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  1. Please help
  2. Needing to change meds
  3. Med Journey Update
  4. Feingold, Vyvanse and sleepiness/laziness (and vayarin?)
  5. Ritalin LA - side effects?
  6. Ritalin and Fixation on things + Slight Vent!
  7. New here. Need help with school and diagnosis
  8. Difference between Focalin XR and the Generic
  9. DS on Quillivant - issues in am and pm
  10. Information inquiry
  11. Adderall for PDD
  12. Anyone Ever use Sudafed for ADHD?
  13. addition to ADHD?
  14. Deal Breakers??
  15. Initial eligibility determination meeting..
  16. Switching from Adderall XR to....????
  17. Adderall not working as well, unsure of what to try next
  18. 82 page evaluation report!
  19. Need advice about son, also Intuniv
  20. My daughter was denied special ed services
  21. Tenex issues... ugh someone please help
  22. Attention Research Update 2014
  23. Intuniv & night waking!
  24. Concerta and side effects
  25. Removing ADHD diagnosis?
  26. Adderall and rage?
  27. bed and pants wetting, age 13
  28. Anyone have success switching child from Adderall XR to Concerta?
  29. Quillivant XR for 5yr old
  30. MCT Oil
  31. Independent educational evaluation
  32. Depressive Disorder NOS
  33. Concerta ?s
  34. Vyvanse
  35. Wellbutrin, 7 YO boy
  36. Stimulants Vs Non stimulants
  38. Vyvanse and increased defiance & anger
  39. medication question
  40. Standard operating procedure with medication
  41. What are the accomodations that promote development?
  42. Emotionally unstable Child
  43. Article: Does Artificial Food Coloring Contribute to ADHD in Children?
  44. Daytime wetting
  45. First Time Posting
  46. Night Terrors/Nightmares?
  47. night terrors - side effect of Ritalin LA?
  48. Overall update and questions
  49. Hi There!
  50. Been gone for a while -- daughter's diagnosis changed.
  51. Son diagnosed with hyperactivity, but not ADHD
  52. The role of the mom/dad/caregiver in emotional regulation developing in the infant
  53. Daytrana adhesive allergy
  54. Destructiveness
  55. Intuiv
  56. New diagnosed child (about 5 years old) for ADHA
  57. So stressed out about my son
  58. I feel like a terrible mom
  59. Concerta questions
  60. adhd battle is finally about over!!!!!!!
