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  1. been through so many meds!??!!
  2. Developing Executive Function and Attachment Disorder
  3. 3 weeks into Concerta and wondering about dosage
  4. Lower dose for the summer?
  5. could it be adhd
  6. Funny moment at my son's ADHD assessment
  7. Weight loss questions...
  8. Feedback on Puget Sound Behavioral Medicine
  9. question about Intunive
  10. My daughter and ADD
  11. Seeking advice
  12. please help ! (uk mum )
  13. How to explain
  14. New and feeling helpless
  15. DSM-V Criteria for Childhood Bipolar?
  16. Moods, anger and tenex
  17. New to Vyvanse
  18. Vyvanse + Intuiv = Hallucinations & Aggression in 6 year old
  19. Not Typical....parent's fustration with dx
  20. Strattera? Anyone had experience with it?
  21. My almost 5 year old is starting meds in the next week or so.
  22. agression against parents and sibilings plus suicide
  23. Need to find a med that doesn't affect app., strattera didn't work
  24. teenage diagnosis
  25. 5 year old ADHD/ODD
  26. Chase *sigh*
  27. Appt. later this month.
  28. Anyone had any experience with Interactive Metronome?
  29. 5 yo ADHD, more fun off meds...what to do?
  30. If you gave a Typical child ADHD meds...
  31. caffiene
  32. Study: Diet May Help ADHD Kids More Than Drugs
  33. Inspiring Story - Michael Phelps & His ADHD...
  34. Use of Zoloft for ADHD
  35. Is fish oils helping your child?
  36. Orion had his check up today
  37. Is it time to adjust already???
  38. meds and growth
  39. new here and in of need advice
  40. hi we're new!
  41. Depression and Vyvanse
  42. Finally Posting
  43. New here.. have some Ritalin questions :)
  44. Went to the Doc Today......
  45. ADD and computer games
  46. Appetite Stimulants and ADHD/Straterra
  47. New and a quick question
  48. FYI: Special Education Law training seminars...
  49. my daughter and meds
  50. adhd and sleep disorder
  51. New here - Inattentive ADHD
  52. What is the difference between ADD and ADHD?
  53. Advice, please?!?
  54. Tenex and behavioral changes
  55. Experience switching from Concerta to Adderall?
  56. Update on my 5yo
  57. New and undiagnosed ADD--PI-my son's story, advice appreicated
  58. article : more kids being diagnosed with adhd
  59. New Diagnosis - ADHD just a a symtptom
  60. 2nd med not working.. dunno what to do
  61. Advice on Doctor appointment MUCH NEEDED!
  62. 8 year old son and ADHD
  63. adhd kids and writing
  64. Why did I worry so much?
  65. 4 yr old crashing after 3 hours on Ritalin IR!
  66. URGENT - 2nd Grader school problems
  67. When should I have my 5 YO diagnosed?
  68. Ugh...Ugh...and UGHHHHHHHH!
  69. no hyperactivity and no sugar
  70. Has anyone heard of the supplement Synaptol?
  71. Do you give your child meds before or after breakfast?
  72. The Sadness
  73. Really need help/opinions from someone re: passive ADD
  74. adhd or not??
  75. struggling parent-advice&feedback please-medication
  76. could this be ADD?
  77. 8 yr old DD just diagnosed Inattentive Type, says generic Adderall XR makes her tired
  78. 11yr old dayghter on Vyvanse....need help!!
  79. Fast Metabolism & meds issue in 8 yr old son
  80. Fish oil and coughing?
  81. Vyvanse causing change in personality
  82. Need Advice-Intuniv
  83. Longterm ADHD Stimulant Medication use and potential heart damage...
  84. New to the forum and seeking info/thoughts
  85. Finally! a realistic article about adhd
  86. Does a child have to be born with ADD or....?
  87. Reaction to Adderall IR
  88. My child's Diagnosis
  89. Yet Another Newbie Looking For Direction
  90. How young is too young or average for meds?
  91. PLEASE help.. need experienced parents to share experiences!! PLEASE!!!
  92. Depelchin? Mental Health categorized
  93. Do we medicate a 4 1/2 year old?
  94. Omega/DHA - Nordic Naturals?
  95. Looking at Connor's Test Results
  96. Outcome with Pediatrician: Taking it From Here
  97. Testing, and more testing, still no improvement. Help?
  98. New here :)
  99. Help with ADHD Treatment Options Needed!
  100. new mom needing advice
  101. Interesting article on Autism treatment.
  102. Is this ADHD?
  103. New ADD Rx and so Overwhelmed!
  104. mom of 6 year needs medicine help
  105. FocalinXR vs Focalin
  106. Decision Time! Treatment options.
  107. Need resources on medication topic!
  108. new to forum with meds question
  109. To medicate, or not to medicate...
  110. Do I tell my daughter she has ADHD?
  111. Need advice please urgently!!! :(
  112. Lost in a big crowd - attention seeker
  113. A little exercise helps students pay greater attention to class work
  114. Does this sound familiar?
  115. Dosage Increase
  116. ADHD Mom and an ADHD Kid
  117. Diagnosis of ADHD at age 4
  118. Video Game Uses Brain to Control Action
  119. ADD new diagnosis, need support :(
  120. Neurotransmitter urine test???
  121. Omega 3
  122. ADHD: Children as Young as 4 Can be Diagnosed, Pediatricians Group Says
  123. some of these doctkrs
  124. Experience with Metadate CE? Pls. share!
  125. Interesting article new ADHD treatment guidelines
  126. Mononeucleosis + Adderoll= Nutty Doc?
  127. New here and just starting down the med trail
  128. "Outbursts" on Concerta, might Intuniv help?
