any?
  159. Book about ADD in girls?
  160. anyone read the book "The Gift of ADHD" ?
  161. Two online documentries on ADHD free
  162. Joey Pigza??
  163. ADD/ADHD Book Database
  164. Everyday Challenges: Taking a Closer Look at Adult ADHD
  165. a few ADHD & Asperger / Autism documentarys for download...
  166. Books for family relationships
  167. [video]ADHD Boy
  168. Book - Stahl's Illustrated Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  169. CHADD's publication, "Attention" and Conflict of Interest with Pharmaceutical Ads
  170. Mastering Your Adult ADHD
  171. Dr Charles Parker
  172. New book: Taking Charge of Adult ADHD
  173. Has anyone read Orlov's The AD/HD Effect on Marriage...Thoughts?
  174. Time management book
  175. Motivational or Inspirational books?
  176. ADD and Your Money: Guide to Personal Finance for Adults with ADHD
  177. Adult ADD Factbook
  178. You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?
  179. Delivered From Distraction getting me down
  180. ADD books: yes or no?
  181. Adult ADD fact book by Dr. Ron Sterling?
  182. Help! What are your ADHD book recommendations
  183. The Mindfulness Prescription for Adult ADHD
  184. Taking Charge of Adult ADHD
  185. Any good movies or documentaries on Adult ADHD?
  186. Best adult ADD self help book that has helped you?
  187. Has anyone read "Healing ADD" by Daniel Amen?
  188. theirs a great book called the mood cure on amazon
  189. Barkley, Psychiatrists
  190. driven to distraction
  191. Recommendation of a scientific book about ADHD/ADD
  192. interesting blog, good all around info on how some AD/HD meds/nutritional treatment
  193. Good book for ADD adults written by an adult with ADHD
  194. Learning Outside the Lines
  195. Book recommendation
  196. "Scattered Minds" or "Scattered" by Dr Gabor Mate
  197. New Book "Go Wild" by John Ratey
  198. Anyone into podcasts??
  199. Audio with exercises for add
  200. Website to help you
  201. book "Journeys Through ADDulthood"
  202. Book - Fast Minds??
  203. Practical Books on Managing ADHD
  204. Could this book about SPD help you? (it's free)
  205. Has anyone read "You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?"?
  206. ADHD info and many other issues
  207. Looking for a good book on A.D.H.D.