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  1. When did you notice ADD/ADHD in Your Child?
  2. newly diagnosed 5 yr old-focalin questions
  3. First day on Focalin XR
  4. Recently prescribed Adderall
  5. Increased hyperactivity with Metadate?
  6. REALLY needs some help and advice.
  7. Question for those using non-stimulant meds (Intuniv, Strattera, Tenex, etc.)
  8. new and need advice! focalin xr
  9. Day 1 Metadate 20mg
  10. Medication Newbie/Methylin length of action??
  11. UUGHHH!! Tummyaches again!
  12. Tummyaches from anxiety
  13. Youngest may have something in addition to ADHD
  14. Quick -- Medication Question
  15. Intuniv & horrible behavior!
  16. taking two meds
  17. DD talking out of one side of mouth?
  18. Medication is MUST after ADHD diagnosis?
  19. Worried doc has my child on Inuniv and Metadate
  20. is it ADHD????
  21. This Psychiatrist is an Idiot!
  22. The Best Meds to Start off with First
  23. Please share your knowledge with me
  24. Quick Question
  25. Worried about my son ADHD?
  26. A little Inspiration to moms with kiddos who have suspected add/Adhd
  27. Just starting Intuniv, 1 mg
  28. Starting to sound a lot more than just ADHD...
  29. please tell me what you think good or bad!!!!!
  30. Daughter has ADHD on meds and i am close to give up
  31. Metadate CD update
  32. Day 1 Concerta
  33. no luck with Intuniv 2 mg yet
  34. Increased the dose
  35. How to explain it to an eight year old?
  36. Off Meds is your child rude?
  37. inquiry about tics and other behaviors
  38. My son acts crazy when he comes off of Ritalin
  39. losing uniqueness of DD to gain normalcy
  40. Are these the symptoms
  41. Please help i really dont know what to do
  42. is this adhd or just bad behaviour
  43. losing weight since medicated
  44. Dr.not comfortable titrating DD to 3mg Intuniv
  45. Is this hormones? Teen help Sleep Anger Isolation
  46. can someone help
  47. I'm convinced my 17 year old has ADD
  48. disppointed and distrustful of diagnosis and meds question
  49. MY Doctor is pushing Intuniv!
  50. Intuniv stopped working for our 5 year old son; what's next?
  51. ADHD and sleep
  52. My Sons Treatment
  53. can meds help emotional self-control?
  54. Med holidays?
  55. Conners testing results?
  56. Vyvance
  57. A friend.
  58. Back on meds after a year off :(
  59. Looking for some help....sorry long
  60. Adhd siblings always fighting
  61. My 9 year old son and nutritional supplements?
  62. empower plus update
  63. MY daughter
  64. I am new...
  65. Attention and Achievement Center
  66. adderall withdrawl
  67. Hello new and in need of some support
  68. meltdown city
  69. what meds are your kids taking?
  70. Son's recent Educational Neuropsych Eval
  71. Having 2nd thoughts...
  72. Green Space
  73. Med question
  74. Need serious help.. please
  75. My son and meds - help!
  76. looking for how to help my daughter while waiting for eval appt
  77. Daughter now in the gifted program...
  78. Med holidays?
  79. My son got detention at school... guess why...
  80. Finding the right psychologist.....what a world of difference!
  81. ADHD....or Sensory???
  82. Methylphenidate (Ritalin)
  83. Behavior different around dad and step???
  84. The ADHD household...
  85. First day of hell with Vyvanse
  86. Should I increase his dose?
  87. New Psychiatrist
  88. Parenting Causing ADHD?
  89. Forthcoming assesment
  90. 1st visit with child psychiatrist
  91. Need some help with my almost 4 year old
  92. Floundering
  93. 9 yr old son out of control
  94. Anybody trying out Biphentin?
  95. Feeling Helpless....
  96. Hair Analysis
  97. Is Anyone Using Focalin?
  98. Gifted and ADHD
  99. Motor Stereotypy
  100. Thinking of adding Strattera back to the mix
  101. is it ok to alternate different stimulants?
  102. Help! Kaiser therapist for kids in L.A.?
  103. Could I have ADD?
  104. If my son doesn't have ADD, but I do, is he still a carrier?
  105. ADHD~Autism Connection?
  106. Help I'm at my wits end - My Son WON'T EAT!!
  107. 2nd opinion
  108. Phone Consult Today with Dr. Charles Parker
  109. can i have your opinion please
  110. New Here
  111. what am i doing wrong
  112. Update--Ramping back up for school
  113. is this the right thing
  114. My Childrens Meeting
  115. what do you have to do to get help
  116. Keeping my eyes wide open
  117. its not hireditary
  118. Notre Dame ADHD Research...
  119. Advice on discipline for ADHD child
  120. Intuniv is a no go
  121. I feel like I am going crazy Please Help
  122. Melatonin
  123. Day one of Daytrana
  124. Surprise diagnosis: SPD or ADHD; I thought he couldn't hear well
  125. Impramine for a 7 year old?
  126. Intuniv for preschooler
  127. Does it matter if we see a psychiatrist or a neuropsychiatrist?
  128. 5 Year Old with ADHD
  129. Need Help Getting 5 Year Old to Take Adderall
  130. My daughter is acting out in school.
  131. Tired Hello (12 year old with Insomnia)
  132. Giving fish oil a try
  133. The first steps....
  134. Remeron
  135. So Confused
  136. 6 year old with 10 minute ADHD DX? Hope I'm in the right place...
