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  1. Need your input
  2. When should you see changes after starting meds?
  3. new with questions
  4. 9 year - 30 mg Ritalin LA meds
  5. ADHD and Mood disorder not otherwise specified
  6. Newbi questions....
  7. Summer/Medication Question
  8. Strattera side effect
  9. Interesting Article about differentiating ADHD, GAD, and Bipolar
  10. My 8 y/o has been ADHD++ -now Aspergers...
  11. Hello Getting my 6 1/2 year old tested for ADHD
  12. Success Stories
  13. Grief + spectrum dx?
  14. Risperdal
  15. Help with meds/8yr old
  16. How did you survive the toddler years??
  17. Ritalin + Emotion
  18. Frequency of Dr Visits
  19. Immediate results w/13 yr old but dizzy/affected into PM
  20. have an ADHD diagnosis now
  21. my 11 year old daughters behaviour
  22. Interactive Metronome
  23. Anyone using Melatonin for their child?
  24. Time Management Tools?
  25. Alternative Treatment for ADHD???
  26. rebound effect
  27. 10 yr old Just started Strattera - anxiety thru roof!
  28. Different types of meds?
  29. Please help....does this sound like ADHD?
  30. Timeframe for different meds?
  31. Can ADD be Intermittent or Cyclical?
  32. Nervous about medication
  33. This struck me
  34. Day one of medication
  35. Have to share this (day 2 of Focalin XR)
  36. Needing a doctor in East Texas
  37. When did you see tics develop?
  38. Concerta bedtime concerns
  39. Medication concern
  40. Self-perception profile for children
  41. What motivated you to seek help?
  42. Help - Looking for an ADHD Professional in Bay area
  43. Do you ever do a break from meds for your child?
  44. Natural meds help for my son?
  45. Looking for Doctor in Dallas TX
  46. First day on Metadate CD
  47. Talking a lot/fast
  48. Which doctor do I see first??
  49. Finding your own way.
  50. Any idea what this could be?
  51. Who should we see to diagnose?
  52. Concerta concerns
  53. something just hasn't been right for 7yrs!???
  54. Starting Meds again
  55. Looking for Autism specialist in Sacramento, ca
  56. ADHD specialist in Sydney or NSW?
  57. 1st timer..Son is being treated with ADHD
  58. diagnosis through questionnaires or assessment?
  59. Increased meltdowns, meds related??
  60. child with 3 years-speech disorder
  61. new to medication
  62. Medicine - Question
  63. does anyone know anything about risperidone?
  64. Pediatrician or Psychiarist
  65. Anyone try VAXA Attend supplement?
  66. is it adhd, diagnosis experience needed
  67. Opinions on behavioral therapy?
  68. IEP meeting tomorrow
  69. ritilin side effects
  70. 11yr old son, help and advice
  71. how to deal with the doctors?? help please
  72. Getting the ball rolling...
  73. 8year old with adhd and reading difficulties
  74. Anyone Have a Child Dx with Anxiety Disorder?
  75. Can we switch back? Focalin vs Vyvanse
  76. Medication and success
  77. Concerta and accidents
  78. Multiple co morbid dx's for son
  79. Need advice about DLA
  80. Newbie needing help
  81. I was just diagnosed with ADD and wondering if my son might have it?
  82. Update on son
  83. Ritalin and eye blinking tic
  84. Need help with my 7 year old DS's meds
  85. Advice re Equasym please......
  86. HELP with strattera
  87. Functional Vision Skill Difficulties
  88. should my son feel a difference?
  89. Socially failing, with a dark future...
  90. Kazdin Method?
  91. Any Strattera success stories?
  92. Concerta and Straterra Disasters
  93. i've made a decision
  94. Experiences with guanfacine?
  95. New here-tried vyvance-no luck-today first day on concerta
  96. benn to the doctors with my son
  97. Medical info
  98. Little results with Adderall! What's next?
  99. Some questions about my DS6?Can you help?
  100. Does it sound like my son may have ADD?
  101. Anyone else's child on imipramine?
  102. i think my son has adhd
  103. Only hyperactive at school?
  104. clonidine
  105. Neurofeedback, braingym, cogmed, learning breakthrough...
  106. Testing? Evaluation?
  107. Im a bit Worked up today.
  108. How many medications did you try before finding something that works?
  109. teacher questionaire to determine efficay of medication?
  110. Disablity?
  111. Finding a Psychiatrist
  112. 3 year old with ADHD?
  113. Development of self-regulation in babies and youngsters
  114. tenex making rages worse?
  115. The Listening Program
  116. Tell me what you know about Adderall
  117. Kid started Tenex this week
  118. Daughter starting Ritalin..side effects?
  119. Help with brother and needing to be medicated
  120. Vyvanse
  121. Well day one on Ritalin for 6 yr old daughter...
  122. Diagnostic guidelines for Bipolar
  123. How was your child diagnosed?
  124. Changing Medication
  125. Caffeine a real treatment?
  126. ADD With APD
  127. New diagn. child/ med. questions
  128. Tenex side effect?
  129. My son was diagnosed last week.
  130. advice for son medicated for the first time
  131. Neurofeedback article of possible interest
  132. To medicate or not...
  133. About to pull my hair out - 7yr old Son w/ ADHD
  134. Can one missed dose of Strattera do this??
  135. 4 year old with ADHD.......
