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  1. ADHD and Kids Medications
  2. ADHD and Play
  3. Weighted Vests / Compression Vests
  4. Why do children not take medication, before the age of 4-6?
  5. Different ways parenting figures communicate with their children
  6. First grade teacher asked for an evaluation on day 3: really? on day 3?
  7. Coconut oil in ADHD
  8. Just starting meds
  9. Started 5th Grade with No Meds-got email from teacher
  10. The realization of ADD in my son
  11. Neuroptimal or protocol driven neurofeedback
  12. Started the Process but Unsure
  13. Medication questions
  14. should I tell my son about adhd?
  15. ADHD medication advice
  16. Testing help
  17. Zoloft and ADHD
  18. Can Ritalin or other ADHD meds be prescribed if no diagnosis
  19. Daughter's neck twitch 2 mos on concerta
  20. Anyone have luck with strattera?
  21. Adhd
  22. EEG and Biofeedback Therapy
  23. Kindergarten Teacher said My Daughter Cannot Attend Primary School On Time
  24. "The tests for ADHD were negative"...HUH?
  25. Medications that don't make kids more explosive?
  26. At the beginning of my son's journey - am already lost.
  27. Disability Tax Credit
  28. Concerta to Focalin
  29. If a child responds well to meds they have ADHD...if not...they don't?
  30. Is it REALLY the ADHD meds?
  31. Vyvance chewable pill/ splitting dosage
  32. Anger issues, strange outbursts, and rude comments.
  33. Increased aggression and oppositional behavior
  34. My child switching from Concerta to Vyvanse?
  35. ADHD or Aspergers?
  36. Something not connecting - need help
  37. What are other "hallmark" symptoms of add?
  38. Focalin XR in canada?
  39. parents of children diagnosed with adhd: when did you suspect, when did you know?
  40. Prozac at age six??
  41. Just diagnosed, med question
  42. Helpful Tips to get my 5yr old to take his Meds
  43. Best Way to Get Full Day Coverage from Concerta
  44. Alternative medicines?
  45. Need help figuring it out.
  46. Teen Girl ADHD questions and med questions
  47. Signs of a bi-polar child?
  48. Meds...
  49. Where to start
  50. Ella and biologics (stelara)
  51. Question regarding ADHD with meds
  52. Going from Vyvanse to Ritalin
  53. One year later... a diagnosis.
  54. More Talking to Self
  55. Quillivant Tips?
  56. At what age does EEG biofeedback work ?
  57. Early Diagnosis
  58. What is a thorough evaluation?
  59. Article: FDA approves “device” to treat kids with adhd.
  60. Concerta and dizziness