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  1. Got a diagnosis from the psychologist....
  2. What to expect with Behavioural Therapy?
  3. Meds & Anxiety?
  4. My Daughter: Finally we are getting somewhere :)
  5. Peadiatrician for diagnosis uk
  6. Started meds and full of rage
  7. Are Meds Worth It?
  8. Diagnostic Evaluations Neg v Positive
  9. Interesting article on ADHD-Washington Post
  10. Daughter 8 stop Adderall on weekends, vomiting
  11. ADHD is not an excuse for your child's bad behavior!!!
  12. Odd
  13. Punishment for ADD?
  14. Adderall: should we up the dosage?
  15. 6 Year old 10mg dose of Ritalin 4 hour acting, emotional side effects?
  16. ADD and autism
  17. experiences with adderall xr?
  18. ADHD and medication(good or bad)
  19. 8 yr old with ADD
  20. 8 year old DD ADD Inattentive
  21. Why does my son display adhd only at 11 years old?
  22. my son
  23. Advice on my 10-year-old?
  24. DLA for kids with add/adhd in the uk
  25. What to do??
  26. Zoloft for underlying anxiety
  27. Daytrana for my 4 year old?!
  28. My Rant.. I'm Overdue for one
  29. Withdrawal symptoms off Strattera for holidays, I feel so guilty!
  30. Pycnogenol
  31. Bad parents for choosing to medicate?
  32. Promising first results with slow breathing
  33. ADD & Vyvanse: side effects, and dosage
  34. A Question from a New Member
  35. crying while on Concerta?
  36. 12yo daughter on Focalin
  37. Adhd ?
  38. My research on ADHD
  39. New here & questions about 5.5yo starting Daytrana
  40. "Depression" vs "Poor problem solving skills"
  41. please help a new mom -- concerta ?'s
  42. Just Started Biphentin Help!
  43. Starting my DS on meds in the morning , advice!!
  44. Please help!
  45. splitting pills?
  46. any younger ADHD kids not have academic problems?
  47. Evaluation of 4 year old. HELP!
  48. Discuss our diagnosis and concerta treatments of a 9yo boy
  49. Not Sure I Want My 3 Year Old on ProCentra
  50. This works well for my son
  51. We've got appointments
  52. Really? Are you kidding me?
  53. Lack of appetite w/ 10 year old
  54. Impulse control
  55. Is this really ADHD with predominant Hyperactivity?
  56. I don't think the meds stunted his growth
  57. Medication causing tics??
  58. Got a script....
  59. Insurance Rant
  60. Change meds? Add something? Don't know what to do
  61. What caused ADHD in my child?
  62. Frustrated Parent of 6yr old son with ADHD
  63. for parents deciding on wether to medicate their children
  64. Can you take another ADHD medication in conjunction with Concerta?
  65. It's officail- i'm a bad parent
  66. Question about timing of Vyvanse and stomach pain
  67. Help! Is Tenex the same as Intuniv (but 2x a day??)
  68. Adderall VS Dextroamphetamine - price difference worth it?
  69. I am amazed...
  70. Occupational therapy evaluation
  71. I think our doctor is an idiot
  72. newly diagnosed 6 yo started strattera
  73. Took my daughter to the pediatrician Friday
  74. Med trial experience
  75. ADD medication wearing off
  76. Anxiety meds?
  77. Diet changes?
  78. My 6 year old son will be evaluated in March
  79. New here ~ DS with Tourettes/OCD/ADD
  80. Anyone with dyslexia and adhd?
  81. Serious Focalin Side Effects
  82. Anyone tried natural remedies?
  83. Just started Methylin ER
  84. Treating your AD(H)D child differently than other(s)
  85. New here
  86. NPR's series about mental health
  87. what med for a boy who is 2 years behind in growth
  88. looking4 ideas
  89. New with Intuniv questions
  90. ADD or Developmental Optical Issues???
  91. "daughter has noises in her head??
  92. study - Ritalin abates iron deficiency’s harm
  93. Adderall XR for school - suggestions for after school?
  94. Difference between Concerta and Focalin XR?
  95. Thoughts on my son
  96. Confused about 10yr old son
  97. Any help with a new drug
  98. ADHD and picking feet/face?
  99. My 10 year old son was diagnosed last week
  100. Tenex and NOT sleeping????
  101. 6YO son ADHD- how do you know when med is at right level/working
  102. Switching from strattera to concerta
  103. Need help with Impulsivity!! My 10 yr old has it bad.
  104. A Methylphenidate SR Question
  105. Deciding to Medicate
  106. Kapvay???
  107. 6 yo son about to be evaluated, am I being silly?