  136. Taking its toll on the relationship
  137. Fever with Adderall?
  138. Reaching my breaking point
  139. What a day
  140. ODD info?
  141. Medication Issues
  142. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) Experiences
  143. Anyone here with kids on Intuniv?
  144. New Here - Need Advice For My Son!
  145. What does the TOVA score really mean?
  146. Adderall and Tears
  147. Medication Questions
  148. New here...multiple dx's? How do you know....
  149. Vyvanse making my 9 yr. old Emotional
  150. confused mom, with 9 year old son
  151. Help! Child can not swallow pill!!
  152. New here, advice needed!
  153. Is there light at the end of the tunnel
  154. Axis IV on DSM-IV? Anyone have a psych report? (not long this time!)
  155. New Doctor
  156. This is it. First visit.
  157. 5 year old and our struggles for an answer
  158. New and Nervous on Vyvanse
  159. Great at School, Very Difficult at Home
  160. we had our 1st paediatrician appt yesterday
  161. How to find a specialist?
  162. NHS - how long did it take?
  163. Bi-Polar and NOT ADHD???
  164. Concerta
  165. kind of new and questions...
  166. Cool Research on Omega III's and kids
  167. Incentives to prescribe Meds
  168. Ritalin
  169. Looking for advice
  170. Advice needed
  171. Misdiagnosed ADHD
  172. finally got a diagnosis :(
  173. Any one else have a child with both ADHD and PICA ?
  174. 5 1/2 yr. old on 1st meds (Vyvanse)
  175. Does ADHD medication treatment prevent the development of other disorders?
  176. Fascinating article - ADHD inattentive do not response as well to med.
  177. Question from a hopeless noobie re:Concerta
  178. Rebound with Extreme Hyperactivity
  179. Support for not using medications?
  180. any advice or suggestions on dealing with adhd asd children
  181. How do you know if it's working?
  182. Afternoon crash-need higher dose or more food?
  183. Week 3 and suddenly not "working"
  184. Please help if you can!!!!!
  185. New here and looking for advice
  186. Brand New Mommy - 2 month old son
  187. First time poster could use some advice (very long post).
  188. HELP!! SCARY side effects..hallucinations??.
  189. Do we need to increase the meds?
  190. ADHD diagnosis after a 45 minute appointment?
  191. Intuniv Dosage and results
  192. Any luck with treating with natural alternatives?
  193. Side affects with Vyvanse
  194. How much treatment is enough?
  195. Treatments in Australia
  196. My 4 year old
  197. Kids on Vyvanse...scary side effects?
  198. Switched from Vyvanse to Concerta-Mistake?
  199. Hoping for advice!!
  200. Seeing psych for behavior modification therapy
  201. Hubby is against medicating...need advice
  202. Need some Advice on my son please :(
  203. Question about Focalin XR for 7 years old with ADHD
  204. It has been a difficult few weeks..
  205. Does this sound right? re Vyvanse dosage
  206. My younger son...
  207. Hyperactivity level higher when meds are out of system than before meds at all?
  208. End of day meltdowns....arrggg
  209. generics for adhd meds.
  210. Letter of Introduction for Psychiatrist
  211. Anyone's child complain of feeling "less creative" on meds?
  212. Retested on his Focalin and...
  213. Strattera????
  214. thinking about changing meds????
  215. Help! Wrong dose? wrong med? Or something else?
  216. Just joined the site.
  217. ADHD in young girls
  218. Youngest Started Meds Today...
  219. DS missed his meds yesterday, interesting day...
  220. How long does it take Strattera to work?/Impatient
  221. any suggestions
  222. Back to the Psychiatrist tomorrow
  223. Doing a test dose tomorrow
  224. Encouraged by test dose results
  225. anyone heard of INPP?
  226. please help with some advice/3year old
  227. Concerta weight loss? Question...
  228. Medication as Hibernation!
  229. Would you call and tell ADD Coach?
  230. Need input on this med please...
  231. How to help my son take his meds?
  232. Focalin XR and titration advice3?
  233. just curious
  234. Concerta dose too low?
  235. Could this be a tic?
  236. Insomnia?
  237. Focalin treatment updates
  238. Tummyache with Focalin 20mg?
  239. Son was switched to concerta 27mg
  240. Different Conners Rating Scale and other issues
  241. Anyone's kids only take meds during week?
  242. Does he still need meds?
  243. General Titration question
  244. Help! Where do we go from here?
  245. 15y/o daughter just diagnosed-questions about Concerta and side effects..
  246. Intuniv and tics, repetitive behaviors, and wearing off of effects?
  247. Should we stop Focalin?
  248. Now on to the NEXT drug!
  249. Diagnosis Problems
  250. Can I switch back to an "old" med without titrating?