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  1. We've lost our insurance...anyone know where the cheapest place is to buy meds?
  2. Confused about Executive Function
  3. Having issues finding the right combo with meds for 6 year old.
  4. ADHD and health insurance ?
  5. Behavioral Modification and the Drum kit
  6. More News about Omega 3 (fish oil)
  7. 8 year old w/autism and apraxia treating for adhd
  8. Diagnosing and the first steps?
  9. Stimulant Medication and Cortisol
  10. so we had DD tested by a Psychologist..
  11. Rebound is killing me!
  12. Newbie here- experimenting with son's meds... did adderall make your kids angrier?
  13. Intuniv help
  14. 3 questions (1) Protein sources? (2) Ritalin dosing? (3) Rapid development in infancy
  15. feeling boring while on meds
  16. Adderall XR and Sleep
  17. Tourette's
  18. New to this site and question on pill management please
  19. new to forum and have 2 kids with special needs
  20. Daytrana Questions
  21. Med questions
  22. Daytrana patch experiences
  23. "Over-silly" or ADHD?
  24. Elvanse (UK name) Vyvanse (US name) -lisdexamfetamine dimesylate
  25. Lack of impulse control
  26. Anyone suspect 2E (ADHD/gifted) but can't prove?
  27. Light therapy
  28. I'm confused...
  29. Out of options for meds
  30. Need opinions on whether my son needs meds or even has ADHD
  31. New here but not to ADHD
  32. inattentive ADD, now seizures -- what medications?
  33. Is it possibly adhd
  34. Question about Concerta
  35. School behaviour in morning vs. afternoon
  36. New here, son's first day on Metadate...
  37. CAP test / Central Auditory Processing Disorder
  38. Teacher meeting -- worse than I thought...
  39. New here and need some advice.
  40. Article - Lay off my Daughters ADHD
  41. Meds causing hiccups all of a sudden?
  42. ADHD diagnoses rise to 11% of kids
  43. could use some thoughts..second child maybe ADHD but so different...
  44. ADHD Rates Continue to Climb
  45. what learning issues will a neuro psych eval find
  46. Update on my son
  47. Tools to help with children with adhd in family home?
  48. Cheating on gluten free
  49. Back on Vyvanse and success again!
  50. Just looking for support..
  51. Good reference materials on how to help ADHD kids as early as possible in life
  52. Article on the Rise of ADHD
  53. I need some help with 8 yr old
  54. ADHD Medication--help
  55. Child waking up during night? Having a weak moment here.
  56. lesson learned
  57. Should we try a different med?
  58. Does ritalin cause high blood pressure in a 6 year old?
  59. Son recently diagnosed with ADD
  60. Ritalin may be causing a significant weight gain in my child
  61. My 19 yr old ODD ADD DSMV is now in psychiatric for 'eval'
  62. Son Diagnosed as Inattentive Type
  63. New here/ new to ADHD
  64. Non-medicated?
  65. Concerta working? Had IEP meeting, ugh!
  66. Talk to me about vision therapy
  67. What to do next - ritalin
  68. Medication Thoughts / Advice Needed
  69. Tenex to Intuniv not working!
  70. ADHD Clinics in California
  71. Strattera Advice Needed
  72. Other parent- against medicating
  73. 17-YO Son's Psychological Assessment
  74. ADHD in girls
  75. Monthly testing?
  76. Ordering medicine from Canada
  77. Computer training not successful
  78. Promising Drug-Free Treatment - Need Parents Opinions
  79. 8 year old - ADHD
  80. No diagnosis yet, but I have a question.
  81. Success with Attentive Child?
  82. 8 year old ADHD on Dex.....not sure it's working
  83. Adderall crash
  84. Irritable bowel syndrome
  85. Kids Documentary
  86. school failure/academic and emotional regression
  87. Treating disorders with trileptal!
  88. Concerta - when is too much?
  89. Too high of dose? Help!
  90. 5 year old diagnosed with adhd feeling lost
  91. My son and Stratera
  92. is this normal - focalin side effects
  93. What medication to start with?
  94. An update. New meds, IEP meeting set
  95. Looking at DS's sleep problems
  96. Newly Diagnosed and Spiraling Down
  97. How young is too young for diagnosis?
  98. Supplements for kids with ADHD
  99. Biphentin questions -- Can I open it? etc.
  100. Is this normal for an 8-year-old? Drawing, fine motor, perception....
  101. Concerta - stomach ache and diarrhea
  102. 11 year old with ODD diagnosis--advice needed
  103. Side effect? Please help...
  104. Starting meds and need advice
  105. Article: kids with ADHD can train their brains
  106. My girls 1st note sent home Re: her behavior
  107. Does ADHD affect homeschooled kids?
  108. anti depressants and hyper behaviour (long)
  109. ADD advice please
  110. ADHD Book Recommendations?
  111. No formal diagnosis, but affecting extracurricular activities
  112. The preschool environment
  113. Vyvance Side Effect or Behavior?
  114. Feeling frustrated with medications we have tried...
  115. New to ADHD
  116. has puberty changed what my kid needs?