  108. New here with a 7 yr old son who might have ADD
  109. Straterra with Tenex?
  110. Concerta didn't work. Now what?
  111. Does moodiness from Intuitiv go away?
  112. Choosing meds
  113. Expectations while on meds
  114. Worried about meds
  115. How do I find an ADD specialist for my child?
  116. Update concerta 36mg
  117. Experts: Lack of 'tummy time' causes developmental delays in children
  118. I want to stop Concerta
  119. Girls with ADHD... Symptoms?
  120. New to the boards, questioning if DS has ADD
  121. I knew it was coming
  122. New here, ADHD Medicine Question
  123. Test for ADD/ADHD?
  124. Vyvanse and migraines?
  125. Do your children "like" their medication?
  126. Med change
  127. My sons 1st 2 days on meds
  128. Intunive anyone
  129. Vega testing
  130. Study - Diet may help ADHD kids more than drugs
  131. Need a Neurologist in NJ
  132. Ritalin-problems with extended release
  133. focalin xr
  134. excessive talking
  135. New to ADD and 2nd day on meds
  136. Without a DR diagnosis, how do I know?
  137. Sleeping problems
  138. Help..i have no where else to turn
  139. Side effects seem to out wieght the issue
  140. Dr. Kenneth Bock?
  141. Update on my son
  142. My 11yr old son starting meds dosage concern
  143. Instant Release Meds???
  144. Innatentive ADD
  145. Vyvanse
  146. new med combo and obsessive touching head
  147. Ticks? Is it Tourettes?
  148. concerta
  149. "New study shows the impact of a child's diet"
  150. Possible ADHD or maybe just some advice
  151. Confused, Concerned & Frustrated Mom
  152. Please help-new here
  153. My First Time - Here 2
  154. Did you treat depression or ADHD first?
  155. Trial reduction of meds..
  156. Experience of combining Strattera and Methylphenidates
  157. Maybe I've been in denial
  158. New here! Fish Oil Question!!
  159. 2nd hand smoke linked to ADHD & Depression
  160. need input from those on Intuniv
  161. Newbie Here
  162. Does anyone else understand how guilty I feel for putting my child on meds?
  163. Moving Neuro Reorg article
  164. medidate information????
  165. Neuropsych Testing Clarification
  166. I always figured...
  167. Side effects after increasing meds - tearful and not eating much
  168. a question about possible side effect
  169. What shoud I expect at first visit to start eval?
  170. DSM-V Criteria for ADHD.
  171. Got the med, but my ex husband refusses to help her!!!!!!!!!!
  172. Meds: Home life vs. School life
  173. Concerta
  174. Has anyone used adhd coaching
  175. Frequent Urination with new meds?
  176. So many questions!!!!
  177. Got eval results from Psychologist, now what?
  178. Vyvanse
  179. confused!
  180. SNAP IV assessment -how long now? help!!!
  181. New here & new dx
  182. ADHD or just 'typical boys'?
  183. I don't know what to do?
  184. New med for my son
  185. Arguing all the time
  186. My son's story..helpful suggestions welcome!!!!
  187. Don't Know what to do.
  188. My tearful nazibear
  189. Stopping the Adderall...
  190. Newly Diagnosed: 25 YO Mother of 7YO Son
  191. Please Help, at my wits end.
  192. Medication Vacations?
  193. Does anyone supplement with DMAE?
  194. Adderall and my son
  195. Protac ball blankets
  196. pharmacy medication error
  197. has anybody had doc start kid on high dose of meds first time?
  198. Intuniv & Concerta combo
  199. And the seed is planted..
  200. How do you get family on board?
  201. My son on Vyvanse
  202. Science and ADHD?
  203. We've done it - no more adhd - no medication
  204. We're part of the 40,000,000. (ADHD medication costs)
  205. No More ADHD!
  206. Every study says...
  207. ADD parent with ADHD son
  208. 14yo Stepson with ADHD
  209. New here - question about behavior
  210. ADD vs Lazy
  211. Hallucinations?
  212. Ok, hope you are sitting...
  213. Concerta causing aggitation and anger
  214. My Brother.
  215. Tics caused by medication
  216. Wanted to share our Amantadine experience...
  217. What Happens now???
  218. Switching to Strattera while temporarily staying on Concerta??
  219. What to do????
  220. Newbie...7 yr old just diagnosed as having ADHD
  221. ADHD meds for non-ADHD kid?
  222. Got 10 minutes? Your opinion please.
  223. ADDitude Article--the whys and hows of ADHD medication
  224. Parents with teens NOT on meds?
  225. vyvanse-induced diarrhea & vomiting
  226. diagnosis
  227. Anybody have any experience with Interactive Metronome or Cogmed
  228. Going for another evaluation tomorrow.
  229. Mom of 8 year old with ADHD
  230. are schools reliable for the diagnosis/treatment of adhd?
  231. Total Focus Program by Dr. Robert Myers??
  232. Back to square one with daughter all because she is doing okay at school......GRRRRR
  233. Newbie on the fence about meds - opinons, please?
  234. Report confirms the safety of stimulants in children.
  235. What do you know about TOVA?
  236. Straterra and aggression?
  237. Need Help!
  238. My rant for the day
  239. Help, no one is listening
  240. Strange Keppra reaction.... at least to me.
  241. New my son's story so far
  242. Conflict of Medication??
  243. concerta and sleep patterns
  244. Diet?
  245. Meds/ ritilan what to expect?
  246. Four year old starting on Adderall
  247. Article: Abnormal Brain Growth in Pre-K Kids with ADHD Signs
  248. The Daily Mail and their vendetta against ADHD
  249. Ritalin Possibly Related in Childs Death?
  250. 7 year old just diagnosed