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  1. Must Read For Every Parent Or Guardian
  2. Question regarding Diagnosis
  3. How much is too much?
  4. ADD or just immature?
  5. I Need Help!!
  6. New here, Info needed about Strattera
  7. Quirky habits???
  8. adhd meds and appetite
  9. Confusion
  10. medicating our child - how to decide?
  11. Help!
  12. Choosing the Right Treatment
  13. should i or not ??
  14. Halfway to diagnoses
  15. Time to change meds?
  16. What does he have????
  17. Need advice for sons Dr. Appt.
  18. Add another pill or wait?
  19. Brown Diagnostic Scale
  20. Research shows increase in childhood hyperactivity with use of dyes/additives
  21. Questions on Adderall
  22. Need to find a psychiatrist
  23. Need help/advice with son
  24. Meeting with new psychiatrist tomorrow.
  25. Concerta or adderall users.
  26. Mom with ADHD looking for advice one how to treat son
  27. Concerta, et al & weight loss
  28. Im confused. Any input would be appreciated!
  29. New ADHD mom did a stupid thing
  30. Finally made an appointment
  31. First Day on Concerta
  32. Question About "Brain Exercise" therapies
  33. Re: Recently Diagnosed
  34. 3rd grader on adderall
  35. Article: Behavioral interventions effective for preschoolers
  36. Ideas or Recommendation
  37. Need Advice Re: ADD/ADHD Diagnosis
  38. Article about treatment option variety
  39. Help with my DD
  40. Dyslexia the school said but not
  41. Eight year-old trying to take Strattera
  42. how to get rid of this
  43. Anti-Psychotic Meds?
  44. Imipramine for ADHD
  45. Article: Parents Can Get Expert Advice on Treatment of ADHD
  46. Son on Concerta 2 weeks
  47. Valuable insights sought from parents of kids with ADHD
  48. Parents with young children & a follow up to another thread by me
  49. has anyone taken child off meds.. and went alternate route ?
  50. taking son off ritalin cold turkey
  51. Early diagnosis/Early intervention
  52. if you take your child off meds and...............
  53. concerta-side effects
  54. How long can muscle twitching last? Please Help!!!
  55. Another treatment approach for ADHD
  56. ready to give up !
  57. medicine issues -what the teacher wants
  58. 3yr old sleeping after taking Adderall?
  59. No answers for my son's age
  60. 5HTP, amino acids and ADHD
  61. omega 3's for children?
  62. need a good Psychiatrist for a 12 y/o-Chgo area
  63. Chiropractic & ADHD
  64. First visit to a child psychiatrist -- what to expect?
  65. American Association of Pediatrics review of the Lancet studies
  66. 5 year old on meds?
  67. how young?
  68. My 11 years old son is beginning to take Adderall this Friday
  69. What Do You Think?
  70. I See A Lost Child And My Heart Bleeds
  71. newbie with med problems..
  72. please seek treatment
  73. Neurologist vs. Psychiatrist
  74. Effectiveness of the Feingold Program
  75. Increased Medicine WDYT?
  76. Possible ADD?
  77. Adderall & School
  78. Alternative treatments ADD, Success stories please.
  79. Can't swallow pill and also refusing meds
  80. First ADD appt today - what to ask?
  81. Taking meds while sick?
  82. Enzymes and ADHD
  83. at a loss....
  84. ADHD with PDD-NOS--do meds help?
  85. Why NOT just treat ADHD with dopamine???
  86. Adderrall XR induced Tics
  87. any ideas on getting the doctors to respond?
  88. News Release: Children with ADHD should get heart tests before treatment with stimula
  89. Need a new treatment.
  90. Omega 3 ...
  91. Bright Spark and Focus Natural Herb are not WORKING any more
  92. Son's dianosis is over the top!
  93. Insurance company not covering non-generic meds
  94. Girls With Attention Deficit Disorder
  95. How do I talk to Dr about ADD/ADHD
  96. Easily frustrated and overreacting
  97. Strattera and says makes him feel sick ?
  98. Adderall XR Possible Side Effects?
  99. Low appetite: what to do?
  100. Dr. says son is too skinny to put him on meds.
  101. Looking for Dr. in No. California
  102. Questionable Diagnosis
  103. help with diagnosis
  104. Oh boy! a diagnosis! before I am officially a senior, yet!
  105. Fever after Vyvanse wore off?
  106. Should parents take kids off ADHD meds at camp?
  107. Clonidine
  108. coming off 5 yrs of meds..what was your reaction?
  109. concerta question
  110. My son Metabolizes Methylin ER too quickly
  111. Interesting article US News-heart issues
  112. ADD testing/treatment for 17 year old
  113. ADHD meds for kids that are already aggressive
  114. Finally getting a diagnosis?
  115. Does Adderall stop working/being effective?
  116. Just started ritalin......
  117. Metadate CD and Youth Athletes
  118. Ritalin did not work for Felix!
  119. Trying out meds
  120. Help for my son...
  121. Meds and aggression
  122. Pooh Has ADHD
  123. Problems in Preschool (video game corrolation)
  124. adderall and tourrets
  125. Stratterra not working anymore
  126. Need new medicine....
  127. Severe sleep issues in 9 1/2 yo boys
  128. new here: full of questions
  129. Seeing Dr. today for son to discuss meds
  130. Strattera & Suicide
  131. 8 year old son on Strattera and Focalin XR. No sleep and not working anymore.