  137. what to expect at adhd assessment
  138. Sugar too early = non working medication??
  139. Sleep deprived EEG
  140. intuniv on 6 and a half yr old son
  141. very frustrated
  142. Which dr. to see?
  143. update on assessment.
  144. Confused and mixed emotions re son's dx
  145. Why is my son talking so much ON ritalin??
  146. Any Stimulant Medication regulate MOOD??
  147. Waiting for the conclusion of the study
  148. Worried mom not sure what to do
  149. Is anyone's kid like mine?
  150. am I looking for add in my other daughter?
  151. Success with Adderall XR?
  152. Just another worried mom, some encouragement please...
  153. Retained primitive reflexes
  154. "A Controlled Trial of Herbal Treatment for ADHD"
  155. Interesting article on EEG for dx ADHD.
  156. melatonin
  157. Experience with Ritalin?
  158. is Dr Billy Levin reptuble?
  159. 3yr old hyperactive
  160. Questioning your own motives?
  161. Got the eval set.
  162. This is my little girl to a T lol!
  163. Switching Meds
  164. children and medications (article)
  165. Is 60mg of adderall a lot?
  166. Starting Strattera
  167. sibling rivalry could be a cause for DD's behaviour not adhd?
  168. 10 yr old daughter dx with ADHD
  169. swallowing Strattera
  170. Coming off meds SUDDENLY?
  171. Does your child take staggered doses?
  172. New with introduction and questions re stimulant v. Tenex
  173. What I did on my summer vacation
  174. Changing meds for my 11year old
  175. Adderall vs Adderall XR
  176. Update on my almost adult son...
  177. Trazodone for sleeping problems?
  178. 5 year old, Ddextroamphetamine
  179. Afternoon and bedtime meds?
  180. More agressive?
  181. How long does it take for Concerta to work ??
  182. Adderall Dosage
  183. ADVICE please
  184. Good first week of meds, now regressing?
  185. Is your child being bullied ?
  186. How do you tell when the meds aren't working? I feel like crying.
  187. Child who constantly moves?
  188. Looking for help!
  189. That was easy! (update)
  190. Fidgets
  191. Help! 7 YO Son Concerta XR 45 Wears Off by 11:30 AM
  192. Question about Intuniv?
  193. Limits, abrassive manners, insults.
  194. Third Day on Intuniv
  195. Any tips for getting a child to swallow a tablet whole?
  196. Meds increase: Day 1
  197. HELP...does this sound like something related to a.d.h.d or Tourettes?
  198. New here and worried...
  199. Newly diagnosed and spacey on vyvanse
  200. So glad we switched
  201. He's Driving Me Crazy
  202. Twins and ADHD
  203. ADD, Aspergers, orr something else??
  204. 6 Months ago today
  205. Methylin - Looking for advice!
  206. Loss of insurance
  207. Do i have ADHD or is it something else?
  208. Emotional Disaster
  209. How to get your teen to take meds
  210. Diagnosing: Helping or labeling??
  211. sleep problems resolved! yay!
  212. Disagree with Dr.?
  213. What are the chances? am I overanalyzing as usual?
  214. do adhd children find change hard?
  215. help/advise about 13 yr old with adhd/tourettes
  216. ADHD turns out an allergy?!
  217. So sad and frustrated for my little boy
  218. Never diagnosed
  219. trazodone vs. risperidone
  220. daughter, LD and inattentive
  221. It is official
  222. Feeling apprehensive...
  223. another med?....
  224. I think I finally figured something out!
  225. Switch from Intuniv to Tenex
  226. A quick check today
  227. New here, daughter AD/HD, depression, anxiety
  228. Is your Child on Metadate??
  229. im ready to give up what do i do
  230. Adderall (IR) results for 8 year old son
  231. Teacher comments about our son in class
  232. Help!! Impulsivity and Drugs
  233. On the Fence about Medication
  234. Does our son have ADHD or autism??
  235. my 6 year old daughter (newbie)
  236. Meds. what is your experience?
  237. The "Eval" >.<
  238. need help!!!
  239. meds losing their effectiveness
  240. Meltdowns 2-3 times a day now...
  241. ADHD Confirmed - Equasym XL
  242. Strattera, Prozac and Lamictal
  243. Concerta + Intuniv = What the heck?
  244. DS8 Started Concerta on Friday
  245. what is the final straw?
  246. Questions about how meds work...
  247. Back from psychiatrist appt.
  248. CDC Reports 1 in 10 US Kids Have AD/HD
  249. DD bit/ripped fingernails off
  250. getting diagnosised