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  1. 17 yo son with ADD
  2. First week on Adderall XR - 8yo boy
  3. Insurance changes, and meds get much more expensive
  4. Spectra/Brain Imaging as Diagnostic Tool
  5. who can prescribe adderall?
  6. Please tell me about Ritalin LA for kids!
  7. What symptoms did you see during preschool for mild ADD?
  8. ADHD Help
  9. What does your child to when things go "wrong"?
  10. Adderall and perseverative/obsessive behavior
  11. Son hates to hear "swallowing" - HELP!
  12. Paxil and attention
  13. Any Suggestions for Talking with Teachers/Isolation
  14. 3 year old so hyper plz help
  15. question on alternative treatment
  16. Things are different once your child is diagnosed (or almost diagnosed)
  17. How do you know when med is at right dosage?
  18. Side Affect of Adderal XR????
  19. Update (was 9 yr old girl)
  20. 6 yr old, kinder, adderal
  21. Tics
  22. Your Advice Please
  23. Anyone hear of Focalin XR?
  24. How many parents of AD/HD children started to look at yourself?
  25. Natural or Alternative medicines?
  26. 10 yr old and nausea on meds
  27. Are these related to ADHD?
  28. Confused about son's dx and treatment
  29. Finally got results from psych testing.
  30. Help! Where do I go from here?
  31. Almost 3 year old with ODD and possible ADHD
  32. ADHD - Autism Spectrum Dissorders NVLD - Visual Spatial Learner?
  33. ADHD Symptoms?
  34. Concerned Mom
  35. Questionable diagnosis
  36. What is wrong with my daughter?
  37. B N F Medications
  38. 14 y.o. daughter ADD
  39. Is this ODD?
  40. Suspect 5 year old has ADD
  41. Happy to find this site
  42. Has anyone tried ATTEND after trying traditional med treatments?
  43. ADD or not?
  44. New and concerned.
  45. Controversial Treatments for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
  46. Help for two kids with some ADD symptoms?
  47. ADD or BAD
  48. Dr. says *NOT* ADD...physcologist says *yes*
  49. Natural Remedies?
  50. What are we doing wrong??
  51. What are we doing wrong??
  52. Child with ADD Dad disagrees
  53. What age is too soon to diagnose?
  54. Add Stepdaughter very depressed... help!
  55. My son's 2nd grade teacher sent this email to me.
  56. How do I begin? I WORRY ALL the time! I feel alone about ALL of this!
  57. Has anyone tried Focalin XR
  58. Is it ADD? How to know for sure?
  59. 4 Year Old Boy - Something's Different
  60. Starting son on meds
  61. Taking Prozac and a stimulant?
  62. Things with my 13 year old are getting worse
  63. an accurate diagnosis?
  64. Observed son on meds for first time
  65. The ADHD Treatment Jouney
  66. insurance paying for hallowell center!
  67. Need some help about the meds my son is on!!
  68. My daughter had terrific results with Ritalin!
  69. One diagnosis...but stay tuned!
  70. Does this look like ADD?
  71. how much meds/how much improvement
  72. Oh, I just LOVE this caseworker!!
  73. School are convinced my son has ADHD We don't think he has.
  74. QEEG and Bio Feedback Training?
  75. Adderal XR & DD-Need feedback
  76. Yet Another : Do I have it? - Scheduled Appointment
  77. 6 yo daughter officially diagnosed.
  78. Treatment without diagnosis
  79. Parents -- head up on tapes by ADD experts
  80. Daughter is having rebound problems and general fussiness
  81. Awesome update on son who is 17 1/2
  82. How to tell if it is a kid being a kid?
  83. Global Assessment of Functioning
  84. DSM IV Diagnosis Defined
  85. Daughter started Ritalin..Now I feel so guilty....
  86. my son's just been diagnosed
  87. Does Adderall make your child a "chatterbox"?
  88. Metadate CD side effects?
  89. Frustrated...encourage me!
  90. DD started Concerta yesterday
  91. My Diagnosis is Official!!
  92. Help With Strattera Side Effects or Bad Behavior
  93. 4 year old driving me crazy!