  117. 3rd grade Vent
  118. Question for those with ADHD and SPD (OT related)
  119. ADHD kids and depression
  120. Meds aren't working?
  121. DS diagnosed and put on Concerta
  122. FocalinXR - how soon should we see results
  123. Biphentin dose?
  124. Sleep better on Adderall XR than with IR?
  125. Frustrated and need help...
  126. Overwhelmed and Confused Please help
  127. Procentra - Dextroamphetamine
  128. Do certain ADHD meds help with impulsivity more than others??
  129. Not yet diagnosed
  130. What type of DR diagnosed your child's ADHD?
  131. I thought we had hit rock bottom
  132. New here - looking for advice
  133. Quietly screaming
  134. We have just started meds...
  135. Facing My Reality that My child has a problem
  136. I did something I feel kind of guilty about, but now know the meds work...
  137. behaviour types...
  138. New here, DD might have ADD
  139. A message from your children's future
  140. Meds - summer dosage
  141. Intuniv works... but now a new problem
  142. Is there a honeymoon period with medication
  143. Son new with Adderall and side effects
  144. Help!!!
  145. Forms of medication? +Biphentin question!
  146. ADHD, ODD, GAD and medication ?
  147. Newbie..DD possible ADHD
  148. Risperdal
  149. my son and diagnosis
  150. Piecing Together A Puzzle
  151. Time to Try a Different Med? Need Opinions
  152. Expert on organization, Time Management and Planning
  153. Worrying change after medication increase
  154. Nurture Clarity ADHD Treatment
  155. Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Treatment ?
  156. Tenex and magnesium
  157. Mum seeking support/insight
  158. Finally....
  159. questions about meds
  160. did the parent/teacher scales for our review of ritalin...
  161. ADD and Dyscalculia
  162. Metylfenidat and Clonidine
  163. How do you know which med?
  164. Concerta 18mg
  165. No meds on wknds?
  166. More than 70mg a day of Vyvanse for children
  167. STUDY: A Possible Actual SOLUTION to ADD/ADHD
  168. What type of behavioral therapy works?
  169. Newbie feeling hopeless...
  170. New and confused
  171. Vayarin
  172. 11 year old daughter on Focalin XR, having issues...
  173. Starting meds - need support!
  174. Deciphering behavioral causes
  175. Access to completed evaluation tools
  176. ADHD and Epilepsy :( Neurofeedback?
  177. Help - 8 year old daugther with ADHD?
  178. New here - our story
  179. Who to have do the evulation and when to spend the money
  180. Best stimulant for combating weight loss
  181. 9 yr old daughter diagnosed dually w/ADHD & is Epileptic
  182. Can't get the dose just right
  183. Another New Member Here
  184. 9yr old son - losing faith in meds
  185. Also new here
  186. Dilemma - should I reduce the meds at school like the doc says?
  187. Mom to two, oldest diagnosed with ADHD and some ODD thing?
  188. 3rd ADHD Medication...
  189. Side effect and different meds
  190. Daytrana Recalls...
  191. Daytrana Patch
  192. Our story and a few questions?
  193. Child Started Quillivant Xr
  194. Quillivant?
  195. For parents who don't medicate on weekends or holidays. . .
  196. Things have evolved
  197. Moving forwards with my sons diagnosis
  198. Strattera- Moody, irritable, agitated?
  199. Metabolize medication quickly?
  200. Picking
  201. Vyvanse and violent outbursts question...
  202. Length of Treatmen by Meds?
  203. When To Start Medication
  204. Is a non-stim necessary for hyperactivity?
  205. Adderall jittery in AM/ Works in PM
  206. Teenage son, Adderall, Hockey
  207. Medication tweaking - suggestions from your experience please!
  208. Strattera & Concerta combo
  209. Side effects of concerta
  210. Is this ADD? Teenager Doesn't Eat For Days, Doesn't Sleep Well, Moody...
  211. Sudden change in sleep
  212. Generic Focalin XR now on market but it's not working?
  213. Questions you wished you asked
  214. Research on Treatment for Inattentive ADHD
  215. Teacher Feedback - time to try a new med??
  216. Second Daughter with ADHD - Medication Questions
  217. getting a kid to sleep
  218. New-Medidate questions about side effects.
  219. New Mom-Mecidate CD Questions
  220. Stigmas associated with ADHD vs. Dyslexia
  221. New here, wondering if DS has Inattentive ADD?
  222. Iron deficiency?
  223. A bit of a rant & a question
  224. New Here - Testing results BASC & WISC
  225. Time to up the dosage for my daughter?
  226. moving on from special school
  227. Med trial woes (Vyvanse)... Help please??
  228. Seemingly Sudden ADD in 12yo Daughter
  229. My Son Is on Ritlian and It Is Not Working Help Please
  230. weaning off Intuniv ??
  231. Alternative to Stimulant Medication
  232. ADHD misdiagnosis
  233. Sudden lack of control after refill?
  234. Anyones child on PPI and long acting methylphenidate(ritalin)
  235. Med Change-teacher says making son more hyper & inattentive
  236. ADD caffeine treatment?
  237. Med History Review Says It All
  238. Possibly getting somewhere...
  239. 8 yr. old on Concerta need it to work in the morning?!?!
  240. Reduce some severity and lower amount of ADHD
  241. Bedtime fights. Anyone use melatonin?
  242. 5yr old adhd diagnosis
  243. Side effect?
  244. questions about my younger brother behavior
  245. Trying to pull the Trigger...
  246. Drug options
  247. Risperdahl for perservating
  248. Not really sure about my 8 year old...
  249. getting the ball rolling for daignosis
  250. Med/reassement question