  61. Article : more parents catching signs of ADHD.
  62. MTHFR/ADHD clarification
  63. Quillivant XR question
  64. Help and understanding ADHD
  65. Personality change on Ritalin / Adderal
  66. My son won't eat on medication
  67. Kids Losing Weight on Stimulants
  68. How can we minimise rebound for our son age 10...
  69. starting on ritalin and daughter has more anxiety
  70. Sleep???
  71. Good video primer?
  72. Interesting article for parents searching for answers
  73. Biphentin, 7 year old and Anxiety
  74. Trying to find the right treatment for my 12 year old son! Help!
  75. New diagnosis......HELP!!!
  76. Feingold Diet
  77. ADHD Meds and gaining weight
  78. Intuniv & 4 Years Old
  79. Teacher asked if son has seizures...
  80. Vvyanese and 6 year old
  81. Anyone anxious about their child's ADD/ADHD?
  82. Methylphenidate ER & 8 Yr. Old
  83. ADHD in Bulgaria,medical system,treatment
  84. Morning time
  85. Can Intuniv Help My Child's Worsening Tics?
  86. meds for homework meltdowns
  87. anger issues with 1st time med user :(
  88. Feeling hopeless
  89. ADHD-combined type, with ODD, anxiety, and depression
  90. Kidney and liver functions of those taking meds
  91. what do medications not help with
  92. Kidney and liver functions
  93. Motion Sickness 5 year old - medicine side effects
  94. Zoloft - Adderall combo, sleeping less
  95. Dangerous Med Combos?
  96. 7 year old daughter ADHD/combined med help
  97. Anyone using additive free diet?
  98. new to meds
  99. Tried everything else! Will Quillivant help?
  100. Frustrated to tears-almost ready to throw meds out and homeschool!
  101. Dr Paul Bain
  102. Testing
  103. Meds for child with ADHD and anxiety
  104. Vyvanse Side Effect for 6 year old son
  105. Children and therapy : your experience
  106. How your child has been diagnosed? Evaluation, testing...
  107. Need a referral :-(
  108. Cuddle swing
  109. Which physician are you seeing for your child's medication?
  110. Appropriate age for testing
  111. How are you funding treatment options
  112. Seeking medication advice for 13-year-old son with ADHD and major ANGER issues
  113. Need Help! Straterra and my 7 year old.
  114. How I Cured My Child's ADHD Without Drugs - great book
  115. Son just diagnosed....afraid of meds!
  116. Any parents have experience with Procentra?
  117. App or method for tracking treatment?
  118. CSPI Report
  119. Neuropsychologist vs. Psychiatrist for testing?
  120. Diagnosed underweight and ADHD
  121. First time medication - What do we tell our 6 yr old?
  122. Concerta and moodiness with 10yr old girl
  123. How many different medicines did you try? Bad side affects?
  124. Bad Stomach pains
  125. Help Stimulants stop working every year
  126. Seeking help for my 6 year old son
  127. New to this - Adderall XR anger issues question
  128. Concerta plus anxious 13yo girl
  129. Dosage and Side Effects
  130. Natural treatment using inositol anyone tried?
  131. Effect of Taking Both Guanfacine and Wellbutrin on Child
  132. Advice: Just starting Focalin 5mg - 7 Year old boy
  133. Help please!
  134. Ridlyn and moodiness
  135. "A Playful Approach To Discipline" by Dr. Gordon Neufeld
  136. Does my son have ADHD?
  137. Behavioural therapies we can try at home?
  138. What are good Alternatives to Vyvanse?
  139. Where to start?
  140. Adding stimulants to Abilify -- a step backward?
  141. Has anyone tried Brain Balance?
  142. Questions on getting a diagnosis and meds
  143. Has anyone tried Vayarin?
  144. Medicated ADD parent - Medicate my child or not?
  145. Psychologist vs psychiatrist
  146. Need help with child's meds.
  147. Getting 3 Rxs (30 days each) at one time
  148. Finally have an appointment
  149. Doctor gave up, why?
  150. Dexedrine?
  151. Adhd kids do better with therapy first? Article....
  152. Feels like fate is intervening
  153. Concerta 36 mgs + .1 Clonidin - what to expect?
  154. Medication questions for my recently diagnosed 5 year old
  155. Newly diagnosed 17-year-old son - HELP PLEASE
  156. Please help with advice for ADHD meds
  157. Intuniv & Prozac, considering adding Strattera
  158. Your thoughts.....
  159. need advice
  160. At a loss with meds.
  161. Help please 8 year old with adhd
  162. Straterrs vs Ritalin
  163. Concerta versus generic methylphenidate
  164. Medication in the afternoon/evening?
  165. Can medication do permanent damage and turn ADHD/Anxiety into Autism?
  166. Finding the right dosage
  167. Vyvanse 10mg for 8 year old
  168. Adderall increasing hyperactivity
  169. Experience with homeopathic medicines
  170. Need Diagnosis and Treatment with Psychiatry?
  171. Non-stimulant ADHD Treatment help
  172. Vyvance - Side effects After puberty?
  173. Does my 8 year old son hAve add? Im confused. Need insight please!!
  174. Not sure where to go with meds
  175. New...starting assessment process
  176. Please need help for my 5 year old Aspie, hyper ADHD son
  177. Husband not supportive of testing or meds
  178. New to ADHD
  179. Advice for panic attacks in 11yo son with ADHD and mild Aspergers
  180. Adderall IR vs XR
  181. AM I Dreaming? - Week 2 meds DS6
  182. at my wits end
  183. Is this normal for ADHD?
  184. Oh, the crash!
  185. What questions do I ask son about how new meds make him feel?
  186. Insurance denied any coverage for ADHD medications
  187. Help please. Nothing is working
  188. New diagnosis trying make our way though.
  189. Concerned about long term effects of Ritalin
  190. Ritalin and Ritalin LA
  191. Concerns With Early Childhood Medication Use and Possible Future side effects
  192. Help- Recent Diagnosis & First Post
  193. What are the downsides of a diagnosis?
  194. What to do when nothing works for ADHD
  195. Side effect of medication?
  196. Grandson age 6 started Strattera
  197. Help me understand DSD ADHD/ODD/OCD!
  198. Aripripazole (aka Abilify) for ADHD treatment
  199. Magnesium for ADHD
  200. New parent wanting opinions from your experience
  201. Advice on prescription.
  202. insurance company won't cover Quillivant
  203. Just Curious
  204. Teen daughter having social problems: Could ADHD be the cause?
  205. My sons medication?
  206. What to expect
  207. Compulsion to shiver??
  208. Newbie and have questions
  209. AFTER ADHD Meds
  210. new here and just want help and advice really
  211. Very early signs of psychiatric disorders
  212. Options for my child
  213. Son can't swallow pills
  214. ADHD ODD worse with meds -what's next?
  215. Please help as I need my son tested Northamptonshire
  216. Can Vyvanse Cause Anger?
  217. Son sucks fingers and picks nose!
  218. Most effective treatment for teenager ADHD-PI
  219. Methylphenidate CD 30 mg and my son
  220. Prescribing Intuniv with a stimulant in UK
  221. Is this ADD?
  222. first appointment with paediatrician
  223. Anyone using caffeine pills for ADD kids??
  224. Is blurting out Noises typical with ADHD?
  225. adhd momma with an adhd son? whos with me on this boat?! ;)
  226. When did you know it was ADHD and not just being a child? -GIRL
  227. Options?
  228. Anxiety, rage and medication
  229. Too many side effects?
  230. creative dosing with methylpenidate
  231. Behavior therapy
  232. Med taking longer to kick in?
  233. Waiting to be referred for 4 year old, really struggling
  234. Concerta effect lasts only 3-4 days and stops; Anyone else experienced similar?
  235. Anxiety, anger and medication
  236. Social skills
  237. Diagnosed in under 5 minutes, normal?
  238. Which Medication?
  239. Help with Medication, on Focalin XR but having a hard time
  240. Adhd and Anger Issues
  241. Dyanavel XR
  242. ADD Primary Inattentive
  243. Snap-IV Test Scoring - What does it mean if teachers scores are under top 5% limit
  244. Need Advice in treatment ADHD/ASD
  245. Concerta and Anger/Agression
  246. Anybody try neurofeedback?
  247. daughter diagnosed ASD, combined type ADHD, primary sleep disorder
  248. Daily Essential Nutrients
  249. Clonidine 0.1mg
  250. ADHD and Kids Medications