  94. Going to do intake at mental health clinic tomorrow
  95. Medicating Junior- coping strategies
  96. What can I really expect?
  97. How about therapy?
  98. Advice Pls. Daughter's medication
  99. Testing Junior (ENT): background noise filtration
  100. Taking an adderall vacation today!!
  101. Qb Test for AD/HD diagnosis
  102. Need to help a friend
  103. New to forum
  104. How do you get diagonosed for ADD?
  105. Kick-off side effects of Strattera?
  106. Starting 8 y/o daughter on Concerta
  107. So I did see my Psychiatrist... diagnosis is...
  108. How do you know when you get ir right?
  109. anger
  110. To take Meds, or not to take meds...
  111. Im thinking add, but you tell me (sorry its long)
  112. general question
  113. EEG's and ADHD
  114. Teenage years and medication
  115. Some advice needed.
  116. concerta 36mg
  117. Returning to the Psychiatrist Quiz results, in hand.
  118. Risperdal ?s
  119. 3 year old maybe ADHD, maybe OCD, maybe Asperger's
  120. Went for my 2nd psychiatrist appoint. 4 diagnosis.
  121. ADHD? Let's see.
  122. First time taking Ritalin, experience:
  123. I will not medicate my baby
  124. Any experience taking Provigil and tenex?
  125. Wish i really knew
  126. Need help for my son!
  127. Concerta vs Focalin XR
  128. 5 yo day to on Adderall - HELP
  129. Sensitive to meds etc.
  130. Focalin for a 3 year old
  131. ADHD Research
  132. Mom Feeling Guilty
  133. Children and Strattera
  134. Focalin XR side effects
  135. My Hyper 3 1/2 Child with speech delay. Help!
  136. Pure ADHD symptoms - consistent and constant or episodic and fluctuating?
  137. In terms of opinion, is Ritalin/other meds a good idea?
  138. Concerta - taking it incorrectly??? PLEASE HELP
  139. Upping Strattera Dose
  140. A good story.
  141. Available Meds
  142. what happens at assessment
  143. Strattera & Clonidine
  144. Is it ADD or just anxiety/depression???
  145. School threatens
  146. Psychologist thinks child #2 also has ADHD
  147. westchester, ny - help
  148. Won't go to school
  149. meds for adhd and sillyness
  150. Where do I go Now????
  151. Add Child With Tics
  152. Has anyone tried Sound Therapy for ADD?
  153. Nervous
  154. ritilin making son not go to sleep
  155. Diagnosis
  156. Autistic son with possible attention disorder
  157. How effective/safe are med combinations for kids?
  158. Child has become angry on Concerta!!
  159. whats realy rong
  160. Neu Becalm'd
  161. Addapting to meds
  162. Is medication safe?
  163. before and after meds
  164. Play Attention feedback program
  165. Needing new meds?
  166. bedwetting
  167. Brain Skills, anyone tried this?
  168. Is My Diagnosis Legit?
  169. Daytrana Patch
  170. looking for treatment
  171. to younge to diagnose but help still needed
  172. I was up for it...
  173. Looking for guidance
  174. LONG POST...getting ready to see DR.
  175. in need of advice
  176. which side effects will wear off?
  177. Anxiety or Frustration? Help!
  178. Adderall Advice
  179. Adderall Advice
  180. Finally, help for my son
  181. Dr Gross?
  182. finding a psychiatrist
  183. Conflict between parents in dealing with diagnosis
  184. How should a doc act?
  185. EFT (, for ADD
  186. Anyone tried the DORE programme?
  187. How old
  188. Should I take son to counseling?
  189. Problems with "other" daughter
  190. ADHD and Iron Deficiency
  191. I just lost it!
  192. Not ADHD..Anxiety, Depression, and Exec. Func. Disorder
  193. My diagnoses
  194. Treating ADHD Without Medication
  195. going for medication
  196. Don't know what to do!
  197. Coffee/Caffeine Problem?
  198. Allergies and Testing
  199. Family Doctor disagrees with Teacher over sons "ADD"
  200. now what?
  201. Dx is Bipolar
  202. Play Attention or other Info needed(first ever post)
  203. dexedrine and guanfacine
  204. testing for gifted
  205. Vocal Tics
  206. Use of Strattera & Concerta combined
  207. Medication Changes....Again Help!
  208. Learning techniques?
  209. IEP finally in place
  210. Suggestion on finding a decent specialist?
  211. I'm new, out of my league, and and need to vent.
  212. guanfacine
  213. on Ritalin and no wieght gain
  214. my heart
  215. How can we be sure its ADHD?
  216. Mental Processing Speed and ADD
  217. starting Stratterra, any advice ?
  218. What you should know about drug treatment in children
  219. Question about "not qualifying for LD classes"
  220. homeopathic treatments for ADD
  221. Concerta & anxiety in son
  222. Hallowell West Coast Center?
  223. risperdal effects fading?
  224. Could my 13 year old have ADD?
  225. youngest age to start a child on meds?
  226. Adderall scared to start my daughter on it
  227. Something my dad did to treat my ADHD
  228. Scared to confront my parents/therapist/doctors/university tutor about ADD
  229. Psychologist problems
  230. Not sure if this is the right spot for this....
  231. Switching Medication
  232. My ADHD son and his remarkable improvement
  233. 1st time on anything, with questions?
  234. Serious Concerns about the Meds...Help
  235. What to start with???
  236. Could I have ADD?
  237. What do people think about this?
  238. Got a 504 for my daughter
  239. Concerta trial went disastrous - does this seem right?
  240. Adderall XR
  241. Ineffective Treatment/Switching Doctors?
  242. fruit was my set off
  243. prozac+risperdal?
  244. New to the boards and having my first crisis with my child.
  245. Just finished reading a new ADHD Book
  246. post your medication + addtipe & comorbids
  247. Sunderland Protocol
  248. How necessary is testing for a proper diagnosis?
  249. Anyone heard of Modafinil?
  250. It's time to medicate isn't it?