  129. VERY concerned for my son...and myself!
  130. question about Kapvay vs Intunive
  131. Help
  132. Mayo Clinic list helps spot mental illnesses in kids
  133. Biofeedback
  134. Vanderbilt Study Finds No Heart Risk In ADHD Medications?
  135. How to get my kid the appropriate treatment?
  136. starting on concerta now...
  137. How did you tell your child she has ADHD?
  138. a.d.d. and ocd diagnosis.....
  139. Research profile: strengths of ADHD kids
  140. Cbt
  141. Neuropsychologist appointment - What to expect?
  142. Please, Need advice on doctors Review.
  143. today we had a bad day
  144. no medicine works
  145. Tenex vs. Chlonidine
  146. Son having major issues on meds -Help_
  147. Curious - After meds, how often do you have 'bad days'?
  148. Just some advise on newly diagnosised
  149. Not all advice is the best ...
  150. Newly diagnosed child prescription help please!
  151. Child with new behaviors. Not sure what to do!
  152. Testing for Autism
  153. Newbie
  154. age 4 prep and kinder testing
  155. should I get a 504 plan?
  156. So Upset About Son's Meds....Please Help
  157. Getting off of Adderal for Attend Minis
  158. so confused
  159. My lovely son Jude 7yrs just dignosed with ADD - Desperate for advice!
  160. Yet another medication losing effectiveness
  161. So confused right know dont know what to do to help my little boy
  162. finding it hard
  163. Feingold vs GF/CF
  164. Wisc - iv
  165. Medication losing effectiveness.
  166. Wrong Diagnosis.
  167. Feeling like I failed
  168. Night Terrors and sleepwalking
  169. Sensory Evaluation
  170. Best Medication for extreme HYPERACTIVITY
  171. food coloring/additives/preservatives
  172. Adderall and extreme tiredness
  173. Confused Introduction
  174. Hoping for help/insight
  175. Intuniv:Good/Bad??Tell me your experience
  176. Vyvanse. Somedays works some days doesn't?
  177. Can kids with ADHD focus sometimes? Please help!
  178. Do I have ADD/ADHD?
  179. New parent to ADD child - comments welcome
  180. Need Help
  181. Intuniv was bad, bad, bad!
  182. Quick Diagnosis
  183. Metadate side effects?
  184. New angry/defiant behavior...
  185. low supply of adderall from manufacturer?
  186. Possible ADD daughter age 11
  187. Adjustment to Intuniv
  188. Balance disks for fidgeting
  189. assessment stage
  190. Does this sound like ADHD behavior?
  191. Too much medication?
  192. Questions about my 6yo son
  193. Discussion of Alternative Treatments-what do you think?
  194. What I tried before choosing to medicate my child
  195. IVA+Plus testing?
  196. ADHD Mom with likely ADHD teenage daughter!
  197. My 5yr old
  198. Focalin XR for my 9 yr. old
  199. Intuniv & Side Effects
  200. advice
  201. Stimulant meds along with Inhaled Corticosteroids ---growth rate concern
  202. Starting Medication and Violence
  203. Just got in here. not sure
  204. Hi everyone, advice needed
  205. 7 year old starting Vyvanse tomorrow
  206. Not sure where to start...
  207. Behavioral management
  208. Vyvance side effects
  209. Strattera and nausea
  210. My Child has ADD and poos in his pants. They want to put him in a psychiatric ward
  211. Prescribing in order to diagnose ?
  212. Trying to time Metadate CD onset
  213. Where do I start? Getting My Daughter Some Help.
  214. New to this
  215. Peeing his pants and ADHD?
  216. What could blurry vision indicate?
  217. ex-husband doesn't want son evaluated
  218. new and need advice
  219. Complex dx.... how? what? where?.... sigh...
  220. Vyvance...sleeping problems.
  221. Angry, angry!
  222. Autistic Spectrum-Diagnosis-NYT
  223. please help
  224. Okay, 2nd Psychiatrist Visit Done
  225. New and need advice
  226. Finding a decent psychiatrist?
  227. new diagnosis
  228. New here, new diagnosis, starting treatment, QUESTION
  229. New here.Any rec's for NJ based pysciatrist/behavioral peds
  230. Worried Mom w/ ADD 6 year old
  231. Just when the going gets a little better...
  232. Starting meds Sunday... New Diagnosis...
  233. Discussion of Feingold Diet and AFC and how they may impact ADHD
  234. Evaluation Done - Does not Qualify- Now What?
  235. Has anyone tried Play Attention?
  236. Lasting side effects?
  237. Bursted Bubble
  238. Processing Speed
  239. Please read, in need of support and input. Dont know if it's just ADHD
  240. When and How?
  241. not sure?
  242. looking for Logical Approach To Treatment
  243. fustrated with diagnosis
  244. What do you do when nothing works?
  245. Transfer ADHD child to split class?
  246. Horrible Scary Morning
  247. Kapvay?
  248. I have the meds but I can't seem to give them to him... afraid
  249. How much Adderall for 8yo?
  250. 6 1/2 yo son just diagnosed and on focalin xr and having some odd reactions.