  132. symptoms I don't get
  133. Dealing with grief and ADHD
  134. How young did you notice in your child? When is too young for eval?
  135. Thread for parents with Inattentive ADD children support
  136. buspirone adhd child
  137. sluggish cognitive tempo
  138. Concerta Question
  139. Growth Hormones and ADHD
  140. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) for kids?
  141. Dealing with difficult teachers...GRRR
  142. How do I know
  143. Sensory Processing?
  144. Parents looking for alternative to medicating their children with Hyperactivity
  145. Rant about Mainstream Medical Recommendations
  146. Normal side effects for vyvanse???
  147. Vyvanse - can it take several hours to kick in?
  148. Observations about Food
  149. 2day Saw Pdoc Re:Eval for lil one ;-)
  150. Psychologist Eval, Meds before visit?
  151. dealing with the inattentive (and in denial) teenager
  152. Help!! First day of 6 yo on Concerta!
  153. DX of 5yr old son, ADHD & PDD(Autism spectrum)
  154. Son with Autism and possible ADD
  155. how do you know it is the right meds....
  156. new to adhd and don't know what to expect
  157. Anyone tried Magnesium?
  158. At what age did you realize your child probably had ADHD
  159. Pushing for Different Meds
  160. 1st appointment tomorrow - any tips?
  161. Met w/ therapist today ~ have a ?
  162. son's assessment today. A bit confused
  163. My 6 y/o son just started Adderall xr and...
  164. Help for terrible rebound issues from stims.
  165. Fas
  166. Medication Trial
  167. Successful with medication already?
  168. 7 1/2 year old starting Vyvanse tomorrow.
  169. Worried for nothing?
  170. Son with ADD etc.
  171. we had added risperdall.... who else uses this..
  172. Tips for getting him to take the meds?
  173. ok i read about risperdal
  174. Dangers of Stimulants and Misdiagnosis
  175. Daughter doing well
  176. Should we have our child tested?
  177. loosing weight not sleeping well
  178. Phasing in Strattera (Ritalin on the side?)
  179. What exactly will the medication do?
  180. Clonidine
  181. Moms & Dads get this test on heavy metals it is not complicated
  182. 17 year old sister- Red Tape Crisis
  183. To medicate a child or not?
  184. What tests should be done?
  185. Has anyone tried otc adhd alternatives before? Do they work?
  186. desperate need of help
  187. Son is seeing a psychiatrist soon to talk about meds again
  188. Here we go medication
  189. Help...confused and need guidance.
  190. Parents Treated For Kids ADD????
  191. Elimination diet question?
  192. question about Ritalin SR
  193. could my son have adhd
  194. We have an appointment date (Social communication Assessement)
  195. Newbie Here -- 8 year old just started focalin and seems depressed
  196. my 5 year old daughter - poss innatentive AD/HD
  197. Concerta Kicker or Zoloft for now 13yo
  198. Stims not working??
  199. Conners vs. Vanderbilt
  200. Son just started dexedrine, have questions???
  201. ADHD or anxiety...
  202. Adderall XR questions
  203. Getting daughter tested for ADHD
  204. Amitryptilyne or tricyclics
  205. Help! Stimulants - do they all work the same way?
  206. Trying to cope with Diagnosis
  207. Apppointment set up!
  208. ADHD and PDD NOS - Which Meds work?
  209. Meth, ADHD and treatment
  210. ADD or PDD-NOS?
  211. trying to find name of evaluation section
  212. Hi
  213. Meeting with specialist
  214. Switching Stumulants
  215. 1.8 Yrs Old Kid ADHD?
  216. Daytrana to Strattera?
  217. 8 year old - changing meds????
  218. daughter !!!
  219. long to work?
  220. Adhd?
  221. encopresis
  222. Joint pain
  223. Behavioral charts
  224. Need Recommendation in Twin Cities
  225. My 8 year old
  226. Focus ?
  227. Tenex rx'd to 3.5 Yr Old Son
  228. eval at pediatrician
  229. primary problem managing ADD
  230. 8 year on Vyvanse -positive expierence!
  231. Scared of Meds...HELP!
  232. Ritalin for 7 year old
  233. Need Help with Vyvanse
  234. Omega 3
  235. Managing Meds Question
  236. 6 year old on medidate...need help
  237. DR. won't see daughter, says no ADD
  238. 6 year old daughter has she got adhd or Odd
  239. I need ideas
  240. I need your help with my son please
  241. Thoughts about DS dx
  242. 8 yr old gets more hyper??
  243. Good (helpful) books for teens?
  244. Starting Meds
  245. 11 YO diagnosed today. Some questions...
  246. EEG Biofeedback - Effective?
  247. I'm going crazy--please help!
  248. A must-read article
  249. New here, have a few questions
  250. Update about our son.